8/19/18 Sunday Supp: Ashwagandha - The Anxiety Fighting Herb

So today's Sunday Supp comes from Neal who has a follow-up question on a recent Keto Tip Eric did. In case you didn't know, Eric puts out a couple 60-second keto tips every week both via email and social media. So make sure you're following one of our channels to get regular tips, helps, recipes and more! (links below). But anyway, Neal's question has to do with ashwagandha and how much of it Eric recommends on the daily.

What is this herb that also goes by "Indian Ginseng"?

One of Eric's 5 must-have micronutrients.

How ashwagandha helps with issues of the body and mind.

The recommended amount of ashwagandha per day (and how to use synergy to maximize effectiveness!)

Eric explains how everything is inflammation related.

And Chad shares his experience with bioStak (and his wife's...)

Eric talks a lot in this episode about something he has been working on for the last few years. It's called bioStak and it's his personal blend of 5 key micronutrients. Frankly, it has done wonders both for him and the clients he's shared it with. Now, he's making it available to podcast listeners for early bird purchase.

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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday Supps. So every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Neil and he asks, I heard your keto tip on Ashwagandha and keto tips. Just for those of you who are listening that don't know every couple of days. Uh, Eric does a keto tip on instagram and facebook. So if you're not following us there, you should search us out and find these keto tips. They're awesome. So Neil saw your keto tip and he asks, how much Ashwagandha do you recommend a day? Well, this is very topical, right? So as, as most of you know, if you're a regular listener, Eric just released his stack, which is called bioStak. And Ashwagandha is probably one of the main ingredients in this stack. It. Am I correct in saying it's the most, it's one of the main ingredients.

Eric: 01:06 No, they're all the main ingredients.

Chad: 01:10 Oh, come on. Okay.

Eric: 01:12 You know, everybody knows that I'm a sulforaphane. You know, a fanatic and that's Broccoli sprouts and then curcumin is always been one of my favorite and then Ashwagandha. And so basically it's one of those that you, you said I have to have this in there. Yes. And I have to have it together with the others because everybody's heard me talk about nerf two and one of the greatest things about Ashwagandha also is to be an activator of nerf too. It really works fantastic with milk thistle and kirk human. Alright. So the three together we're talking with Broccoli sprouts and asses anthem that's in there is the synergy of it. So it's all about things that are going to work together as a whole. And so I have to have it in there. So yeah, Ashwagandha is very, very important.

Eric: 02:10 It's key. Okay. So I got a lot of keys.

Chad: 02:13 Okay. So let's get this through this pretty fast. What is Ashwagandha?

Eric: 02:18 Ashwagandha is an herb. It's also well known as a with Ania and it's known as a, a Indian Ginseng. And so it's, it's been around like I've been used as medicine and I know some people will always say, yeah, isn't it kind of smells like horses and that's they, they actually nicknamed him long time ago smell of horses and so, um, but anyway, it's, it, it's an adaptive Jim and it really works well as a kind of bring down anxiety and a lot of, there's a lot of things, but a lot of times it's been known to be more a parasympathetic and so people have a lot of anxiety and stress and it also can reduce depression or that stress or anxiety related.

Eric: 03:08 It also really helps my wife spin on it and it really, some people can really help them, uh, with insomnia or sleep. Okay. And it's also very, uh, with, uh, especially with, with cholesterol and fatty acids, it's been known to help reduce some of the cholesterol issues that people have. Um, it's, it's, it's just an herb that antiinflammatory, antioxidant. It works anticancer, it works well with chemotherapy treatment, uh, immune system suppression. It's just amazing what it can do. And um, there's so many benefits to it, but the key is working with other components to, to make it all work together, you know, just like fruit is good to a certain point because there's other nutrients in there to make it work. But I'm not a fruit advocate because of all the fruit toast it's been bred into it, but just like vegetables and everything else, there's a synergy to everything. So that's what took me three years to say hey, what's gonna work best together. Okay. And be really, really effective. And so I'm a big fan of Ashwagandha, so. And I've been on it for three years. Yeah.

Chad: 04:22 So how much Ashwagandha should we be? Well, it sounds like there's, there's kind of two answers to this, right? Yeah. There is the amount of Ashwagandha we should be getting every day that needs to be. Sounds like that needs to be in combination with a certain amount of other ingredients as well to fully take advantage of that amount of Ashwagandha continent. So let's answer that. Let's answer the first question. How much should we be getting? Yeah,

Eric: 04:49 it depends. And, and I, and I worked hard to get the right amount in, but there's some, we would call it a Gabba urges. Okay. And so some people really have an extreme amount of stress and anxiety and then now some people will, will boost their doses, know, uh, accordingly. But I, I do the studies and everything. We're at three to 400 milligrams I think is, is perfect. And I tried different doses from 200 all the way up to 1500 milligrams and, and to, to test it out to see, you know, what, what was effective and what did I feel? And I came out three to 400 milligrams for the people that I tested it with. And that seems to be about the consensus out there that it's three to 400. And so that's safe. It's, it, it, it works. It's effective at that dose, you know, you know, that goes back to you have a, a, you know, a little bit is okay, maybe a little bit more, a little better, but too much can be bad. So we always have to find that sweet spot

Chad: 05:59 or at least too much. We can't really take advantage of, of it all. Right. I mean that's fine.

Eric: 06:04 No it doesn't. And there is no big, you know, you're not going to owe Dan stomach issues and things like that. But. And that's what's safe about a lot. You know, you got to be careful with laws, a lot of different types of stacks. But, but this stack is, is real safe as far as that and plus key is organic. Uh, I know a lot of times we ignore that, but I made sure on this stack that it's all organic. All of it is. And I have the certificate of analysis and we had to chase it down and see where it came from. And so it was a lot of work into that. So that just the, the way I wanted it. And I think it's very effective that way. A lot of people don't pay attention. They don't pay attention to it. They think, ah, curcumin, they don't look to see if it's organic. Even astaxanthin or how pure Broccoli sprouts and pure. Yeah, and that's what you want. Exactly.

Chad: 07:01 Yeah. No, I have to say, I know this is a Sunday Supp and we bought, probably already ran long because this is good information about Ashwagandha. I have to tell you I'm, I'm on the road full time traveling as of right now and I finally got my supply of this bioStak and I am blown away. You and I, Eric were talking before we hit record and I just like, I can't believe the added amount of clarity and energy that I notice and it's not. I get that I have a vested interest in this thing because I really wanted to work for you and I really want it to be good. So there, you know, I was worried about a placebo effect, but we have been. I mean I gave it to my wife who has no vested interest and honestly didn't even know what it was when I told her to start taking it and she immediately, the first day, the first day was like, what is this? What's going on? And you, you told me you were telling me even noticeably for your wife, people, coworkers were telling her what's going on with you, you seem more clear. You seem like you have more energy, you know, all that kind of stuff. Who also doesn't necessarily have a huge vested interest in making sure that this thing is effective. So I just like, I don't even know what to say. I'm not going to go on. But man, it has been incredible.

Eric: 08:31 Well, you know, and it's funny Chad because in the beginning when I started coaching you, you were, you were so anti supps. I take, I feel nothing from these. I'm just taking these and feel nothing. And I said, you know, you gotta get the right stack and if you don't and you don't get these to work together and then guess what, you won't remember. Everything in this stack is antioxidant antiinflammatory, okay? Everything even depressed thoughts and anxiety, everything is inflammation shoon related. All right? So we start to take those free radicals and oxidative stress and all those issues and, and boost that antioxidant system up. Then you become very anti-inflammatory and depression is caused by inflammation. I have studies all over my desk here about about depression and I look at the genetic SNP's that, that are behind it and we've got to get to the inflammatory markers and reduce that and so that's where your mood swings come in.

Eric: 09:33 Everything is, is a result of inflammation. Yeah. That's interesting. I've, I've loved it. So people just as a reminder, you can get on our early bird list for release. I'm going to release. We've got a release coming in towards the end of August and it's only going to be. This is the only p, our podcast listeners are the only ones at our instagram watchers are the only ones that are going to know this thing releases at first because we have a very limited supply at first. And so biostak.com (no c) so b i o s t a k .com. You can check this out, get on our list early bird special or not special but early bird. A knowledge of it being released and uh, I mean this stuff has made me feel awesome. Anyway, we're going to wrap this up. This is. This has gone long.

Eric: 10:27 Remember, there's one good thing. The Broccoli sprouts already there and it's organic and my wife and others that are that are on this. They're so happy now because they don't have to grow their own Broccoli sprouts. I just don't recommend it. I mean, I still do, but she hated the taste of broccoli sprouts and she's like, oh, this is so much easier now. She's getting her sulforaphane. Finally, we.

Chad: 10:48 We always bought them at the health food store and we could never get through them before they went bad, so that's the way. This way we're expensive. Yep. Yeah. Well thanks for biohacking with us today, Eric.

Eric: 11:04 Oh, you bet.

Chad: 11:04 I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram. That handle is @biofit_coaching. Also, don't forget to check out biostak.com. No. C, b i o s, t a k.com, and until next stay keto!