5/30/18 E40 How To Use Keto to Make Everyone Hate You

Are you looking for a way to use the keto lifestyle to alienate all your friends and family? Then look no further my friends, Eric and Chad have you covered! Today they are placing tongues firmly in cheeks, as they discuss the best means of driving others away through theketo.

"Talk about keto non-stop, all of the time"

Eric's locker room talk.

How to ask permission to share knowledge.

"There's nothing I can eat there..."

Research BEFORE you go out.

"Judge everyone around you, preferably out loud."

It's all noise until they're ready to hear it.

"Tell everyone that is sick that keto is the miracle they need."

Learning to tell your own story.

"Become a keto elitist."

And finally on a slightly unrelated note, who wants a t-shirt??

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Chad: 00:00 So just make sure you judge them really happy. Yeah, give them that. Those really judgmental looks, talk down to them, all of that sort of stuff. It will alienate people in your life faster than anything...they say a Journey begins in a single step, or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Chad: 00:22 My name is Chad and I'm your test subject. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness who I hoped it helped me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call them parent. I hope you'll join me on a path that leads you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives and ketosis. This is the life and Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 00:55 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving optimal body performance with a man that can get me there. The biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bischof. Every episode. Eric gives us his crazy intense. I'm going to single handedly wipe out the diabetes epidemic sciencey knowledge and I break it down with my regular non crazy guy take as we explored the principles of Ketogenics and KPR performance training, whether you're just looking for a way to feel better or if you're an elite athlete looking for that edge. We're here to help. And today we're talking about how to alienate everybody in your life by being crazy keto.

Chad: 01:34 Today we're going to have a little bit of fun and we're gonna get. We're going to dive into some, some, a little bit of satire. So what? Whoa. And this was my idea. So Eric's just kinda going along with it, right? So I thought it would be fun if we put together and you did help me with the list. So, um, so we can have some fun with it together and we've both probably are, are guilty of some of these things so we can talk about that. Um, but, but we're going to take a sad tire. Look at how we can alienated everybody in our life when we go keto. Does that make sense?

Eric: 02:11 I still have family people that liked me.

Chad: 02:15 Luckily we have people that love us a lot because I'm pretty sure at some point I have practiced all of these things. So I get called the keto crazy guy. I don't know that's a compliment or not. So here we go. We're going to teach you how to alienate yourself from all of your loved ones. Uh, when you, when you go keto. So our first one is talk about keto nonstop all the time no matter where you are.

Eric: 02:41 Yep. That's easy for me to do. And I actually think people are enjoying my conversation. Then my wife's like, you don't want you over like what?

Chad: 02:56 You don't notice them slowly backing out of the room.

Eric: 02:59 I really don't. I'm kind of oblivious to the that. I just, she goes, you just keep talking. They're not even paying the debt. I go, oh, okay, well can you coach me, coach me?

Chad: 03:09 So there's this tendency, obviously when we find something that changes our lives that has such a deep impact, we have this tendency to want to, you know, like they say, shouted from the rooftops or you know, or, or be some sort of missionary for that thing and a lot of times that can blind us from some of the social cues or social norms that we still, you know, it's in our best interest for our relationships to still take a part in those social norms. Right.

Eric: 03:44 It's so hard to control. Yeah, it really is. I could be in a locker room, I've done this. I hear two guys talking about one has cancer or something or even diabetes or whatever, and I just got, I just chime in and say, well, you got to start. You're watching this and that and it'll get, you got to get these. And I just go into the gut and they're like, what, what never heard of that. And it's like I'm trying to. I'm trying to help, right? Because they need some. And what I can tell by the conversation there, they're really missing, you know, the importance of some of the things that can help them with.

Chad: 04:21 So we're, we're not saying don't share keto or, or share something that could drastically improve people's lives. Were just saying like, cool it a little.

Eric: 04:29 But if he's naked and getting dressed and I'm preaching keto, uh, I think I've gotten a little too far, like don't, uh, I just feel like I'm passing up, you know, something I could share with somebody to help.

Chad: 04:42 And one per one thing that I teach in my coaching, which is more sort of a life coaching sort of a context, is asking permission. Yeah. I always coach people when you have a piece of knowledge that you think and you're really sharing it from a good place, not a place of Ego, right? You're not trying, you're not trying to prove how much you know or those sort of things when you have that motivation, but you have something you want to share. A great practice is to ask permission to share your knowledge. And the way that this could look is just very simple. It doesn't have to be weird at all, but just say, hey, I don't, I don't want to impede on your conversation, but I just couldn't help but overhear what you were talking about. I have, I have a few things that I've learned.

Chad: 05:25 Do you mind if I share those with you? And then that person is now put in the position to give buyin I call it, well I don't call it by in the world calls it, buy in, but I use this term buy in because once they give buyin then they're invested and you actually flipped it and made it their idea for you to tell them what you know. Right? Right. And then you're speaking to ears that can actually hear what you have to share. Right. When otherwise they just, they don't know your motivations, they don't know you from Adam, a lot of them, or maybe it is somebody who's close, but they think, you know, whatever. So this is, uh, this is something,

Eric: 06:05 it's hard. It is. In fact, my, my wife's always accused me, like he always just waiting for them to ask the why, because then that launches you off if they ask why, then you're just think that full permission to just go with it, you know, and I just like a dam breaking. That's why there's always, I've said it before, everybody says, don't ever ask Eric why? Just ask a question. And my family, my kids don't ask, just don't, don't. So, but you're not. And that's a good point, you know, and I think people are just, it's out there so strong and there's so many people excited about it and it's just easy to talk about it. Yeah. And I think it's um, it's a good thing, but you're right, there's a time and a place and permission is probably what I should be asking people.

Chad: 06:54 Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it puts them in a place of choice, right? Rather than being preached at and can open up for conversation. Alright, so the next one, our next point, our next way to alienate yourself from the world in keto is never attend another dinner event or eating event again. You know, when people ask you out to lunch, just tell him no, there's nothing I can eat there. No, thanks.

Eric: 07:20 There's nothing good for me. There's nothing healthy, but go ahead and eat your lunch.

Chad: 07:26 Yeah, yeah. Go, go ahead and eat your food. But uh, and we're going to get to that point. That's another point that I have on the list, but uh, you know, don't, don't ever participate in any kind of. We're such social eaters and you know, which, which is part of the problem and we've talked about this on the podcast. Um, we, we, we formulate a lot of our social gatherings around food. Um, and that's not unique to our culture. That's, that's a lot of cultures and food plays a really significant part, which is also why I think a lot of people get so uptight or offended when we eat differently.

Eric: 08:05 Yes. Do you think it's because you're saying to them, I'm better than you or I'm eating healthier than you are? Look what I'm eating. You're not. I think they do, they, they, you know,

Chad: 08:15 I think that could be one of the reasons for sure. Yeah. Um, another one I know for me, like for my family and specifically for my mom, she, it's almost a denial of our traditions. Yeah, that's a good point. You know what I mean, where she has these, these jeeps seated such good memories of these traditions that we have, you know, when we get together for this, we eat this and

Eric: 08:37 who, who cooks and doesn't enjoy pleasing people that see your kids were this is what we used, you know, mom's favorite or whatever. And now you're saying your favorites not good for me. There it is, it's just you. You can hurt feelings really at holidays when everybody's really putting a lot of effort into the food and you're just picking salary and salad and a few things.

Chad: 09:03 Okay. So what are some skills that we can practice instead of just avoiding eating with people, what can we do? My first one is do a little bit of research. If people are asking you to go out to dinner, say, Hey, where are we going? I'd like to just kind of do a little bit of research on what they can offer me a beforehand. So that I know what to order when I'm there. It's not awkward. We don't have to talk about what I'm eating and what I'm not eating, which is another sub point in this or a tool I would say is avoid the topic of what you're eating and what you're not eating when you go out to dinner. Yeah,

Eric: 09:35 I agree with that. I agree with that. And you know, most places I'm really easy. I say it, they'll say, where can you eat, Eric? And I said, hey man, he plays, he's got meat, veggies, and a salad. I'm good to go. And they're like, what? I go, yeah, that's, that's our basic food. I mean there's nothing, nothing big about that. Nothing endeavor. It's just the past. The place is and olive garden and pizza and you to say I can eat a salad, I guess.

Chad: 10:02 Yeah. So there's a couple of tools to, to, and, and if you're eating it at, at, uh, you know, if it's a potluck, you're eating at somebody's dinner at somebody's house or something. I think just simply asking, Hey, can I, can I bring something? Yeah. Um, and if you know the food that's going to be there is not going to be, maybe that's a time to scale out because sometimes these relationships then yeah. Like you, you talked about a couple of weeks ago your birthday. Yeah. Right. Where you took that opportunity and you knew you were going to be with family and everybody wanted to go to a place somewhere. Nice. Take, take dad out for dinner and

Eric: 10:40 5 of us were Keto all scaled out. Yeah. So it was kind of Nice scaling out with other, you know, and it's not cheating. I, I hate, we've talked about that before. There's no shame. There's not, you're not cheating, you're just scaling out, you're eating some different foods, that's all.

Chad: 10:53 And you're, you're enjoying the people you love, which is a big deal. Bigger deal than keto. Yes, sure. For sure. Okay. My next point, you're ready to be very, very judgey of everybody else around you. Like when you tell them that you're, you're keto, do it with just this air that is just so off putting that nobody ever wants to talk to you again.

Eric: 11:19 Yeah. I laugh at that because I have to bite my lip all the time, especially when I have relatives that are type two diabetics and they're just challenged on lots of carbs and triglycerides and all sorts of stuff and I'm like, what are you doing? I just want to. My wife always said, just shut up, but I want to help. I'm like, you're, you know, but they just go take their insulin and they're good to go, but it, especially their family, you know, and you're, you, you love them, you know, so how do you break up?

Eric: 11:54 And it's hard for me to do that. I don't do it in a sarcastic way. Hey, I want to. Then then there, then I just ruined their meal. Yeah, I mean a bunch of cookies and whatever. I just, I can't even look at them because my wife thinks I'm getting the stink eye. Yeah. And I'm not I, but she said, no, I can tell by your face.

Chad: 12:14 So I think we've all caught ourselves doing this when we were in keto and we found something that we love and we've worked really hard to stick with it. That's the thing, right? None of this is easy for anybody. Yeah. It's, it's hard work and so we start to project our experience onto other people have. Why can't you put the hard work in, why can't you do this? And I think one thing that's really important to remember when you think about this principle and trying really, really hard not to judge people, and it kind of relates to our first point too, is that people are not.

Chad: 12:50 It's all noise until they're ready to hear it. You can not make anybody ready to hear it. Yeah. They have to prepare themself. Yeah. You know, and we can think of our own experiences and realize this same thing like all the time. I have moments now where I'm like, oh my gosh, that's what my dad was saying all those years. And it's true. It's a true principle. Right. But I was not ready to hear it. It's true. I thought I, I had things figured out. I thought I was okay. And then years and years later what something he taught me comes to me and it's like, oh my gosh, now I was ready to hear it,

Eric: 13:28 but how many times do we get stink eye from vegans and others and we were low enough fat and bacon and all the cheese. And sometimes I actually catch myself doing it on purpose to, to initiate a conversation. They're like, Whoa, you're lacking on that fat. Well, let me tell you why I've had waiters like, uh, you really want more butter. Oh, let me tell you why. Why are you setting this up? I said, who are nasty? We're eating like 10 pieces of Bacon.

Chad: 14:00 Sounds like one of our line items. Eric should be always trap people do things to trap them into conversation.

Eric: 14:09 But I love. I have people that are vegans and I love looking at their plate and then looking at my plate. And I used to be a Vegan for two years and I'm like, man, I don't miss that. I really don't miss that. I'm really enjoying this.

Chad: 14:22 So just make sure you judge them. Really? Yeah. Give them that. Those really judgmental looks, talk down to them, all of that sort of stuff and it'll alienate people in your life faster than anything.

Chad: 14:34 Hey guys. Chad here. I wanted to quickly tell you about something that I'm super excited about. If you've listened to Eric for any amount of time, you know how crazy obsessed and what a big fan he is a fasting and it's easy to see why.  I mean fasting has a ton of natural benefits, like increased energy, better workouts. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, it's true and even mental clarity and literally reaching a state of euphoria and I'm speaking from experience here. Eric has really introduced me to fasting and I have felt things in a fasted state that I can only describe as addictive, but I also know how intimidating it can be the start because I felt the same way. I was so scared. So anyway, now to the exciting part, Eric has agreed with my constant prodding and begging to do an exclusive fasting workshop where we'll take a few people through a three day fast. It's called fasted state and it's going to be incredible. He'll cover what you need to do to prep for the fast, like what supplements to get all of that jazz. He'll be with you during the fast, what to check and test what workouts to do and just everything you need to know to really dive into this. And not only that, but we'll do this together in a group setting so everyone can support each other. I'll be there as well. Anyway, find out more information at biofitcoaching.com/fast. But this fast is going to start soon and we're limiting this group to a small size. You can reach a fasted state and we can help by biofitcoaching.com/fast. Now back to the show.

Chad: 16:07 So my next one tell everyone that is seemingly out of shape or sick that keto is the miracle that they need.

Eric: 16:19 Yeah,

Chad: 16:22 I mean just just, just, just tell him yeah, just look at their body type, look at, you know, look if they cough a little bit or if they sniff a little bit or you know, if they look like they're walking a little bit uncomfortable, just assume you know. Exactly what's going on with them and tell them that keto is the miracle they've been looking for.

Eric: 16:44 Yeah, that's irritating. But I say it because a lot of people know I'm in the nutrition and I'm a biohacker and the last, what do you eat? And then there goes pushing Kita, you know, it's just too easy. Yeah.

Chad: 17:02 Listen, I've caught myself in this thought pattern and I realize even though I realize it's an incredibly unhealthy that I will see people who buy my standard seem out of shape or obese or, you know, and I think to myself, man, if only they could get on Kido. Yeah. Their life would change forever. Um, and, and maybe that's an okay thought when it's inside my head. Right. But once that goes outside of us

Eric: 17:35 and that's my ad. So it's hard because you want to help people. It's like how many times you tell people that smoke or why you smoke. Right. That's the dumbest state really. I mean, you're not getting anything else.

Chad: 17:47 No. That's never going to. Not until they're ready

Eric: 17:51 and people are overeating and you know, they could be obese because of hormonal, which isn't their fault, really not, but you're judging them like they're over eating you. There are just a glutton, but you've got to be really careful with that. I mean, I've really learned to for really respect some on obesity. It's not what we think all the time.

Chad: 18:11 Oh yeah, absolutely. There's so many factors that we could never even understand. Right. And we only experienced this life through our perspective and so we go and assign all of the things from our perspective to other people and ultimately people just aren't ready to hear until they ask for it.

Eric: 18:27 That person's smoking. That cigarette might be keeping them alive. I mean depression. I don't know what's going through their head or they're drinking excessive layer, trying to numb the pain and yeah, you just never know.

Chad: 18:38 Yeah, so I've noticed something pretty interesting on social media, facebook and Instagram, and I'm wondering if people have experienced or noticed something similar is that there are people that will jump on there. Every once in a while your friends will jump on there and say, I feel like crap, or you know, or, or I've gained this much weight or whatever. What are, what? What are you all doing to, to, to feel good and, and maintain good way to good health. And obviously that is the perfect opportunity to jump in and say, you know what? I've been doing this and it has made me feel fantastic. Yeah. The other thing, the other tool or, or skill that I would say within this is sharing your own story. That is the most powerful way to impact people. You could preach all day long and you could go to people and say, you need to be on Ketosis.

Chad: 19:29 You need a. You know, if you did this, if you were on Ketosis, you wouldn't experience this or you would lose this or whatever. If you just simply share your own story of how fantastic you feel, how much weight you've lost, how you know all that kind of the people who need it come out of the woodwork now. I've seen it a million times. Yeah. So much more powerful than a direct hit to somebody tell your story and it works. I mean, if it coming from the heart, it, it's very effective. Yeah. Yeah, that's a good point. Alright, so my next point is don't listen to anybody else's experience and just devalue their experience with Keto, right? Yep. Your keto is the only real keto rail saying, neither of us have been guilty of that right now. I know, right? Here's my experience, especially not even on the podcast.

Chad: 20:26 We don't shame other people's types of keto. If you can tell we're being sarcastic and we've fallen into this for sure and, and you know, through a lot of experiences and a lot of your clients and people who have reached out to us through the podcast, we've come to a much more nuanced stance on keto being. It's different for everybody. It's not a one size fits all and uh, and you, it's really cool because every week when we sit down and you get to tell me about a different client that had a certain challenge with the prescribed type of keto you gave them and then try to experiment and trying different things. You found something else out that's really, really cool. Yeah. You know what I mean? And so I love hearing those stories and realizing that there's, you know, this, this Keto thing. Yeah. It's much more nuanced than we thought it was.

Eric: 21:23 Yep. It is. There's another one too, we probably should add, it's very irritated we can really irritate him is, is, hey, look, I can go without food for three days. Um, why you always eating? I don't have to eat. I can live on water for three days. Five days of fasting is really, it's people actually it's taken off it, it's getting big and I have a lot of bio fitters that are fast in three days and like for this week and it's their family that are get really tight. They're like, why are you going without food for three days? Who does this? And it's, I just tell them not to tell their family. Right. You know, from the get go, just keep it to yourself. You tell your friends, you tell people at the gym, they all think you're insane. Yeah. And uh, and they get a lot of reaction from it, especially when they're going five days or longer.

Eric: 22:20 Get a lot of reaction from it. Yeah. Everybody likes to tell people if you're going south for three days or five days, it's kind of cool. Like they're shocked because they realize they don't even, they don't have to eat. You always thought you couldn't even go a day without food, but now it's been accepted. You can go three, five, six, seven days. I feel fantastic and feel the best you've ever felt. And uh, I, I think that's kind of an exciting part of a. You don't have to be keto to do that, but sure makes it easier if you, if you've got the Beta, you know, working in your brain so you can just roll right into, into a fasting state.

Chad: 22:58 Yeah. For sure, so a couple of, um, well maybe not a couple of suggestion on this one, um, or maybe some tools or something to think about, is that all of our bodies, you know, no two bodies are exactly the same. Yes. Right. So your Keto experience is not like anybody else's keto experience in the entire world, right? So as you try to project your Keto experience on other people, it's just misinformation. It's not even true or real. So, so my, my admonition or, or my invitation to people is just to keep that in mind as you dive into these blogs, these podcasts you talked with other people who say they're on keto, don't shame for a different type of Ketosis or keto that they are, they're living or practicing, just lose. Use it as an opportunity to learn from them.

Eric: 23:54 Yeah. There's so many ways to practice it.  Yeah, there is intermittent fasting. There's every other day fasting. They carve out every Saturday, they scale out and a lot of times saying, hey, I'm hard, you know, the hardcore think that they're better. Uh, I haven't scaled out in nine months. And I said, well, you, you're missing some good food. Some other stuff, some family social time, you know, and uh, yeah, that, that's what, if that's what they like, that's their challenge and that's good for them. Some people that want to scale at every weekend or that's I worked with all, all my biofitters and I try to make it where it's just sustainable, something they can keep doing

Chad: 24:39 and that's the most important, right? It's not that we're following this great holy Bible of keto, it's that we're doing something that's functional in our lives that makes us feel better and that is getting the results that we want.

Eric: 24:52 And if you're taking in your body, you're lowering your inflammation, your blood markers are looking good, your insulin is down, you're getting more carbohydrate sensitive, you're dumping that glucose. When you do it, it's, you know, your body composition, changing your, you know, you're changing a lot of things, you're getting healthier. That's what it's about. It's not the food, it's the results, but the food is good. So it's not like you're sacrificing like other diets or starving yourself.

Chad: 25:22 Yep, absolutely. So we titled this the keto Elitist, yes. Yeah. So, so if you want to alienate all of the remaining people in your life that understand keto or, or can at least relate to you on a ketone level because they're, they're practicing some sort of keto, just become a Kito elitists and you can alienate them as well. Have you don't want to alienate them to say, hey, there's a great podcast called ketosis.

Eric: 25:50 Listen to it and let us be the keto. Let will be the bad guy. Chase them to us.

Chad: 25:58 Well this is awesome. This has been a fun conversation. Something a little bit different though. It. This is real. It's happening out there. It's absolutely real. And, and this, this topic for me, the reason I asked you if we could do this is I see this mostly, I see it in real life too, but in, in social media we're an all people talk about as being keto, you know, and, and I see like the interaction dropping off and, and the alienation and to the point where even myself, where I'm so immersed. I'm doing this podcast, we're doing marketing for your coaching company and all that kind of stuff. Like I'm even to the point where I'm like, I don't want to hear this person talk about keto anymore.

Eric: 26:41 I'm missing that. I guess because I'm older,  you know, I, I, I'm out of the loop. I guess I just don't pay attention to that, you know, to that segment of it. But it's. I know it's real.

Chad: 26:52 I also see the opposite where I see people post things, like if I hear one more person, say the word keto, I'm going to go insane.

Eric: 27:03 I'm wearing my tee shirts really boldly everywhere. The one I get the most looks at is that I dig fatty acids in the gym everywhere I go. Fatty acid. Yes it is. Okay. They set right and I'm like, that's my wife. I go, am I too old to wear this shirt? She's like, well, I hope they understand it. How about fatty acids? And I said, well yeah, that's what is says. The stay keto is a little safer I'm in it for the Beta is safer.

Chad: 27:34 So Eric is your number one offender. If you just want to see how not to alienate people in your life, just use eric as your bad example. No, I'm just kidding. Oh my kids will attest it. Dad didn't talk about Keto. I'm glad they're tolerant. I'm glad there's probably helps to have this podcast on a weekly basis to, to be kind of an outlet, don't you think where you get to just kind of brain dump on some of this stuff.

Eric: 28:03 It's actually good for me because I put a lot of time in and studying and, and I have a passion for it so it's kind of Nice to share it and I hope everybody enjoys our podcasts and if I go too deep and let us know, if I don't go deep enough, let us know. If you want me to shut up, let me know. Well, if they tell you to shut up, we don't have a podcast. Keep talking here because most of them. No, I'll keep talking.

Chad: 28:29 Well, this has been in a few ways for you to alienate those you love and those who are closest to you in your life by being a keto elitist. Um, so just follow these steps and you can have no more loved ones in your life. How's that sound? Sounds good. Speaking of t shirts, I think this might be interesting. Um, you know, as most of you probably know, um, on, on instagram and facebook, Eric puts out every, every once in a while he'll put out a keto tip once a week, once a week he puts out a keto tip. A lot of times this will have to do with certain foods he's eating or certain workouts, workouts. All sites have different, just like, and these are a quick one minute tips because they go on instagram. So it's a cool kind of like weekly, one minute reminder of some sort of thing that he, some sort of way that he makes keto functional in his life.

Chad: 29:20 In each one of those videos he wears one of our exclusive life in ketosis tee shirts or bio fit tee shirts. I say exclusive because quite literally you and I are the only ones that have them. I haven't put it out there. So my question is, first people should go check out those keto tips and if you like any of the t shirts, the Eric's wearing, those let us know because we, we are contemplating making them available for people to purchase people are asking. That's what I was going to say is that we're getting so many requests and I want to hear from this audience. I mean that's mostly on instagram. I'd love to hear from this audience if they would want something. They just have fun. It's fun sayings on their podcast for ideas and we got some. We did this one. We have what?

Chad: 30:05 I dig fatty acids. Yeah. Then we have stay keto. Yep. I'm in it for the Beta and then I think we have some more coming out. I can't remember. Yeah, I've got a few other designs that are that are in the works, but that was really a selfish thing actually because you and I, we just said I want to wear it. I want to wear something. I want to order some gear to represent what we're doing here because we're so proud of what we're doing. And then it's. That's funny because it's expanded and people are like, I want that shirt, how can I get it? And we're like, no, you can't. It's, it's exclusive to a birthday party wearing my stay keto and the like, really? You had to wear that shirt to our dinner and I'm like, what's wrong with. They're like, stay keto.

Eric: 30:50 I live in workout attire. I really do.

Chad: 30:53 Yeah. So anyway, let us know if you'd be interested in those t shirts. Go check them out on our instagram account, which is a biofit_coaching on instagram. You can see eric there in keto tee shirts and we might make those available. That might be fun. That'd be fun. Anyway, well thanks for biohacking with us today. Now you bet we didn't do much biohacking. No, but it was weighted more mind hacking, right? Making people more aware of how they might be alienating people through

Eric: 31:18 No science. Just good stuff.

Chad: 31:19 Yeah, absolutely. Um, so anyway, and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on Facebook. Also, if this podcast has helped you in any way or entertained you, please consider going to itunes and living us a five star rating and a review that helps us reach more people. And finally, the greatest compliment that you can give us is sharing this podcast with those that you love, the ones that need it the most. We'd love to have them in our little community here. So until next time,

Chad: 31:19 stay keto!