8/26/18 Sunday Supp: Breath Testing your Ketones

Did you know there are 3 ways of testing if you're in ketosis? And that one of them is ONLY effective when first starting out? Today's Sunday Supp question comes from Rich who wants to know about ketone breathalyzers. Are they effective and do they work as well as blood testing?

What are the 3 main methods of testing for ketosis?

Testing beta vs testing acetyl acetate.

How acetone is excreted by the breath (or in Eric's case sweat!)

Some of the difficulties with testing via breath.

Eric shares his preferred beta testing method.

And finally, Eric shares a free bonus he's been working on for the bioStak early adopters. It's what he calls his 3 secrets to health and fitness. Which is the culmination of decades (literally) of research he's done. Go to www.biostak.com/biolaunch to get your free videos!

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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday Supps. So every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Rich and he asks, what about ketone breathalyzers? Do those work as well as blood tests? I have. I've heard about these as well. I don't know much about them and I've never used them. The breathalyzers, I, I know you have used them obviously because you have to self test everything. Yeah. So let's, let's, uh, how can we help Rich out here? He wants to know, uh, uh, if the breathalyzers are going to be as accurate and as good as the blood test. Okay.

Eric: 00:49 Uh, I have one and I used it really extensively in the beginning and my wife and I had others in the family there that we're testing it out and using it. And I really, in those I coach, I was coaching a probably at the gym. I had maybe 20 something people, Clients I was coaching and I had them test it out versus the other methods. All right, so there's, there's, there's three methods to test for if you're in Ketosis. All right? In the beginning we do the urine test. That's the strip, right? You're testing there for Acetol Acetate, alright? Because when you begin Ketosis, that's what you're going to produce. All right? You're always producing a cdot acetate, but acytel acetate. Well you want that conversion into Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule. Alright? So in the beginning when your liver is making ketones at a higher rate, it's an Oh, what do I do with this?

Eric: 01:45 All right? Basically it's going to excrete it until it gets adapted. So you're going to excrete that acetol acid tape before it's converted to Beta hydroxy period molecule, okay? So in, in that production, that's why you test with the strips just at the beginning for a couple weeks or 10 days, because that is going to let you know you're getting in Ketosis, but you're just testing that one ketone. Acetyl acetate. Alright? So the next thing you're testing for as you, as you're getting into ketosis is the Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule. That's a blood test. It's the only way you can test it. So you know, now you're converting the Acetyl Acetate to Beta. I was just used Beta as the word and so that way you test them millimole and you know, if you're in Ketosis, I'm point five and above. And then the third ketone is acetone. Alright? You're always making this right.

Eric: 02:36 It's always a ketone being made, but it's being extracted from the body. It's acetone. You got to excrete it. So where do you excrete it? From the breath. Alright, my wife swears I sweat it because all my, all my clothes after working have a really bad acetone odor to it. So I may be one of the few that sweats it out and I don't read it out. But anyway, that sounds delicious. So you know that breath you get, you know the little fingernail Polish and the acetone paint thinner. That's the acetone. Alright. So what you're testing with this keto stick a is a key tonics. I always say keto, why I call it that, but it's ketonics and to what you're testing is the acetone that's in your lungs and what you have to do. What, why I struggled with it and my wife and others is it's hard to stay consistent and exhaling all your breath.

Eric: 03:31 So take your lungs, blow out real steady for 20 something second they want you to. And to get all that from the bottom, I'll residual everything out of your lungs to get all the acetone. Alright? Then it measures it and you have blinking lights, green, orange, red, so you'll know what level you're at. And there's a conversion parts per million. Two millimole. All right? So I, I hate to say it. My wife refused. She hated doing two times a, blowing everything out of her long. She hated the feeling. It hurts. She wasn't consistent. Uh, sometimes she could blow over 15, sometimes 26. You got to make sure you don't take a big deep breath in. You want to be normal breathing and then catch it on an exhale. So it's Kinda tricky, Chad to really dial it in. But as, as just a yes or no, I think it's good because if you blow and it, you got green, you know, and you've got a new count to eight, you have different flashes and so you say, well I'm in and, and it's Kinda, that's how you have to look at it.

Eric: 04:39 It's just a yes or no because unless you get really good at exhaling and so consistent, then you can keep pretty close. And there's some people who have gotten really good at it. But to me prick the finger, five seconds, boom, I'm done. And then there's people who cannot stand. I have a son, uh, he will pass out if you prick his finger, he literally will pass out. No, I'm serious. I'm serious. I've had to catch him when he was a kid and giving blood and just just get his blood tested biomarkers. And so the, the, uh, ketonics is perfect for him and for those who do it. But other than that, I. sorry about that. It's not that great. I just, I have it. It's sitting over there and I haven't used it probably in six months, but some people like it. I mean if you're good at it, do it and save money. It does. Before the strips are always two to three bucks a piece, uh, and now now that the Keto Mojo's out there, we can get them for ninety nine cents a piece. More people are apt to say, hey, I'll spend a buck a day and, and test my blood. But it is cheaper. It's reusable. I mean, you go, you can charge it. So it is, it's a lot cheaper. It is a lot cheaper. Yeah. So there's

Chad: 05:58 some advantages but disadvantages as well. Yes, sure. Okay, great. Well awesome. This is, I think that's a great question. That's not one had come up so I think that's going to help. I think that's going to help a lot of people. That's awesome. I also, before we end this conversation, I wanted to just make sure people knew and if you've been listening for the last couple of weeks, you probably already know that Eric has released his stack. Well, hasn't released it yet. We finally got it in. You finally got it in and will be released towards the end of August. It's called bio stack. Um, you can go to bioStak.com and tha's stack with no c in it. So it's b i o s t a k.com. This thing is awesome. I started taking it this week. Finally I finally got my supply from my, from my dealer and uh, it's, it's been incredible.

Chad: 06:54 But what's cool is even on top of that, Eric and I, you and I were talking and you're going to offer a free gift on top of, on top of the bio stack. And on top of being an early bird person from the podcast or instagram to the website you're offering, what is it that you call it? It's basically three secret secrets to health and fitness. So it's videos, it's some, some written content, and they're going to be able to go to the website, get on the early bird list for the supp, or I'm sorry, it's not a supp, it's a stack. You gotta help me clean up my language Eric. And there's a big difference

Eric: 07:35 three years to stack that.

Chad: 07:37 So that was a huge difference. You don't know what we're talking about. You got to go to the website. If you're taking supplements and you don't know what a stack is, you gotta go to the website, check it out, but also get this free gift, 3 secrets to health and fitness success. It's videos, it's written content, and it'll be helpful. I swear to you, everything that Eric produces is so helpful. So, uh, so check that out. biostak.com. No "c", um, and uh, thanks for biohacking with us, Eric.

Eric: 08:07 Hello. Um, my pleasure. And I'm excited to finally this stack is out. So I took, like I said, three years of self tests, self experimenting in on others and research. And uh, I'm just, I'm very excited about it and we're having to.

Chad: 08:24 How does the weight off feel?

Eric: 08:25 Fantastic. I mean it's just like even my wife's like, oh, you're fine. You know, I have powders all over the place and people have worked with me and employees and they see me just constantly stacking. I look like a drug person because I have all these little, these little pouches all over the place and now it's all in two capsules and so I don't have to make all mixed all these powders anymore every day and make my little stacks and I never. I was told by a lot that, yeah, I'm, I'm an old old school guy and they're like, you're taking these on the airplane, these little, these little clear. It looks like drugs. Are you serious? They're going to, they're going to stop you. But I never got stopped, so I used to carry it on my, on, on my carry bag.

Chad: 09:12 But anyway, I've felt I have felt so good on it. I've often wondered in my quiet times what Eric is sneaking into this thing because

Eric: 09:22 there's no stimulants in it, isn't that Cool? There is no good.

Chad: 09:26 There's got to be some sort of stimulant or a no, there's not. And it's all organic. It's all a awesome

Eric: 09:36 five ingredients are organic and there's no stimulants in there to trick you. I mean really that's what happens with a lot of stuff. They'll throw absolutely stand caffeine and Ginkgo. I feel good. So. Nope. Nope. This is the real deal.

Chad: 09:54 So it's cool. Well, I want to thank everybody else for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram that handle is @biofit_coaching Don't forget to go to biostak.com. Get on our early bird list. We have a limited supply going out the gates and uh, we want you to join us. It's, I got to, I mean, nevermind. I won't go on. I feel so good. Anyway, until next time.

Eric: 10:26 That's huge for you. Because you were so anti supps when I started coaching you.

Chad: 10:30 Oh yeah, yeah, yes, yes, yes. And we can go onto that. We can go into that, which should go into that on a different episode because, uh, anyway, until next time, stay keto.