7/25/18 E48 Keto for Those Who Love Sweets! (Which sweeteners are keto-approved?)

Sweets for my sweet! Today we are talking sweeteners, in all their varieties - natural, artificial and somewhere in between. As more and more companies jump on the keto train and start to manufacture new keto treats, it's important to know what's going IN these treats to give them that sweetness. Will it cause stomach problems? Does it raise insulin levels? Does it even taste good? Eric tackles these questions and more in today's episode!

Beware of the fillers! (And know your source)

What the heck is a glycemic index? And why does it matter?

What keto camp are you in? Sweets vs No-Sweets

First up, the natural sweeteners (Stevia, Monkfruit, and More)

Then the sugar alcohols (what's the deal with erythritol?)

Which sweetener can kill your dog?? (No joke!)

Talkin artificial sweeteners (Aspartame and Splenda!)

And finally, with new sweeteners coming out all the time, where can you find info about their glycemic index?

Which sweeteners does Eric recommend? And which ones is he not a fan of? The answers lie within!

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Eric: 00:00 You're all excited. You came in and gave you a Quest Cookie. Okay, and what did you say it tastes like? Because I didn't know what you'd say.

Chad: 00:06 Oh, I don't remember. Probably cow poop. It was terrible. I don't remember what it was. I think I blocked it from my memory. You said it tasted like a like spackle or something really weird like dry wall.

Chad: 00:25 They say a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Chad: 00:34 My name is Chad and I'm your test subject. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness, so I hope it helped me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call him Eric. I hope you'll join me on a path that leads you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives in ketosis. This is the life in Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 01:07 Hello, my name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving optimal body performance with the man that can get me there. The biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bischof every episode. Eric gives us his crazy intense, I've tested the glycemic index of every single sweetener out there, sciencey knowledge, and I break it down with my regular non crazy guy take as we explore the principles of Ketogenics and KPR performance training, whether you're just looking for a way to feel better or if you're an elite athlete looking for that edge. We're here to help. And today you guessed it, we're talking about sweeteners and uh, this is a big deal right now, Eric, this, this topic of sweeteners because there are a lot of keto treats and, um, bars and snacks and all of that kind of stuff. A lot of people are coming out with new keto snacks, right? It's a hot market right now. The problem is, is that not everybody knows the science behind sweeteners and how they affect our ketogenics

Eric: 02:08 Yep. You got it.

Chad: 02:10 And so this is going to shed a lot of light on different types of sweeteners that people can look for in their foods or sweeteners that they can cook with and bake with and all of that kind of stuff. And so you've got a good list of sweeteners that are available and, uh, both natural and artificial and so we're going to tackle some of these. But before we do that, I just want to ask how you doing?

Eric: 02:34 And I'm good. I've, I'm, I'm back in my, my workout routine from the fast and everything's back to normal now. Yeah, my eating's back. Uh, I'm going to try a couple of new, uh, self experimentation is coming up with fat intake. Uh, so yeah, I'll get that done. I've tried to, you know, I have so many people, you know, the ones I coach and out there know that we struggle with getting what real quick, like a stall. And so I've got to use some research and some self experimenting to figure out if it's the dietary consumption of fat with that stature. Kylo microns. It's bringing in the triglycerides or is it your endogenous and your adipose tissue delivering, you know, the, uh, fatty acids to make ketones. Why are we stalling? What do we need to be burning more of and what do we need to utilize more as energy?

Eric: 03:31 So, so I got some cool self experimentation is come in with blood tests and markers being done. So other than that, that's what's on the game plan for that stuff. But other than that I'm, I feel really good after that.

Chad: 03:44 Awesome. Feel good. But now that you're all ready, you're all spartan recovered.

Eric: 03:48 Yeah, I am. You know, I had my workout so once I do, you know, with the handbags and the pulleys and all that stuff and it. Yeah, the arms were tender. Yeah. Yeah. I still had some quite weren't. They were actually hurting a little bit. So am I where I cramped up in my hammies and I started running trails again and I can feel those were pretty tender, but now I'm, I'm glad that's done and we'll, we'll plan for another one. Chad, another seven day fast with probably a half ironman. So get ready for that.

Chad: 04:24 That's going to be intense. I also want to mention just as people are listening, if the last few episodes have the audio has changed a little bit and you missed some of our talk previous on a couple of other episodes. I am now full time traveling in a school bus with my family and so we are now recording this podcast remotely and we're, we're figuring out our internet, we're figuring out our format as I'm out here doing this in, um, and we're doing it without end at this point, so we're just Kinda, kinda open ended traveling. So Eric was gracious enough to let me continue the podcast while we did this as something that me and my family wanted to do for a long time. So you can follow our travels to, at, at, on Youtube, our youtube channels. Love always adventure often. So you can take a look at what we're doing there if you want to. That's not necessarily a plug. I just want to make sure everybody knows that we are figuring out the audio and it will continue to get better as we trial and error. Some things. So hang tight with us. The content is still great. Audio might lack just a little bit these last couple episodes

Eric: 05:34 and you're doing keto on the road. So that's pretty exciting.

Chad: 05:40 Keto on the road. So Eric, let's talk what, where do you want to start with sweeteners? I know we're going to, I was just gonna say we're going to basically just dissect each sweetener or, or a few sweeteners. We're going to talk about glycaemic index. We're going to talk about a couple of different things. Um, so tell me what sweetener you  want to start with and let's get going.

Eric: 05:59 I think what we need to cover, like you started to mention and you know, like I, I tested it, I tested all these new, you know, the new cookies that come out. Then, you know, the new bars that come out, quest came out with Angelos and I'll tell you why I can't keep up with a check because it's, I'm going through too many blood strips and eating too much of this stuff and it's like my clients the biofitters and I'm like, oh yeah, this one's good, that didn't raise blood sugar. But you know, a lot of us do react differently. Okay. And we all have to take into consideration something may cause a little bit of insulin raising and maybe not for me, but maybe for you, but what's even getting more complex is that we're getting a lot, even here in Utah, we're getting a lot of bakeries and a lot of, you know, standalone guys are, you know, companies that are making keto treats and we have one outfit that you meet in a parking lot and you give your ordered days before and he brings it all in, in know a refrigerated rig and he delivers it right there.

Eric: 07:04 And so you're picking up brownies and cupcakes and cookies and whatever. And then there's some bakeries that I'll have keto. So when I go in I say, what is the sweetener you're using? And a lot of times you're just hired help that really don't understand the complexity of keto because they have other desserts to know that I'm not really sure. I think, uh, you know, some will say Stevia and Erythritol Xylitol. And I said, well, what stevia you're using, because a lot of this stuff, you know, a lot of you out there know comes with some fillers. So you got to be careful that even Stevia in the raw, I used to, I used to eat that and then I found out and no, that's, it raises my blood sugar, it's got some fillers and it's not quite all you're the or Stevia. So you got to be careful and it, and I'm getting to the point now with there's so many bars and cookies and everything come in and they have a lot of ingredients and I, I'm, I hate to say it, I'm kinda getting old school already and going back to making my own, my own treats because I know what sugars are in there and I know what ingredients are in there and there's not preservatives and artificial stuff.

Eric: 08:15 So I'm just saying, you know, just be careful. And, and I've tried some that, you know, race and blood sugar and I'm like Whoa, I don't know exactly the sweetener, how pure it is, where they're getting it from. So just be aware, you know,

Chad: 08:31 plus it's really hard to remember all the secret words in handshakes that you have to have to meet these guys in the parking lot and get your treats.

Eric: 08:39 I appreciate, I love that. I call it the keto train that just keeps going forward and getting faster and getting bigger because there's more keto stuff coming, you know, coming out there. And I just think we've got to be careful those that are in Ketosis, just, you know, your show or you know, and you know, there's a lot of new brands popping out there just like with a exogenous,  Beta, there's a little hotter guys jumping on that bandwagon.

Eric: 09:05 So you've got to be careful of if you're getting good, pure stuff. So.

Chad: 09:09 And I feel like I feel like we're talking about drugs here. It's kind of funny talking about meeting guys in the parking lot, making sure it's pure, making sure you know your dealer.

Eric: 09:19 That's true. So let's start off each. Remember every sweetener, w we have to go off what we call the glycemic index. And a lot of you know, the glycemic index is because we're going to deal with natural sweeteners, sugar, alcohols, and then we've got those artificial sweeteners. Okay? So everything is assigned to glycemic index, which means basically how much is this going to raise your blood sugar by this certain sweetener or food? Okay? So zero obviously meaning that it's not going to raise any of your blood sugar. So obviously we're all seeking for the lower glycemic index sense.

Eric: 09:56 If you get too much blood sugar, obviously your insulin raises and knocks you out of Ketosis and you know, gives you insulin issues. Okay? So we're, we'll just get that in your mind that a lot of this stuff is going to be referenced to buy Simic a index. Okay? So, so let's start off with some, you know, the, the natural, they're natural sweeteners, the good stuff. Okay. That we should be searching out when we want to, you know, in bottom line is real quick, Chad, and you and I talked about this. Should we keep the sweets going in our lifestyle or is some are hardcore? They say don't tempt the cravings, you know, it's best not to even get around sweets, give it all up and go hardcore. And especially in the beginning, sometimes you think your brain saying, hey, you're giving me some, uh, some, you know, a natural sweetener, you know, am I going to send more cravings back to the glucose days when you had all the, a high carbohydrate treat.

Eric: 10:58 So I'm in the camp. I don't know where you're at. I kind of know where you're at. I'm in the camp that I see no problem with enjoying some good healthy natural sweetener type treats or what's some sugar? Alcohol, you know, that safe. I don't overdo it, but all I know the longest since I've been in a couple of years, I really don't desire any of it as much as I use still even in the fat bombs and I'm, I'm not even taking the time to make those very often anymore. And I'm happy with the foods I eat and, and those cravings are basically even when my seven day fast, I had no cravings for something sweet. Nothing. Anyway, when I went back to eating, I just wanted salad and fish. How about you? Are you, are you getting away from it a little bit? Are you still love? I mean, I still liked the occasional, but how about you?

Chad: 11:54 For me it's either find some sweets to have every once in a while or find some antidepressants. Didn't want. Okay, well it's that kind of work. No, I'm just kidding. No, yeah, I agree. I mean I think obviously we're trying to learn some self discipline and we're trying to do is not the right word, but you know, discipline ourselves out of some of these eating habits that we've had before which are grazing and, you know, feeding our bodies every couple of hours and stuff like that. At least that's one of my goals for my Keto journey. I can't assign that goal to everybody, but. So in the, in the parameters of that goal, yes, of course. I, I don't, I don't think we need to go out of control with the sweets and have keto cupcakes three times a day. So, um, anyway, that's,

Eric: 12:45 you know, and I'm new and I've talked about, we kind of like whatever, we can get it sustainable for people and so eventually if you need a few treats, you know, that's fine, that's fine. Uh, if it makes it sustainable until you say, hey, I really, I just don't have any cravings, I really don't so. Right, right. That's cool. All right. Um, let's start off with, you know, the, the natural, what's a for you, you've got to list their high zinc or get a or I would just, I think stevia is on the list there. Of course.

Chad: 13:18 . Yeah, let's start with stevia. I think that's a great one. That's probably my most used one just when we talk about like drinks and that kind of stuff. So I think it's,

Eric: 13:27 everybody knows stevia is an herb and it kind of comes from a sheer relief. It's like known as sugar leaf basically. Um, it's actually pretty good for, for us it, you know, it, they've actually used it in lowering your blood glucose. They find me because you're not eating glucose and then blood pressure and insulin levels and things like that. Um, but there's different types of Stevia that are out there, you know, we do have that powder Stevia. Okay. And the purest, I mean, this is green, but then you have the white, uh, obviously if you get it from a liquid base, Stevia drops. That is probably known to be be the best. Um, uh, I do have stevia drops a and I do have a course, the powder and one of them is that I mentioned earlier that fooled me. I was having issues with staying in Ketosis.

Eric: 14:17 I was buying Stevia in the raw and this is a couple of years ago before we had swerve and all these others. And then I found out later that, you know, a lot of times you got to be careful. Some of these, these sweeteners will come with dextrose and multiple Dextran, which are, that will raise blood sugar of course. Okay. And so there's some hidden sugars, hidden carbs that will knock you out of Ketosis. So, um, and remember like dextrose, if it's got that that can be made from Gmo corn, you know, so you're going to have, and with a Maltodextrin is from writer, you can have Msg, so there's things you just get the Truvia Stevia and just look for on the, uh, on the label because usually Stevia will be with your rhythm, which we'll talk about and um, but I, I think, uh, the sweet leaf is, you know, that's what I get a liquid Stevia, sweetleaf and others out there might get something different, but I don't think there's a big aftertaste with Stevia. I, I, it's, it's my choice that I go to. I have Stevia packets and Stevia drops and I think you just mentioned you're the same is going with a mostly Stevia natural and you know, the USDA, um, they've, you know, they've looked at it and granted we haven't been on it for a long, long time and so it's relatively new, but I don't think anybody has any issues with gut. I haven't talked to anybody that has gut issues from Stevia. I don't think you have either.

Chad: 15:55 No, no. It's very usable and very practical. Both Katie and I use it regularly. She's, I don't sweep my coffee, but she does. And so she uses it in our coffee. I'll use it. I mean, honestly, I'll use it for a little like cinnamon sugar on toast, which is good. Um, and uh, on my low carb bread obviously worth it.

Eric: 16:16 Stevia, you orthotopics powdered a lot of you can get granular, but it's also how is sometimes when they be a, you have to be careful because sometimes you got to look for those hidden sweeteners that are added to it. Okay. That could. Yeah, that's a good point. I'll always look for that, but I use that, that we grow. We just blend the, blend up our own granular Stevia to make it, you know, it's better for, for baking. That type of thing is good. Okay. Stevia, two thumbs up. What other natural sweeteners do? One of my favorite sets becoming is monk fruit. Okay. Yeah. And you know, that Lakanto that I given keto tips on is made with monk fruit and we actually have monk monk fruit in the Pantry, a granular which we use a lot of. It's actually, I think it's, I think it's from China and it's a, it's kind of a over there.

Eric: 17:09 They known as like a longevity fruit, but it's really sweet. It's two, 300 times sweeter than sugar and it's a Swedish Stevia and I don't think it has any, any aftertaste. It all. And we've been making all our cookies with it. Um, but it's a little more expensive and you've got to make sure it's good peer monkfruit because a lot of times they, they mix it with other sweeteners that might contain a few calories. So you just have to always look at the ingredients on it. But I think monk fruit is, it's, it's out there now. It's getting real popular. And I think it's a, I, a lot of people are turning over to monk fruit and I haven't seen it, any real cookies out there in the bars and stuff so much. But I know we're making all our cookies with it and I'm a and I liked the taste of it. I really do. It's not as sweet. I don't think of Stevia could be mixing in a coffee or a drink. It, it takes more monk fruit to make it as sweet as Stevia that they say it is. Yeah. I don't really think it's the sweet. Okay. But have you used monkfruit yet?

Chad: 18:21 I haven't used it at all. I mean I've been happy with stevia and uh, I, I don't, you and I haven't talked much about the use cases, so maybe you could talk a little bit about the forums and the use cases that you, that you have there. They used,

Eric: 18:33 I, I, and all. And just like yesterday, the fourth of July we had a chocolate chip cookies a and we had some brownies. We and all with monk fruit. Okay. And everything we now even on her fat bombs, we use monk fruit. We backed off. We'll talk about your rissa tall but tall was, is not my favorite at all and that's just me. Some people like it, but I, I don't like it at all or I just don't like to sugar alcohols that tasted that. It leaves right.

Chad: 19:04 The same with me. I feel like there's a, there's a big aftertaste and, and that cooling sensation and all that kind of

Eric: 19:12 we'll talk about because that's a part I can't, I just can't get over that for some reason. I'm a fan of monk fruit and so we will see more of it out there. And if you're out there you want to give it a try. Give monk fruit a try. Okay. And then what do we have a new los is on the list and I first got acquainted with low so I was kind of stumped by it because I saw in a quest a hero bar and I was like what is this? And so I had to check into a while back because I have a, some outfitters that we're asking and also asking about it and really a lot like sugar. Um, it's actually like a simple sugar monosaccharide and it's um, it comes from like certain fruits, I'm pretty sure kinda like from figs and raisins and you know, coming off in it, it's in small amounts.

Eric: 20:07 Okay. But there's no glycemic index. So the things we've talked about is monkfruit node by Sam, again, depth to zero, zero Stevia, zero. Got To make sure I throw that in there and it's sweet. Uh, and it's, they're making it in like the bars. Quest is a huge company and they've got it in their bars and of course that's been dealt with some antioxidant properties and helps with some of the limits that you have with diabetes and things like that. But what's interesting is the, uh, it's basically the FDA has classified it as a sugar. Uh, so in the nutrition facts it kind of shows it as a sugar, but it's not like sugar. Okay. But they kind of got stuck with it now. And I think, I think somewhere I was reading that it's like for 10 grams, you know, straight up a close, it's only like four calories.

Eric: 21:06 So there is a little bit of calories, even though it's zero on the glycemic, everything has a little bit of calories, but it tastes good. I'm actually and, but it can if you too much of it, it can be, it can be a laxative. Somewhat. Okay. I've never had an issue with, with the monk fruit or the Stevia, but on adilose I haven't eaten a lot of it. Uh, I, I've never bought a bag of it. I don't, I never even pulled toward, to be honest. I haven't even looked for it. I just see it in, in some of the, uh, uh, treats out there right now and I think we'll see more, more adilose and so

Chad: 21:46 yeah. And just so just so everybody knows, we'll link all of these below in the description so that if you don't catch the name of something or something like that, just know we've got you. We've got some tools down there for you to take a look. And I've never made it

Eric: 21:58 anything with it. And I all, I used this, I don't think I've eaten is the hero bars and, and I tested my blood sugar on and it had, it had no effect, but the taste was good. So.

Chad: 22:10 And the flavors on those hero bars are hit and miss. I will just say that one I liked, I think some of them are hauling.

Eric: 22:22 Read the other day you came, you're all excited. You came in and I gave you a quest cookie. Okay. And what did you say it tastes like? Because I remember what you've said.

Chad: 22:30 Uh, I don't remember. Probably cow poop. It was terrible. I don't remember what it was. I think I blocked it from my memory.

Eric: 22:39 You said it tasted like a, like spackle or something really weird and I'm like drywall, mud, drywall, mud or something. Like you said, it was just horrible. And the other team that was on the podcast that day, they all liked him but I, and, and I've, I've eaten and they don't, they don't jump your blood sugar. Um, but those are, you know, and it just so many things out there that everybody, like you said, it's all hidden this out there. So,  so that's adilose

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Eric: 23:51 And then what do we got next on the list that we were supposed to talk about is tagatose. I really, I looked into this once a long time ago and I'm, I'm not real familiar with interview out there, but I know it, it's a, it's a monosaccharide and it, especially in dairy products and there's some fruits, cacao, um, and it's been around since 2000 I think. And they, they say it tastes like your rebuttal that people I've talked to, but it has that cooling effect. That's why I don't even want to try it. That's why I run from erythitrol on Xylitol. So I don't, I just have something against that, that cooling effect, especially with something sweet, but, you know, they say there was really no big aftertaste and, and there's no if there is a little bit of blood sugar issue with it because on the um, it's a three on the glycemic index, so you're going to get a little bit and um, so just be careful where they don't use too much of it obviously.

Eric: 24:56 And it could, it could raise your insulin levels. Just a little bit of effect on that. So, um, I don't know much about it, but somebody said that there is some stomach discomfort, you know, if you're not used to it, it depends on the dose obviously how many grams you're using. So I'm not familiar with it. So if anybody's out there, you know, they can always let us know if they. But nothing I do know because I'm big into a blood lipids is I do know that I'm on the HDL, it's going to help increase your hdl cholesterol, which we know. So that's the only reason I looked it up as I heard about it a while back about hdl anyway, but it didn't motivate me enough to try it.

Chad: 25:42 Well cool. So is that all our natural sweeteners or sugar alcohols?

Chad: 25:47 Okay, perfect. Let's move on to sugar alcohols.

Eric: 25:50 Okay. Yeah, those are, I mean that's, I think sugar alcohols are, are really getting big out there and a lot of people are, you know, and obviously they're there, they're little bit, some of them are higher on the glycemic index, so you've got to be careful about that. All right,

Chad: 26:10 so hold on just one second for me. And all of those others who, um, may feel too dumb to ask the question, what does, what does sugar alcohols mean? Like, what are we talking about? This is sugar derived from alcohols.

Eric: 26:23 Yeah. It's, it's, it's, yeah, it's classified as a sugar alcohol. Okay. And a lot of times a lot of people say that all the sugar alcohols are very low carb or z. You don't have any carbs at all. Okay. There's a lot of different, you know, the first ones that came out were like the ones that I associate with you many, many years ago was a Maltitol and, and that can affect your blood sugar, but a lot of diabetics where you're getting malitol in the sugar candies. And so a lot of them thought they weren't getting any, any, any blood racing at all. Um, but there's a lot of, um, a lot's going on, but the sugar, the sugar, alcohol, um, but there's, um, and the ones we're most familiar with out there, of course, are the ones that everybody's been using in the first one, of course, is your erythritol.

Eric: 27:15 That came into the, it's been around and, and I'm just not, I'm a big it just the taste that I, that I'm really not liking about your with a tall, you're at the tall is zero on the glycemic index. So it's basically a pretty, a pretty clean and a lot of people use your breath at the, in your mixed with Stevia to make swerve and you'll see in a lot of, added in is as a sugar too, you know, like the Stevia monk fruit. We'll have you read the tall, I have it on the shelf. It has monkfruit and erythitrol. So obviously I think probably you were at the tallest cheaper and so they can mix it and still keep the index down to, you know, basically. So you will. So, but in, in cooking, I mean a lot of people make things with you as a tool. I mean I made all our, all our types of a baking sweets and things with your and didn't really, um, didn't really, uh, I started with it because that's all I really knew. And so I can't say, um, I mean I liked it back then, but when you start getting better, like the monk fruit and Stevia and things like that, it really, um, it doesn't taste as good.

Chad: 28:34 Yeah. So erythritol going with this theme that we started with a residence hall is like our Gateway Drug, right? That's what, like, that's what gets you hooked on the log or zero glycemic index sweetener and then you move on to the bigger and better stuff like monkfruit

Eric: 28:48 yeah, you get into the good stuff, gets more expensive. It's an expensive lifestyle. I know, but a lot of the sugar alcohols are just, you know, they're, they're just found him, you know, different foods. And that's

Eric: 28:59 Xylitol man at all. I mean Zuora, but all they got so many of them and, and you know, they basically come from plant products, you know, and you know, you can get them from fruit and different things. But um, but you know, they're, they're just kind of the, you know, chemically altered type of a sugar. Uh, it's, it's used in a lot. But I, and I think everybody out there uses your erythritol probably. Um, but I, I'm just kind of, I wish I did like it, but you know, most of the neat part about us as tall as, you know, when you absorb it and it actually, it's before it hits the large intestine, you actually will create it through your urine. Okay. But still people, it gets into the, you know, they get some gut issues from it and not as much as Xylitol.

Eric: 29:53 Okay. It's really sweet. I, it's, um, it's no, there's no issues with blood sugar or anything like that. So xylitol, another sugar alcohol, yes, as I will tell is another one. And that's in the first round of the keto. Your roofs basically out there that lot of them were pushing xylitol, you remember for two, three years ago. It was as I look to all Sila tall and, and they all said it didn't do anything to your, your blood sugar at all and they're all, you know, talking about it. But it, you know, it comes from fruits and vegetables and um, it tastes now that say it tastes as good as sugar, but there's really no nutrients in it at all. But I think it, it, it is on the glycemic index. I think it's a, a 13, so it's a low why it's there.

Eric: 30:46 So there is some calories from it, but a lot of people that aren't in Ketosis, they use it and they don't have any issues with it and I think it runs about three calories per gram. Um, but it doesn't really sick, you know, affect the blood sugar that much, you know, if you're just using a little bit of it. But if you use a lot of it, of course it will. And, and I think the reason we've kicked it out of our house is because we have a dog and it, it literally, so it could kill your dog. So if you make. Oh yeah. And so you've really got to, you know, there's, you can read those articles out there where lady, your dog died in keto and she had some leftover fat bombs in the garbage. And the dog got it. And the dog.

Eric: 31:31 So definitely if you have dogs, do not give your dogs any of your, your Ketos and lock it without you. You didn't know that and you have a dog, right? Yeah. And so that's why we don't have it in the house. And then when, when we, when we buy anything, we just um, uh, we definitely check it for Xylitol, you know, and, and it's strange because it is a, you know, the sugar alcohols and fruits and vegetables. It's, it's natural, um, but it's just not that dance. So if the dog's eating something that, you know, that the fruit and Veggie that has out, it's not dense enough to get through to them, but it's not on my, uh, on my shelf. So yeah.

Chad: 32:18 So any other sugar alcohols that we want to talk about?

Eric: 32:25 Mylitol, they use that, like I mentioned just earlier in a lot of sugar free products.

Eric: 32:30 And if you go into, if you go into like rocky mountain, Rocky Mountain ice cream, it's rocky, that's a franchise and they have a lot of sugar free candies, chocolate. Um, and you and I asked them right away as I know they have sea foam that I really like and I'm like, okay, but what's the sugar and your cell phone? And again, and again it goes hell. And I'm like, ah, you got to be kidding when you guys going to get to Stevia and monk fruit. And he goes, yeah, tell, tell me about is as we don't know. And that stuff will literally, I hate to say it, it just rips your gut apart if you too much of it. Is that the rocky mountain chocolate factory? That what you asking about asking him? Yeah. And back when the, when you know diabetes the years, years ago, even in, you know, 20 years ago, you get all that sugar free candy section and go ahead and eat a bunch of that candy because you'll have so much gas.

Eric: 33:26 You think you're going to die. No, I'm serious. It's a laxative. And everybody out there, they have to you will, you will agree with me. It's a laxative and it gives you a lot of gas. I wouldn't, I, I wouldn't touch that stuff at all. So you bloat, you get diarrhea and you get gas. So that's a stay away from it. Oh, that's so funny how we don't appreciate me saying that. But. But that's what diabetics had before. I mean that's, that's what they could go to. And he showed that to give a little insulin, but that was the go to candy.

Chad: 34:02 I'm so glad that the natural sweeteners are starting to come out and be accessible because I mean, it's great. It's awesome. Diabetics and keto and everybody can eat so much better and not jack up their stomachs.

Eric: 34:17 And before remember now we're getting into what everybody else has been living on is the artificial sweeteners.

Eric: 34:23 You know, back in the seventies and eighties, you know, everybody was on artificial sweeteners and

Chad: 34:29 let's talk about our artificial sweeteners. How, how are they manufactured? What ones are we talking about and where did they hit the glycemic scale?

Eric: 34:38 Yeah, they're about like everything else. It's variable. Some of them like aspartame or zero. That's aspartame is as you know with like if your people are diet coke drinkers and everything, Soda Pop. You're definitely gonna have aspartame and you know, the nutrasweet or equal that aspartame. Right. And I think it's, it's the most popular, any artificial sweetener besides sacrament back saccharin back in my days. Um, but you know, they come out it, it's sweeter than sugar. Obviously there's no calories to it. It's zero on the glycemic index, but it, I don't want to get into. Is it safe or is it not because this thing is so much.

Eric: 35:23 I mean, I really don't know. A lot of people, you know, they, they, they get aspartame and next thing you know, they have headaches or depression or anxiety, different things, you know, and, but it does carry what they call Fino, uh, Alanine. And that's something that could cause some issues. And so there's people especially that have, you know, like a, a PK use SNP, they're going to have issues with it. So I've, I've dranken now client diet coke in my life. I hate to say it, but I have no issues with it at all as far as headaches or anything like that. But they just, they're just a big debate going on and it takes too much time to get into it, but I would say stay away from it. But there's people out there that, you know, ketosis and my wife, she drinks diet coke, everything plan.

Eric: 36:15 And I've talked to her about aspartame. And so that's one that's really one of the popular ones. Um, but of course we have sucralose, which is, is splenda. And um, that's, there's a lot of controversy that's been or you know, around it, if it's pure form, okay. Uh, they say it's a, it's just like Stevia and there's no, you know, by glycemic index is zero in its pure form, but if it's not, you can go 30, 40, 50 on the glycemic index. So like Splenda, I know people that get knocked out of Ketosis with it and, and they'll, they'll mix it up with, you know, erythritol on different things sometimes, but also with other other fellows, dextrose and different things. You've got to be really careful about, uh, sucralose. And the other thing that in my, in my research studies sucralose that I found also raises what we'd call you, reverse t three because u of t three, reverse t three and that stops the t three.

Eric: 37:20 That's the, that's what gets into yourself, that does all the thyroid. I'm a work. And the reverse t three is what stops it. So they did. There's studies, I have that show. If you do use a lot of Splenda, you can actually have a higher reverse t three. So be careful and you know, I'll probably get in trouble for saying that, but uh, that's some of the studies that I found. But the spine is really sweet. It's way sweeter than sugar, like three, four, 500 times sweeter than sugar. And, and that was popular for a long time. SPLENDA is still is. I mean, you see it in every gas station, buy coffee, use SPLENDA. So just remember, remembered it's, it's all over the map as far as pricing index on the sucrose and then the others to see. We have, um, sacrum, which you know, most of all of you aren't familiar with.

Eric: 38:13 Are you familiar saccharin?

Chad: 38:15 I don't know. I've never met you and I've never even talked about it

Eric: 38:20 it's probably the oldest sweetener out there. I mean, I think it's 100, maybe 120, 150 years. Oh Wow. Yeah, it's been. And what happened, it was back in the seventies, um, I remember in high school in Sacramento because we all had set saffron packets and they, they tested it on rats in animals and then it became a carcinogen, so good cause cancer. So they had to put a label on it, said, hey, you know, saccharin cause cancer, and then I think in the late 19 nineties, uh, they, they removed it because that was all animal, you know, tested, not human tested, so they're able to get that off of it. And so there's still some controversy around Saccharin Saccharin and uh, so I think it's, if you will, probably never taste it, but it's got a terrible aftertaste in it.

Eric: 39:13 So, uh, so Saccharin, I don't think anybody's been around me. It is. And the other one is a sofane potassium and that's uh, that's the one that's in a diet mountain dew instead of aspartame a, it's in a lot of soft drinks and that one I know with animals with rats, it can raise their insulin and I've actually had a bio filters that were big, a mountain dew drinkers and it was raised in their insulin on them and they're having issues and they weren't losing weight and then all of a sudden they got rid of it. So some people I, I tested as far as blood sugar and it didn't do anything for me at all, but they talk about raising your insulin. So. And that's, I think the only ones really do. I think it's the one got that. And so that's one of the other artificial sweeteners that, that are out there.

Eric: 40:13 So, so those are the, you know, that's kind of the, there's other things that, you know, there's, there's things out there that agave, which willing to talk about because everybody knows, don't touch agave, a coconut sugar. Yeah. I got fooled by that one, ta coconut sugar straight from birth. Oh No, it's, it's, it's agave is like 75 percent fruit toast. And so it's really gonna impact your blood sugar. And um, and even even coconut sugar is, it's a, it's a, you know, and, um, Glucose. So be careful with this, don't even use it. And remember fructose, the biggest issue, we have at least a fatty liver disease if you have too much of a and courses, some visceral fat. So, um, those are a couple. Then there's dark chocolate, that's a sweetener. Cacao, we can talk. There's a lot. And then there's Mannitol, which is another sugar, alcohol and it doesn't really affect blood sugar, but a lot of people aren't familiar with those, so no need to really go into them on those.

Eric: 41:14 But there's, um, it's about, you know, that's all the sweeteners that I've, I've come across and the ones that, um, but I, I'm just to wrap it all up. Um, I have, I'm not against sugar alcohols, uh, if, you know, if you use it, that's fine. It's not gonna Affect your, um, Xylitol is a little higher on the glycemic, but erythritol You completely safe as far as ketosis. I'm a then as far as everything else, I stayed with Stevia and erythritol it's all in there. They're usually mixed a lot and then monk fruit is something that I stick with. So, um, so those are the, those are the sweeteners I go for. And for those out there, if you're, you don't need any sweets at all, good for you. I, you don't even need to worry about this. I mean just stick with your fat and your proteins and your vegetables and carbs that way and you're all good to go. But if you do want some fat bombs or, or some cookies and things like that, then stick with the natural sweeteners and it. And I'm not going to say don't do any sugar alcohol, but I stick with the natural sweeteners as much as I can. So

Chad: 42:27 yeah, I'm the same way. I mean just natural altogether is better. I mean, we'd talked about meat and making sure we know how natural our meat is and pure and you know, we've done, we have an episode coming out about or, or may have already come out about milk and just monitoring that, so all around natural is going to be better.

Eric: 42:49 A lot of stuff is like agave is now, you know, I don't know if you remember this, but Dr Oz and all of them jumped on that agave train like mad and it's almost like high fructose corn syrup and I was in my cabinet years ago. I used on everything they can, you know, all the nutrients were, would outweigh the, the lyceum evaluated? No. Oh No, not at all. It's just, it's, it's really just mostly fructose. That's it. So. Sure, sure.

Chad: 43:22 Well, great. This has been very, very informative. Have a bit to get through. I hope it has helped people. Eric, do you know of any tools, and this I'm totally putting you on the spot, but are there any tools out there that people can. If they come across a sweetener, we didn't talk about that they can check the glycemic index on it.

Eric: 43:41 Glycemic index is all over the Internet and I printed up a long time ago and because that's something that you always watch for is the glycemic index and then you always watch glycemic load, which is a counting all of the foods that you eat into the total glycemic load, but since we're. We're all keto. Our glycemic loads are so low because we're 20 cars. 30 cars don't have to worry about it, but we just worry about the glycemic index on this stuff and yeah, there's all over the internet and it. That's what's so neat about it. You can find any of these charts at all, so there's more app on my child, but we'd spend a lot more time talking about

Chad: 44:22 and everybody would be asleep. No, we just went through the major ones that most people are going to run into on a daily basis and if have any cravings

Eric: 44:32 from this podcast and I'd say keep working on your cravings because I don't have any cravings from this podcast, so you know, it's, it's exciting. Those are out there and to the longer you go, it just gets so much easier and I keep telling me like, Eric, I don't even, you know, past that Hump there where it's not important to many more. And so that's what I like to hear is where it's just not so important anymore, you know?

Chad: 45:04 Yep. Yeah, that's great. Well, thanks for biohacking with us today and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or bio fit coaching on facebook. If this podcast has entertained you at all or helped you, we encourage you to consider going on itunes and leaving us a five star rating and a glowing review. This helps us reach more people and build this community, which that's our ultimate goal, is to help out as many people as we can on this Keto journey. And finally, the greatest compliment that you can give us is sharing the podcast with your friends and family, the ones you love, the ones who need it the most,

Chad: 45:42 and until next time, stay keto.