4/22/18 Sunday Supp: Can you Eat too MUCH Fat on Keto?

Today the guys are talking fat, and specifically if you can have TOO much of it. Gina asks: "People say eat all the fat you want when you're in ketosis, is that true? Is there a point of eating too much fat?" Eric is here to provide the answer about having too much of a good thing...

Eric's self-experiment with 400+ grams of fat a day!

Activity level and biomarkers play a role in how much fat you can eat.

What if your ketones are too high?

Finding the body's equilibrium.

Tweaking fat intake levels could be the answer if weight loss has stalled out.

And the naturally satiating state of the mighty fat.

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Chad: 00:02 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our mid week mini series called Sunday every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episodes where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Gina. She asks, people say, eat all the fat you want when you're in ketosis. Is that true? Is there a point where it's too much fat to the question? There's a lot of. Because it's out there. Yeah, there's a lot of people that. Yeah, talking about how you can't have too much fat when you're in Ketosis

Eric: 00:42 and they just say, hey, just eat all the fat you want, just eat fat. And they say no. Those are the coach to say, well, they just said it all you want. It doesn't do anything to you. Well, the problem is, and I talked about in a podcast where I ate like 427 grams of fat a day, but I'm lean, OK, and I'm working out and I'm really in Ketosis so I can get away with more fat, but some people cannot get away with more fat [inaudible] it depends on, on your body type and depends on, you know, your insulin issues. If your resistance are real sensitive, OK, how active you are, how active and your genetic. If you have some, you know, a single nucleotide polymorphism, the snips we talked about that says, Hey, don't you shouldn't eat very much saturated fat at all. So it's not worth the risk.

Eric: 01:35 I mean, what, how much? How much do you really want to eat? But besides that, you remember that dietary fat coming in is what you're eating. All right? And a lot of people say, just eat until you're full or satiated and just to keep eating, but where you're converting the stored fat from your adipose tissue into ketones. So you want that to be a good energy source because you want your store to energy gone. OK, and that's what most people are in for body composition in the beginning or if you know if you do have those issues, so you're are you bringing in something to compete with that? So if you bring in dietary fat that's going to go through your Kyla microns, it's gotta be delivered to muscle cells or to your heart to be utilized as energy. OK? Now you're saying, well, what about the stored ones that are coming to the liver to be converted to ketones?

Eric: 02:28 Am I going to convert all that dietary fat? So how much can you body handle? How much can candidate process? So there's a homeostasis here that you've got to get to. So if your ketones are really high, and then I said, OK, I'm going to bring your dietary fat down a little bit because we're competing with something here. I want you to burn those key challenges energy because your brain is going to take them, but I want your muscles to take it. Not taking that dietary fat that you're eating and delivering those Chylomicrons are to getting package on and being taken to the muscles. So it's common sense, you know you can't. Key challenge that you produce are water soluble, so you're going to, if you have extra, you're going to excrete those, those fatty acids, if you have extra, you're going to store them, you're not going to excrete them.

Eric: 03:26 So unless you've got mct oil, then you're going to excrete that. You're not going to store that on your dietary fats. You've got to get a homeostasis, you got get a equilibrium, so, and everybody's different. So that's when you chart tweaking your fats and women who saw and I coach a lot, they get to that 15, 20 pound loss and then they stopped. So I got to say, OK, what hormones issues that we're dealing with? Or let's tweak the fat. Let's bring that dietary fat down. Let's try to draw more storage fat to the liver to create ketones and use that as your energy. And your mos was new, bringing each other. There's a lot of tweaking to do, but I'm not, uh, I'm not in the camera and you know, and I've talked about how much I love fat. Yeah. But there's a limit. There's a limit on everything.

Chad: 04:12 It gets hard because I mean, I, I did not like eating the fat when we started and now I love it. I can, I'll catch myself and I'll catch myself on my third avocado of the day. I'm like, oh, this probably isn't the best decision.  

Eric: 04:33 if you're, if you're, if you're, if you're hungry, you know. And I say grab, if you're going to grab something, grab a little extra fat. Since I'd say, hey, grab an extra protein. I mean, you know, you're in keto, you're not going to convert that to go Luco gender con. Yeah. Yeah. Unless you go crazy, unless you got a lot of carbs and fats, more satiating protein to me, you know, there's different camps out there. I find fat mostly shooting and I picked up, there's days I actually go to a hundred 90. I'm like, oh Whoa, I really went over today. Um, but it's not going to affect me. I don't store it. Um, I could, uh, I'm not going to say you can't store it, so be careful.

Chad: 05:16 Be careful. Yeah. That's great. Well, thanks for talking with us today and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life, you ketosis, be sure to check out by biofitcoaching.com, or BioFit Coaching on facebook and until next time, stay keto.