9/2/18 Sunday Supp: How Many Grams of Fat Should I Eat a Day on Keto?

So really how much fat should you eat on a daily basis? Jake has a question about his macros on today's Sunday Supp, and specifically regarding how many grams of fat he should eat...

What percentage of your daily macros should consist of fat?

Tweaking your fat grams (no one-size fits all method)

How your body is always searching for homeostasis.

Eric's self-experiment with 400 grams of fat, and what he learned from it.

How Chad dialed in his own fat macros.

And finally, the range Eric keeps most of his clients in with their grams of fat per day.

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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday Supps. every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episodes where we answer your questions on all things. Our question today comes from Jake and he asks, I have a question about my macros. How many grams of fat should I try to eat per day?

Eric: 00:27 That depends. Okay. In the keto, a genesis, um, nutrition we try to obtain. I keep 75 to 80 percent of my daily macros. Fact, uh, but then again, I don't know how, how heavy you are, how big you are, how tall you are, et cetera. A lot of, you know, even a age I, I coach people on their, on their fat grams and I moved them around a lot. I do a lot of tweaking because what it comes down to, jake is a, if you're in keto then you, if you're at 100 grams or 125, hundred and 50, most people are in that range.

Eric: 01:13 I have a few that I coached. The guy weighs 100, 152 pounds, he's built solid and he consumes over 200 grams of fat a day and his keto is great and he feels great. I thought I didn't want to take them that high, but he obviously he, he wanted to go that high. He does go that high, but he feels fantastic and his markers, you're all good. So what we got to tweak your, your fat grams, you, you do. And see where, where you come out as far as in ketosis because sometimes we have to adjust it because you have your free fatty acid is coming from your adipose tissue which will compete with your Beta that's coming from your adipose tissue. And Dietary is going to compete with it. Alright? So you want to say, okay, where am I at? If I'm really, really high and in Ketosis.

Eric: 02:08 All right? Then obviously you're converting a lot. All right? So you want to tweak your fat a little bit, uh, bringing a little more dietary fat and maybe the muscles will take that, the dietary that's come in and use that as fuel or not. Send it to the liver, uh, if you're just pouring out your fatty acids in your key towns and you need to utilize those ketones a little more because insulin will come in and say, hey, let's offset some of this ketosis a little bit. You're a little high, so your body's always going to reach a whole male. Status stays is somehow. So there is ways to tweak your, your fat grams. Remember when I went up to over 400 grams of fat a day for that test, my ketones dropped. Uh, so I had so much dietary fatty acids coming in that my muscles, my heart was just overloaded and sell.

Eric: 03:01 My ketone production dropped. And so there's times when I dropped my fat to get my ketones numbers up, my dietary fat and rely more on my endogenous fat, my storage fat to be converted to ketones and be used as energy. So remember, you're always competing. There's an energy competition when you're bringing in fatty acids from dietary and you're trying to take off a stored fatty acids and be used as a fuel in there. There's always a level of competition there. And I, I believe my muscles, the way I train and been training utilizes a lot of my stored fatty acids direct to the muscles and my intramuscular fat I'm using. And then the rest is going to the brain for, for, for energy as far as a Beta. So there's always a balance of the brain's going to make sure it gets its, its Beta and then your muscles and the others will follow.

Eric: 03:58 And of course your heart loves your fatty acids. So just play with it. But rule of thumb, most of my, uh, my clients are 125 to 150 grams of fat a day. That's pretty good rule of thumb there. And I'm, I'm happy with that for myself actually.

Chad: 04:15 Yeah. That's great.

Eric: 04:16 And then that's where you're at Chad, you're about 125, aren't ya? Yeah, I think I've dropped you to 100 before to bring up your, your, um, your endogenous fatty acids to drop those. If you want to cut up a little more, you want to lose a little bit sometimes you know, we'll, we'll tweak. Try to bring in more endogenous, your adipose tissue, fat, fatty acids as fuel.

Chad: 04:37 I've been all over the place. That's what I was going to say just for Jake is in my coaching with you. I think in the first three months we probably adjust my fat macros at least four or five times because you were getting better adapted to life in it as a fuel source both as just a fatty acid and as conversion to a beta. So yeah, and it was a little bit of self experimentation too. It's like how do I feel if I do this or how do I.

Eric: 05:09 and I like fat. I like the taste of it, so there's times I jump up 150 or more just because it's satiating and I have no reason not to. I enjoy it and I'll put a real fatty meal or something like that.

Chad: 05:23 And I know for me some of those times that you had me on really high, it almost felt like a chore. It almost felt I had to go back down because I didn't, I wanted to keep it sustainable.

Eric: 05:34 Yes. Yeah, I agree. It's got to be very satiating. So you know, you've got to make it sustainable and where you feel good. There's people who still, I think it's placebo, uh, will eat too much fat. And I said, oh, I too much, but I still think it's the placebo effect from what you were taught, you know, for many, many years that fat's going to make you sick.

Chad: 05:59 It depends on what kind of fat we're talking about too. Right.

Eric: 06:03 So, you know, like I told you that 400 grams you, when I went on that, by the third day I, it wasn't bothering me. It was like I never felt like sick to my stomach and nothing. I really thought I was going to feel something with that, you know, 5,000 calories. I really thought I was going to feel something, but my body adapted real quick, adapted quickly. So not that I would do that, but yeah. So I, I hope I answered that. It's just takes a little bit of tweaking to where you feel and how you feel and if you're satiated, there's no reason to keep adding fat if you're not hungry.

Chad: 06:46 Absolutely. Well, thanks for biohacking with us today

Eric: 06:47 You bet. Thank you.

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