6/3/18 Sunday Supp: How To Start Fasting

Today the guys are talking fasting! They field a question from Jesse who wants to know how to get started on a multi-day fast. When to start, what to drink, and what about vitamins? Eric has the answers in today's Sunday Supp.

A non-shocker: Eric is a huge proponent of fasting!

Eric is coaching people through multi-day fasts.

Always start with the 3-day!!

Fasting and ketosis.

Eric breaks down the physiological benefits of fasting and autophagy.

Careful with the amino acids!

Hydrate, but don't over-hydrate.

Get yourself some autophagy! Fasting is an awesome way to spike your ketone levels, regenerate your cells, overcome illnesses, decrease insulin dependency....and on and on. Be sure you are working regular fasting into your keto lifestyle!


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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday subs every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Jesse. He says, so I want to do a five day fast, mostly because I never did one over 24 hours before and has it changed and as a challenge to myself also, I know it's good for cell regeneration. So my question is, what is the best way to go about it? How should I start? How and when should I start? Actually, what should I drink? Should I take vitamins when doing it? This? Uh, obviously fasting is a hot, hot topic right now. A lot of people are wanting to know about fasting, join in on fasting, all of that kind of stuff.

Chad: 00:51 Um, and I think Jesse's questions are great and that we could probably wrap the rapid fire really quick and just give people some quick information. Just as a side note, we're launching something that I'm really, really excited about. That's coming soon. We're launching basically a branch of the BioFit community called fasted state, which is going to be a community of people fasting and supporting each other, which is going to be awesome. I'm so excited for that. I mean, Eric's your, your one to one coaching. This is something that only your one to one coaching clients have been able to participate in and up to this point being coached by you through a fast. Right? Um, and this is coming up. So Jesse, number one, go to bio fit coaching.com, forward slash fast. And you can get some information about that. That's a great place to start, but we can also give you some pointers here. So how and when should Jesse start fasting?

Eric: 01:46 As you know, Chad, I am a huge fasting advocate. I, I love the fast. I fast a ton. Okay. And I, I coached fasting, I've coached a lots and lots of three day fast, a five day fast. I've been on three day fast, a lot, five day fast. I've, I've pushed it to the limits through my fast, um, and just a big fan of fast and so I'm really excited about, um, the, the fasted state then that we're going to be offering. But anyway, Jesse, um, it's great. You want to do a five day fast, but uh, as I, if I was coaching you, I would recommend for you to do a three day fast first. Okay. We're all about adaptation. Okay. Brain adaptation, muscle adaptation, stomach adaptation, dietary, everything is adaptation. So you said you did a 24 hour fast and I'm assuming you are keto.

Eric: 02:42 Okay. So you're in Ketosis. All right, because we want you to go into your fast already in, in keto, so you're not gonna have any issues with the Keto flu or anything like that. You'll roll right into your energy will be there, your cognitive will be there sharing. You'll have a few cravings, but I think it's a five day fast is awesome. A seven day fast as often, but I would really recommend just work your way up. Start with a three day fast so you can get adapted. Okay. And of course, you know, when I, when I coach it, I always, you know, give a big thing on top of, Gee, what, why a toffee. Jeez, there you mentioned in your cell regeneration, it just awesome that they can, through microscopy, you can actually visualize the sale, the cytoplasm partitioning off, and you see the organelles partitioning off and then all of a sudden being devoured and eaten and regenerated.

Eric: 03:36 And you can see the rejuvenation, the restructuring. So a tough age is proven. I mean, that's what's so exciting about it and that's why I love fast and so much as do the autopsy. But uh, obviously on your electrolytes, you've got to maintain a balance of what we call the ions. Okay? So you have your potassium, your magnesium and your sodium. All right. I always have everybody boost up on their sodium. I'm a big fan. I have broth but not broth like you make it on the stove. Okay? Because you're going to get amino acids in there. As you know, maybe Jesse and others I've talked about, amino acids will knock you out of a tough G. fasting is for the benefit of a tough a in lots of other things, but a tough age is one of them. So you want to maintain the top edgy, so you want to get a brotha has no caloric, just has sodium in it, maybe a little flavoring.

Eric: 04:24 Alright. And then of course a vitamin. I do a multivitamin throughout my fashion one a day. You find them with some of the B's, a complex and some of the other vitamins with some of the minerals that that'll get you through. All right? And of course hydrate, hydrate a stay on top of it. Check your blood sugar in the morning, check it in the afternoon. Same thing with ketones. So you want to know where you're at throughout your fast. I exercise, I work out, I've taken extreme muscle fatigue in type workouts through, uh, through my five day fast. And it's amazing what energy you produce in cognitive and, and euphoric feelings that you have. And I can go on forever about a fast.

Chad: 05:06 Yeah. Yeah. So let me just, let me just recap really quick answer, rapid fire. Answer his questions really quick. So you recommend start with a three day instead of the five day? Yeah. So we can experience some adaptation. Get A, get a win under our belt. That's the other thing too, you know, doing a three day allows us to get a win under our belt and give us a taste of what the five day in the seven day and the 10 day might look like. Exactly. Right. Um, and then what should I drink? Make sure we're drinking a broth that's high on sodium.

Eric: 05:33 Yep. And they run about 800 milligrams

Chad: 05:36 and water. Water, water, water, water, water. Yes.

Eric: 05:39 Don't over hydrate because then you're going to dilute your electrolytes that you're taking. So just normal water intake.

Chad: 05:44 Okay. All right, great. Um, and then, and then the vitamins that you named off.

Eric: 05:49 Okay, perfect. And then usually I recommend starting on a Sunday night or Monday night. Take it through the days that you're working, you're staying busy. Active weekends are pretty tough, you know, because you want to eat, you know, if you know if, if you will have some cravings your first day, maybe your second day, third day's usually the best day. That's why a five day fast is awesome because that fourth and fifth days usually really the best part of your fast. Then you go to seven days, but we're excited with our fastest state. We're going to work people up in levels coaching all the way and get them through it.

Chad: 06:20 And those will launch on Monday nights as well. Right? So we're following that same sort of pattern. The cool thing about that is you'll be doing it with a group of 20 to 30 other people that you're all experiencing similar things and sharing and sharing your key tone, sharing tips. You'll be in there doing both you and I will be in there doing a q and a. I'm, I mean, I'm so excited about this, everyone that I coach through fashion and that's a lot. Okay. Um, everybody, all your, you told me all the time, they're begging to do fast again and it becomes addictive. And I, and I tell them, they're like, yeah,

Eric: 06:56 no way. It's going to become addicted to me. I'm no way I'll be start at. I said, no, you won't add it in. I said, trust me. And then every time when can I do it again?  And I teach him how to space it out and go through all that. But no, that fasting is great.

Chad: 07:10 Yeah. So we're going to create a community of fasters and people who can level up to the 10 day fast if they, if they're willing to go through three and five and seven mean it's going to be awesome. We've got some really, really cool things in store so we can't wait to do that. If you're interested in that, Jesse or anybody else's listening, go ahead and go over to biofitcoaching.com/fast.

Eric: 07:32 And we'll teach you through the science of it from decreasing your Acetol Coa ways, your employer, your IGF, you decrease in your amp k, lots of things that will get you through the fast that we will educate you on it.

Chad: 07:42 Yeah. Did you catch all that?

Eric: 07:45 It's all part of it.

Chad: 07:48 Eric will teach you that and then we'll just let him actually teach us how to fast. Okay. Thanks so much for biohacking with us today, Eric. Thanks. Thanks for your question, Jesse. This is fantastic to hear from you and I want to thank the rest of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be you should check out biofitcoaching.com and biofit coaching on facebook and until next time, stay keto.