4/25/18 E35 How To Do A 3-Day Fast

The 3-Day Fast! Anyone who has listened to the podcast knows that Eric is a HUGE proponent of fasting. It has a ton of benefits, not the least of which is jumpstarting your ketone levels. So today the guys discuss the type of fast Eric recommends to his clients. Including how to do it correctly, what benefits you get from it, and how to properly come out of a fasting state.

Fasting isn't a sacrifice, it's actually an opportunity!

Why the 3-day duration for the fast?

What are the most common fears people have when first starting a fast?

You are NOT going to die...

Finding the purpose in your fast.

What is autophagy? And why is it important?

What benefits will your body and mind experience during the fast?

What is the best day of the week to start a fast?

The mechanics of a 3-day fast (what is and isn't OK?)

Some real-life feedback from clients that just completed a 3-day fast.

How to properly break a fast? And the foods Eric recommends to break it with!

Are you looking to experience a runner's high type euphoric feeling without the running? Then fasting is the answer! This episode will have you anxious to get started with your own fast.

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Eric: 00:00 If I go to a movie, if there's no popcorn, I can't function. That goes hand in hand.

Chad: 00:08 I can't pay attention to this movie. I got no popcorn.

Eric: 00:11 It's a learned behavior. You movie does not go without a popcorn that that is the law, you know, in my stomach and my brain says, what are you doing? Where's the popcorn? No, I'm serious. We all have learned behaviors.

Chad: 00:20 They see a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread. My name is Chad and I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness. I hoped would help me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call him Eric. I hope you'll join me on a path of leads, you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives in ketosis. This is the life in Ketosis podcast, biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 01:03 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving optimal body performance with the man that can get me there. The biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bischof. Every episode. Eric gives us his crazy intense. I can fast for five days straight, working out even harder than I did when I was eating food science and knowledge and I break it down with my regular non crazy guy take as we explore the principles of ketogenics and KPR performance training, whether you're just looking for a way to feel better or if you're an elite athlete looking for that edge. We're here to help and today we're talking about fasting, fasting, fasting. So there's a reason we're talking about it in a three day context, but we're going to jump into that, but before we do, how are you doing, Eric? I'm doing pretty good. Good.

Eric: 01:51 I am fasting, so. Yeah. So I always feel good when they're fasting.

Chad: 01:55 That's good to know. We're gonna we're gonna. Dive into that a little bit. Um, so talk about, let's, let's, let's give a little bit of a general overview of fasting. And one thing I want to point out before we start this conversation is we are going to talk about some science and a lot of the things that you're talking about are backed by both experience and testing, scientific testing. And so I just want to know, I just want people to know that this is our recommended or your recommendations around fasting and some of your experience and we'll talk autophagy and stuff like that, but, um, but there is no hard and fast rules for fasting. Um, and so we get a lot of questions. The reason I bring this up is because we get a lot of questions from listeners and your biofitters and say, am I allowed to do this or I'm allowed to do that.

Chad: 02:44 And, and really we don't want people to look at this as being allowed to do anything or restricted from anything. Fasting is an opportunity and you'll see a little bit later in the show, um, we're going to give some comments from actual bio fitters that, that Eric works with and their experience, uh, with fasting, which is pretty fascinating. And you'll see that this becomes much more of an opportunity, um, and a way to really connect with yourself and your food and all that kind of stuff than it is can. I can't, I have to, can't, you know, all of that kind of stuff. Does that, does that ring true? Yes, very much so. OK, cool. So let's talk about, um, there's a, there's a whole lot of discussion going on about fasting right now out there in the, especially in the keto world, but even more than that, Eric, I've seen, uh, you know, people doing whole 30, ah, I've seen people doing a paleo and still talking about fasting. Um, so can you just clarify a little bit here? What are we talking about when we talk about fasting? Yeah.

Eric: 03:49 Fasting I am in, everybody knows from the previous podcast, I am a huge fan of fasting and there's so many different groups out there that are incorporating the fast. OK. It was usually always associated with, with ketosis. OK. But now there's other groups or just doing fast in alone and they really even not talking about ketosis or my favorite, the Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule, that's a derivative ketosis. And, and like I said, I'm fasting right now and partially is because, uh, I'm kind of forced to. I celebrated a birthday a few days ago and I scaled out. I actually, I do have a twin sister and she used to Ketosis and she said, oh, come on, let's just go to dinner. It's our birthday. And so we scaled out and I scaled out pretty good. I mean I didn't have cake and a bunch of stuff, so I paid the price for it, felt really sick and I told I sound fast in three days and a big part of my fastest, its soulmate, the outfitters that I coach that are fascinating and I'm a big advocate of the three day fast.

Eric: 04:54 OK. And there's so many. We know we've got the 5-2, which is not really a fast. It will just go two days on five, six, 700 calories. Then nearly normal on the five days, which obviously you're not going to be in Ketosis. OK. Then there's some that will go five days, two day fast, and then you jump into ketosis and then you jump right back out. If you go into a normal eating, wishing yeah, you should. Yes. Normal nutrition with carbs and then there's every other day fasting and then there's is intermittent fasting, which really isn't fascinating. It's just you're just intermittent eating, kind of. You get your two meals or one meal. I, so on one meal a day is 2 meals a days set five-day fast seven day fast. Uh, there is a lot of fascinating going on out there and I think it's, it's like anything you go into it just didn't do it and being like you've mentioned it, it, it's not a sacrifice. It's actually an opportunity. It's not, it's giving you something that you have not received before. OK. And we'll talk about the benefits of fasting, but no, I, I, I'm an advocate of the three day fast.

Chad: 06:02 Yeah. Yeah. I was just going to say on this episode, we're focusing on the three day fast so we can talk about some of the other types of fasting in the future. Why are we focusing on the three day fast?

Eric: 06:12 I've been coaching a quite awhile and I've been coaching, fasting and I've done all the different fast with, with clients and I find the three day fast, the sweet spot, I really deal and, and in x and I have experience with coaching it all right. And I'm seeing the benefits and what they're obtaining from it and how they feel and I get the feedback from them and I and I coach him right through it from, from the previous, you know, days before and two the refueling of after. So there is a science to it and I think the, the procedure that we've developed, I think it's very successful. And for those all the way from body composition changes, aesthetic changes, diabetics, I even had just great success from it. And so I kind of have a built in my own, you know, self experimentation through myself and others. And like right now I have probably five or six doing a three day fast this week. Last week I had the same and week before just continuously. So I'm always working with fasting and I'm becoming more of a big advocate of it because I'm seeing the benefit.

Chad: 07:25 You were telling me earlier that um, a lot of your clients are begging to go back onto the fast problem. It becomes addictive. I like, ah,

Eric: 07:37 and it's. And it's say, no, no, let's back it off. OK. You know, and I have those who do it once a month and then there's some that have done it. Yeah, they snuck in another one, they just felt so good. And, and if they have some pretty body composition issues to work with, then that's fine. But if you're a real lean then I'm going to back you off, you know, that's why I liked the three day fast even for those with body composition issues and those that are lean. OK, I'm still very beneficial, you know.

Chad: 08:04 Interesting. Interesting. So there's, there are some fears in fasting. Is a lot of people going, you know, that don't want to attempt it because they have some fierce. There's also a lot of misinformation about fasting that we're going to clarify a little bit of some of the most common fears that you see as people. As you introduced this. I mean you have the opportunity to introduce the idea of fasting to a lot of different people and what are you finding? What are some of the biggest fears?

Eric: 08:31 I said, OK, I think you're ready for three day fast and that's a coach's call. I have to see their ketone numbers. I see their blood sugars, I see how disciplined they were and they're eating OK and that they're in ketosis because I want them all to go into the fast already. Previously, you know, really strong, adapted to the ketones for grain and for muscle in fatty acid, you know, adaptation to the muscles. OK, so they're going to slide right into it. No problem. But they do have fears. They're like, ah, I don't know if I can do that three days with no food whatsoever and no fat because the fat into the macros and then it's the hunger is one that they're worried about and the cravings as number two, they're really, you know, can I get through the cravings and am I going to get sick and am I going to eat up all my muscle tissue?

Eric: 09:22 Yeah, and that's the one it probably aggravates me the most about it is it's a legitimate concern because people have put it out there and you've always said you starve, you die, all right? And everybody has got that under their, you know, in their brain, locked in. It's learn in a concept that you started to die and we're saying, no, you starve. You, you live very nicely on that stored energy that you have abundance of not saying because you're overweight. I have abundance of stored energy, like I said before, 60,000 calories. So that's, that's. Those are some of the fears and they're easy to overcome. And then after a course, the fast is done, then it's completely abolished. Yeah. And I wish I could do deck says and lots of things with people when they're fascinating to show them that there isn't a reason to lose lean body mass. You think about it, why would your body eat itself as far as muscle tissue and proteins when it's got all that fat stored energy sitting there to be utilized? That's the purpose of it. It just doesn't make sense that you know. And that's. And, and we'll go into the technology a little bit and it's exciting. fasting is exciting. I find it very, very exciting. And it's fun to coach people through fasting.

Chad: 10:40 Yeah. So you talked a little bit about starting and there's a couple of key things that you mentioned that I want to just pull out. So to make sure that our audience understands and they're prop, they might be wondering. The same thing is that one, is that most of these people that you're starting fasting, you've been monitoring their macros, you've been monitoring their key tones, you have their biomarkers. You know, there's, there's a lot of stuff that you're looking at as a coach to make that call to, to, to tell whether they're a good candidate for fasting or not and if they're going to have a good experience. So how quickly after people you want to have some time to watch these things before they jump into fasting, how long does that usually take or is there even an average?

Eric: 11:25 I, some people will jump right in. OK. And, and I'm a little more. I'm pretty careful about that and everyone's different. It depends on how well they're in Ketosis and the soonest I've had a coach, I've had six, six weeks maybe after they start and they haven't been ketogenic before, so they're in nutritional ketosis when we start and then six weeks is where I really comfortable with most people getting very fat adapted and ketone adapted to where it's, the Mitochondria is taking it in, the brain's taking it in and utilizing it very efficient. And I watched your ketone numbers, like I have a gal that started out, she was in the forest continuously and she, she's pretty lean and I'm like, all right, well you got it, this is really high, you're waking up with four millimoles in the morning and this is all endogenous.

Eric: 12:21 OK. So I'm like, all right, we've got to tweak this. So I kept tweaking and working or her workout stuff and just made changes. And now she's consistently one point five to two point something. So she just ended a fast a week ago. And should I say, OK, you can fast because if she's already at four or five and I throw her into, into a fresh, then of course you know your, your millimoles of ketones are going to junk, you're going to get your highest when you're fasting and your calorie restricted obviously. So those acids, you're going to pour into the liver and really produce some key towns. But I need her to utilize them. I don't want to run it up to seven, eight, nine, millimole. And so those are the things you look for. And I said, OK, you're ready and I'm going to go earlier because it's, it's kind of going out there and I want to drop these pounds fast and fast. And of course you will lose weight. Yeah, there's no if, ands, or buts. And some people they get in a stall. We all, we all know the stall and usually I'll use a three day fast to break them through a store and do a reset for Ge Goin and get those sales to start communicating better and, and start working better and get rid of all the dead sales and, and go through the autophagy process. And it makes it great for reset.

Chad: 13:41 Yeah. Um, one, one thing that's interesting, Eric, is, is if you talk to any, a guru, professional, anything like that about fasting, each of them is going to have a different opinion as to what a fast is. So let's set our baseline, if that's OK for our listeners. Um, what's, what is a fast for you in this day context,

Eric: 14:06 um, didn't need for its calorie restriction. So we're trying to accomplish something. You're not going, I hate to use that word, starvation, but you're not going into that mode just willy nilly. All right? Tell me what you're saying. I just want to lose weight. I don't care at statics, just drop off some pounds, but there's a purpose for fat and I. my purpose is for there is body composition changes. OK, not lost, but also I want the autophagy. All right, and you can't just go into a fast unless you. You plan for that. A toffee and we've talked about before. The autophagy is what we're doing is regenerating and breaking down your cellular components that are just. You have unfolded proteins, you have organelles that aren't working properly or dysfunctional. Mitochondria OK in, and it's great to get into the Mitochondria, a function of it to.

Eric: 15:05 To regenerate that. What we're doing is we have to say we're going into a catabolic state, which means we don't want to be anabolic, so we're tearing down and what people don't understand a lot there is fashion out their name and you read all the time. They recommend bone-broth. Well, you're not going to get a top of, gee, if you're gonna, if you're gonna drink bone broth because you're drinking amino acids, amino acids, obviously you're a promoter of the mtor pathway that we've talked about. That's the growth pathway. We don't want. We want to break down. We're not in growth mode, but however, in a fast you will have some growth due to your growth hormone will increase, and so that's the purpose. When I teach, I want to coordinate it to where you're going to get a tough gig. You might as well that.

Eric: 15:58 I mean, that's what makes you feel good. All right. Besides all the other benefits, and I can list them real quick off my head, insulin sensitivity, OK, anti-inflammatory, better metabolism. You're going to get a better mood a week. You're going to be a reduction of your stress, your reaction, oxygen species or free radicals. Your cognitive increases and you've been through all this, your ebt and F, we've talked about women and the lawyer Glucose. Your adrenaline picks up. The list goes on and on from this fast, but the big thing is a lot of this is a derivative of a tougher job, the actual recycle regeneration of those cellular components and like I did my five day fashion, I teach others, I, I, I lost no muscle tissue whatsoever and that's a big fear that I'm gonna lose. We've been down this before you, you are not going to utilize your proteins as an energy source when you're utilizing your fat stores. I work out and I teach it through all my fast and you're working out. You're not sitting around like, oh, I'm not eating. I'm going to be tired and lethargic. Oh No, you did. Your workouts are happening and you'd be surprised at the energy levels that people interested in three days.

Chad: 17:10 Yeah, that's incredible. So I just want to make sure we loop back so we don't lose this. When, when I. When I asked about the baseline, I'm, I'm wondering if you can give our listeners an idea of what this fasting looks like day to day, but what are you asking when it benefits you went into autophagy and it's awesome. That was great information. Um, but I do want to make sure that people aren't questioning how this looks day to day. What am I actually putting into my body? I'm what am I not putting into my body? Um, and, and that sort of thing. Very

Eric: 17:41 good. My apology. OK. No, no problem. Very good. That's it. A three day fast. All right. We're gonna like chat where you're going to be prepped into it because you're already in ketosis. That glucose a not getting to the brain because the brain says, Hey, I'm good. I don't need it. I got ketones. You got the Beta. I'm flowing. All right, so the first first you just eat normal the day before. I know like carbo-loading are getting a little extra. I could join in their, nope, nope, you're ketosis. Just eat your normal day. And I have everybody start at the evening. And just what I like and I'm the coach after their dnr. Alright, they start their fast because you get that first, you know, [inaudible] 14 hours out of the way, sleeping in your fashion. Day One, we are a water fast, OK? Where we're not at any calories whatsoever.

Eric: 18:38 No amino acids, no fat. All right? So I'm restricting all your calories. All right? So you have the water now coffee, that's fine. You can have coffee. There is some that don't like the sweeteners, but I'm OK with Stevia. You know there's something. Oh, you can have any sweeteners whatsoever, but they'll give you a bone broth and it knocks you out and allowed their son just to get them through it. They faster with diet coke, you know, the caffeine of course will promote a little more fat metabolizing so you'll burn a little more fat with some caffeine. And caffeine kind of gives you a little pick me up through the day. So. So water you can squirt, you can put a little lemon flavor in it maybe or you know, whatever you need. But it's the flavoring that'll kick off your, your insulin. OK, so you think about it, I'm trying to keep you away from anything flavorable.

Eric: 19:31 So you know, we have learned behaviors, right? So you think about anytime you think of food law, if I was to eat a lemon in front of you, what? What are you going? What's your reaction? Salivate. You're going to salivate, OK? So what? You're initiating a response so your pancreas can initiate a insulin response. Their metabolism is already kicking and kicking in. You kept that a pancreatic lipase are already in the stomach because that's how the body prepares itself. So we have to avoid those things. You're going to kick off your learned behaviors. It's like me, if I, you know, we all have learned behaviors of eating and snacking. If I go to a movie, if there's no popcorn, I can't function. That goes hand in hand. I can't pay attention to this movie. I know popcorn movie does not go without a popcorn. That that is the law in my stomach and my brain says, what are you doing?

Eric: 20:27 Where's the popcorn? No, I'm serious. We all have learned behaviors.

Chad: 20:30 The previews before don't do you see that butter drizzled over the pop car and you're like, get me some.

Eric: 20:38 So if you go and you're fascinated, you go into a bakery or into a supermarket and you smell those smells, there's a reaction. It's a learned behavior, but fasting breaks those and that's what's exciting about fasting new break. Those learned behaviors because you're going three days and sooner or later the brain will let go of that learned behavior to where your association with that food always initiates a reaction, but sooner or later when you do it enough, you know you've been ketosis. You don't have that reaction anymore to show him foods and smells and so it takes some time and that's why I like about fasting. We're going to break a lot of that learned behavior, so that's a big park.

Eric: 21:14 It really is. And then there's that day one, we have water, you have coffee and you can drink. You know, we'd probably drank up to two liters a day of fluid, but we're real big on supplements. Supplements you've gotTa have your magnesium, potassium and your sodium. I do a multivitamin or Multivitamin, so we make sure your, your supplements are there for the electrolytes because that's very critical when you're fasting and stay busy. Number one of course is, and I always make sure most of the people do not do weekend fast. They're working eight hours a day. They're keeping busy or they have their kids to take care of a lot of people like for some reason Tuesday night because they am Friday night. OK popular three day window for people. So I always say choose your best three days that you is going to be less stress but know you're going to stay busy and you're not going to be prepping food for the family.

Eric: 22:06 And it's hard because, you know, I have house, you know, the women that have kids and a lot of them I should get your husband to make the meals. So if you can I get you out of the kitchen just to make it easier. OK. Yep. And so we're always looking for ways to make that first three day fast easier. And so it's, it's water only and you can just do some of the sweeteners. Stevia drops in my water and I've actually promote. I know people get mad at me, but the chicken bullion brand, it's, it's, it's got some preservatives and, but yeah, there's no calories to it. There is a good sodium 700 milligrams. It, you've got to keep up. So I, I, I actually advocate that for some people and even myself, I'll drink that in the morning. It kind of makes you think like, you're, you're having soup. It's a mental thing.

Chad: 23:00 Well this is so, this is cool. You've gathered some reactions from some of your biofitters, um, to their, to their fast and you want, you got permission to share some of these comments about what people are experiencing while they're fascinating, which I think is amazing because really, I mean this is where the rubber hits the road. This is what real life people are experiencing as they, as they jump into this three day fast while in Ketosis. So do you want to just mention some of those and talk about some of the comments here?

Eric: 23:29 I asked for their comments and these are coming from them and I said I wouldn't use their names, but they probably wouldn't care if I did or not, but I have so many towns in one. Um, I, I think people would pay millions to get the energy and mental clarity experienced after a. and what is phenomenal is that water cost, nothing is an added benefit and this guy's from Qatar were far across and she also stated, I don't want this feeling to end OK. And then others who are feeling good, no hunger, no cravings, cognitive and tack day two started workout, a little sluggish, but energy kicked in, feeling good all night. Another one, glucose 63 this morning and ran 10 point five miles. Still feeling lots of energy. Very clear thinking. That was on day three. And then, uh, this was on day three, she said fasting gave me a real sense of gratitude and happiness.

Eric: 24:28 It's amazing. I really didn't think I could do it. I feel so cleaned out. Strong connection with body, mind and spirit. Another one, I feel great. I'm not hungry. My workout went great. I could have done a lot more than the workout. You gave me another. I feel so good. No stomach bloating or gas. That's a popular one. My friends think I'm crazy, but I can't wait to do this again. This could be addicting and another one. I think I went to fast every other week. I feel so good, but day two was the only hard day. But now day three, I really feel so good. I want to go five days. Is that OK Eric? I lost no strength. In fact, I feel really strong. How can that be? Is it normal to dream about food? I am not hungry, but I am dreaming about it.

Eric: 25:09 And the other one I have brain power. I don't want it to stop. Please. So these are just, these are just some. And I get it. I just, I really enjoy it and ensure they want. Sometimes there's some struggle because you know it's a mental thing because you're used to that learned behavior kicks him and then I always say, just hang on. But I think the hardest thing I have now is slowing them down because they want to go five days. They want to go six. They want to go every other weekend or three day fast. I have one in New York and he knows I'm talking about. He's, he's, I call him the master faster in Los Angeles, down to the orange. A big faster if I day six days he's done a few of them in and he's written some really great experiences about it.

Chad: 25:58 It's so different than what you would expect right? As a coach. Well, not you. Not what you would expect because you know the science and the experience of it because you've experienced yourself. But what I would expect if I were a coach and I was putting people on multi-day fasts, I would expect to be getting texts and emails and messages like, what the hell have you done to me? What is, what is going on? I'm so hungry. I need food. I feel lethargic. I feel no energy. I, you know, this is the worst thing ever because I, I've, I mean I'll, I've done cleanses. I've done juice cleanses, I've done a few other things and they, I'll tell you what, like I'll never do them again. They were the worst experience ever. So this is incredible that people are having this kind of experience, fasting and experiencing something that they've never experienced before. I love the one you read first. Actually. I think it was the second when you read about the gratitude, it gave them more gratitude for, I'm guessing just like, life in general.

Eric: 26:55 she really connected. In fact she actually, I spoke with her and she actually, it was emotional and others talk about that like, you know, I'm really cognitive and you know, and some are very prayerful people or even a meditation and it seemed like they reached that, that extra level and even when you go for five and I found out on the fifth day you really get euphoric. I remember your adrenaline's going, you got it, you've got a lot of energy pumping and you're like, wait, how can I feel so good? And those that are working there, like they just stay focused and, and I would love people to go five days to really experience the euphoric, but some get it on the third day they started getting very euphoric high and some, there is a few headaches along the way. People get a headache, I say increase your sodium a little bit.

Eric: 27:46 Somehow my stomach's growling. I said don't worry, you'll get through it and use it the first day. Yeah. I currently meet about food. I think that was the first night or second night, but she's gone. And some of them even said, like I've said before, I didn't feel in lumps, heard the don't tell them, tell their friends. And, and the reason being is they're like, oh, you're crazy. You know, what, why would you do this to your body? And, and I don't mind, you know, if I'm fasting, I'd be happy to share it and then share the reasons why. But most of mine, uh, the biofitters I send them a whole pre workout a pre fast where they understand what they're doing, why they're doing it and the benefits. And I think they read it, know I'm always talking about it so many times to us. But anyway, it knowledge is important on that. And you have a purpose in our region.

Chad: 28:37 Yeah, absolutely. So we've talked about how to get in to the fast, talked about what we can, what we can do while we're fasting. Um, so let's talk about how do we come back out, how, how do we get our body back into utilizing the fuel that we're putting into it?

Eric: 28:55 Good question. Really good question. Because the re fueling is very important

Chad: 29:00 and I'll say, let me say this real quick too. I hear people all the time, your bio fitters, you and I have had this conversation. What are you gonna? What are you going to break your fast with? Everybody's looking to that meal. What, what am I going to break this fast to it?

Eric: 29:16 And a lot of people do fast for religious purposes and it will always, they will just think about what they're going to eat at the end of this. I used to do that. I can't lay, I got this pork or whatever is waiting at home, your rush home and just annihilate it. But no, we don't do that in an Andean are fast rule. Refueling is very important because remember we have taken our insulin of the game and that's the reason we fast as the drop that insulin. OK? And so when that insulin gets low, we're keeping it flat line. It's low. OK? Remember we got Glucagon and they're doing the work now. So anytime now you go into refitting mode. We don't want that. Insulin's going to spike if you're going to carve up and just how I'm, I'm, I'm going for, I deserve this. But when you end up fast, you're not that hungry.

Eric: 30:08 Most of the ones I coach and myself, you've really not hungry. You're like, ah, I go another day and it's just kind of funny, but so in refilling you don't want to drive that insulin because we've got an electrolyte issue that we've got to keep balanced because you're balancing it during your fast. Then all of a sudden you shoved that insulin up and you don't want to be shoving a electro lights in the hardcore into the sales and leaving your blood plasma dry of electrolytes and you're going to have issues. So we got to keep a balance and you don't want to spike that. So bringing in the carbs real slow, I recommend a little bit of a cuddle is always one I recommend, you know, like a half of a Colorado, a little bit of spinach, a, you know, just a small salad is what I broke into. Nothing big and fancy and I have some just have one piece of Bacon. They do fine with it and they just initiate the carbs slowly. So you're going to get some carbs from your avocado and your Spanish. And then usually what I find with most of the bio fitters, that first meal is pretty pretty conservative. Like my instruction and then I look at their macros for the next meal, a lot  back there. They're like that, you know, nothing bad, but it's a full meal, you know, and they all feel good.

Eric: 31:22 Yeah. You know, if you feel good you can bounce back, you know, the second mill and then I had no problem with that and I bounced back real quick but I don't have it and sometimes there is that post a fast in kind of let down, you know, just like after a race or anything you accomplish, you know, there's always that little let down cause it's, it's gone and I tell people don't need to tell him more than you'll get over that little post depression. It's just kind of a like, oh this sucks.

Eric: 31:53 I want that feeling back. And what does that say? OK, I'm going to fast again. So it, there is definitely that on some people that it's,

Chad: 32:03 it's important to for us to remember. Well it's important for me to remember and I would recommend it for other people is we can't feel those high euphoric feelings on those things all the time or they would become the norm. Right.

Eric: 32:19 I've been running how many years now in training and I've only had the runner's high twice. Yeah, I mean I think I would have quit by now if I was just doing it for that 30 year for what, two, two, two highs.

Chad: 32:32 Yeah. So enjoy them when we're there and be in the moment when we're there and then realize that we can't have that all the time or, or, or it would become the norm and it wouldn't be a high

Eric: 32:41 in your fashion gets better because you become member. I'm the guy all about adaptation. Your body becomes adapted to that. The brain says, Hey, I didn't hear before the chefs who have been here before, everything's been there before and order to make it work better. OK? And you're going to get faster at regenerating these sounds. And I remember one good thing about it is, I like it because of the Atari, but it also can purge out any pre cancer cells that you might be. Everybody has them, especially the five day, seven day you're gonna limit that glucose uptake into the cells and it's like a purge. And I kinda, I, I, I like that, you know, as a backup. Um, and I can go into that deeper and we should do a podcast on, on a, on a metabolic issues with, with cancer. But no, there's, there's so much a therapeutic fasting.

Chad: 33:35 Yeah. This has been great. This has been fascinating.

Eric: 33:37 Well, I hope I can get people excited about a three day fast. Maybe we should hold a, a, a three day fast for all the listeners and we'll coach you might throw the life in. Ketosis will start with it and we'll coach somebody through that. That would be a three day fast and, and we'll get you through it and see what you think it would be fun is to, is to release an episode every day, like do it all together and released episode everyday contracts or other feelings. And I'd be interested in tech and I'm, I'm, you know me, I'm a biomarker so I like to see your glucose and ketones. In fact I have a type one diabetic just starting and so I'm all over his ketones but I'm coaching and, and it's, you just need to, I, I feel safe when I can see your blood markers. I know you're OK. Well that's great. Thank you so much for biohacking with us today

Chad: 34:27 and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on facebook. Also, if this podcast has helped you in any way, we encourage you to consider going on itunes and leaving us a review and a five star rating. That really helps our reputation as a podcast and be found in search engines and help more people. Ultimately, that's the goal.

Chad: 34:52 Until next time, Stay Keto!