9/5/18 E54 Ketogenic Living Expert Kate Jaramillo Shares her Journey

Kate Jaramillo, if you don't already know the name you soon will! Kate has been a HUGE force for good in the ketogenic community. She's a certified fitness instructor, coach, mentor, and creator of Ketogenic Living 101. Today she drops by to have a conversation with the guys about her personal keto journey and talks all things from "chemical poop storms" to the proper way to fuel your body! (Be sure to check the show notes below to find more information about Kate and Ketogenic Living 101).

Kate shares her prior diet approaches ("throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks...")

The 3pm energy slump.

Maybe life is just tiring...OR maybe we just need a different fuel!

How Kate was first introduced to the ketogenic lifestyle.

How keto helps push through the weight-loss stalls.

Kate shares the benefits she's experienced on keto (including a sense of serenity).

Eric shares some of the science (of course) behind keto and lower stress levels.

"If you never lost a single pound..."

And Eric and Kate talk about their joint mission to change the world (one less piece of bread at a time)!

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Kate: 00:00 I didn't end up getting the Keto flu in the way of like nausea or extreme fatigue or anything like that, but day five I laid in my bed wide awake and I was like, okay, so there's a jar of nutella downstairs and it's a good one. We bought it from Italy and if I just have one scoop of that Nutella and that'll be it. I'll just have one scoop and it's going to be okay. And as I'm saying this to myself, I really became super present in that moment. Like, Whoa, I can't believe that I'm saying this to myself. Like this is how I imagine an addict would talk to themselves.

Chad: 00:37 They say a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Chad: 00:47 My name is Chad and I'm your test subject. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness, so I hope it helped me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call him Eric. I hope you'll join me on a path of leads, you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives and ketosis. This is the life and Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 01:21 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving optimal body performance with a man that can get me there. The biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bischof every episode. Eric gives us his crazy intense sciencey knowledge and I break it down with my regular non crazy guy as we explore the principles of Ketogenic and KPR performance training, whether you're just looking for a way to feel better or if you're an elite athlete looking for that edge. We're here to help, and today I'm excited about this episode. I know I say that every single episode, but this one I know I always mean it, but we're just so stoked to have Kate Bay Jarmillo. Say Your last name for me.

Kate: 02:03 You almost said it. You're right there.

Chad: 02:05 Oh, yes, yes. We're so excited to have kate. Kate does so much in the keto world. She puts incredible information out there. She's a coach. She's a mindset mentor. There's so many different titles that I would that I would attach to you and in fact I didn't even ask you what you wanted me to call you, but all around just really great stuff and we're happy. Happy to have you, kate.

Kate: 02:31 Oh, I am so grateful to be here today. I'm a huge fan and it's just, it's such an honor and you can call me. That's such a great question. Like wellness mentor, connector, resident BA.

Chad: 02:45 I love it. I love. And you're like me. It was just wearing so many hats that it's like, just call me Chad. Oh yeah, totally. Totally. So we're going to talk about how people can connect with you towards the end of the so people really

Chad: 03:00 should hold on and find out. I mean, there's so many places, podcast, Youtube, coaching, all of that kind of stuff and we want to make sure we save some time to talk about that. But first we want to jump into your story. Um, but before we do that, Eric, how are you?

Eric: 03:17 Hey Kate, I'm excited to have you and to be able to participate with you on this podcast.

Kate: 03:23 Oh, I'm so excited to be here too, and apparently my dog is super excited because he's been barking in the background and he was like, all right, we're recording and I need to like get my burden.

Eric: 03:35 I've, I've heard your, your stuff, your youtube and I think you're great. So appreciate you coming on board for our podcast.

Chad: 03:44 Good. So let's, let's jump into your, uh, your story just a little bit. K, if you wouldn't mind just giving us a good picture of what your health history is as, as maybe growing up or before keto life.

Kate: 03:59 Yeah. Oh my goodness. Growing up, it's so, it's so crazy because I did not grow up eating healthy foods. I mean I grew up like drinking soda, eating a lot of fast food. Most of the things that we ate came from like a bag or a box or something like that. My mom just wasn't into cooking and if she was, you know, a lot of the things that we're eating, we're like frozen chicken breasts or frozen corn that had some like country crock margarine on it and kind of just go into their house and I'm like this, but I just didn't, I didn't grow up eating that way, but I've always been a foodie and so I've always been super willing to like experiment with food. Um, and that's Kinda what we did when I was younger and hanging out with friends we would go to like diners for coffee or just general restaurants for dinner and stuff and I would always order just different things.

Kate: 05:01 So I've always been very experimental in that way. And as far as being an athlete, like I have way more coordination than I do now. It can be a mom thing, like figuring I was going to drop my baby or something and just having like this quick reflexes. But I was not really athletic. Growing up I did swimming and I was a diver, but my senior year I didn't do any sort of activities. I was like, you know, right in the newspaper team and stuff like that, but I was kind of blessed with good genetics I guess where I never really had a weight issue despite not eating well and as far back as I can remember, I probably like many women and men out there was always on some sort of a diet though even though I didn't have a weight problem, it was maybe just this idea of how it was to look or fear of gaining weight and I mean like none of these diets were anything that were made any sort of sense.

Kate: 06:06 I was like, I'm going to be on a vegetarian diet now. I'm going to be on an all cheese diet and you know, I mean just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what would stick. When I got after college I was working for the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and I was like 25 I think at this point. And we happen to have a gym membership at this opportunity, at the best gym in Philadelphia. So I got a membership there and that was the first time I was ever actually going to a gym and it was really what hooked me to go to the gym everyday was spin class. I like to be able to go in there and a dark room, sit on a bike, listen to some Edm and come out this like sweaty mess and just, you know, feeling that endorphin rush. So I was totally hooked.

Kate: 06:53 I did bootcamp classes there as well. But strength training was never something that I was super into. It was, I just really loved cardio and because of that I ended up becoming a spin instructor and I've been an instructor and been in this world for, you know, a decade still during this time. My nutrition wasn't, I don't know, I mean I was eating a lot of vegetables, things that were quote unquote healthy, but I was also in my twenties and going to happy hour all the time with my friends and I would. I remember like on days that I knew we were going to go out to like center city sips or something. I was like, okay, I'm not going to eat today because I know I'm going to consume all my calories in alcohol. That's food's right here, you guys.

Chad: 07:41 No, you are speaking to so many people right now. Like you're telling so many people's story right now. I love it.

Kate: 07:49 So I mean, well, I mean, you know, I guess misery loves company, but um, but I never saw. I never had this weight problem though either because, you know, I balanced out my alcohol intake with food or something and I was always in the gym working out. But after I had my first daughter, she's seven now. So after she was born, um, I didn't go back to work so I didn't have that gym membership and I moved from Philadelphia to Miami, Florida. Um, I, I kind of lost my way a little bit as far as fitness. In fact, I think it was, gosh, I, I did take a spin class maybe a week or two after she was born because my parents came down to help for a day. Um, but I think it was, gosh, months later until I got back on a bike still though, I mean I had like a super easy pregnancy, didn't gain a whole lot of weight.

Kate: 08:44 It was, and, and I kind of bounced right back thinner than I was. Even when, you know, before I got pregnant, I totally attribute that to like breastfeeding also new mom nerves and not having time to eat. Um, you know, I, I look at my life and how I've eaten and in general, you know, I've eaten pretty cleanly, but I always had issues with like the energy slump, you know, 3:00 PM rolls around and I'm getting coffee or I'm driving through Dunkin or starbucks or something for some sort of an energy pick me up and I'm always running on high stress and I'm always like, you know, not sleeping well. So sleeping like five hours a night was, that was the norm. And this carried through, you know, right up through the birth of my second daughter and again, totally fit pregnancy. I taught, I taught classes up until my due date.

Kate: 09:46 Like I taught a class on Christmas Eve when she was due and she was born two days later and like, you know, but I was like, Ooh, I'm so cool. And you know, and at that point too, I was kind of subscribing to the eating six small meals a day, which never really filled me up in. Okay. So I said I ate pretty cleanly, which is true, but the one thing I didn't disclose yet was that I was super addicted to sugar. I'm originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania, totally grew up with chocolate milk, all things chocolate all the time and it carries over into adulthood. I really, every time a meal was over, I wasn't satisfied until I had a sweet bite and because I was in fitness, um, and I was always kind of looking like reading about different things in nutrition and people, the gym were asking me for my opinions and stuff. I was like, I was just like, continue my education. So I went and studied under Dr Josh axe and the Institute of nutritional leadership. And um, I studied in precision nutrition and just learned a lot of different, you know, nutrition styles, but Dr. axe is the one that really turned me onto the Keto Diet. And, and at first obviously it's like it totally flips everything that I had known and believed about nutrition on his head like fast.

Chad: 11:12 Let's hold, let's hold off for. They're right there for just one second. There's a couple things I want to ask you about before we jump into keto, if that's okay. Yeah. So I love, I love talking about this, um, this phenomenon that we see with so many people that we talk to, the Eric Coaches and Eric, I'm going to let you jump in here and talk a little bit about this, but the people we see a lot of people who aren't overweight, they are active, maybe even their elite athletes that are podium, but they're telling us, I feel like crap. Like I'm tired, my muscles are fatigued, my brain is foggy, all of this sort of stuff. And I think that's one thing for me through this journey that has been so because I relate to it so much, I was the exact same way. I was an insanity instructor.

Chad: 12:07 Oh, I love insanity so much. And um, but, you know, so I was instructing, I was eating super clean. Um, I, I was paying really close attention to what was going into my body. I was working out at least six times a week, but I just felt terrible and I couldn't understand and I felt like, you know, maybe this is just life. Maybe you know, when you are a parent and you teach exercise classes and you exercise six times a week and you go to work, maybe you're just tired and then, and then we get a reduced to a different way of fuel, a different way of fueling our body. And it all changes. And so I just wanted to say I relate so much to that part of the story and I think so many people who are listening, if they're not keto yet, are going to relate to this idea that maybe you're not overweight. Maybe you're not. Maybe you're not fighting, fighting diabetes, maybe you're not, you know, have these crazy illnesses or whatever, but you just don't feel right. And I think that's huge, Eric, is I talk about that. I mean, you'd have so many experience. You have so much experience with your clients who come from so many different areas of life. How often do you see this where people are just like, Eric, I just don't feel right.

Eric: 13:33 Yeah, no, it's, it's huge. And as Kate knows, I mean if you come back with my history, I come back, I come from the Tim noakes days where a glucose was king and I was competing and training and everything was taught glucose, glucose, glycogen, glycogen, and, and we get into this mode of glucose and a course it just carries over and as yourself, uh, kate, as you said, you're eating six small meals a day, but you're crashing with energy and, and as we coach and as we teach, we, you know, we're back to the, the energy substrate that you're partaking of and what is it? It's obviously glucose. And so as you all know, and as we coach, it's the glycogen issue and the brain says, hey, you know, one, once you stop feeding me and once I get enough and take 20 percent of your energy, then obviously the insulin drops and it's going to give you a signal to say, Hey, bring more glucose in and back to that, that cycling of feeding and it's basically glucose dependent and that's the energy crash that we all experience because we don't have the Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule providing us with endless energy to the brains.

Eric: 14:47 And it's tough because I coached that and it's constant. But the greatest, and you experienced this too, kate, is with, with clients, is when a Chad hit first and he said, oh my gosh, I cannot believe how cognitive I am in the afternoon. Now I am not crashing. And it's just awesome when they finally can actually feel the effects of the Beta, you know, within the brain and utilizing the energy substrate. It's just an awesome thing. So, and it, it, it's real. And I think that's what really motivates a lot of people with the keto is the cognitive issues with the brain out. And obviously that's why I'm, I, I coach it because it's, it's so productive actually. I mean there's a lot of other reasons. But Anyway, back to the glucose. Absolutely.

Chad: 15:34 Yeah. Yeah, for sure. So, so sorry, I cut you off. I just wanted to draw that out to that point. So continue. So you were saying you're, you're working with his doctor and he introduces you into keto. And this was actually one of my questions that I want to ask you that I love asking our guests. What were some of your initial thoughts when he's telling you about ketogenics?

Kate: 15:57 Well, so what really caught my attention was that he said that this was the, what the protocol that he uses for his clients to help them lose significant amount of weight quickly. So when he is working with clients that have significant weight to lose, he, he puts them on a ketogenic diet so that they can have that quick. When you know that, I feel like so many people are searching for and I have to talk more about that because there's sometimes there's not. This doesn't happen quickly. It was what really caught my attention because at this point I was working with a group of women who, you know, no matter how far are they, like cut their calories or how many times they filled up those little containers or how hard they worked out, they were completely plateaued and they were completely disgusted and defeated with themselves and I approached them about giving this a try and I was like, listen, I'm just figuring this out myself.

Kate: 17:00 I got to be honest with you. There's a possibility I can make you gain weight. However I'm asking you to trust me here. I'm doing my due diligence. I'm figuring this out. Would you join me? And you know, we will have an exercise component. This is what it's gonna look like. I've got you. I'll coach you every step of the way, but would you be down for something like this? And nine of them said yes. So over the course of like eight weeks, and really I at this time I was really more concerned with the carb count, right? So like I understood getting into Ketosis as really reducing your carbohydrates to a certain amount, like 50 grams, 50 total grams or less depending on the person. Um, so that was really what we concentrated on, not so much the big picture of macros or how that even looked for the individual and just that step, just that, that step in and looking at recipes that introduced more healthy fats and giving ourselves permission to eat the whole avocado and to add cheese to that and to add butter to our vegetables and to add some extra olive oil to our salads in those eight weeks.

Kate: 18:22 The average amount that these women were losing was like 20 pounds after having been stalled for months. So I knew that I was onto something and here I am coming at it, not from a perspective of needing to lose weight. And you know what I, I honestly didn't even know about the health benefits. I didn't know how my energy was going to be affected. I did know a little bit about the Keto flu, that was something that I had studied and looked at a lot, so I knew how to kind of balance out electrolytes and to help my clients through that, but I was really just kind of looking at this as something new that I've never done before and heck yeah, I want to eat bacon and Avocados so totally sign me up, but for me and I didn't end up getting the Keto flu in the way of like, you know, nausea or extreme fatigue or anything like that.

Kate: 19:17 But Day five I laid in my bed wide awake and I was like, okay, so there's a jar of nutella downstairs and it's a good one. We bought it from Italy and if I just have one scoop of that Nutella and that'll be it. I'll just have one scoop and it's going to be okay. And as I'm saying this to myself, I really became super present in that moment. Like, Whoa, I can't believe that I'm saying this to myself. Like this is how I imagine an addict would talk to themselves, you know, just one hit. Just one drink and it's all gonna be and then no more and I'll have gotten my fix and I'll be okay. And I was like, wow, okay. So I truly am addicted to sugar. Like this is something that has been controlling my life and I'm not willing to have food control my life. And I also knew that even though I wasn't trying to lose weight, I didn't want to gain weight and I knew that eating sugar and all of this, that even though it was healthy fat would totally pack on weight. And I was like, no, that's such just I'm trying to lead by example here and you know, hey, do my program, be btw I gained 20 pounds of fat.

Chad: 20:34 So yeah, no, absolutely. So was there any when you were introduced to the idea and, and given that permission I'll say from had a good reputation and you trusted them, given that permission to really dive into fats and something that seems so counterintuitive or at least for me, I won't, I will nail that anew. But um, something for me, like it seems so counterintuitive to everything that I've been taught and I was super skeptical. Did you go through any of that?

Kate: 21:09 A thousand percent and especially because I was looking, I was starting to Google, you know, some recipes and things like that and a lot of things were just, it was a lot of like nannies and cream cheese and I was like, this doesn't seem right to me. And also I had like a lot of low fat products in my house that were packaged or something that I thought were healthy even though I'd seen that meme before, you guys have probably seen it too. It's like anytime you see low fat, whatever, just think to yourself, chemical poop storm. And then as I started reading the ingredients more on these products, I was like, wow, there is so much in there to help it stay together to, you know, to help these low fat products stabilized so that they look like the real thing.

Chad: 22:07 Absolutely. So that's, that's interesting. And I love talking to people about that because there is that initial, um, cognitive dissonance I guess you could use for like, okay, you're telling me this but, but this is against everything I've ever learned, practiced, all of that kind of stuff. And, and you know, a lot of us don't have the time or take the time like Eric does to research everything so detailed. And so we're just like, oh, low fat sounds good, let's buy that. And uh, and, and, you know, and we'd go on our way and we think fats are bad and all that kind of stuff. So it's always interesting for me to hear people's perspective of when they first heard about keto because it was a shock to me.

Eric: 22:53 Kate, a quick question? When you coach, men and women are, are mainly women,

Kate: 23:00 mostly women, but I have, I have worked with men but mostly women.

Eric: 23:04 Okay. So what's really interesting, so that coach both and on the conversion to fat is so much easier with the men. The women, the men, they loved the Bacon, they love the cheese, they love the meat. They, you know, it's no, it's no issue. Women, they're like, well, can I just eat avocado and nuts and the mono and saturated fat and fish? I'm like, no, let's bring in the lounge, jeanette, you know, if, if, if, if it doesn't bother them and they don't get any reaction from it. But it's really tough with the women because that mimetic messaging from so long ago is they just are really about fat. It's going to make them heavier, obviously a little more, more of the clogging of the arteries, you know, cardiovascular issue. So it's really interesting how the bit between the two, the difference is, but it's a lot easier with men.

Kate: 24:03 I love it. You just mentioned like the clogging of the arteries because do you know if you have found this in your own life, but sometimes the people that are closest to you, like your family members are the ones that are the most apprehensive to listen to you. And my husband is that way, you know, like he um, he has had high cholesterol, has entire life, but he's also eaten a diet, have been very high in carbohydrates. And very high in processed foods and he was told one time by his doctor, he's like, oh, you'll be on cholesterol medication for the rest of your life even if you only eat white fish for the rest of your life, you would still. That's just how your body works. And I was like, are you kidding me? I was like, did you tell him that that's not true? He's like, what do you mean he's a doctor and he's a medical degree. And I was like, oh my gosh. Like I, I just, I feel like I want to strangle you so I'm going to walk away right now, save the argument. Plus he doesn't cook for himself anyway. So he eats what I eat.

Chad: 25:02 Exactly. By default,

Eric: 25:05 I can relate to that because I've actually got on the phone too with doctors in regard to them putting my clients on status. And then I have to go into a 40 minute spiel and, and it's not that I'm educating in a way I'm educating them, but it's not because it, you know, and I started, I used to get rid of defensive about it with them and kind of offensive. But I've learned that, you know, a lot of them just do not have the time to take the time to study and pursue it in and get those answers. They're so tied up with what they need to do with their patients and studying, you know, pharmaceutical drugs, et Cetera, that they really don't have the time to say, Hey, let me, let me search this out. They should.

Eric: 25:46 But they don't spend the time and doing it. And it's sad because there's a lot of people out. They're still going to the doctor for the blood lipids and next, next thing you know, they say statens and then they come back to people like you and me and say, Hey, doc says. And I said, no, let's work through this. It's tough. And I do have relatives, I have a brother. They got two stints in his heart and I was against it and he realized later that he should not have done it.

Chad: 26:14 Kate talk to me about, um, some of the benefits of, of keto. I have this bad habit of asking people to tell me the greatest benefit and I think that's too much pressure and there's so many right. But I'd love to hear you just talk about some of the benefits. One, one of the things, one of the videos you did that really intrigued me and I loved watching it and just kind of hearing your perspective on it was the video you did called how keto healed my body and I thought that was so fascinating. I love for you to just talk about, you know, maybe one or two benefits that you have gotten from ketogenic lifestyle that just really stand out to you and mean a lot to you.

Kate: 26:55 Yeah. And you know, I'm coming from a perspective that I didn't know before I started living ketogenic lifestyle. I didn't know how unhealthy I was from the inside out. I didn't know that I was having, you know, that my dry skin issues and my lack of sleep were, am I lack of energy were caused by diet. I figured that they were just, it was all part of, you know, being a mom, living in hustled life, teaching a ton of group fitness classes and you know, I just figured it was all part of that. But once I adopted the ketogenic lifestyle, my energy had skyrocketed. In fact, I started doing these like check in videos, almost like accountability on my feet, my personal facebook page every day around 3:00 PM saying, hey, these are the dates, this is the time of day that I'm usually, you know, making another pot of coffee or, you know, drinking my energy, performance dreams, my pre workout or something. But I'm wide awake, I'm getting stuff done and I think I'll just get another workout in or something. So the sustained energy was one of the biggest things for me. And then the quality of my sleep, sleeping so soundly, sleeping like a rock was just amazing. And I feel like I've also become more like tolerant, calmer, more. Okay, with just letting things happen and sitting back and you know, letting the world work and letting myself receive rather than feeling so stressed out all the time.

Chad: 28:37 Oh, how interesting. That's. I love that. I think that's the first time we've ever gotten an answer similar to that when I asked that question and I think that's pretty amazing and that's got to be, I mean, as a parent, as a spouse, as a fitness coach and and nutrition coach. That's a human.

Kate: 28:59 Yeah. Yeah. It really has been in. You guys know it's being an entrepreneur, having being a business owner. There's some different level of stress and the way that I look at how my life was a few years ago and constantly stressing out over money or overgrowth or over the future and just what was going to happen next. I just don't feel that way anymore. I just don't even know who that, who that woman is anymore. I'm just a different person.

Chad: 29:32 That's great. Eric, as you listened to Kate's story and, and her talk about this benefit like science wise and our and, and the makeup of our body and how it interacts with keto. Like, what, what do you see happening here? How can that, how can our diet affect our stress level?

Eric: 29:50 Well, what's neat about it is we're going back to the Mitochondria obviously, and you know, yeah, I always go back there because we were dealing with reaction oxidate oxygen species and, and reactive nitrogen species. And then we're back to that. What are we actually getting the Mitochondria, you know, less reactive oxygen species, less free radicals. We're going to get more ATP production down the electron transport chain. It's all there and it's, it's because of, you know, we're utilizing fatty acids with through Beta oxidation and we're utilizing the ketone, the Beta, and that's where it all stems from and that, you know, cognitive in the brain, that's it. And the neurons are going to get getting more ATP. They're not relying on glucose or lactate.

Eric: 30:43 Uh, you know, it's back to that and it in it. It just branches out, you know, healthy Mitochondria. It everything else starts to flow and it all starts there and that's why, that's why I have to go back there. But then again, you, you're utilizing different fuels. Obviously, you know, you replace assets and you're getting the ATP production that you want and you feel good, uh, stresses down, it drops your cortisol. It's all part back.

Chad: 31:11 Yeah, I mean I can relate to what Kate's saying because I feel like I've experienced it and maybe never quite put it in those exact words, but just kind of more more put it on the side of energy and clarity and that kind of stuff. But I do see something similar. Is it safe to say that it's just what our body is trying to burn a fuel that it's not naturally meant to burn. It just puts it in a, in a, in a state of stress and, and that goes everywhere. It goes to our brain, it goes to our physical body, it goes to all of that kind of stuff has dumbed down explanation.

Eric: 31:50 That's the free radicals. So we've talked about that. That's everything you're trying to do is get a balance of pro oxidants and antioxidants, so everything you're trying to do is counter those free radicals that are just naturally produced to the cellular respiration. There's no if, ands, or buts about it. They're just there and now, now we've got to counter that and obviously less than the free radicals that come out of the electron transport chain through keto. And that's, that's a big plus for it right there. That's it. That's one of the big, the big pluses. So I won't keep going. So.

Chad: 32:24 Well, I'd love to, as we kind of near the end of our time here. This has been awesome. You are so fun to listen to. Kate. Um, I, I, I'd love to encourage some people and we usually, whenever we have a guest on, we really want to because it's a different perspective than Eric and I and, and you know, another voice encouraging people. And I'm sure Kate, as you in your coaching and your practice, you've run into some discouraged people that are, that are trying keto and maybe for whatever reason they're discouraged or maybe they're, they're thinking about starting a Keto lifestyle and, and experiencing some pushback or some discouragement or that kind of stuff. What, what do you tell? What are some of the things that you can, can tell people who are in this position? It would just need a little boost. I need a little help and hope. Um, maybe they're discouraged. Maybe they need somebody to just help them over that edge to, to start. Um, what, what kinds of things would you, would you tell them

Kate: 33:26 with the discouragement I think that the number one reason that I see people getting discouraged is because they're comparing themselves with others. They're comparing their journeys with someone else's. You know, this person lost 10 pounds in a week and it took, it takes them a month to drop an ounce, you know, because their body is just different and they get really. They get really upset with their, with their body and how their body is working. And so one of the things that I say to each of my clients, even before we get started is listen, like if you never lost a single pound ever, your body stayed exactly the same, but you felt better than you've ever felt before and you knew that you were healing from the inside out. You were doing something that was going to potentially fight off chronic and life threatening disease for the rest of your life.

Kate: 34:15 You are prolonging your life. Would it be worth it to you? And you know, if the answer is no, then there's definitely something bigger that is surrounding their weight. And it goes back to there's a lot of different rabbit holes to go down there with like worthiness and how they grew up, what, what they were told by their parents or their peers or their spouse or their siblings or something. Um, so it goes, it can go a lot deeper, but if they say yes, and usually they do. When they get frustrated, that's something that I always bring back to them. And we, when I'm working with somebody, we are always looking at those biomarkers every single day. How is your energy today? How did you feel, you know, on a scale of one to 10, are you happy? Are you sad? Are you feeling like you're missing out?

Kate: 35:03 Are you totally satisfied? Is your hair or your skin and your nails and you know, all of those things to help them draw to the bigger picture. We all know like what a demon truly like stress the stress hormone cortisol is, and when they're so focused on getting to this number on the scale for whatever reason it is. And that's it for them. The stress factor is really preventing them from seeing a lot of results from sleeping well or from feeling well. So that's something that we look at comparisonitis cortisol and then for those people who are just getting started and they're receiving a lot of pushback, there are fortunately some great communities to get involved with. You know, they're in my coaching groups and in the coaches that I've certified in their groups. What we really aim to do is educate and empower and support and encourage each of our clients, so if you are in an environment right now that is not supportive, I know that there are other supportive environments out there that you can find, so find those environments that you connect with, with the people that you connect with.

Kate: 36:16 Join them, get involved with them, and have that be the virtual support that you need. Sometimes, Gosh, one of the biggest things actually that can derail progress is an unsupportive spouse or unsupportive family members that are food pushers. You know, oh, well you can. You can have a little bit at us. Why? Because your diet, you know like you don't need to be gas lit like that. You are doing something by yourself, for yourself to change your life, to take control and to heal your body and to prolong your life and just extend the quantity, but improve the quality of your life and there are many people out there who you don't even know yet that will love on you, that will support you and that will point you in the right direction.

Chad: 37:02 I love all of that. That is so good. But your question about if nothing changed with your body composition but you felt better and you warded off these possible diseases and ailments, would that be enough? That's such a powerful question that you can ride on the rest of the time. Right. And even in those clutch moments as you talk about lying in bed and thinking about the tub of Nutella, which everybody does, I think you're not alone there, but even in those moments if you have that base question to come back to it, that's just awesome. I love that. I think that's really, really powerful. Thank you so much for sharing that. I'm only goodness. My pleasure. Let's wrap this thing up. Anything that's standing out to you about this conversation or anything you want to want to pull out or ask before we wrap up?

Eric: 37:58 No, I think its great and I think, Kate, you're, you know, I think we're all in this together to, you know, join in with, with, with this, uh, progress of Ketosis in the benefits of it. I think the keto train is just getting bigger and bigger and I, I love seeing all of the scientists, cardiologists, lipidologists, they're all, they're all getting on board and, and I think sooner or later we'll have the dietary guidelines changed and the doctors will have to change and I just think it's awesome that we're all, we're all in this together and we're a team and, and I think we can educate and help people and coach and just change people's lives. I appreciate you being out there doing it. I really do.

Kate: 38:40 I appreciate you and I and I could not agree more like we are in this together and we are. The goal is to create this change and improve the health of the world

Eric: 38:50 and it's, it's awesome. You know, so yeah, and I, and I'm not going to get into it, but I, I, I liked your videos when you're talking about energy output because I'm really big into high intensity energy output being, being proven by, by a fatty acids and ketones. But we'll talk about that another time. So that's awesome.

Chad: 39:09 Well, and that's a great segue because I was going to say, I mean people have got to check out what kate is putting out there. There's a lot of it and it's really good stuff. So Kate, why don't you just take a minute, let our, let our listeners know where they can find you, how they can interact with you, all of that.

Kate: 39:26 Totally. So the probably the best way to find me is on my website. It is ketogenicliving101.com. I've got tons of free resources out there that you can download with blog, all kinds of things and you can submit a form to, to email me and that goes direct to me and I will email you back and we will have a great conversation and I will give you lots of love. You can find me on facebook. My facebook business page is ketoliving101 and on instagram. My handle is @ketolivingkate and if you comment on my stuff there, I will comment right back. I feel like I'm on instagram all the time looking at food pictures

Chad: 40:03 and we will link all of those in the show notes. So if you're listening to this and you didn't catch any of those, go down to the description of this episode. Will will include all of those links in the show notes so you can easily connect with kate and benefit from some of the tools that she's putting out there. Thank you so much for coming on.

Kate: 40:20 Oh, it's such a pleasure. Thank you guys so much for having me. I love you both dearly in it and I love what you're doing, so thank you.

Eric: 40:26 Thanks Kate. Appreciate it!

Chad: 40:27 Oh, thanks. And thank you eric. Thanks for biohacking with us. Right. And I want to remind all of our listeners, we're getting dangerously close to our, our, our first release of bioStak. And if you haven't already, go to biostak.com It's b i o s t a k, no "c" in stack, um, and find out all about the five natural organic ingredients that Eric has put together in this stack. It's incredible. I've been using it. You've heard me talk about it already, I'm not going to go into it. Go to biostak.com Get on our early bird list. As a podcast listener, you are the only ones that know that in our instagram following are the only ones that know so far about bioStak and we'll have first dibs on this first run, which is awesome. And Kate we should get you some.

Kate: 41:14 I was just thinking. Absolutely.

Chad: 41:18 We would love to have you try some and, and give us some feedback. Uh, it's been a long time coming and I'm. Eric has worked really, really hard on this, so yeah, we'll, we'll arrange that. And get you some. Anyway biostak.com We would love to have you try it. We can not wait to get it out into the world. And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or bio fit coaching on instagram. That handle is @biofit_coaching. Uh, sorry @biofit_coaching is is the handle on instagram and if this podcast has helped you or inspired you, encourage you to go to itunes and consider leaving us a five star rating and a glowing review so that we can reach more people and build this community. Find really good guests like Kate. And finally, the greatest compliment that you can give us is sharing this with your friends, your family, those who are looking for a better lifestyle. And until next time,

Chad: 42:19 Stay Keto!