9/30/18 Sunday Supp: Ketone and Blood Glucose Levels

Today's question comes from Faith who is wondering if her ketone and blood sugar numbers are cause for concern. She also has a little bit of thirst going on, is that normal?

What beta levels start to become concerning?

What positive effects can a higher mmol have?

Using the "how do I feel" metric.

Remember that all testing is generally a current snapshot.

And a great thirst hack! Hibiscus Tea.

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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek miniseries called Sunday Supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So today our question comes from Faith and Faith asks, I tested my ketones this morning and it says 5.0. so she's saying five point zero millimole and she doesn't say how she's testing. Um, but that would have to be blood, right? If it's giving you a reading. Um, and my blood sugar was 67, I feel fine. But just a little thirsty. Do you think I should be concerned?

Eric: 00:43 Uh, nope.

Chad: 00:47 Just take a minute. Just one minute and explain why she's asking if she should be concerned with these.

Eric: 00:55 The higher millimole when you get to five, then there's people that say why? Oh, why is that? It seems high to people, but remember, ketoacidosis. You don't have to worry about to like 15,000 or whatever up to 15, 15, 20. Um, but on the millimole of five, why you put, you could test an hour later and it could be three millimole, two millimole it, it's just that snapshot and I've been there before at five, but long as you feel good and your cognition is good. Um, uh, I, I just had to say that word, one of our best and really good, um, uh, supporters out of Australia a corrected me on my usage of cognitive and cognition. So he's a great guy. So I paid attention. All right. I'm just between him and I, but anyway, I used your question faith. And so if your cognition is good, you feel good, you've got energy. Uh, everything's good. And usually with the brain you seem to get a little, you know, some people will notice when they're a little higher on millimole, they get a little more energy in the brain. Okay? There's a little more alert, more attentive. They don't get a, you know, that afternoon crash, uh, but normally your body, I don't know if you're new into ketosis while you're not a that adapted and utilizing all your Beta. Uh, so normally, uh, five millimole I, I can't even get to one point two, I'm always under one millimole and I've been at this for three years, so I'm pretty adapted.

Chad: 02:35 But why, why does she asked in relationship to her blood sugar at being 67?

Eric: 02:44 67 is great. Uh, anytime, and I sometimes will use my blood sugar usually if my blood sugars during the seventies, I'm always keto. I don't even waste the strip. That's just me. I'm not saying that you do that, but I, but I know my, my, my numbers, uh, and her, especially at a 67, you know, her, her glucose is on the lower end, so insulin is down and she's got five millimoles. So, you know, there's no insulin basically because she's got, she's in Ketosis and so the blood sugar in the sixties are, are pretty. Um, uh, a normal and seventies are normal. Uh, so nothing to worry about there at all because you have energy coming from, from Beta. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I've been as low as 38 in a fast and felt fantastic. Um, and I was teaching a class and, and had no issues. I've been in the forties on the long seven day fast and it felt great. It just, I'm sorry.

Chad: 03:48 Oh No, you're fine. I didn't mean to cut you off. I just wanted to say before we close on this one, just to reiterate, and you, you already said it, but just to reiterate again, these are snapshots. It could be, it could be you could eat something and it would be an test again and be totally different. You could exercise and it could be totally different. You know, you could exercise in and retest and that would be point five. So it's just such a snapshot. So if you're noticing a pattern of this, then change the time of day that you're testing or test multiple times in one day or you know what I mean, just there's a lot of things you could do, but there's also nothing to worry about at five millimole.

Eric: 04:29 And the thirst issue. No. There's nothing to worry about you, you might be a little dehydrated yourself and just a little drink of water. I never have any thirst issues, even when I'm really, really low. If you're really, really high, I know, but I'm a thirst is always there. You're always, always make sure you're hydrated and that could have been from many different things.

Chad: 04:50 So I love, I mean one time I was Kinda struggling with thirst and you talk to me about the hibiscus tea and just, you know, getting the electrolytes and the antioxidants and all that kind of stuff that offers so much of that stuff. So that's a great suggestion to um, you just make the hibiscus tea and then put it in the refrigerator. A good picture of picture of.

Eric: 05:13 No, I really liked my hibiscus tea and it's one of the highest antioxidant. It's actually not that maybe you utilize all of them, but man, it's a good, a good spread of them to try to use. So that'd be great

Chad: 05:26 just to have something, something, have something healthy in the fridge that draws you to it, to drink more and keep your electrolytes good. Keep your sodium. Magnesium. So great. Great question. Absolutely. Alright, great. Thanks for biohacking with us today, Eric. No problem. And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram. That handle is @biofit_coaching. Remember bioStak his out there and available. Go to biostak.com. No C and check it out. Grab your bioStak, see how good you can feel. And until next time, stay keto.