8/15/18 E51 Snacking on Keto - The Good, The Bad and The Tasty

Are you a snacker? If you are, you're certainly not alone (most of us are!). So today Eric and Chad are talking ketosis and snacking. The conversation ranges from the philosophy of snacking, Eric's take on the science of snacking and (most importantly) what are the guys' favorite keto snacks? 

Eric and powder everywhere...

The worry behind unlimited snacking.

How Eric is destroying food for himself (and maybe everyone else...)

Watching for that fat spillover.

The ketosis stall - why you should anticipate it.

Snack ideas! From nuts and pork rinds to celery and Quest bars.

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Eric: 00:00 My granddaughter left and she's a kindergarten and we babysat her the other day. She got her mother picked up, which is my daughter in law and her name is Ariana, and she was going home with her mom and her mom. We have a family text and that we have and she texts back. She goes, it's really getting sad when my daughter gets in the car and she goes, mom, what does Stay Keto mean?

Chad: 00:29 That's awesome. That was pretty funny they say a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Chad: 00:42 My name is Chad and I'm your test subject. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness who I hoped he'd helped me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call him Eric. I hope you'll join me on a path that leads you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives and ketosis. This is the life in Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 01:15 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving optimal body performance with the man that can get me there. The biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bischof every episode. Eric gives us his crazy intense sciencey knowledge and I break it down with my regular non crazy guy. Take as we explore the principles of Ketogenics and KPR performance training, whether you're just looking for a way to feel better or if you're an elite athlete looking for that edge. We're here to help and today we're talking about snacks, keto snacks. I'm excited for this conversation. How are you? Eric?

Eric: 01:50 Have good. How are you? Uh, I will, I am. Fantastic. Where is your office today? Tell me. I got to break my heart. I know you will.

Chad: 02:02 I'm just enjoying some almonds, little keto snack for you. They're in a place right outside of Smith Rock, State Park, Oregon and it's pretty awesome.

Chad: 02:12 We're actually the camp ground called skull hollow. So if I don't make it out of here alive, you'll know. It was, it was skull hollow that took it. So your office is in the back of the bus, right? Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you have a view, I'm sure some of you are right now out of my office window in the back of our school bus. I'm looking at just rolling desert hills of juniper and it goes into this giant kind of red, rocky looking area called called. Uh, uh, uh, I just lost the name of it. I'm a freak anyway. It's beautiful. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

Eric: 02:57 I'm here with desk desks full of papers and research and I can see my backyard. That's got to be so good. I know my, I had my dream would be to be after the podcast, go for a nice trail run or a bike ride or something like that would be. So that'd be so awesome. I can do that still here, but it's always the same street, same trail. That's awesome. Good for you.

Chad: 03:25 Absolutely hey So today we're talking about Ketos snacks, but I wanted to jump into something really quick if that's okay with you because this, I am so stoked on this and we, you and I were talking about it before we hit record. How stoked are you about bioStak?

Eric: 03:40 Oh my goodness. If you're going to bring that up huh a three years, three years, I'm stoked. Put it that way. It's finally come to fruition. I, I, I've been on this for three years and you know, the Chad and it's a lot of sleepless nights and I am really, really excited. I think it's, um, it's come to the point now, so I'm happy. I'm excited.

Chad: 04:05 Well, this is something. Yeah, this is something you've been testing for three years and we all know you don't really like to test stuff. So I would say, and I want to make sure people understand this isn't a supplement. No. Um, and I should go back just a step. bioStak is a stack that we are releasing or that you're releasing. I'm kind of helping and obviously we're integrating it with the podcast and it's something you've been developing. What is a stack? Just really quick, give us an idea. What is a stack?

Eric: 04:35 Obviously, you know, with biohacking you're, you're always trying to mix something to make a biohack, so mixing nutrients, ingredients or whatever. So it's a whole Lotta first a great deal of research and then a great deal of experiment, you know, trial and error and I started on this journey three years ago and my wife actually and all my, those who were my Guinea pigs and they were just ecstatic that my it, it's done. Okay. And so what, it basically, I just grew up a certain, the most powerful nutrients that, that worked for me.

Eric: 05:15 Then in, in, in research also and all the clinical studies behind it and your client. So I'm going to talk about that, but that's. Yeah, you bet. In those that were on it, I mean I used to be known it at the, the gym and my desk was covered with all these powders and you know, I've had probably over 75 different supplements and I was making stacks for people and I'd have to make them into these individual little baggies. I guess they look like little drug baggies or whatever. And so I have powder everywhere. I'm mixing this and that and this. And I made them for people stacks so that they would have, you know, it wasn't a pill form so they'd have to mix this in a drink and just wolf it down and you know, but not nothing else. There's no sweeteners or anything.

Chad: 06:02 So I was, which is cool. It's cool now because you, sorry to interrupt, but I just want to make it clear like you've now taken all of that experimentation, all of that experience and all that kind of stuff. You've put it in a pill which is awesome. Just like daily quick kind of pop it back pill two capsules and I. The thing I'm. The thing I'm so excited about is I haven't even gotten a chance to use this yet. I, you've had me on a few of the ingredients which have been, I think I've been great, but all of them together, there's no quite no result like all of them together in a stack, the right amounts, all of that kind of. So.

Eric: 06:38 And there's no not out there with this synergy that it has with these five nutrients together. There is nothing out there like nothing.

Eric: 06:46 And I am telling you, I have been on, you know, and I self experiment to, you know, to, to the Max and, and my knees if you, if you looked at my knees, they're deformed me, I mean people wrong with you. I'm walking like a crooked old man. But I'm still performing like I am in the younger years because yeah, I'm not going to get into inflammation and all of the, you know, everything don't mean this to be accidents in the stress and free radicals and everything. But, but I am telling you, I, I am so excited for this to finally come.

Chad: 07:24 I've heard everything from more energy, greater la weight loss, brain fog, lifting your easier in the morning to get going and so on and so on. And like, so I mean if it really works this way, which I've personally talked to the people you have been working with and I get, I get to start using it soon.

Chad: 07:45 Mines on its way. It's been a little bit difficult to get it to me because I've been so mobile. But I mean, I'm not going to go into the nrf2 activation and all of these stories, but, but it just sounds, I mean, it's good. It's so awesome. It's so clean. It's so pure. You have sought out the best ingredients and I'm just, I think it's awesome.

Eric: 08:06 And all organic to everyone in there is organic. Okay. And, and that's a big step and that's the only way I would do it. I mean, I had manufacturing companies say, hey, why, why bother with this? Nobody pays attention. You can save yourself a fortune by not going all. Again, we have to search all over to get a astaxanthin organic? And now Mike, and

Chad: 08:27 which tells you a lot about the big guys that they're bottling for, right? It tells you a lot about the big, big guys that they're bottling for. They're going for the cheaper they're going for the fillers. So, um, and uh, sulforaphane,

Eric: 08:43 don't get me on that subject. It's there.

Eric: 08:48 I got everything in there. Uh, and you know, what are you excited to have it in two capsule forms? I don't have to make my stacks anymore.

Chad: 08:56 I mean, that's a lot of work to make these stacks because you take in five different ingredients and there were more than that at one time and I could say, well, this is an effective that that's kind of not really mandatory in this stack. And I played with it. So now I am just so excited. As of last week I just started putting two capsules, one in the morning, one at night and my wife is so excited because she's, she refused to drink the powder stacks anymore. She couldn't take the tastes chick, she couldn't do it, but she thought the benefit. But she, some people, you know, their taste oriented and it's, it's hard to do.

Chad: 09:31 Well, I definitely don't want this to sound like an infomercial and we are going to be talking more about bioStak coming up in the future because our soft launch, that's towards the end of August, which I cannot wait for.

Chad: 09:43 And I'm so stoked to be on this, this journey with you. Um, so I definitely don't want this to sound anything, but I mean just our pure excitement. Um, and so, um, I want to make sure anyway, we're launching in the next few weeks and this first batch is kind of small because who would have thought it's a little bit of expensive to get us to get a stack going. There's a lot of upfront costs, there's a lot of late nights and design and all that kind of stuff. So we had to go with a smaller batch this first go. And so we're only, we're only telling our podcast audience and our instagram audience about this first. We're not putting it to facebook, we're not putting it to market, we're not pulling out advertising, that kind of stuff. We're just, we're just offering it for this first batch to, to the podcast listeners and those who have been with us for awhile.

Chad: 10:34 So if people want to be on the early bird list, they can go to biostak.com and it's spelled just a little bit weird. So make sure you listen. Also will link it in the show notes. It's b i o s t a k.com, no C in stack. So biostak.com And enter and enter your email address and we'll keep you up to date on the release of biostak and uh, some news from Eric and, and all of that kind of stuff. So go to bioStak.com. Get on the list and I am done now. We can move on.

Chad: 11:13 Anyway. I, well first off, before we're done to Eric, just I want to thank you for everything you put in to stuff like biostak. It is. I mean it is a labor. Well we make it sound like as a labor of love on your part, but really you just wanted your best stack in a pill form. Right? It was selfish

Eric: 11:31 a ton of work. In fact, my wife, she, she, she really hopes that their research has done. And I'm like, no, keep on going. Now. Caveat,

Chad: 11:41 I don't think there's much chance of that because you're going to go, you're going to go, I know how we can make this better. You saw the stacks of research and documents and paperwork on, on all my nutrients in this. It just, it's, it's endless.

Eric: 11:54 It's endless. Put it that way. But, but well worth it. You Bet.

Chad: 11:59 Okay. So keto snacks. So let's talk about snacking for a minute and you and I have talked about snacking a little bit and you know, the quote, quote unquote, right or wrong or you know, all of that kind of stuff. There's a lot of things, there's a lot of things to snacking that go much deeper than just what snacks should I eat. Um, there's a lot of things that we should consider, I think, and you and I have talked in length about this, but I'd love to include our listeners into this conversation. We'll just talk about snacking for a minute and some of the things, some of the trends that you're starting to see because the cool thing is ketos getting so much bigger, but it's also going. I mean, there's so many different camps of keto and there definitely is this like super snacky, can't, um, of, of keto.

Eric: 12:48 And so talk to me about what's happening and what kind of your thoughts are. And I'm coaching, you know, quite a few people in ketosis and, and of course it's, you know, some of it's race related and training and all that, but it's a bottom line is nutrition and what we're getting at is in, in ketosis and everybody out there that's in ketosis or any type of nutrition program, if you're in it for fat loss, all right? Body composition, I'm not for know, I'm going to get therapeutic and diabetes and all that. That's fantastic what it's for. But what's happening is anytime you're going to really drop that first, you know, a subcutaneous, visceral fat. All right? So everybody has a good fat drop. You know, if you're starting at a pretty high, you know I'm a fat content, you know, your drop could be, you know, large, okay and exciting.

Eric: 13:43 And we're getting in those I coach and I always fear and I always dread the stall and we've talked about the stall and we're all going to hit the stall. And so now we've got to make changes. And that's the hard part in coaching is the countering that stall. What's causing the stall? And I have, I have, you know, I've done experiments with people at 600 calories, ketosis for 45 days, these are people that are, that are close to me and trusts me and I have done a higher protein, lower protein, higher fat, lower fat, you know, keep the carbs. So minimum. I have been all over the map trying to figure out how to break through the stall for people. And everybody's different. But, you know, part of it is coming down to that scares me, is the snack fast. It's, it's, it's, that's what I call it.

Eric: 14:37 It's becoming a snack fast. And I think where there's a profit and there's opportunity for people, which is great. It, it is being flooded with snacks and, and I am like, all right, this is getting out of hand here. Even I was promoting so many different snacks because I thought so. I thought what people wanted to keep a sustainable and you know, keep you to, you know, and everybody deserves a treat. And I'm not against snacking it at all, but what's happening, it's the how much, the quantity of it, how much do we really need to snack? And a question I asked, are you snacking because you need energy or are you snacking because it's emotional, you're bored, you're stressed, you know, we're all come from that background. And I'm the biggest snacker in the world because I'm, I, I love snacking because I'm bored. I like, you know, that movement. So how about you, Chad? Where does it come with you or you know, my wife's not a snacker. Not at all.

Chad: 15:40 It, it, it, it. Oh, that's interesting. Oh, and, and most people think. Well, I think for me as I, if I become super mindful about the Times that I'm, that I'm snacking, I think a lot of times I'm with you. It comes from boredom. Um, but I'm rarely board. And so I think it's more of a habit, like that motion of just putting your hand to your mouth. Like maybe especially while I'm sitting down and working at the computer, reading a book, um, you know, studying all of that kind of stuff. Like I, for some reason, that motion of just, it feels like I need to do that. It's almost habitual, right? Um, but uh, yeah, I don't know. And you know, something that has always helped me in this area is making snacking a social thing and I'm all, I only snack or try to only snack when I'm in a social setting.

Chad: 16:38 Say we're at a barbecue or hanging out with friends or Katie and I are sitting down to, you know, after the kids are gone to bed and we're sitting down to talk or whatever. Like make those our snack times so that they can enhance the experience is kind of like drinking for me. I try to make drinking just a social thing where we just with a group of friends or whatever and it only happens every once in a while, maybe a couple times a week or once a week or something. Like. Anyway, it's really helped me put snacking into perspective and try to make, try to limit the amount of times that I find myself just snacking.

Eric: 17:15 Yeah. I think where I come at it now, I've been in this so long and coaching and I, it's almost, you have to look at everything is energy because that's all, all we're doing is we're balancing energy. Okay? That's it. You're eating energy. You're expending energy. Okay? So when you eat, where you expand energy, where do you want that energy to come from? So you have two choices. You have the dietary energy that you're eating, okay. Or you have the stored adipose tissue fat that's ready to be used. And do you have some glycogen there that you could use? Obviously. And so you have to make a decision, I think in snacking and eating is how I do I look at it all right, what energy do I feel like burning right now? And obviously if I'm going to do dietary, incoming energy, then I'm going to be utilizing that.

Eric: 18:12 I don't care if it's fat, you know, your carbs or whatever, uh, you have to make the choice. And if you're trying to really draw, you know, adipose tissue fat and you're not gonna, you don't want to starve yourself because you want your metabolism, of course, to get it, you know, basic caloric need. So you don't want to be dropping your metabolic rate, which in Ketosis you have Beta to prevent that. All right? So it comes down to an energy in energy out. And you know, I've talked about that before. It's, it's an energy issue. And sure, there's things like salary and there's letters and there's a lot of things that are very non caloric. They're just some fiber that you can snack on. And that's what I try to go toward is those, it's not going to interrupt my insulin or my, my, uh, what, what we call the hsl releasing fatty acids to be used as energy.

Eric: 19:05 Okay? So, and I know people love to eat a lot of fat and I'm just. And it's the stall. It's saying, hey, you are consuming. So you know, you're getting nine calories per gram and that dietary fat is going to come in and say, hey, why do I need to make ketones right now? Why do I need to take stored fat? I got plenty of dietary fat coming in, so let's burn it muscles, let's burn it heart. And you know, the brain's not going to get any, but you still have some ketone production. So it's, it comes down to that energy and I, I tried other. That's interesting. I mean you, you come from a unique perspective, right? Where you're pretty much everything you do throughout the day. You're thinking about the performance of your body, how it affects it, you know, you have, you think of food as fuel. I can see it go down, you know, through Beta oxidation, if you're doing fat to this little groups. Okay. Into the electron transport chain, going down those four complexes to the fifth, which is the ATP synthase making ATP. My energy, I, I, I know they don't all think of and maybe I'm destroying food for myself. No wonder I'm depressed. I'm depressed all the time.

Eric: 20:29 I don't know. I'm not depressed, but I just, even my wife, she's like, you know, I'll say something to her and I'll make a comment. I'll say, well, that's not going to hit your complex five. Very good. She's like, are you serious? You're really talking to me like that now and have my. Sorry. That's pretty funny. It's to that point it to my granddaughter left and she's a kindergarten and we babysat her the other day. She got her, her mother picked up, which is my daughter in law and her name is Arianna, and she was going home with her mom and her mom. We have a family text and that we have ad she texts back. She goes, it's really getting sad when my daughter gets in the car and she goes, mom, what does stay keto mean. That's awesome. That was pretty funny. I love that.

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Chad: 22:08 That's great. So what are, what are in your mind, Eric, is as you've worked with your clients and self experimented and gone through phases of snacking yourself, what are some of the dangers that we come up against when we, when we start to get into this habitual snacking,

Eric: 22:22 if you're, if you're in in a ketosis and lot of people are definitely motivated by, by weight loss. Okay. That's really what the catalyst is for most people. I'm going to experience a star. I mean I snacked real heavy it for you know, but you know, they're healthy snacks basically and I still do snack. Don't get me wrong, I, I had my pork rinds with a homemade fry sauce with avocado mayo that I still have once a day. So I do have a snack. I'm a, but I think that's the greatest is you started thinking, uh, in keto you could eat, eat, eat, and it's not a calorie issue.

Eric: 23:07 Okay. Which basically I can prove I can eat more calories than I gained weight, you know, calories in, calories out, uh, but it still comes to how much. Okay. There's a quantity factor there that you're not going to burn all of it, you know, you can't. All right? So that's where I think that the issue comes in is the snacking can get out of control with knots and other things that just are going to prevent you from burning more of that. The stored fatty acids as, as energy, as a fuel source. And you know, she still, you have your insulin down, that's fine, but if you're eating the, there's no reason for the hormone sensitive lipase to release that out of the adipose tissue. So, and provide as an energy source. So we have to balance that. And that's why I think people really need to work on, because you can go to conferences and the low carb, and I'm not speaking against people, but you can be around the keto world and they're still people that have been on for years that are carrying a lot of, a lot of body fat.

Eric: 24:14 And I'm not saying that's good or bad because I'm. I'm a, I'm a big firm believer in being fat adapted. You know you can be as healthy as me and I've talked about it and you can carry an extra 30, 40 pounds and have no metabolic syndrome, no issues with insulin. You know, everything is spot on. All your biomarkers. I'm not gonna say I'm healthier than you and you're carrying out, you know, 30, 40 extra pounds of fat. You are fat adapted. But sooner or later that can change. And you, I call it malfunctional fat. When that and when everybody has a threshold that when those fat cells, the storage, when they become malfunctional, that means they're saying no more. And then we're going to spill over. I've talked about to where that that's when the metabolic and all the issues and insulin resistance and everything starts to happen is when you go into spill over and then you're getting up with fatty liver disease organs, the fat got to go somewhere.

Eric: 25:08 So where's it gonna go. Unless you know, unless you're at a high rate of using it as, as energy. So, so in that area, that's where we really got to watch and, and I see it, you know, lots of places and lots of people that are keto. They were all hitting that stall. There's a stall and if you're in keto and you're just starting and those that I coach, I warn them that there's going to be a stall and you can. I have a lot of biofitters that they know I'm working really hard to figure out overcome that stall and everybody's different. So.

Chad: 25:44 So that seems to be one of the biggest drawbacks to snacking that you have noticed is with a heavy snacking habit or regimen, you're, you're seeing a lot of stalling in, in body composition and people's goals and that kind of stuff.

Eric: 26:00 So that makes sense. I want people, I want to make sure at this point I want to make sure people know we are going to dive into some of our favorite keto snacks and give you some snacking ideas at the end of the snacking. We are, we don't want to paint that kind of picture. We both, we both absolutely snack on kindle. Um, I do want to, I do want to touch on one more thing before we jump into some of our snacking ideas though. Um, and that is, uh, there's been a, with all of this growth that you have mentioned, um, and a lot of people jumping on the keto money train, we could say I'm providing food and

Chad: 26:43 snacks and all that kind of stuff to keto people. There's a lot of things out there that are getting labeled keto, a lot of snacks out there that are getting labeled keto without the nutritional facts being printed, without the, what are some of the data, what are you seeing out there? Because I know, I know for a fact because I've tasted some of these things that you brought your, your like meeting people in parking lots at midnight to pick up cupcakes and you know, all I'm not a bit. No, I'm exaggerating, but you know what I mean, like, so you are, you're trying to get your hands on as much of this stuff as you can to see what the trends are, what trends are happening, what people are putting in these things. I mean you've, you've bought these things from people and they couldn't tell you what the smell was. And so tell me, talk about that. Like what are some of the dangers of, of this kind of trend?

Eric: 27:38 It's scary because it's getting in, in part of it, in on a, Hey, I know I've been kind of bad mouth on snacks but I, I have tried to work with our, you know, we've been working our cooking and ketosis kitchen and Laura who, who does that, she has, I want her to develop three cookies and we are almost there and it has been. It's been trial and error, trial and error. And a Brownie cookie, a no bake drop cookie. All right. And then a peanut butter one. It's been really a struggle but I want to get three cookies, had to make it available and they tore it. So absolutely good. And so absolutely nutritious for you to where you know exactly what's in it. Okay. Because I've, I've tested and tasted and, and these people don't even know where. I think it's erythitrol.

Eric: 28:30 What? I'm not really sure if it's actually. Well is it Stevia leaf leaf, not just raw stevia that you can buy that has a motto, dextrose, which is sugar. And, and, and I, I have been knocked out. I mean, I, I have been knocked down. I'm like darn, I wonder if that cookie had something else but I don't have the nutrition label on it and, and the breads and itches. It's gone crazy. And, and, and the reason I, I, you know, how I noticed it was going crazy is you and the team when they do keto tips and instagram and all this stuff. And I'm always trying to get to the science stuff and education stuff. You guys probably had to tell me Eric's, they're not viewing that. They like sweets, the meals, the food. Ah, you're kidding. Oh, okay. All right. So I'll try to do a little more of that.

Eric: 29:31 But, but no, it, it's, it's something that everybody out there is, is I think going to becoming very aware of, of how big and how explosive this is. Um, you quest jumped on it and all the big manufacturers are jumping on it. And I, I'm just, I fear that it's going to get out of hand. And the temptation just like anything, we were all like something that's, you know, that's tasty and sweet. And I just think, and I, I've had some biofitters and um, uh, eve, one of our podcasts are just coming up. She just said, Eric, you know, got back off the knots and you know, you think healthy nuts and healthy snacking. But remember when it comes in, it's got to be used as energy one way or another. So that's, you know, in therapy, don't get me wrong, therapeutic the nutrients in some of those nuts in there are fantastic. I'm not, I'm not, you know, against anything therapeutic because I'm more that way, you know, with diabetes and, and inflammation and everything else. A lot of the foods are still good, but it's that excessive, unnecessary snacking that we've got to go after. Right.

Chad: 30:39 Yeah. Well let's, let's jump in. Here's how I think we should do this. You and I both came to the table with a list of snacks that we enjoy. What if we just do back and forth just ping pong? I'm sure we'll get there. I'm pretty quick. We've already taken a lot of time in this podcast. We got through the full on. No problem at all. I think we did some great information here. So let's just make this quick and helpful and uh, and then we can call it a day. So you can, you, you, you lead how you want to do it. Okay. So we'll ping pong. I'll go first, just name one and what I like about it. And then you go for it. Some of them might repeat because we didn't compare and contrast our lists. That'll be interesting. So that's the first one on the top of my list was nuts and you have already warned about nuts in this conversation, but I just, I love nuts.

Chad: 31:37 Particularly Pecans are one of my favorites right now and uh, almonds and um, and then I love pistachios too, but I don't eat those as much. But nuts, nuts, nuts. I love them. I know that you have scaled me back a couple times on the nuts, but are you a handful, like an ounce or are you more than if I, if I, if I just opened up the bag so I have to separate. I have to separate them out with a measuring cup and then just put the bag away because I won't go to the back a second time. But you like it? Yeah.

Eric: 32:19 I have a client to one in Qatar. She actually counts him out and the other day I looked at her and has, she had five walnuts for almonds and pistachios and a couple of macadamia nuts. It used to laugh. She's serious. She's, she's really, really, you know, trying to be, you know, strict on. Yeah. So that's good. Yeah. I like nuts. I go with, I have almonds and Pecans unlike like you because you're my favorite and I'll grab about. I know I used to limit myself to 10. That's it. And, and it's Kinda my snack when I'm walking around I'll just grab my 10 and, and, and eat it. And um, that's one of mine but my other uh, I'm big on salary and mainly because it's really non caloric basically. I do get a little bit of fiber, you know, you think you get, I don't know, you get maybe a gram of insoluble and maybe a half a gram of more of soluble fiber.

Eric: 33:17 So you know, it's basically pretty fibers and I, I really tried to avoid too much fiber. I'm not a big insoluble fiber guy and I, I, I don't like what it does to my and my colon as far as fermenting and soluble fibers. What we'll do a fiber episode we should talk about from acuities and all that stuff. What happens when the bacteria tax it in, in the colon? We probably should, so I, I, my snacks would be dealing with fiber because I avoid high fiber and that's my opinion. We can get into that later, but I think I what I do, I put on my almond butter on it or cream cheese and it's, it's, you know, I cut them up, you know, have them laid out and it just something that keeps my hands busy on snacking. So that's one of my, one of my big ones.

Eric: 34:02 Yes. I had that on my list as well. So I'll say, all right, I'll read all the butter is what I had. Sorry. I love that. Snacks are good and it's refreshing. You know what I mean? That's what it feels refreshing. It's green, it's green. Yep. Exactly. So my next one, hard boiled eggs. I can, I love hard boiled eggs there. So like I do a lot of adventuring, boating, hiking, kayaking, all that kind of stuff. And these are like the perfect snack to just stack away. And then they, you know, you after you eat them, they feel full. You feel satiated and they're delicious with some nice pink salt. They are salt in man. I just love. I think they're awesome to go. I think they taste fantastic filling.

Eric: 34:53 Do you ever mix avocado mayo or anything with them? A little chicken salad. That's what I do. Oh, you took one of my. That's one of my. Okay, next one. Oh, I gotta do I gotta say it. Pork rinds.

Eric: 35:07 But you've got to be really careful. The epic brand. No MSG, none of that other garbage. I mean you buy them off the store like bagettes and stuff. You got MSG in a lot of garbage and. No. So I go with epic and I hate to say it. I make a fry sauce and some people don't know what fry sauce is on, on, on this side of the cuts of Utah. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's basically like a, a mayonnaise with ketchup mix and you know, every, every like in and out and all of them have fry sauce. So I make my own. I got a really good, uh, sugarless ketchup. That's really good. And I had my avocado Mayo, I mixed a table, two tables, a tablespoon or two each, and that's my dip and it's something I look forward to every day.

Eric: 35:55 That's my snack that's between. That's my kind of my one go to snack. I had to get rid of popcorn. But, um, uh, that's what, yeah, I did. I got rid of popcorn. I had to. Why? Because my keto numbers were dropping and I don't know what's going on. So my morning,

Chad: 36:12 even with the skinny pop?

Eric: 36:14 in some butter, some people, it never affected me before. So I finally said, let me back off and see if this is driving my numbers down a little bit. And, and I backed off and sure enough, my numbers started coming back up, so. So I'm going to live it. It's. So I replaced it with pork rinds is what happened. So I'm on the Pork Rind bandwagon for now, but I missed my popcorn

Chad: 36:40 on my list. I don't test my Beta as often as you do. Um, I like to go more off of how I feel and we've, we've talked back and forth about that. That's two different camps. We won't go into that. However skinny pop with melted butter on it is on my list because

Eric: 36:59 I agree that in my wife is finally happy. She's like, you know what, I can sit next to you eating pork rinds, but when you take one kernel audit time and eat that, it just drives me crazy. So that's how I eat my popcorn. One kernel of time she does something wrong, wrong, but she doesn't like the pork rinds of real crunchy and she doesn't like sounds he's got. Even when I chew gum, she doesn't like sound. Alright. My next one. This is also an exceptionally enthusiastic gum chewer so I can see that as well. Yeah, you noticed that? Yeah. I get told that a lot.

Eric: 37:45 She asked me once, she goes, you know, one of the greatest gifts you can give me as quit chewing gum, and I'm like, that's not going to happen. When we did podcasts and early days you'd like Eric. I go, I can chew it. I mean I can swim. I can swim a triathlon with in the water for two and a half miles with gum in my mouth and it's just weird how it works and breathing. I mean, it's really weird. But anyway, um,

Chad: 38:10 we should do an episode where you chew some gum and we can get a consensus.

Eric: 38:16 I have had, you know, but I grew up my twin sister and we just constant gum tours on my whole family growing up and my kids, I have five, not one. We'll put a stick of gum in their mouth. Not One I know. Why. Yeah. You alright.

Eric: 38:34 My next one is I love dry Salami and cheese. Uh, I have dry salami, a bag and then I have the cheese that's already sliced up like you're hot but you know, pepper cheese and Swiss and all that. And I

Chad: 38:49 the little tillamook packages that were awesome.

Eric: 38:53 Tillamook. And so I, I grabbed, that's if I'm walking through the kitchen I'll grab once one round round slices of Salami already sliced. I grabbed that and a piece of cheese. It's real fast, real easy. And that is really one of my favorite at all. And I'll snack on. So

Chad: 39:11 by the way, I'm going to be at the tillamook factories.

Eric: 39:15 Are you really?

Chad: 39:16 Oh yes. I'm going to eat some of that fresh cheese

Eric: 39:19 and get some of their. Their beef jerky that it's like a steak jerky. It's. I just take my kids there every year. It's really good. That means they're jerky is really good. No cheese are fantastic. Too Bad. The ice cream is also so good, but I guess you can cheat. Hey. Hey. Oh No. By then, hey, they may have a Keto ice cream. What do we know? You may not. They May. I don't know if they're smart. Yeah, try that. Salami and cheese. It's really good. It's just, it's kind of real failing. I mean, I like it.

Chad: 39:49 When you say dry Salami, you're. You're meaning the cured stuff that doesn't need to be refrigerated?

Eric: 39:54 No. My refrigerator. Did you get it at Costco? No. Even Walmart has it.

Chad: 39:59 what is dry about that.

Eric: 40:00 It's not really dry. I'm sorry, I. it's not dry. It's, it just, you know, I'm thinking. Yeah. The old days when we used to buy that, that Salami slab that was dry. Yeah. Okay. No, no. It's just. Yeah, it's Genoa. Okay. Gee, I forgot the time. The bag. Sorry. But yeah, it's good. No, no problem. It's good.

Chad: 40:19 So my next one are those Quest. The keto quest bars, what are they called? Legacy bars, or what a hero or the legacy. Which one? Robot here? Yeah. Yeah. Those are delicious flavor and Ah, they're just clean. Quest quest does a really good job at creating clean goods.

Eric: 40:39 They do. They do. I agree. I agree.

Chad: 40:42 That's what I really liked those. And if you order them off Amazon, you can get them for about a dollar 10 a bar I think. And uh, I mean that's cheaper than going to like your health food store or health food store or you're going to pay like 2.50, $3. Yeah.

Eric: 40:57 No, I, I, I got off the quest. I know not, not against quest at all. I was doing those quest cookies and I never My stomach's never felt right after eight. One never really bothered me. Well, you're the one that didn't. I gave it to you and what was your comment? I think it was like.

Chad: 41:15 No, no, no, no. The cookies are not good. You said don't be fooled.

Chad: 41:19 Dry Wall or some you use drywall, mud or something. I couldn't even swallow. It was so dry and just. But the bars, the bars are, are more moist. I get home. I'm like, great.

Eric: 41:36 So my next one is we're starting, we're making cheese crisps just cut up, you know, cheddar cheese, slice it and then put it on parchment paper and Broil it and oh my gosh, it's just pure cheese. Chris and I dip it of course, and it's so good. It's so good. I'm a little time consuming to make but worth it. If you got your dairy, you've got some fat that you can, you know, I don't know how many grams of fat you're on a day. All which I'm a numbers guy. I include it and it's all good to go. Oh really? Good. Good. Well, I got it.

Chad: 42:16 I got to include this one on my list. Cookies. And the reason I don't make cookies, I don't make keto cookies very often, but the reason I had to include it is because you and I put together a cookie, well with Laura mostly, Laura, and we combine, we compiled a cookie recipe book and I think it's 12, 10 or 12 different types of cookies.

Chad: 42:39 Is it that many? Yeah, there's about 10 different types of cookies in this cookbook, this recipe book that we put together and that has been so popular, like I can't. I don't even know how many times that thing has been downloaded, but. So I know I included it on my list because I do enjoy a good keto cookie every once in a while. But I do know how popular it has become and people can actually find that cookbook for free at biofitcoaching.com/cookies. And I like a good kid, that keto cookie. Every once in a while

Eric: 43:14 we're going to add to. Because like I said earlier, that Laura has. I mean, I, she does so many cookie bakes that my fridge, my freezer has got tons of cookies because she'll say these weren't quite right, these weren't quite right. So I freeze them and eat them and she's constantly tweaking.

Eric: 43:33 And now the Brownie cookie, the chocolate Brownie cookie is done. It is done. And the drop, the uh, drop a no bake cookie is done and I am telling you, I'm not just saying this is the best cookie that I have ever tasted keto. I am just saying that and then we're going to send some out to some people to try and get their honest opinion of it, but it's moist and it's, that is a hard thing to stop if they're there I will grab one or two. So I do eat, I do have a snack and, but it's included in my energy for the day. Um, but I got to get you to try this, this, these days when you get back in town or I'll send you some. They are that good. They really are.

Chad: 44:18 Yeah I'm excited. That'll be great. And, and exhausted, exhausted my list, you know,

Eric: 44:26 you can always let us know what your favorite snacks are.

Eric: 44:29 And, and this wasn't an anti snacking, I'm just saying watch your energy, your intake, okay. Obviously is very important and what you want to use the energy you have stored all right, and you, you just got to start getting that balance and if you're in a stall and you've got to start looking at other dietary, you know, how much you're taking in energy wise because. And then expanding, obviously I don't want to be a biggest loser and you're out there, you know, eight hours a day. That's not what we want. We want a good exercise, good movement, which I, you know, I'm a big advocate of so try to balance that all out and, and we'll keep pushing, you know, a podcast on the stalls and that kind of stuff. Because that's where I, I really love getting into is the energy portion of it.

Chad: 45:15 Yeah, that's, that's where you're buried right now. You're just, you're just so deep in it right now that we're going to. We have a lot of content on that coming up. Yeah. I'm trying to figure it all out.

Eric: 45:26 There's a lot of, you know, even in an education out there and ketosis getting so big that there's a lot of misinformation out there. There really is. And people, you know, there is some harm that can be done if you're not do keto, right. There's some harm. There's a lot of diabetics are type one. They're just jumping into it without being coached or even reading about it. Just say hey, and then next thing you know, they, they, they got some real issues going on, so just be careful. That's all I can say. Just do your homework. Yeah.

Chad: 45:58 Well thanks Eric. Thanks for talking with us and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram. Lots of great information on there, keto tips on the weekly basis, and you get to see Eric's beautiful face talking about all things Keto and that handle on instagram is @biofit_coaching, so it's at @biofit_coaching. Also, if this podcast has helped you, entertained you, motivated you, any of those sort of things, please consider going over to itunes and leaving us a five star rating and a glowing review. It helps us grow. It helps us reach more people. It helps us. Those are the same thing. Growing and reaching more people is the exact same thing, but it just helps and we love the conversations. We'd love the comments that we've been getting on itunes. So go ahead, go on over there, leave us, leave us some love there. And finally, the greatest compliment that you can give us is sharing this podcast with those you love, those who need it the most.

Chad: 47:06 Next time stay keto.