7/8/18 Sunday Supp: Struggling to Get in Ketosis (and how to fix it!)

Struggling to get your beta levels up and get in ketosis? You're not alone! On today's Sunday Supp Boden asks how he can increase his ketones and what to do about cortisol levels.

Don't forget to check your blood glucose numbers.

Finding the breakdown in the chain.

Muscles as the fatty acid hog!

Cortisol can be a big keto knockout!

What to look for in your diet to get back in ketosis.

Experiment with the fat.

How testing times can make a difference on ketone levels.

And finally, don't get discouraged! Sometimes you just need to adjust.

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Chad: 00:00 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday Supps every Sunday. We have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. Our question today comes from Boden. He asks, I've been doing Keto for about six months. I struggled to get my blood ketones above point three unless I fast. I'm not gaining weight, but I have, but I don't have the cognitive powers that I am after. Will you what? Will help me increase my beta? So it sounds like Boden's having. Yeah,  this is. You're no stranger to this dilemma, right?

Eric: 00:40 I'm not. I wish I could have thought about it a little longer than five seconds. All right. Boden. And I'm going to try. Yeah. This, this is quite common actually with those that I coach. So obviously you're, you are measuring your ketones because you say your point three, right? And you're not getting above that. Okay. So the next thing I would really like to know is what is your blood sugar? Okay. So what's your glucose? All right, and if your point three, is your glucose a little higher or is it, you know, are you 70 eighties? So what we need to figure out is obviously I'm not looking at your macros. Alright, so something is holding you back. All right? So what we're saying is the fatty acids are not reaching the liver and abundance. Okay? For the acetyl groups to accumulate to be converted into Beta.

Eric: 01:37 Okay? So we're lacking there. So are we getting too many dietary fatty acids coming in? Okay. Offsetting what we want in dodge initially coming from your adipose tissue. Okay. Or is your muscles using a lot of the indigenous fatty acids? Okay. And not sending them to the liver. All right? So what we've got to try to do and what is your cortisol? Okay, that's another issue that comes into play because if you're under stress and you've got those kinds of issues, then we're going to go glucogenix. All right? So. And your protein is your protein too high. So we have a couple ways. Why is one, you could be producing some extra cortisol. Okay? Cortisol is coming into the system to say, hey, let's bring in some glucose. Okay, so that's his follow up question by the way, is to lower my cortisol. Oh, okay.

Eric: 02:35 Alright. So it could be a cortisol related issue that's, that's bringing down your, your Beta. All right? Because you're going gluconeogenesis on something. All right? So if you're under a lot of stress, uh, that's. I and I have had so many clients that even I get a boat and stuck at point three, point four and I am keto. Perfect on my macro. So I have to make some adjustments. All right? Sometimes I have to lower my fat. Sometimes I have to lower my carbs. I bring them down a little lower. Uh, I've actually had to go to 25, 30 for a while to get my ketone numbers back up. So there's a lot of tweaking to do, but don't get discouraged. We just need to. You need to tweak those macros. If, if you can rule out stress, if you're going to roll out cortisol, otherwise go get a four saliva cortisol tests and see what your cortisol is in the morning.

Eric: 03:32 Because most people remember your cortisol's kicking up in the morning and so that's going to raise up some of your, uh, your blood sugar because that's starting your day. And so I, I don't know what your fasting blood sugar is, but that'd be a good start there. And then start tweaking your fats. All right. And then start looking at different things. If you protein's too high, if there's nuts and seeds, there's different things. The sweeteners, sweeteners could be knocking you out a little bit, so you've got to start eliminating some things to try to get those numbers up.

Chad: 04:06 But you were telling me one time about a client that you couldn't figure out for the life of you what was going on because they just couldn't come in with their Beta. And you finally figured out that she was chewing a gum that she thought was sugar for me and it was just how to have a trace of sugar.  Just a little bit of sugar in it. And that was knocking her, her.

Eric: 04:24 She was actually getting some other candies that she thought were sugar-free, that, that had a sweetener that would pass. And it didn't sell and there are some, they just struggle. I just, you know, I deal with those that I have tweaked. Their fats were lowered, their saturated brought up, their mono and there's a lot of different things to do. But the point three is still showing a ketone. Yeah. But it's not point five, you know, that's the rule of thumb. But just remember, if you go to point six, you doubled. All right.

Chad: 04:56 What about anything activity wise? Could that help? I mean, is there any.

Eric: 05:00 Exercise is always great. I mean, as far as, you know, calling in more fatty acids. Okay. Uh, you probably in your muscles, you'll probably lose use fatty acids coming from adipose tissue as an energy source.

Eric: 05:14 The brain likes to ketones. Okay? So the Beta will normally go to the brain, but as you get more adapted, your muscles will start bringing in more. Beta two uses energy source. But it's, it's tweaking the fat. Um, and I have some that just cannot tolerate more than 125 grams of fat. I have some that are in Quito that can go to 50 grams of fat and stay in keto and I have some that can go higher protein or lower protein it. You've got to tweak it because you're going to fight those two things to macros. Cortisol will neogenesis something, you know, obviously you're going to get glycerol from the backbone of your triglycerides are being converted. Alright, that, that could be there, but usually you're, you're liberal. Take that as quite good gym.

Chad: 05:56 So something we recently talked  about another Sunday Supp was a time of testing as well. If you're testing first thing in the morning, I'm going to show low point. So Eric recommends you test two hours after midday meal?

Eric: 06:09 Yes. Two to three hours. If I test boat and every morning I will be Elo are. I'll be point two or point three. I am never in Ketosis in the morning. I had been at this for two years, so yeah, absolutely. Don't get discouraged. Stay with it. Stay tweaking.

Chad: 06:24 Thanks so much for your question, Boden. Thanks Eric for biohacking with us and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or BioFit coaching on facebook. Until next time, stay keto.