6/10/18 Sunday Supp: Can you Push too HARD on your Workout?

On today's episode, the guys are talking exercise and how to find that sweet spot between going too light and too hard. Lynette wants some help alleviating her fears about pushing herself too much.

Gotta have that heart rate monitor.

High intensity = Lots of benefits.

Pushing into the lactate threshold.

Don't be afraid of raising your heart rate.

High-intensity workouts being used for cardiac patients.

And listening to your body, instead of your lizard brain.


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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps every Sunday. We have a quick supplemental episode where we answer all questions where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Lynette and we've had Lynette submit questions before. This is awesome to have a few questions from, from the same people. I love this. So lynette says, I'm scared to exercise. I'm afraid I'm going to go too high, which I'm, I'm assuming she means by heart rate. Yeah. Or exert herself too much. I'm afraid I'm going to go too high and I'm also afraid I'm not going to go high enough. Meaning not get the full benefits of her active, uh, active workout. Any suggestions on alleviating my worries about exercising too hard?

Eric: 00:55 Okay. All right. Yeah. Um, that's a good question. It is a good question. It's a fair question. Um, course. I think if I remember Lynette, her other question, her background a little bit. So I don't think she has issues with body composition. She did say she run, she did, she used to run, she ran it, she gave us a heart rate. So I think what I remember, she was running at 93 percent. Okay. So anyway, Lynette, uh, you're talking to us

Chad: 01:28 a 60 plus something like that age.

Eric: 01:32 Yeah. 60. So that would be if she's running one slash 93 percent. Yeah, cause I'm, I'm 62, so I know these numbers quite well. But anyway, uh, Lynette, you're talking to a guy, I'm asked that question to a guy who's a big, a high intensity workout guy and I liked to push the heart rate. And so if you're in good health and your body composition doesn't matter if you've been training than I am a real advocate of heart rate monitoring and I really liked to push the lactate threshold, a Phospho creatine. You've heard my podcast. So I'm really about the higher end of energy and, and I think the benefits are fantastic from intensity. Sure. We have our, our, our longer or slower the Mitochondria where we get into there and use that energy pathway. But I also like to push you into the lactate threshold, into anaerobic glycolysis and then to foster creatine.

Eric: 02:30 Okay? So as far as your heart rate, if you're in good shape and you feel good, then let's just drive that heart rate up a little bit and okay, well, you know, you're 93 is good. Okay? I like the nineties. If you're, if you're having a hard workout, then you'll have those 80 percent day, so 70 percent days. But I, Lynette, if you're worried about burning too much glucose, maybe I'm not sure of your question all the way, but you know you're going to deplete glycogen. Okay? Which is obviously an energy source. It's a quick source for that, especially if you're a high intensity, but as you get better at it and more adaptive than you're going to produce more, you know, lactate, get you through the Cori Cycle, you're going to get faster at regenerating that lactate. And also if you're doing any creatine or any, um, supplements, you're going to have more creatine to add to that ADP, to make ATP and Phosphocreatine to have that quick turnover of power and energy.

Eric: 03:25 All right, so you've got to manipulate these pathways, but do not be afraid of raising your heart rate because you're going to replace that glycogen. You've got glycerol coming off. If you're in Ketosis, which we know you are, you're going to have glycerol coming off those triglycerides. That's the backbone, that's a glycerol. It's going to go your liver, it's going to be retaught a tap, a top off your liver glycogen, and you're going to get your muscle glycogen depleted to a. you're not going to be using your protein or any of your amino acids to go gluconeogenesis to do that. Your your body, your brain's just not gonna Allow that. That's not gonna. It's not gonna hurt itself, and so of course you might have a little cortisol raise, but your body will adapt to it, but no, I would say let's, let's bring it up a little bit and I think it's a great question.

Chad: 04:11 Eric, always, always about turning it up.

Eric: 04:17 I do have those appreciation runs where I, you know, and that I go out and do a 75, 80 percent heart rate. I do slow it down, but when you're. I'm a high intensity guy. There's a lot of benefits cardio wise, even a cardio rehab centers or bringing in high intensity for for Rehab for a cardiac patients, which it offers a lot and I won't get it, will only have a few minutes, but I won't get into science

Chad: 04:40 and two things. Two general things I think to remember when we have a conversation like this and people are asking for very specific recommendations as one, listen to your body. There's no substitute to listening to yourself, right? We can talk about these things day in and day out, but if your body's telling you not to do something, now you got to.

Chad: 04:58 You have to kind of Parse it out and make sure it's not the lizard brain or not to do things, but if it's really your body and and you know it's injuries are happening or you know, that kind of stuff, then you've got to manipulate it a little bit and play with it. The second thing is you see a physician regularly

Eric: 05:18 and we recommend that on all things and especially, and that's why I coach people because I coach you through these kinds of workouts. Yeah, I mean I know when to bring you down. I know when to bring you up and that's, that's what I do.

Chad: 05:30 Just make sure you're in a general good, healthy state by visiting a physician regularly and asking them the same sort of questions. So awesome. Anything else?

Eric: 05:40 I think I covered it. I hope.

Chad: 05:42 Thanks for biohacking with us today. Y

Eric: 05:42 You Bet

Chad: 05:45 and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or BioFit coaching on facebook. Until next time, stay keto.

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