5/27/18 Sunday Supp: Keto and Brown Fat

On today's episode, Eric takes a question from Eric. Although he is known to ask himself questions, this one is from a different Eric who asks about brown adipose fat and how keto relates to it. This is a subject the guys haven't talked too much about, but are eager to dive into.

What is brown fat?

What's the difference between brown fat and white fat?

How brown fat constantly burns energy.

And how keto can get white fat to behave more like brown fat.

There are more and more studies being done on brown fat and how to get more of it. So it's a good bet Eric will have more to say on this topic!


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Chad: 00:06 We're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday subs. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric. So I like inherently, you're just going to love this question. Youtube can relate on a name. That's what it is. So let's see. So he says, he asked and I'd like this question. This is something that I had never even heard of and I think it's going to be something that most people have not heard of, but his question he says, my question is, have you heard of Brown adipose fat? If so, does going keto help with this?

Eric: 00:53 Yes. Uh, that's a good question. Um,

Chad: 00:56 you heard of Eric and yet never podcast over over. We're getting to the point.

Chad: 01:01 Okay. So let's talk about Brown fat. What is, I've never heard this term before. No, no, no,

Eric: 01:08 no. But I've made a bat. Okay. Brown adipose tissue, and you have white fat, which you're familiar with, that your subcutaneous fat, that your adipose fat, that's most of your fat is white. Okay. That we all have brown. This is a racist podcast. Just kidding. But it's the brown fat is basically around the thoracic area. Okay. So we all have brown fat, especially Brown. Fat is when you're born, you have a lot of brown fat. Okay. And then as you get older, then as you become an adult, you have les Brown fat. So we're all born with man boobs, is what you're saying? No, but no, but it, you know what, I've never really thought about it. A lot of people really don't understand brown fat at all in Brown. Fat is a good thing and I learned a lot and I have to give it to Benjamin victim and out of BYU.

Eric: 02:01 He's done a great job talking about bat, Bat Brown adipose tissue and what it's done, uh, with, with ketosis. Okay. And so on our white fat, that's what were your subcutaneous or adipose? We have white fat. Most of it is white fat. Okay. That's our storage. Okay, white fat like storage, okay. Obviously your insulin is your storage hormone. It likes to store. Okay. Brown fat, different brown fat isn't the storage fat. Brown fat is there to basically always use energy to produce heat. Okay? And it does that through an uncoupling protein that's in the electric transport chain. Okay, so we're familiar with electric transport chain taking like right fat saying we want energy to come through and to burn it. I mean the energy you're eating, okay? It could be a fat or could be glucose. Okay, go through cellular respiration through the electron transport chain to give you a tip.

Eric: 03:00 So we want to at fat wants to produce the energy but brown fat it takes in the substrates, you know, fat or I'm an glucose and we'll also talk about ketones Beta. Okay? And it just pulls it in and uses it and produces heat. Okay? So it's constantly burning energy. So the thing about it, the more you can say, hey, let's keep that burning, you're utilizing energy coming from fat, glucose or Ketones, then obviously you're going to lose those fatty acids more. You're gonna actually cute. Can actually manipulate through and they've done a lot of studies through mice basically on this and they've gotten some more a human studies going, showing that in a ketosis when you're generating your ketones, your Beta hydroxybutyrate, when it hits that, it's actually producing more mitochondria. We call that biogenesis mitochondrial and it actually can make mitochondria bigger. Okay?

Eric: 04:02 And actually can produce a little more of that uncoupling protein. Two burnt to use that as a heat source so you're not. You're just generating heat, but you're utilizing energy to do that. Okay? Substrates that you're eating or burning off your adipose tissue like when you're making ketones are your beta. You're dropping the adipose tissue to the liver, the pseudo groups you're sending Beta and so you're utilizing Beta and you actually can make the white fat more act like Brown fat and Ketosis, Ketosis, and so you're going to burn more fat. And you know, my wife always makes the joke with make because remember how we talked about in the beginning you're going to pee out acetylacetate, alright? And then you have acetone, which you either your breath or I sweated out. Okay. So basically what are you screening? Stinkiness yeah, that's coming from fat. All right, so you're, you're losing, you're losing fat and Benjamin uses the word wasting and I think it's fantastic. So you're actually wasting this, this kind of fat and you're paying it out or you're sweating it or breathing it out besides using it, you know, an energy and the white mitochondria because that's what producers your itp. And then using it in the brown fat, trying to increase more brown fat to use more of your fatty acids. New Glucose is great. Ketosis is great for that.

Chad: 05:34 So let me make, let me make sure I'm clear on that. I'm hearing you. I'm not entirely clear what, how, how the question I think we need to make some assumptions or maybe you're making some assumptions of what Eric is actually asking here because he just says, have you heard of brown fat? Does keto help with this? Help with what? Burning it, losing it, utilizing it, building it,

Eric: 05:56 and, and, and I went over it.  It's the ketones. The Beta is burning more of it because you're constantly producing heat, right? The only other way in white and adipose tissue, the only other way you're going to burn anything for energy if it, if that cell needs it. So we have to go back to energy status. It says, Hey, I'm moving, I'm doing this, so let's call for it. Okay? But in the Brown fat, you're not calling for it. Just a continuous producing of heat. So you're burning energy. I mean those substrates all the time and that's why. And ketones increases that and you get more Mitochondria. So, so what do you as a plus?

Chad: 06:36 What do you think? And I'm just trying to help anybody else who might be wondering this or how it might affect them. And I think it's an awesome question. A topic we've never even touched on yet in the podcast as far as I can remember is, um, why would eric asked this question?

Chad: 06:50 That's what I'm. I guess what I'm trying to understand is, is if, if is as adults, we really don't have much brown fat at all. Right? Um, what's, what's the benefit of understanding how ketosis interacts with Brown fat?

Eric: 07:03 You're, you're going to lose weight faster, your body composition. And I like it because, and I think it was back when they used the word of Beijing. Okay. Where I have taken bio faders and working with them to shred them. Okay. So if you can get you white, subcutaneous, that's underneath your honest take your arms you want, you want to bring out your, your, your, your, your muscle fibers to be shredded. Okay. So let's work it to where that White Sep, cutaneous, because that's what's there. We can actually beige it produce more Mitochondria and burn it. Okay. And so you can actually shred up a little bit and that's awesome.

Eric: 07:39 And that's when, you know, and I've worked on that on myself. Yeah. And so a brown fat is, it's good, but you don't really know how much you have. Okay. Everybody's different on average they have and you can, you can go into the genetics and you can go into um, ethnics and getting different groups of people have more or less. And I can get all in into that. You know what, people have more white adipose tissue, what people have more brown and that's a whole different podcast, but it. It's a good question. You're not. I'm surprised we haven't talked about it very much.

Eric: 08:14 Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much Eric, for this question. This is a very thought provoking. Awesome topic. I'm pretty sure it's going to spark some full length episodes here in the future. Eric's wheels are turning now, so through his studies bickman studies on it. It's going to get bigger. It'll be more talked about and yeah. Good. Well, thanks for biohacking with us today, Eric.

Eric: 08:34 Yeah, no problem.

Chad: 08:36 And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on facebook. And until next time, stay keto.

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