5/6/18 Sunday Supp: Having the Right Workout Attire

Today the guys field a question from Chase who wants to know about workout equipment and attire. Is it really something to think about?

Why Eric needs 16 pairs of shoes (and what he writes on each one...)

Talking colors, styles and brands.

Experimenting is key to find what you like.

How important the shoe is, especially with running.

When it comes to workout attire, comfort is only ONE part of the equation!

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday subs. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Chase and chase asks, since listening to the podcasts, I've started hitting the gym again. The experience is not as great as I would like it to be. How important is my attire? How important is my attire and equipment? Sometimes it seems like quite an investment. That's a good question because that's a great question. I would say for me personally, and I'm gonna let you answer this question because this is your show and I'm just hosting, but there's a lot of times the equipment and my attire makes all the difference. Having the wrong attire. Like if I show up to the gym and I've forgotten my cycle shoes and I'm there for a cycle class or or to get my cycle workout and I'm not good at changing my workouts. Like if I go for. If I've got my plan, I don't want to change my plan and sometimes I'll cycle without my cleats and it's not as good an experience.

Eric: 01:08 Yeah, I'm probably worse than that.

Chad: 01:10 You walk away

Eric: 01:13 I have to have all my wife thinks I'm like like crazy because I have so much different clothing on shorts and tennis shoes. At one time I had she had access to a picture of it and put it on instagram and there's this shoe I liked. It was Mizuno at the time and shocking and my running shoes and I across the top of my closet she took a picture and there were 16 pairs and then she had to show underneath. I wrote my mileage down on each shoe, whatever miles I was at a. It was like I was re it. Thank goodness I've changed a lot since then, but I was really into everything and made sure and I couldn't work out if I didn't have this or that. And it is important. It is to have the right gear for that workout.

Eric: 02:01 OK. And especially when you get into biking, you know, I in those who do spin classes or whatever, and I'm always pushing to, to, to get the cleats to get the clips. Um, because you, you know, you're, you're in that strap and you're pulling, you're trying and you're, you're gonna work your knees. You really are. And even if you're outside cycling, you know, you really need, you need proper attire, you need the shoes. Even running, running shoes. I'm sure everybody out there, if you're into training, you've got certain shoes that you've fallen in love with and especially if it's going to work, your key, your Shin splints, it, Bam. There's a lot of, you know, the gear comes, it plays an important factor on your performance. I'm not saying you can't go out and someone can't beat me in a pair of converse, you know, I'm sure they could or in handles. You're not gonna put a lot of miles against me on that.

Chad: 02:01 Yeah,

Eric: 02:55 I'm sure you have your favorite you know, running a, your workout in the gym, man, a cycling shorts. I, I, I do a lot of bike bricks. I, I trained with that and I'm always pushing, get some bike shorts, the pad, because you were a basketball shorts. There's an regular underwear or whatever their scenes you're going to have to contend with. Yeah, yeah. Gear's important. It really is. You know, he pick your colors, you pick your, make you pick your brand.

Chad: 03:30 It's a little bit of an experiment to write. You need to be able to mess around with some different things from different materials, uh, brands and that kind of stuff.

Eric: 03:38 One hundred percent cotton stays wet, stay sweaty and it doesn't evaporate so you can get the blends and you get to certain material, then you'll, you'll evaporate that sweat. Especially like triathlons. It's amazing. Come out of the water wet and with the blends in and it will dry off right away when the wind hits it. So you're always looking for things to keep your cool. And I'm big on color when I'm out riding, training outside on the bike, you don't miss me. I'm an orange in, which is very personal. So yeah, I overdo it just for safety reasons. You incorporate gear into everything and I mean it's a fad to you go to the gym, you see new new clothing lines coming out. Could be the tights the longer tied to short, you know, in different things are coming. But no, I have my favorites and I'm real picky about my running shoes and those kinds of things. So. And I think most people are getting very aware of how important your shoes should be. If he's running it, chases running and training for something, then he really got to put some time into it and most running stores will bring it up if they don't bring out six pairs or five pairs in the beginning, just then you know, you're in the wrong range.

Chad: 04:58 Yeah. The running store I go to, they have a trail to track track. Um, but I'm also trail runner so they have like some rock features and stuff you can run and jump on and stuff like that. And so I'm always buying trail runners and they hands down, I mean at least seven pair. I've got seven pairs in front of me. I know it's going to be a 45 minute trip, um, because I'm going a pair, I'm going to put everyone on a mine and then I'm going to put every one of them on again and they're going to be patient with me. And so I think that's really good is having, having a good source of these things rather than these big box stores that want to get you in and out and say whatever they're going to make the most profit on.

Eric: 05:36 Yeah. And usually in the sad part about a lot of the lot of the gear, you find your favorite show or favorite clear whatever, show shorts, whatever. And then they're gone. They changed the model number. That's why I stock up. If I find a shoe that I got by a few pair, so I've got a good few seasons out of it. The only thing my wife's hoping is that get rid of my, uh, my short running shorts. I literally cannot run if I get regular shorts on, like that's what, you know, just regular shorts I cannot run, I will not run. I if I don't have my short shorts on, I am not running any. She's like, Oh, I'll get rid of the short shorts. Can you just get rid of those? I'm sorry. I know you got rid of running tights because I usually just wear tights. He's like, oh, you can't go out and publicly gets. It's functional. It's for a purpose. I don't care what it looks like. She doesn't like my short running shorts.

Chad: 06:28 That's great. Yeah. Well, thanks so much for biohacking with us today. And I want to Thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or BioFit Coaching on facebook and until next time, stay keto.