6/24/18 Sunday Supp: Are All Carbs Created Equal?

Is there a difference in types of carbs? That's what Amanda wants to know on today's Sunday Supp. Does she have to count carbs from broccoli the same as she counts carbs from less nutritious sources? Eric has the answer!

Finding the nutrient-dense carbs.

Avoid the insulin spike!

Can healthy carbs knock you out of ketosis?

What are the keto diet freebies?

And ingredients your grandmother would recognize.

So are all carbs created equal? Well, it actually kinda depends...

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday Supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Amanda and Amanda asks, Hey, I absolutely love your podcast. My biggest question is around grams of carbs. Basically, are all carbs created equal? Should I be thinking about the carbs and cal cauliflower and Broccoli, for example, the same as carbs and say low carb wraps or even peanut butter or dark chocolate, simply put, is it a hard number in terms of number of grams allowed or can I be more lenient as long as the carbs are coming from good leafy Greens or veggies. Also, I love tomatos.

Chad: 01:01 I love that last little bit. Just to throw that in there. I love tomatoes. So just a just awesome.

Eric: 01:08 Yeah, that's a good question. Um, the best answer I could give you is four year carbs. What's the most nutrient dense. Okay. And I'm not saying I do that all the time. So your cruciferous vegetables, everything, if you're going to total up your carbs from that source, fantastic, because that's your most nutrient dense foods you're going to get, okay as far as carbs, all right, but a lot of times you know, you may want that low carb a Tortilla or a low carb bread or a little some blueberries or something like that. Well, that's very nutrient dense, but as far as your carbs, now we have to figure hormonal response, right? Obviously if it's a car, that man could probably, you know, Spike your insulin a little bit, but it's still under 50 or 40.

Speaker 2: 02:00 I don't know how many, how many carbs you're on. I've had people that just will save their carbs up and that it's something with sugar in it and I'm like, aight. Well, well, well, well I'm under my carbs and I'm still kio didn't really raise my blood sugar. I go, yeah, that's not the point. You're going to spike. Okay. In. That's why we want to do insulin. Is it? Keep it from spiking. Obviously that's the whole game here, but remember as we know is if you're in Ketosis and you're reading Ketosis, then you can't have high insulin. They're an antagonist to each other. You're going to have low insulin if you're in ketosis. So it's great that you picked your cards, but I try to make my carbs count and I overload it with the cruciferous vegetables and even tomatoes, they're hiring car. But if, if you, if you allotted yourself so many carbs and then they're fine. I like blueberries and I can have a half a cup, but I, I'd taken in charge, you know, in, in account for my carbs. Um, other times if it's popcorn, I, I liked my, my non gmo a GMO popcorn and it's like 12, 13 carbs. But I enjoy it. I'm not saying it all. You're going to use nutrient dense carbs, but pick your carbs, enjoy your carbs. And like you said, you love tomatoes and veggies is good for you.  Yeah. And I pushed, I pushed that a lot with my clients.

Chad: 03:26 So obviously that's kind of what she's asking is she is a lot in her carbs and she's planning them carefully. I think more of what she's wanting to know is, um, it, should she look at her nutrient dense carbs the same way she looks at her allotted bread, carbs or you know, that sort of stuff. Are they created equal because I know there's something, and I, and I've, and I've heard you say it at some points, um, you know, don't, don't worry about the carbs that you're getting from your Broccolis or your or your cauliflowers or that kind of stuff. So I think that's more what she's asking is should she look at them the same?

Eric: 04:07 Keep them You, you can over-carb on them. Okay. So Broccoli, sure. It's lower in carb than a piece of bread or a Tortilla, but you can go over your carb allotment and knock you out of Ketosis. So I like Avocado, I love Avocados, but they're a little higher in carbs. So I'll have to watch it because I will, I will go over my carb for myself, it's around 40, 45 carbs. Is that my, my tipping point as far as my ketones will drop by. Go above that. Some people can handle 75 carbs and whatever. If you're a good glucose dumper and hopefully, uh, if you have a lot of muscle mass, you can dump a lot of glucose. That's, that's the place for it. Uh, you and you can raise your carbs is there's no really set it, just whatever keeps you in Ketosis. You Bet.

Chad: 04:55 So for me, let's just do a quick example just so I make sure I'm clear. So like if I'm, if I'm sticking to 50 carbs, 50 grams of carbs per day, it can, I, is it most likely going to kick me out of ketosis whether those carbs are from nutrient dense foods, foods or from bread?

Eric: 05:17 Yes. It's still,  it's still a carb. Okay. Uh, it's going to be treated. Is that glucose? Okay. Okay. Uh, it's obviously a healthier carbs, but it still kinda affects your ketones. The freebies or things like salary and some mushrooms and cucumbers are really solo car, like spinach. I really don't count much of that in my car because it's just so low carb, low carb, you know, I'm not that they're not created equal. Okay. But as far as glucose is concerned and they will affect the blood sugar the same, the same. Okay. Yeah.

Chad: 05:56 Great. And obviously you would always recommend a nutrient dense carb over, uh, over any other type.

Eric: 06:04 We still need some of those, those, those not so nutrient dense carbs at that kind of tastes good.

Chad: 06:10 Yeah, exactly. Those are my popcorn. Those are our mental, those are our mental carbs.

Eric: 06:18 Popcorn is my go to.

Eric: 06:19 But yeah, you know, you're getting a lot of these bars and a lot of these things coming out with like, you know, four net carbs are two net carbs and. But there is a lot of ingredients in those two. You got to be careful and just look at the ingredient list. If the list is too big then you know, you probably shouldn't eat it. If it's like we say it's ingredients your grandmother would recognize and eat it. Absolutely.

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