5/20/18 Sunday Supp: Can you do Keto as a Vegan?

Keto and veganism! It's the topic of today's Sunday Supp as Stephanie wants to know if you can actually live life in ketosis while being a vegan. She's also looking for some good food recommendations besides butter, nuts, and avocados. Eric has some answers!

Eric's history of being vegan.

It comes down to the fat (and specifically the saturated kind).

Time to fall in love with the coconut!

Don't forget your MCT oil.

How plant-based diets can be conducive to the low-carb lifestyle.

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life and ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday, so every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Stephanie and she asks, can you do keto while being Vegan? If so, what are your top sources for fat intake besides avocado, nuts and butter? This is Eric. This is a popular question I'm seeing this talks a lot about, um, and you're kind of, you're laughing a little bit because of how much mean intake you have and this is coming, not laughing at being vegan because you're coming from a space where you were Vegan for a few years. Yeah. Um, and so you know the lifestyle well, and you know where you've got to try to find nutrients and you were biohacking at that time. Obviously you've been doing it for, for decades, but talk, talk to me. What does it look like to be a Vegan on keto?

Eric: 01:03 It's a, it can be done. I mean, it's tougher. Okay. You just got rid of all your animal base fat and I was Vegan for two years, but I, I didn't have concern. I wasn't concerned about that. Yeah, you weren't, you weren't in keto. I wasn't keto. I was against animal fats and animal meats and things like that. So I wanted to stay plant base. Okay. And I was two years and then my, like I've said before in a podcast, I went from plant plant base next day, keto and strange, but I studied it. Oh, you know, like three or four months versus. But anyway, yeah, it's, it can be done and there is a Vegan, a ketosis people out there on and it comes down to your fat. Okay. Your saturated fat. All right? And she's already mentioned her monounsaturated fats are Avocados, olive oil, all, all your nuts and your seeds and those things which you can load up on, which is great.

Eric: 02:04 That's your monounsaturated fat. Okay. And the hard part is the saturated fat and really, you know, if, if you're gonna really get into a, you're going to have to just incorporate coconut stuff. Okay. Remember, you got your mct oil, coconut chain triglyceride, alright, you got your coconut oil, you have palm oil, but then you can jump into things like go into the products of coconut stuff. Okay. I know we make a lot of things with coconut flakes. Coconut butter, you can use coconut oil, coconut milk, cacao. I mean you can get some of the saturated fat there. Uh, and remember your, your nuts in different fido nutrients from vegetables. You can get a breakdown on the Internet of what percentage in part of small amount of saturated fats there. Okay? So you, you can obtain some saturated fats through nuts and different things, but you, coconut is kind of and palm oil

Eric: 03:05 Those are the two big sources that you have to incorporate. But you know, you've got your Avocados, your olives, olives, olive oil, you're, you know, almond butters and your cashew butters. And sure, that's all there. But just you don't have to concentrate too much on your saturated fat. And the hard part is like the Omega three, your polyunsaturated fats when you're, when you're dealing with, um, the vegetable oils, you're fine because you're all into and to plant based foods. But on a Omega three, you have to get that from plant base or algae. Um, uh, and that's um, uh, Aala being converted to Dha EPA, which is a tough conversion and I won't get into that science of it, but you can obtain it, but you're, you're at a disadvantage. Okay. If you're not doing fish or Krill and things like that, but you gotta maintain some polyunsaturated fats.

Chad: 04:02 What about the actual coconut meat? I mean, I know you can get those thai coconuts. Those Thai coconuts were actually pretty good, pretty good. And, and if you don't figure out how to open them,

Eric: 04:12 but you get, you know, I, I, there's just not a lot available to the vegans out there. But there's quite a few that are, that are going. I'm a Keto or Vegan. And, and I thought about it when I made the conversion from Vegan to that and I just said, no, I'm going to go full bore keto. And really get into the, the, the fats and really incorporate them and study them and the dairy products and things like that.

Chad: 04:36 You know, what's exciting about how big keto is getting is that there is going to, we're going to see a constant flow of new products. You got it and somebody is going to grab a hold of this, this corner of the industry, the Vegan corner and really help people out.

Chad: 04:51 And so we'll stay vigilant and when we find these resources, we share them. If, if I'm Stephanie, if you don't already, you should follow us on instagram. Eric, uh, give some, some keto tips there a couple times a week or one time a week. And um, a lot of those are based around foods that are available for different types of diets and all that kind of stuff, all pertaining to keto. And so if we ever hear of something, we would absolutely do a, some sort of keto tip on that, on instagram or, or our youtube channel.

Eric: 05:21 And the good thing is because of Vegan, you know, you are, I mean in Keto, you have to be low carb obviously. And what I love about plant based foods is they're very low carb and you stick to that low carb, your cruciferous vegetables and all the things that are lower carb, you can load up quite a bit, you know, and that's, that's the neat part about Vegan. You're not going to sacrifice on, on the volume of food because you're eating so much plant based for those carbs.

Chad: 05:44 Yeah. That is an added benefit.

Eric: 05:45 And you have to get rid of your sugar. Obviously, Oreos are good on being different things. You're not going to do that. And keto not going to happen. And that does clean up as far as a sugar. And that's an issue with Vegan is you can have sugar. You're going to have some of that stuff.

Chad: 06:02 Yeah. Well thanks so much for your question, Stephanie. This was a great, uh, a great topic for us to tackle and I hope we can have some more resources, information for you to come. And thanks Eric for biohacking with us. And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on facebook and until next time, stay keto.