5/23/18 E39 What’s the Difference Between Keto and Paleo?

So if you're living life in ketosis and tried to explain it to friends or family, you've likely been asked the question "Well, isn't that the same as Paleo (and/or Atkins)?" Chad and Eric have both certainly been asked this a number of times. So today, they explore the answer. What is the primary difference between these nutritional programs? And what makes keto stand a cut above?

What is the Paleo diet?

How Eric feels about grains.

The hunters and gatherers didn't exist without ketones.

The importance of controlling your insulin.

What does Atkins OD on?

How the ketosis journey was kicked off by...epilepsy!

The important missing piece from other nutritional programs.

Can a weightlifter/crossfitter have as much success on Keto as Paleo?

"I dope with fat."

And getting you to your goal in a healthy way.

While Eric is hesitant to say anything negative about any nutritional program (because if it's working for you, that's great!) he DOES recommend one important thing that only comes from a life in ketosis! (Can you guess what that is?)


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Eric: 00:00 Now take a drug test and prove to you I'm not on anything else you would say, you know what, I paid to have your. You test it because I think you're on the Jews are you stabilize yourself and I'm like, if you I'd be happy now. You pay for it and give me $10,000 from my time. I'll, I'll, I'll go do it because if I come clean, okay, I'd be happy to do that for anything because I'm really anti any enhancements

Chad: 00:27 They say a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Chad: 00:36 My name is Chad and I'm your test subject. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness who I hope it helped me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call them parent. I hope you'll join me on a path that leads you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives in ketosis. This is the Life in Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance. Hello everyone.

Chad: 01:09 My name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving optimal body performance. With the man that can get me there, the biohacker himself, Mr Eric Bischof every episode. Eric gives us his crazy intense. I have self tested, every major popular diet out there, sciencey knowledge, and I break it down with my regular non crazy guy. Take as we explore the principles of Kenogenic, send KPR performance training, whether you're just looking for a way to feel better or if you're an elite athlete looking for that edge. We're here to help. And today we're talking about the differences in some of these popular diets. Namely Paleo is the one we're going to focus on, but we're also going to talk a little bit about Atkins and a few others that have popped up over the years. And mainly what we want to talk about, Eric, is how the benefits compare.

Chad: 01:59 One, how do we measure the benefits and to how do they compare from each other, right? That, um, we, I, anybody that's out there listening that has, is, is practicing ketosis or ketogenics has probably experienced the same thing that I've experienced is as I talk about it and tell people about a lot of people's first reaction is, isn't that just Paleo Morrison that just act and a lot of times I don't have the answer for them other than I know that those are both, a lot more protein based and I do know from our conversations, Eric, that, you know, protein is one of the, the, the ones who we really want to keep in check because it can toss you out of Ketosis if we've got too much or too little. Yep. So, uh, it can mess with your Beta. So anyway, we're going to jump in. Eric, talk to me a little bit. Why are we, why are we talking about the difference between these two?

Eric: 02:57 Well, in coaching I get, I get a lot of questions of course, and we do through the site and we're always, you know, I don't want to be accused of putting down other, other nutritional programs and, and I try not to because I think there's a, you know, everybody is different and we're not one size fits all and I think people try different things for different reasons and if it works it works all right. But of course I'm an advocate of, of ketosis and ground saying that you like Beta, Beta hydroxy butyrate if it is what it's all about. And I have friends that are Paleo that are Vegan or vegetarian and Atkins. I have a lot, lot, lot of associations with this and we, you know, we get into big deep discussions and Paleo came around and it's strong. I mean they paleo, you know, he just within the crossfit and, and different groups paleo, they'll came on really strong in a way.

Eric: 04:02 It's, you know, I was a Vegan at that time and then I was a hardcore Vegan for two years and I won't go into that detail, but I, I looked at the Paleo and you know, and a lot of people came to me and said, hey, this is it, you know, we're back to, you know, the Paleo, Paleo, Lithic, the caveman, you know, the hunter gatherers lifestyle, you know, we got to go back to our roots. Okay. And you know, what we ate in a million years ago and duplicate that. And so I got into it and took a look at it and a man, I was Vegan at the time and I thought, no, I'm going to stay with this. You know, I, I, I built up my, my belief system and Vegan and I'm, and I thought, you know, you've got to give something a year or two to really make it effective.

Eric: 04:53 You know, we all want that instantaneous gratification of something, you know, like, Oh, I've got these issues now. I'm eight weeks. I don't feel nothing. I don't feel better, you know, and we never given enough time. And we've said it before to undo something that you've done to yourself for 20, 30, 40 years, it doesn't happen in, in, in, in eight weeks or 12, it takes a year or so to change that lifestyle and feel the benefits of actually your body adapting to something different, a different nutrient basis, what we're talking about. So I'm not against Paleo, you know, there's some really smart guys out there and there's lots of books written on Paleo. Uh, but you just see this, this keto, just that train is really starting to really go okay with keto and the books and the scientific studies and, and the random control trial studies and the science behind it.

Eric: 05:48 It's been around for 100 years. So it's been around before and not before Paleo pay. Well, it's been around the same time as Paleo a million million years ago. keto is there. Okay. And so the, the hunter gathers did not exist without ketones. So. So the root of, of, of Ketones, Ketogenic goes all the way back to the same as the Paleolithic to the caveman. I mean, we wouldn't be here if we didn't have ketones. We would not be here today. Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. So talk to me just so those that are listening and for my benefit as well, I don't entirely know. Can you just outline what are the guidelines for Paleo, a Paleo Diet, and then also an atkins diet. Paleo is taking you back to roots and they in the belief is there, okay, this is what, this is how we evolved and let's go back to the way we should be eating.

Eric: 06:44 Okay. And I'm not disagreeing with that. Alright. And, and most of their, their um, their going to eat what we ate him two years ago. So they basically in the food you're going to get away from sugar. I got no complaint there. You are going to lower some of your carbs. Okay? And you're going to get rid of all processed food. Okay? I have no problem there at all.

Chad: 07:07 So carbs are low on Paleo. So grains, I mean

Eric: 07:13 No grains. No. They got rid of the grains. Legumes, your beans. No dairy. Say there's where we start to get different a little bit. You can get your animal fats.

Chad: 07:23 Okay, so dumb question. I had. Not that this is going to be a dumb Paleolithic. They wouldn't have had grains. They weren't, there was no agriculture.

Eric: 07:32 Yeah. That was before that. Yep. Okay. Yep. Got It.

Eric: 07:34 So grains, you know, I'm, I've been against, even when I was Vegan, I was the hardest thing. I lived on King Law, but I was against all the other grains, you know, and I thought well keen law has, you know, my essential Aminos in it. So I'm gonna I'm gonna eat it because I was tired of pea protein and everything else to get my complete proteins and I never felt good. I, I, I won't go into grains but grants just do not belong and in our lifestyle, anyone's lifestyle and someday maybe we'll do a podcast on it. So no grains. So basically when you get down to it, the foods that you can eat, basically grass fed meats, you know, free range and organic, which is good. Okay. Game Meat, venison, elk, all that kind of stuff. Of course eggs, eggs are good and you know, I'm a big believer in a eggs, fish, nuts and seeds.

Eric: 08:23 Uh, let's see what else? Uh, veggies. Okay. Low Starchy veggies like Broccoli, cauliflower and things like that. And they do, do get some fruits in there. Uh, uh, of course the mono unsaturated fats,

Chad: 08:37 \Are the fruits quite limited. I mean, because those will throw you back into a lot of sugars. Right?

Eric: 08:41 So it's the fructose with they eat it. Okay. And so basically the issue that I have is you have some healthy stuff because processed foods, you're getting rid of all that, all that garbage. Okay, sure. But again, where the derivative, any thing I believe in, you've got to control your insulin. Okay. Your Blood Glucose. Okay. But let's, it's insulin. Alright? So obviously with a Paleo you're not going to create. The most important thing about any nutritional program as far as I'm concerned is the Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule. Okay. Alright. So you're limited, they're just not getting it from, you know.

Eric: 09:19 And so, and they don't even talk about it. It's nothing desired. Okay. But as hunter gatherers you, when you didn't have availability of food, you had Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule to stay alive. Okay. So was part of, of uh, of their nutrition actually. Okay. But then you get what you can't, you know, like I did say, you know, you don't have any grains because of all those issues. All your dairy products, butter cheeses. No out. Alright. And then of course sugar, which is awesome. Of course, artificial sweeteners same as us, same as keto. Okay. A fruit juices, things like that.

Chad: 09:19 I love how you said us like we're a cult. No, I'm just kidding.

Eric: 10:07 I don't know, I feel bad because I don't want to be one out. Turned down, you know, I was Vegan. I, I've been a Mediterranean zone diet. I incorporated that and I don't want to act like, hey, eric bounces around everywhere, you know what I mean?

Eric: 10:22 But until yeah, I think Paleo has its place and there's people who you can get on the Internet and you can you go battle to battle. Okay. Then I think, and I've gone battle to battle with my friends that are Paleo and I and I and I go to science. Okay. There is some Paleolithic, there is some random control studies that are there. Okay. There's not a lot, but if you want wanna, if you want to talk about a net abolish therapies. Okay. Let me get the books out on ketosis versus other nutritional programs and then you can start to weigh it out. What? What does it bring to the table? Okay. And obviously the important thing is what you're eating, what is it going to elicit? Okay. What are you trying to accomplish? All right. Is it weight loss? Is it a statics?

Eric: 11:25 Is there a therapeutic value to Paleo? I mean, is there. I like it because it can lower your blood sugar. Okay. We know that, right? Because if you're bringing your carbs down, they're not eating all the grains and all the crappy processed food and all the sugar, which, which I, I held him for that. That's fantastic. Okay, but is it enough? Okay. What I hear you saying is the Paleo is actually a great step in the right direction. I'll just not the full picture and it's not. And it's like Vegan. When I look back, was that a step in the right direction? No, no, it, it took me completely in another direction. I mean, I overdid my fido nutrients. Obviously I didn't have any fats at all and I would actually, you know, in my diary, my journal, I would tell people I feel really good because I'm supposed to feel really good, but I just had it in my stomach and maybe it was just all my carbs are coming from spinach and you know, all my veggies and, you know, I, I, and I did eat some rice and some, you know, but I just, I was missing something and I studied it to and.

Eric: 12:34 But then it was more aesthetic kind of why. And then it was healthy. He goes, anybody says, just eat all the vegetables and you're going to be healthy. That's just something that people just think. But yeah, but it's really not the whole issue of the whole picture. And then Paleo, uh, and I am excited for those that are, that are trying, but you got to ask why are you doing it? And most times it's body composition, even if it's, you've got a lot of weight to lose fat to lose or you want to lean up getting muscular shred and crossfit lot of Paleo guys in the crossfit and Paleo Kinda got popular amongst, amongst crossfit because crossfit is very much a bulking. Yes, you really bulk out a lot of proteins, a lot of meat, you know. And um, and I, you see guys's physiques, uh, the, it looked fantastic from a paleo.

Eric: 13:33 You know, you see guys physiques from Vegan, you see guys physiques from keto, they'll look fantastic. So if that's your route, there's a lot of different pathways to get there. But what pathways going to give you the most therapeutic value? That's. Maybe it's because I'm old, I'm 62. I want longevity, you know, I want my body to be around longer. You know, maybe when I was 30 I wouldn't even pay attention to it, you know? But, but no, I didn't. And, and I'm excited to talk about it because I talked to a lot of people about a Mediterranean, you know, the Atkins and Atkins is always a cost associated with, with Kate, Kate Eugenics, but we, it just, there's modified Atkins too, but it's just an overdose of protein. Okay. And then as you said earlier, when you get too much protein, which you can find that sweet spot that homeostasis to where you, it won't go Glucogenic on you, and so it won't be converted to glucose and raise up your insulin and knock you out of Ketosis.

Eric: 13:33 Okay.

Chad: 14:39 But, so if, if atkins is high protein, which I know I can just the one I know least about, what's the difference between Atkins and Paleo and Paleo?

Eric: 14:51 A Paleo is they don't go crazy on the proteins so to speak. But Atkins, you can have, you can have protein, fat and stuff like that. The cheese and different things like that. You can go ahead and consume that. Atkins, you know, there is some sweets involved, but they, they sell those and bars and all that kind of stuff to keep, you know, your, your, your carbs down, your goal is to get the carbs down, but you're not going to be in Ketosis. All right. There's people who probably do Atkins. It can be in Ketosis, but they've got to modify their protein. But most people, when Atkins first came out, I tried it. I'm just to drop some pounds and oh my gosh, you're eating two, three steaks a day.

Eric: 15:33 Hey, it was just, you know, you felt terrible, but you know, but even back then, that crazy lady that. Oh, what was her name? Susan powder. Was that her name? The insanity stopped in I mean, it's all fat. Just stop eating fat and eat all the carbs you want. And there's people just eating licorice and candy. It's carbs, man. I'm not eating any fat. And that actually took off. I mean that, that took quite a platform. It's fine. I just remembered that. Yeah.

Chad: 16:09 So I can start an Oreo diet.

Eric: 16:10 Yeah, I will. Oh, there's so many different ones out there.

Chad: 16:15 Hey guys. Chad here. I wanted to quickly tell you about something that I'm super excited about. If you've listened to Eric for any amount of time, you know, how crazy obsessed and what a big fan he is of fasting and it's easy to see why. I mean fasting has a ton of natural benefits, like increased energy, better workouts. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, it's true and even mental clarity and literally reaching a state of euphoria and I'm speaking from experience here. Eric has really introduced me to fasting and I have felt things in a fasted state that I can only describe as addictive, but I also know how intimidating it can be to start because I felt the same way. I was so scared. So anyway, now to the exciting part, Eric has agreed with my constant prodding and begging to do an exclusive fasting workshop where we will take a few people through a three day fast.

Chad: 17:07 It's called fasted state and it's going to be incredible. He'll cover what you need to do to prep for the fast, like what supplements to get all of that jazz. He'll be with you during the fast, what to check and test what workouts to do and just everything you need to know to really dive into this and not only that, but we'll do this together in a group setting so everyone can support each other. I'll be there as well. Anyway, find out more information at biocoaching.com/fast, but this fast is going to start soon and we're limiting this group to a small size. You can reach a fasted state and we can help biofitcoaching.com/fast. Now back to the show.

Eric: 17:47 But what I'm excited with Ketosis  and I think, you know, everyone's been talking about that new documentary that came out then the magic pill and at the low carb conference they you introduced that we're going to do a review of very soon we are and know I've watched it a couple times and what's exciting about it and those out there that are, that are listening that maybe haven't tried ketogenics is the science behind it is just getting enormous. Okay. The, like I've said before, the scientist, a lipidologist, even the doctors and cardiologists and physicians from everywhere and even professors that universities there, they're all tapping into this in the kidogenic world and, and the nutritionists and dieticians are, I really believe that are going to have to really change, you know, the teachings because that, that path is, is just

Chad: 18:46 changing. Okay. Did, did these other diets that we're talking about, the Paleo and Atkins, did they have a similar scientific camp that backed it?

Eric: 18:55 Or similar but not as deep? Not as deep. Okay. There's books out there and everybody just on to write a book, but if you want to go into therapeutic, you know, scientific studies than the sense ketosis got started because of epilepsy. Alright, so we go back 100 years. I mean, and so you're thinking, well obviously that molecule has some therapeutic value from the get go. Okay. But then they had to discover why thing by one percent of the world I think is, is a epileptic and I think only 30 percent do not respond to anti epileptic drugs. Okay. Seizure drugs. So that 30 percent is a candidate for, for ketogenics and that's what it's been there for. It's been around a long time and so all of a sudden you know its neuro protective obviously. Okay. Because you know what it's doing in the brain.

Eric: 19:56 All right? And so that's why I don't stay key to is better, but I'm just saying if we want to talk science and therapeutic now let's throw it all out on the table and let me take you there because then you're going to walk away saying, oh my gosh, this isn't just nutrition. There is a signaling molecule here, the Beta hydroxy butyrate that does way more in the body then, then it's also a nutrient, but it's also signaling pathways to take place in your body and neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory things that we talk about all the time and the cardio diabetes and insulin it list just goes on and on. And that's part of the science that, that keeps me, uh, so attached to it.

Chad: 20:45 So let's talk about benefits a little bit here because I think this is where the, I don't think I know this is where the rubber hits the road, where people are going to make a decision whether or not they're going to go after and commit to one of these types of eating. So we obviously know we're, we're gonna leave body composition alone because there are a million ways including eating disorders that you can achieve a body composition that you want, right? Or that you think you want. So we're not going to really talk about that. That is, that's another discussion. What we really want to talk about is this thing you've been hinting towards. This whole conversation is the therapeutic benefits. Um, so talk to me, let's start with Paleo. What types of, if any, what types of therapeutic benefits have been recorded? Tested? Um, you know, what are they going for therapeutic wise other than just body composition?

Eric: 21:43 They  don't. The only thing that really can be attributed to it in any studies would be blood glucose. Okay? Okay. So in Laura and your carbs, the crappy carbs, the process, once the sugars and everything are, they see their bringing their blood glucose down to a certain degree. And of course that's going to drop insulin. Insulin. Alright, ketogenics, I mean, I, I have nothing against those who arc carbohydrate sensitive. All right? So let's say now, you know, to be in Ketosis, you've got to have your carbs down to, as you know, the rule of thumb out there is 50 carbs you last. But I have, I have those that are coaching or 75 carbs, net carbs a day, um, grams a day that are in Ketosis because they dump glucose very well. Their body utilize it very well. So what I'm saying is you can be totally healthy.

Eric: 22:36 You can meet all your metabolic health needs by still being low carb, but not in Ketosis. Okay? So I'm. But you're keeping your insulin under control. It's not spiking. It's not shooting up. Alright, but you're missing out on the Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule unless you're going to go exaggerate it and then we have to go into another podcast. But I think what the Paleo, what they're missing most of all is fat, right? When you're now incorporating fat as your fuel. Okay? And remember, we've been always glucose base as a fuel source, okay? Because the brain requires is not taking fatty acids to do that. The blood brain barrier's we've talked about. So what you're doing, you're actually incorporating a new fuel as almost a primary fuel. Alright? So if that's going to make you more efficient, okay? Produce more energy. More ATP across electrotransport chain. Okay?

Eric: 23:35 We're talking about fat being converted to Ketones, okay? Alright. It's actually going to lower your reactive oxygen species, which brings down free radicals. Free radicals are the root of almost every possible disease. Okay? Alright. The oxidation. Okay. Issue. When you have free radicals, it's going to oxidize and go out. It's going to wreak havoc on your side of the membrane, sheared your DNA, or even your Mitochondria Dna, your proteins. Okay? Your lip ids. That's going to recap it. Okay, so now we're just squelching free radicals. We're lowering the free radicals. We don't have that electron transport electron leakage going across electrotransport chain. Okay? That is, that is huge because every disease you can go back to reactive oxygen species, free radicals, okay? Then that's initiator of inflammation. Alright you, the list just keeps growing. Okay? But just as an energy source in how everyone I've coached over 100, every one of them, it's the cognitive.

Eric: 24:38 Okay? We're getting into the brain. The brain loves ketones Beta, let's just say Beta and it, it's gotten away from glucose. So it's taken glucose says, okay, I, I can say that glucose for other things, your body will save it for other. I'm going to just use a kicked. Owns about 75, 80 percent. Okay. Let's still use a little blue. A little lactate. So now you've supplied yourself with a very efficient fuel. Alright and Paleo doesn't, I mean I'm just saying other nutritional programs don't offer that. Yeah. Okay. And, and, and, and that, and that's huge. That's just huge. And so there's a, there's so many different, you know, I can probably spend a whole. Your Mitochondria, remember how I just love, you know, all about the Mitochondria. It actually produces more mitochondria biogenesis. Okay. It actually produced your Mitochondria to work and run more efficient.

Eric: 25:31 Okay. Because in cellular respiration, like we've talked about, you're going to create reactive oxygen species or free radicals. Okay? That's just a byproduct. Alright? But with this you're going to produce less. Alright. So, um, he, you're back to the insulin, the diabetes, the metabolic syndrome, a hypertension. All of these issues are a derivative, keeping glucose down, keeping the insulin down. Okay? Keeping away from inflammation, cardiovascular. Well, you know, we're finding with alzheimers, I mean it's fantastic. The ketogenic diet, you don't hear about Paleo and anything else. It's a glucose glucose uptake issue with what they call the amyloid Beta. That's, it's accruing. Okay. But now you have another fuel source for that and so it's going to get Beta and I don't mean to get too deep into it and I don't want to be on my soapbox. This is awesome. When I talked to my friends and associates and close friends that are different nutritional programs, you know, and I express it in with passion and just say, Hey, if it wasn't, you know, know for the Ketosis as far as the Beta and all the benefits that come therapeutic from that plus energy and in training and racing.

Eric: 26:51 And I mean I can go into all that. How you have more energy. I can produce it at a higher intensity, a higher lactate. There's so many different things that you can derive from ketogenic and I think we're just tapping into it and the more they explore, the more they test. A lot of things are now coming in. We're always about mice and I've read every my study, but more important, we've got to get into some human studies and remember a top dog with fasting. Think about it. You would have no atopic [inaudible] if you didn't have the Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule ketosis. Okay. Because you could not live without glucose long enough to produce the top edgy. So everything comes back to Beta and, and I and I, you know, and I may get teased or whatever, but I, you know, that t shirt I wear, I'm in it for the Beta and people ask questions sometimes so, so now I'm excited about other programs, other nutrition.

Eric: 27:49 If it makes you happy, it gets you there. You know, your body composition brings down your blood sugar and that I'm, I'm good with it. I just think you're missing out if you're not gonna get that molecule.

Chad: 27:59 Yeah, absolutely. So let me ask you this. So we've already established that a lot of those who are using Paleo or, or, or eat Paleo are crossfitters, right? And any and any modification of crossfit out there or you know, these, these more lifting, building Jim's right. Can you have an already know the answer? But I want you to give some details. Can I cross fitter or a lifter have as much success in Ketosis as they can on a Paleo Diet.

Eric: 28:33 I say more. Okay. I say more. Oh yeah. And, and I've gone in, in head to head with those in that same thought process because it comes down to initiating, especially in, in crossfit and strength.

Eric: 28:49 You're coming down to what we call the igf 1 factor to initiate mtor, protein synthesis, muscle growth. And we know what is the root cause for that is amino acids. Okay. Especially losing. All right? So in, in Keto, you, you're having all your meats, your proteins. You can take Lusitania, branched chain amino acids, which I've done waste to stack it differently to make it more efficient. I've been able to go to 50 grams of protein and still produce muscle mass and stacks that I have. So basically you're coming down to in, in that type of arena with crossfit and body. But bodybuilders use ketogenic to rip up, to shred up and they manipulate a lot of different pathways to get their goals. And there's, um, uh, there's even those in Vegan are good crossfitters or even, um, MMA fighters. You're Vegan. And keto, there's a lot of keto fighters.

Eric: 29:47 Um, so no, it, it really comes down to we can pretty much put muscle the same way. Okay. But I with the Beta hydroxybutyrate with that molecule, with the extra atp you produced in your electric transport chain, if you learn to manipulate that with what I call the Phospho, creatine and the lactate and you get me in these energy pathways will be here all day. I am intimate stipulating that to have more output and in my training and those that I train, this is what I incorporate from myself and I'm on a mission to figure out better ways to get more production of ATP via these pathways. And, and that's one of my passions I have because if I'm 62 and I can produce the energy output and the muscle stamina at my age, then you should be able to say maybe Eric's onto something. Okay.

Eric: 30:43 And now take your drug test and prove to you I'm not on anything else. You will say, you know what? I paid to have your, you test it because I think you're on. The Jews are still out there and I'm like, if you, I'd be happy now. You pay for it and give me $10,000 for my time. I'll, I'll, I'll go get it if I come clean. Okay. I'd be happy to do that for anything because I'm really anti enhancement.

Chad: 31:09 Maybe that's our next tee shirt is uh, you know, something like, you may think I'm on something, but it's only fat.

Eric: 31:19 It's amazing what the, you know,

Chad: 31:19 I dope with fat. That's great.

Eric: 31:26 With fat. That's probably better than, than I dig fatty acids. I still wear it, but no, it's, it's exciting. Again, just I hope I didn't come across just bad wrapping. Any other, any other nutritional program out there is some out there that are, are gimmicks and fads. Remember, it's a multibillion dollar industry and there's books out there and you know, I've, I've had people ask me if I wanted to write a book and I'm like, oh, there's just so many books out there, you know, and if I had a mission of a, something to write about, something that I proved beyond what science and I'd be happy to, but no, I just, you have to be careful and what feels good and most of all what sustainable because, you know, we've been getting a little, you know, Eric's into sweets and you know, and, and in keto treats, but, you know, I, I coach and I see people suffering because they're not, it's not sustainable.

Chad: 32:24 You're in the trenches with it.

Eric: 32:26 And I said, hey, if you can have, you know, a little cheesecake or keto cookie or Keto this or that, it's something that gets you through, you know, I, I know there's purists out there, okay. And I probably could fall into that camp, but when you're coaching someone, I'm trying to get you to your next goal. Sure. But inwhat's wrong with monk fruit and Stevia leaf extract? To sweeten up something to give you something to look forward to. Yeah. I just

Chad: 32:52 Get you to your next goal in a healthy way.

Eric: 32:54 Gotcha. Yeah, absolutely. Better than a snickers.

Chad: 32:56 So let's give, let's give people some tools and, and I'm assuming I'm making an assumption and I've heard it from a few other people and from our a few listeners, is that whenever they introduced the idea of keto to somebody, they are met with this question like, isn't that just pay the. Isn't that just actions? And the tool I would give them and now that I have, I have now is it is similar, however you're missing the most important piece of the puzzle, which is the Beta hydroxybutyrate. And with that answer I think you can just shut them up because at that point, what do you say? You don't know what Beta is. Beta hydroxybutyrate is most likely and they're just like, oh, well it sounds like you know what you're talking about.

Eric: 33:40 Jumping over to the exogenous side and, and I am in. I'm study that I, it, there's isn't. There's not enough enough history on it yet because what, six months, seven, eight months now we will see how people do combining a certain nutritional program with exogenous ketones and it remember we have the ester issue versus the salt, the ketone salts and I won't go into that, but I think we're a little ways away to getting that to where it's cheap enough and safe enough. I mean, I do on certain training days and erase. I will add some Isagenix and get an extra pop from it, but I think, I think it'll be incorporated somehow some way and, and we'll, we'll follow it. It'll be right there with a chat. Yeah,

Chad: 34:27 Absolutely. Well, thanks so much for biohacking with us today.

Eric: 34:29 Well, uh, thank you. Uh,

Chad: 34:32 And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on facebook. Also, if this podcast has helped you in any way or entertained you, we encourage you to consider going to itunes and leaving us a five star rating and a review letting people know what you like about the podcast and finally, the greatest compliment that you can give us and mostly Eric for all of his time and knowledge and everything that he puts into this podcast is sharing the podcast with those that you love.

Chad: 35:06 And until next time, stay keto.