7/1/18 Sunday Supp: Some Unwanted Keto Side-Effects (And What to Do About Them!)

Keto and constipation? It's actually a commonly reported symptom from those that are just starting out. Today, Eric fields a question from Nick who recently started the keto nutrition program. In addition to wanting to know if the bathroom struggles go away, Nick also is asking about some lightheadedness he's felt. Eric is here with answers on both!

Years of glucose-dependance takes some time to adjust away from.

As the brain adapts to beta, it becomes more efficient.

Talking sodium and fluids (2 things most new keto-ers are lacking)

Check that dairy intake!

And once again, cruciferous to the rescue!

Today the guys have some great advice for anyone just starting the keto diet, or those that have been at it for awhile but are still experiencing some unwanted side effects.

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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Nick and he asks Eric just started Keto Diet and have been in Ketosis for about two weeks. Feeling great except. And he's got two things here. One, I feel lightheaded and dizzy when I stand up from sitting or kneeling. Not every time but enough to notice. And number two, I'm constipated. No open with us. I love that. That's great. Any suggestions on how to fix or alleviate these downsides? Thanks Nick. Great questions.

Eric: 00:50 Good questions. Good questions? Yes. Uh, okay. I'm on the cognitive issue part as far as being dizzy and I don't know how cognitive you are, but if you're standing up and you're dizzy and you and you feel faint, basically your energy level could be affected because you have been glucose dependent for um, I don't know how long that you've been in Ketosis.

Eric: 01:13 Two weeks. So as your brain adapts to use that Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule Beta, we'll call it a, it will get more efficient and you have more energy going to the neurons and astrocytes, etc. To keep you from getting dizzy. So iT could be an energy issue because you're not quite adapted to your ketones yet. And so most of the people do feel pretty low on cognitive, a little tired, a little dizzy, a little ditzy basically to your now. And most people after you get adapted, that will get better. Okay? It will improve in and usually it before about two weeks is the time period neck. Then it should take effect. Uh, and I don't know what your ketones are. You didn't say where your beta is, what millimole you are. That would help your blood sugar would help if you're getting real low on your blood sugar, you shouldn't be at all.

Eric: 02:04 I don't know if you experienced any blood pressure issues, like low blood pressure would cause you to get up and get dizzy. So you probably should check your blood pressure if, if, if you have a little meter, a pump kit. So for that, and so those are some of the issues to look at as far as, um, being dizzy, increase your sodium. Okay. And that's a big one for that because most people remember when you're starting ketosis, you're going to excrete your sodium and your fluids. Okay? So make sure you keep your fluids up and make sure you keep your sodium up.

Chad: 02:38 Well that's a great segue to the constipation question probably as well because that's a, that's a would issue, right? Yeah. So talk about sodium and hydration and all of that kind of stuff. Yes. I'm guessing that's probably where you're going to go with the constipation stuff.

Eric: 02:54 yeah. Constipation. The biggest culprit of constipation is because a member on low carb, you're going to excrete a lot of fluid. Okay? And it's going to need fluid. your body needs it. All right? So what is going to do from your colon? It's going to grab water from there. Okay? So what's going to be left in your colon isn't, it's going to be left dryer and harder. So you're, you're taking fluid away from your colon. Okay? So that's when constipation. That's why. That's what constipation is all right. And so if you increase your, I mean basically of course you know what you're eating if you need a lot of, some people suffer. I think you did Chad from a lot of dairy, a constipation, and then you start tweaking your macros a little bit like dairy first to see if you lower that. Otherwise there's some, you know, get your veggies in there, get your fiber and there obviously.

Eric: 03:52 But if you don't have water, you're not hydrated, then that's going to be still a big issue. So yeah, nick, make sure you hydrate really well. Pick up your sodium, pick up your, your cruciferous vegetables, your fiber type veggies and uh, hopefully that constipation will and your body's adapting still. So remember, it's all about adaptation. You're just starting. Ketosis has been two weeks, so your body's going to adapt. So, uh, to tweak your macros around a little bit. And I'd start with fat if there's an issue for me.

Chad: 04:22 For me personally, I experienced a little bit of the same thing. Not the dizziness, but the constipation for me when I, um, when I cut out, I was eating a lot of cheese in the beginning when I, when I wrote that down and really increased my cruciferous greens, um, that seemed to help a lot and I was already drinking a lot of water and

Eric: 04:48 yeah, that's um, yeah, that's that. Those are the keys right there. I'm nick, so hopefully we helped. Yeah, absolutely. Thanks so much.

Chad: 05:00 Thanks so much for biohacking with us today, eric.

Eric: 05:02 All right. Thank you.

Chad: 05:04 And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or BioFit coaching on facebook. Until next Stay Keto!