7/29/18 Sunday Supp: How Does Keto Effect your Sex Drive?

What effect does keto have on your sex drive? The guys are getting down and dirty (not really!) with Thomas today as he wants to know what keto will do to his intimacy levels. 

Eric's shares his client's experiences.

Maintaining the drive, but increasing the control!

Because Eric tests everything, what happened to Eric's testosterone levels after his 7-day fast?

Chad shares his personal experiences with this issue.

And finally, how keto helps with mindfulness (and how that helps with intimacy!)

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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday Supps. So every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Thomas and you're going to love this one. Eric Thomas asks, does keto Affect your sex drive in any way? If so, how? All right. So Eric, this is a great question. Um, we've, we've touched on it in episodes before, but Thomas wants to know if he jumps into ketogenics or maybe he already has, we don't have that information, should it or does it in any way affect your sex drive.

Eric: 00:45 Okay. How, how old is Thomas? Does he say?

Chad: 00:49 No, he doesn't say

Eric: 00:52 hey, I'm an old guy will affect it. No, no, no, I, I, you know, I've coached so many people and a lot and I, I never had an issue come up with hey, I've lost my libido, my sex drive. Um, and I've never had anybody that we do blood markers worth. Oh, I have those who had low t, low free testosterone issues. Okay. Um, before they came on board. All right. So obviously they had some sex drive issues, but as far as being in Ketosis and I've had some have said that it's more controlled once they're in ketosis. Okay. So the drive is still there, but it's something that's not consuming you. Okay. Well, like with most men in I'll use or other things you think about the most or sex and food and your hobby maybe or your family, but you're supposed to. So um, I, I've had people commented that it's, it's all there, but it's controllable. It's not just consuming you all, all the time. So how about you? You're a, how old are you now? You're 30.

Chad: 02:14 I'm 35.

Eric: 02:15 Thirty five. And so that might be a good question for you.

Chad: 02:23 It hasn't affected me. Okay. But I think age is slowing, you know, whatever. But I still have my testosterone. I, I had it checked after that, the seven day fast and I did it before and then I did the seven day fast plus the Spartan and my testosterone bumped up. So. Wow. So that was good. I and I've never, I've never been in low T. I've never had to have a testosterone supplements or anything like that. So. And I stayed very, very, you know, I train and workout and that always helps your teeth.

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Eric: 03:39 So how about you?

Eric: 03:41 I don't, I didn't, I didn't notice much.

Chad: 03:42 I think um, you know, I think as far as I experienced an increase of energy so that, that helps and in an an increase of clarity, right? And so that helps an ability to focus and I think a lot of things, a lot of problems that we have with, um, maybe our partnerships or sexuality or intimacy is one of the things is it's really hard to shed stress and thoughts of other things in life and all of that kind of stuff to really, for lack of a better term, get in the mood. So, um, you know, I, I would say I feel like I even experienced an increase in my ability to be present, uh, with my wife and, and have that energy not always being tired. Before I was keto, I was crashing every single night, you know what I mean? Just just, and it's not that I don't sleep well or get to sleep easy when I'm on keto, it's just so that it doesn't have that same exhausted feeling to it. Um, and so I think that all helps, but chemically and a hormonally, I don't, I don't, I don't know either.

Eric: 05:00 And you're right, it really, I mean when you get more atp production in the brain, of course in neurotransmission, everything's affected. Your hormones affected by, by the Beta and everything starts to click better. And especially like you said, the cognitive when your, when your brain is operating and functioning really well, your, your thought processes are better and you, you really learned to relax a little more and you don't have that chatter going on all the time when you're, you know, when you're not in Ketosis, I always can tell, I just, I'm not really attentive to things that I should and it just calms you down and you know, make sure, like you're in more control. That's what I think is what's so neat about Beta. You're in control of so many different aspects in your life. So I think that's a big plus.

Chad: 05:48 Yes, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Well thanks for biohacking with us today.

Eric: 05:51 Yeah, no problem. Appreciate it.

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