8/8/18 E50 It’s Never too Late to Get Started…Eve’s Story

Have you caught yourself thinking that it's too late for you to start your own fitness journey? Maybe you've said to yourself "if only I knew about this 20 years ago, THEN I'd do something about it"...Well, today's episode is for you! We have a special guest who has a message you need to hear. Her name is Eve and she is a coaching client of Eric's. Her progress has been incredible and the things she's achieved in just a few short months will get you excited about your own journey.

Emotional eating, surgeries, and mid-life crises...

Eve shares her experience of being hungry for 6 months straight!

How can I be an athlete if I don't carbo load?

"Are you sure I can eat cheese?"

What was the change like going from paleo to keto?

How fasting resulted in PR's for Eve.

Using beta to deadlift 300 pounds!

And Eve shares a (sometimes brutal) behind the scenes look at what it's like to be coached by Eric...

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Eve: 00:00 Uh, I, I just think no matter where you are in your journey, just to, I think sometimes it's hard not to look back and grieve, you know, whether how far you've come from, where you want to be and that it's never, never, ever too late to pick up the gauntlet and start

Chad: 00:17 They say a Journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Chad: 00:28 My name is Chad and I'm your test subject. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness, so I hope it helped me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call him Eric. I hope you'll join me on a path that leads you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives in ketosis. This is the life and Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 01:02 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving optimal body performance with a man that can get me there. The biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bischof every episode. Eric gives us his crazy intense sciencey knowledge and I break it down with my regular, non crazy guy. Take as we explore the principles of ketogenics and KPR performance training, whether you're just looking for a way to feel better or if you look at whether you're just looking for a way to look to feel better or if you're an elite athlete looking for that edge. We're here to help. And today I'm, I'm particularly excited about this episode. I, these are my favorite. We've only done a couple of them and, uh, I, I, I love these conversations because it's keto stories and uh, and it's real life information. It's real life experience and I absolutely love it. So today we have a guest on with us, Eve Bryant from Austin, Texas, one of my favorite cities in the entire country. And uh, we're just so excited to have you. Eve, how are you?

Eve: 02:02 I am doing very well. And Hello, Eric and Chad. No Land Guy. He excited to have you on.

Chad: 02:13 And how are you eric?

Eric: 02:15 I'm doing good. And like I just said, we're real excited to have you on Eve and I've been coaching you for quite a while and so this is exciting. I'm really excited that you took us up on this.

Eve: 02:28 Yeah, I appreciate you having me on there.

Chad: 02:31 Yes. So you guys have a, you have a really cool kind of history together at this point. I don't know. Give me A. Eric, why don't you give us just a little bit of a history. You mentioned that you, she is, you do coach Eve and um, and that kind of stuff, but kind of give us an idea. How long have you guys been working together and uh, what's, what's been the goals? What are you guys working on that sort of student?

Eric: 02:54 Uh, we started in March, yeah, in

Eric: 02:55 March, right? First. First of March, Friday, I think it was first of March.

Eve: 02:58 That is, that's right, yeah. I found you in February. I listened to the podcast and I, uh, after about four or five podcasts its funny because Chad kept saying, well, you know, or you, you would say, uh, I don't want to get into the science. And after about five episodes, I was like, get into the science. I want more

Chad: 03:20 coming. This is coming from a pharmacist. I will just tell everybody. I mean, Eve is a pharmacist by trade, so special case,

Eve: 03:30 don't hold it against me.

Eric: 03:35 No, I was really excited to hear from eve when she, um, when she made contact and, and it was exciting to start her journey with her as far as another keto course to ketosis and then also as far as coaching because she was heading into the triathlon world. So that was in a real exciting start for us to start at the very beginning. She's basically a Newbie, you know, she did it. You did a try right kind of a simple one before.

Eve: 04:02 I think I was in my early thirties and I tried to do it. I tried triatholon and I've, I did not do well. It was like five minutes on the transitions and I was looking at the birds and taking selfies and yeah, I didn't, I didn't place, well I was definitely in the bottom five percent of my age. Just put it that way. It's not a successful endeavor and do that.

Chad: 04:27 So why don't we start off, I love giving just a little bit of a history, both mindset and, um, physical history of your health, exercise, um, athletics, all of that kind of stuff. Can you just kind of give, uh, give us an overall picture of where you come from as far as health goes? Sure, sure.

Eve: 04:46 Um, so I started, I really started this, what I consider this portion of my journey about February of 2016. Um, I was really at my very heaviest. I was, I'm a pretty heavy drinker, pretty heavy as far as just eat it literally heavy as far as pretty much eat anything. I consider myself an emotional eater and at that point I was in my mid 40's. I'm turning 46 this year, so I was about 43 and I was just pretty much at an all time. I always was kind of the fattest athlete I knew. I mean I was always, I was, I was always like running and doing things, but I was always at a very heavy. And you know, my mom always told me that I was, you know, I was just big boned, it was just the way I was always going to be.

Eve: 05:37 And so I was the slowest runner in the room, but I always gave it. My ca gave it the old college try. Um, and about May of 2016, I was walking down the stairs and I heard a click and I tore the medial meniscus in my right knee. Uh, and so June first I had surgery, I got the stitches out June eighth and I was sitting on my couch in a kind of pool of vodka and twinkies and very unhappy and just not knowing my way out of it. And I decided I'd had enough. And so around the holidays of that time, uh, I actually started with a nutritional coach here in Austin named David King. And then we did kind of a Paleo low carb, really controlled carbs and hadn't really gotten the idea about Keto at that point. Started doing some exercise and then worked through a start, signed up for crossfit December of that year and started lifting weights.

Eve: 06:37 And trying to get mobility back into that knee. And then January 11th, I really just dropped the hammer of 2017 and I decided to, I took my before picks. I went and got a Dexa scan. I decided I was just gonna. I was gonna tear it up like I, I was in. I had to make a change because I knew the next step was just, it was a serious spiral. I was in some midlife crisis, you know, I just, I just couldn't go any further than I was ever into. Kind of unhappy spiral of overweight and not knowing how to do something about it. So I was uh, uh, January 11th of that year when I had my dexa had done, I was 40 percent body fat. I was about 180 pounds and I'm five seven. And uh, and I was, I had 96 pounds of lean mass.

Eve: 07:24 And then I did a calories in, calories out, kind of a thousand calories a day less than, you know, anywhere between 10 to 15 percent carbs. So I was. And then the rest was just do your protein and your fat as you see it. And so I was, I was very hungry for six months and was very unhappy, very hungry. I was doing two a day workouts, 45 minutes in the morning, 45 minutes at night, just anything I could do to just scrape, scrape the fat off my frame. And at a June 30th of that year I was down to 136 pounds and I was 102 pounds of lean. I was 20, I was 20 pounds, 20 percent, 20, 20 percent bond. So in six months I was, I had lost 20 percent body fat. And so. And I got to say it was hard. I did it the hard way.

Eve: 08:16 It was not a pleasant way to do it, but what I wanted it and I wanted it bad. And so I, I went and got it. And so right now I'm at about 1:45 ish, about a little over probably 21 percent body fat. I've kept the same, maybe a little bit more lean mass. So I need to get a Dexa. I haven't had, I think I had one. I haven't had one done in a while. So I think that some eric and I are probably going to have done at the end of this year. Yeah. So then that summer of summer of 2017, I got my crossfit certification. I started doing teaching crossfit. I started doing a little bit, a little bit more running. I was really into the Paleo lifestyle, but I really did miss dairy. Um, and I, I, uh, I really noticed that at that summer of 2017, uh, the end of it, I was, I had gone really hard and fast for over a year.

Eve: 09:14 I was at about a year and a half mark and I just didn't have anywhere to go with where I was at. I mean the calories. I was stuck at eating 700 to a thousand calories if I wanted to stay that weight and my weight was starting to creep up and I just, I just didn't have anywhere. I really didn't have anywhere to go to figure out like how could I live and thrive where I'm at right now. And, and I was, I had lost all the weight, so it was like, well, what do I do with this? I wasn't eating in restaurants, I wasn't, I couldn't go out to parties. I didn't know how to eat. I didn't know where to go. So I was almost living in this like fear bubble of gaining the weight back, you know, this and I, and I wanted to do more but I didn't know how.

Eve: 09:55 And then I heard your podcast and I reached out to Eric and got on the phone with him and we chatted for a while and then he mentioned that he was taking his biofitters new these new triathletes to, uh, to the rage in Nevada. And I thought, well that sounds like a pretty cool goal. And so I asked him if I could come along, if I could fly in from Austin and medium up there. And he's like, oh sure, we have as like, is five weeks long enough to change data to train? And he said, yeah, sure. And then, and then, and then it began and then, and then the training began.

Chad: 10:39 So was was the podcast, the life in ketosis podcast. Was that your first introduction to keto?

Eve: 10:46 Uh, I had heard key keto, nutritional ketosis thrown out before in my, with my previous coach, but I don't think the depth of understanding of truly what keto is, was I really didn't understand it until I started listening to yours and Eric's conversations on the podcast. And then I started, I started really getting curious about it and I, and I, and I knew I needed help with it, you know, I just wanted to, I wanted to understand it better.

Chad: 11:17 I'm always interested to know what people's first thoughts or reactions were to the idea of Ketosis, high fat, low carb, a no calorie deprivation sort of thing. What were some of your first thoughts or, or ideas that came to your brain as you heard about this craziness?

Eve: 11:36 Well, I think, I think the idea of, of what I kept hearing was being not being hungry. You know that, that you would be full, that you could, you could, you could eat more and you can eat satisfying food and still be healthy and not gain weight. And then I didn't really understand how the energy of it work. Like how am I supposed to be an athlete if I don't car blowed and I, that's what I, that's what I didn't really understand because everything, even even other athletes I talked to, you know, they, they might've done low carb most of the time, but they were always popping a sweet potato and some oatmeal before they'd go run a run a five k or something like that. And so it was odd to me and I didn't really understand the energy of it, but it made sense to me, you know, because I knew that when I. Somehow when I stumbled into it with low carb and kind of dealing in the Paleo, I knew that when I was, I could eat more and I didn't feel as hungry when, when my mouth tasted funny with the key.

Eve: 12:40 When you're, when you're in Ketosis, I just, or my appetite wasn't as bad whenever I seem to go longer with this low carb and so I didn't really understand it and I wanted to understand more about the energy of it and what, what, how, how can, how can I make this into something that is usable, you know?

Chad: 12:58 Yeah. Seems so counterintuitive at the, at the forefront for what we've been conditioned for. Right. Um, whether it's calorie deprivation or were, you know, carb loading or any of that kind of stuff. It tends to be intuitive to what we've been taught. Trained and not

Eve: 13:15 and anything like, like, uh, you know, drinking whole milk. I mean I would look at milk or cheese or you know, something, you know, bacon or anything with fat on it. And I'd be like, it would immediately be almost like unclean to me, you know, I've got to get some nice clean, nice clean and skim milk. Can, you know, just, it just seemed totally counterintuitive to be able to have, you know, really good, delicious, you know, higher fat food that is fantastic. And then like dairy, oh my gosh. When I had cheese, like I actually, I asked Eric like twice, are you sure I can have cheese? I was like, okay, wait, so, so I could put the cheese in my mouth and chew it and swallow it. Right? And he's like, yes.

Eve: 14:02 I took a bite of like some, some cheddar cheese that I felt my knees go weak and I got tears in my eyes. I mean, seriously for a year and a half I hadn't had bread or cheese or cream or anything. I mean all I ate was meat and veg and avocado and I mean I just was like, to be able to have the freedom to kind of think outside that box. It was, it was amazing. I mean it just, it opened my social life up again because. And I wasn't trapped inside this fear bubble of putting something in my mouth that, that was the typical diet. You know, I was sick of eating grass and chicken breast. Terrible.

Eric: 14:40 Don't forget bacon. Okay. Everyday your macros. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon,

Eve: 14:53 of course, who's on keto and doesn't have bacon every day.

Eric: 15:00 But she loves it. She loves her baking. So good. I cook everything.

Chad: 15:07 So what did you, what did you notice? Um, you have an interesting perspective that I think would be valuable coming from a Paleo standpoint. What did you notice difference wise from going from Paleo to to keto?

Eve: 15:23 Uh, I mean, of course the obvious, the dairy Paleo absolutely does not allow for dairy at all. And so, and that, and I come from, I've come from a crossfitter background, so I've been pretty heavy crop. I mean I was crossfit before, but I've been really heavy crossfit since I coach it as well and they coach something completely different than from a nutritional standpoint as well, which is, which is Paleo. And so it was a, it's a lot of, you know, they allow for more fruits, more nuts. Definitely no dairy, no dairy. Um, it's just, it's just very, it's very different from, from that perspective. And it seems, you know, I always try to explain it. I'm like, well, just keto, keto is Paleo but, but you know, but add dairy and, and they won't touch it with a 10 foot pole. I mean, they just considered dairy as being, you know, the evil, the evil thing and I don't know why, I have no idea. They don't. They don't know what they don't know,

Eve: 16:26 but yeah, its slightly different. And I think, I think really the, uh, where I came from, that was even more as it seems like just the just eating. I really eating low carb when people consider things low carb. I think there's a big difference in, in, in, in understanding that keto is just, it's just very different. And I think keto is really, it's about, it's about keeping yourself in ketosis and there's other things involved in it like fasting and, and you, you won't, you won't catch a crossfitter fasting. I mean you just won't. And the Paleo across the fasting is not part of the Paleo lifestyle. They're terrified of it. Which, you know, I think when you're having, when you're lifting heavy weights and having that type of workout, I think there's this fear that if you, if you walk in fastest, you're going to pass out and not be able to lift the heavy weight. Which I've found to be exactly the opposite. I've gotten some of my best is whenever I've been 40 hours fasted or three, and I've gotten a really good pr when I was three day fasted. It's so I've gotten my best deadlift when I was three day fast and

Eve: 17:29 oh wow. I hit the three. I had the 300 pound club when I was three days fasted. It's so I deadlifted 300. I can't even do. I can't even do that. That's incredible.

Chad: 17:47 I can't, I can't even deadlift. my five year old son. Well, oh sorry. Interest.

Eve: 17:54 See, I don't have that, that crossfitter body either. I mean I'm, I'm a relatively, I'm not, I'm by no means a small girl, but I mean when I say that I deadlifted 300 pounds. I mean I'm, I'm, I'm 140 145 and 5'7. So I'm pretty. I'm pretty lean. So I mean it's a lot. That was a lot of power that we were able to gain just because you know, between the with the Beta and the recovery and nutrition, we've really, really gained a lot of power in my muscles just in the several months that Eric and I worked together, so it's incredible.

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Chad: 19:07 What's Eric? What's what's happening there? I mean, as we talk about, and especially in the context of ease, experience, what do you notice with her as she crossfits and, and I, I think it's really cool that we get to have this conversation. We don't talk to a lot of crossfitters in the keto realm. Right? And so, um, but what's happening as far as muscle recovery and ability, what's, what is keto adding to her experience as a crossfitter that maybe some of the other nutritional plans don't offer?

Eric: 19:35 Well, the main thing is she's, she's deriving a different energy source. Okay. And she's talked about it. It's the Beta. Okay. She's gonna produce more, more energy from, you know, ATP production with less free radicals or reactive oxygen species. So she's actually going to get more power output utilizing more ATP. All right? And also with recovery, she's eliminating all her, her inflammation markers and everything else through the Keto Diet. So muscle recovery and, and being in Ketosis is, is, is, uh, expedited. It's really efficient. And so through the whole, you know, Ketosis, you know, we get into the science of it. What she's doing is just producing more energy, more output and plus in the training that she's been doing. And, and crossfit is great. I mean, you know, one thing that, that I learned from Eve that, you know, being a crossfitter and out of anybody I've, I coach, she, she really humbled me because she, you know, I do a big thing about the pain cave threshold, how deep you can go in and there's people who in all honesty, you can't go as deep as I can. And I was giving her my workouts and I was just humbled by her because she can go into the pain cave. She can really go into it. And I was like, whoa. I was so impressed with that and I thought, how hard can I push her? You know, how deep can she go? So she recovered so fast

Eve: 21:07 and there've been a couple times when I was pretty mad at you. I was like, I'm a soon as I'm done with this workout, I'm going to call Eric and fire him because I'm really hurting.

Eve: 21:18 And then I'll send him an email and he'll go, man, I didn't even think you were going to be able to finish that work out yet. Eric, tell, tell, Tell Chad what's your wife said after you showed her the workout that you were going to give me?

Eric: 21:29 She thought I was crazy. She goes, what are you trying to do to her? That's insane. You can't do that. That's insane. She was like, because I'll, I'll, I'll do the workouts and then I'll just say, hey, what do you think of this workout? Because I get a new one and she's like, no way. There's just no way you you can't expect that. And I said, and I asked Eve, what do I always say? I said in the email with the where I go, this one's going to hurt you. I say, this one's going to hurt. It's amazing. When I.

Eve: 21:59 Well that there was one workout you gave me American. And honestly it's like it changed my entire world to. Because I. You told me, just go as hard as you can, don't look at how fast you're going and go and keep your heart rate here. And I, I got out on the street and I ran a five k, you know, after a swim and a bike and I ran and I didn't look at how fast I was going and I got back and I laid on the sidewalk and once I was able to, um, think a thought that, that wasn't um, with a curse word in it

Eve: 22:30 towards you. I looked at the time on my watch and I had, I had gotten a five k at an average of six minutes and 55 seconds a mile and I broke down and I just started crying because my, the, the voice of my, you know, woe of my people in my life who had told me before that you were too heavy. You're not a, you're not a fast runner, you're, you're always going to be heavy or big boned or whatever that was that I was. I was always like, you know, for lack of a better word, I was always the fat slowgirl, you know, and there I was like, I had held three miles at, under a seven minute mile and I had to, I rechecked my device. I was like, that can't be right, that can't be right. And I kept looking at it over and over again, and then when I realized it was right, that was when I just sat there. I just started crying like I couldn't. Like I couldn't, I could. That was not me. That's not my mile time.

Eve: 23:24 Talking about, that's that fast girl is not me. So it was, it was, it was. So really.

Eve: 23:31 I mean, in every time I have a workout like that where Eric pushes me further than I thought I could go, it's, it's unbelievable to me how this athlete that I never knew existed as being unlocked and am. I'm a late bloomer. I didn't start this training until I was in my forties and now now I'm 45 and I'm stronger and faster than I've ever been in my life and I feel better and I think better in my thoughts are better and I mean I can't, I can't say enough about it. It's just, it's crazy, you know, and it's like

Eric: 24:03 she's already been on the, she's already on the podium a few times already on the podium and she's a Newbie, you know, and I'm all about, I'm all about the energy pathways, Chad. I Talk Phospho, creatine lactate, Mitochondria respiration, how to, how to improve that. That's how the training goes and she is just, she's, she's really positive.

Eve: 24:27 Three, three sprint triathlons. And I got, I got fourth in fourth year and the rage and then a month later I got third and then I did another one a month later and I just, this was this last July 15th, two weeks ago. I got second and so I got.

Eve: 24:44 I've got one in August, 26th and I'm shooting for first. Y'All

Chad: 24:51 just counting down

Eric: 24:54 and like I said, she's in three, two, one. No, no, it's been fun. It's been so much fun.

Chad: 25:04 So, um, this is my favorite part of the conversation where I get to ask each of you about the other one. So we'll start with Eric. Eric, as you have, you've been able to work with eve and coacher. What are some of the things that you see both in her habits and in her, um, in personality and attitude that has made her successful through this journey?

Eric: 25:26 She's, she's got passion and conviction and anytime you're coaching, you know, anyone, it's amazing when you can get with somebody that has a passion and you know, we always talk about that reason why you do it. And, and we all struggle with that. Why do we do this? Why don't we put ourselves through this. Especially some of the workouts that I give her, you know, I'm sure she has to say why sometimes even I say why, you know, through some of these workouts and, and I've been doing it for a long time and she just has just the, her conviction, she doesn't quit, she just, she sticks to it and even whatever I throw at her, you know, sometimes I get carried away and like, Hey, I don't want to hurt her. And so, and in she'll tell you, I'm real careful about recovery and her heart rate drops and safety and all that kind of stuff.

Eric: 26:15 But she's learning, you know, beyond just the racing and the training. She's learning ketosis. She's, she's, she's taught herself, you know, not just listening to me and me telling her why you do this or how the science behind it. She actually incorporates it and learns a lot of it herself. And so she has more of a testimony of it, let's say, because she has the knowledge that she's actually producing for herself. And that's real impressive to me. You know, sooner or later shoe she would just take over. So it's like, you know, it's just awesome to work with her and I'm really proud of her and I really appreciate the opportunity to be her friend and to be her coach and to share a lot of success. I, I, it's, it's, it's been amazing. It really has been. I really appreciate it. And she's patient with me too because I'll, I'll talk too much a lot and then. And go too deep or no, no, no, no, no, no. In my training methods I'm always trying to explain it and so I always go over why, why I'm pushing you this way, what, why we're reaching this threshold and why we're transferring over from, you know, Phospho creatine to the lactate. Why were, you know, getting her intermuscular fat going and she's real patient with me. She doesn't tell me to be quiet. She just listens. It's, I, I appreciate that. If she's actually asleep, hold on.

Chad: 27:46 Uh, so I get to, I get to turn the tables now a to you, a, and this is Eric's least favorite part of these interviews, so we get to make him blush a little bit, but just talk a little bit about what it's like to work with Eric and, and what, uh, within his training and coaching, what has helped you be so successful and achieve some of these incredible milestone?

Eve: 28:09 I think I, I am big on understanding the why. So it's a great, it's a great match for Eric and I had to be. I knew I knew probably about five months ago when I was really stalling out on my journey that I needed to find somebody that I could respect and that knew their stuff and that could mentor me and someone I could believe in. And I, I'm a, I am a big proponent of having coaches. Um, I mean I've done the whole psycho therapy stuff where you look backwards and I knew I needed somebody that was gonna take me forward and I was looking for that person and I was just, I felt so blessed that I came upon your podcast because I knew, I knew as soon as I heard Eric, about three, three episodes in that this was someone who I could respect who knew their stuff well enough and he was just crazy enough to coach me a bit because I am an all in person.

Eve: 29:09 If you're not standing on the edge, you're taking up too much space. And so I am. I'm 100 percent. Like I'll, I'll sit back and I'll wait to see if it's right. But once I know it's right, the switch gets flipped and I'm in and I, there've been a couple of times where I've been, you know, when we've been training really hard and I didn't understand it, but I've seen nothing but gain after again, after gain. And so when he takes the time to explain about the science, it helps me understand why I'm going to stick in the pain cave and I stay a little bit longer than I want to, but I understand the why that, that I, you know, I have to, I have to train this way, number one, because I can't be afraid. Come race day. I have to know what my body's going to do and I think that's where he's taking me.

Eve: 29:56 And it just, uh, it's just, uh, it's a trust and he's a, he's an extremely trustworthy man and he's an honorable man and he's, he's a truth teller and he always finds the way to, he finds the way to set the hook with me, which is incredible. Like he'll say just one text or just one message and all of a sudden that hook gets set in my lip. And I'm like, oh, we're going down. We're going giddy up today. We're going to get a good workout in today. Okay. You think I can't do it? Don't tell me what I can do. It's go in.

Chad: 30:30 He is good at pushing those.

Eve: 30:32 You know, I, I was telling him, uh, yesterday, I just can't imagine what I've, what my life was like before him, you know, it just seems like life with Eric there. It was, it was before if a bee and a before eric and after Eric. I'm so grateful. I love working with him. I just, I can't imagine. I can't imagine not having that support and, and, and, and just the relationship that we've developed has been incredible. So I'm appreciative. I'm appreciative, Eric. Absolutely.

Eric: 31:03 Thanks. Thank you.

Chad: 31:04 That's great. So Eve as, as people are listening to this podcast are in all different cities, all different situations, all different phases of ketosis or not ketosis. Maybe considering jumping in, maybe just curious, is there any advice or words of encouragement that you can share with our listeners? Um, maybe they're in a hard part, maybe they're trying to figure out what this is right for them. Just from your experience and from what you feel today, is there any words of encouragement or advice that advice,

Eve: 31:40 no matter where you are in your journey just to. I think sometimes it's hard not to look back and grieve, you know, whether how far you've come from, where you want to be and that it's never, never, ever too late to pick up the gauntlet and start really paying attention and taking care of yourself from a nutritional standpoint and also to get moving and get yourself healthy. Because, you know, I, I was worried whenever it came to nutritional ketosis and the, and the journey of being a little bit more physically fit that maybe it was too late for me. You know, it's, I'm done. You know, I had my twenties and thirties and it's over and it's. But it's not, you know, and every single day that every single day that I'm eating in a well, and I'm, I'm taking on, you know, this, the knowledge of the ketosis and putting, putting the right things in my body.

Eve: 32:33 You know, I know that I'm, I'm healing myself from all of those years of, you know, trashing myself with whatever else I was putting in my body that I didn't know was wrong at the time. And so it's, uh, it's been a game changer. Just from a cognitive standpoint, I mean I'm, I'm, I'm, you know, my brain works better than it ever has. My emotions are more stable and every single day that I continue to go forward it just gets better and better everyday. I mean, I look up and I, I can't, I can't believe I get to be this happy in this healthy and, and feel this good and have people in my life that support me on this. So definitely if you just get started, you know, just just get started on it and, and take the years that you have left and make them make them great.

Chad: 33:18 Yeah, I love that so much. It's never, ever, ever too late to feel good. It's just not. And there's answers in the end. I love that. Eric, I'll give you the last word. Just kind of let you agree cap this, what are, what are some things that you noticed or something that you notice about this conversation or is there anything else you want to make sure our listeners take home from Eve's story?

Eric: 33:38 Yeah. We didn't go into a lot of detail, but he has a great story and you know, she's come a long way in her own personal life and all the goal she set and all the obstacles he's overcome. And it just, it's been amazing to watch her grow through this. And also, you know, when we look at ketosis in so many different ways, you know, therapeutic aesthetic and also now she adapted it in her training live because she's a crossfitter. She's very athletic and now she's adapted to keto, lifestyle in insider training and racing. And so just to see her maker goals and, and overcome, you know, everything that's been placed in front of her and in her own life. And it, it just goes with everybody out there that, that, that gets a coach or gets into this ketosis and whatever reasons they get into it, they really discover why they're into it. Uh, and they really start to learn about their own health and their own lifestyle and, and how things are expressed, you know, uh, every day in their life. And they really develop a passion for a better life. And so it's been real exciting to work with them in real. Exciting.

Chad: 34:44 Well, that's great. Well, thanks so much for, uh, for being on here with us. We really, really appreciate it. I love hearing your story. Love having you on and I get to hear the behind the scenes and Eric Rave about how awesome you are all the time. So thank you so much for being on here.

Eve: 34:59 Thank you so much for. It's been my pleasure.

Eric: 35:02 Hey, thanks Eve. Appreciate it. Yup. Awesome.

Chad: 35:05 And thanks so much for biohacking with us, Eric.

Eric: 35:07 Thank you.

Chad: 35:09 And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram. That handle is @biofit_coaching. Lots of goodies there, lots of keto tips, all of that kind of stuff. So join us there. We would love to have you. If this podcast has helped you at all or inspired you, we'd we'd encourage you to consider going to itunes and leaving us a five star rating and a review. That helps us find more people and build our community here and until next time, stay keto.