4/15/18 Sunday Supp: How do You Build Muscle on Keto?

On this Sunday Supp Eric takes on a question from Jesse who asks: Can you build muscle on a ketogenic diet? And if so, how? This is a great question because many tend to focus on the weight loss side of ketogenics, but what about weight gain? And specifically, adding muscle mass? Eric has the answer!

There exists a fear of too much protein knocking you out of ketosis.

Eric's self-experimentation with only 45 grams of protein a day.

The power of leucine, the muscle building amino acid!

Are 115 grams of protein a day enough to build muscle?

Don't forget the workout! And the recovery.

And finally, Eric offers a word of caution regarding certain types of supplements.

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our mid week mini series called Sunday Supp. Every Sunday we'll give you a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things. keto. This has been fun to get a lot of these different questions in from our listeners. It's also a way for us to connect with you. A lot of times we're just here behind the microphone and don't get an opportunity to really interact with you, so thanks for submitting questions. Our question today comes from Jesse and he asks, I would like to have more muscle mass. Can you and how do you gain muscle mass or weight in keto? That's a great question because I mean pretty much everything we hear talked about in keto is lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, and a anabolic.

Chad: 00:54 Yeah, so Jesse wants to know is it possible to gain muscle mass while you're on Keto and if so, what? What W, how do we do this?

Eric: 01:00 Well, Jesse, well I'm a 62 year old guy. I'd like to get some muscle mass too, but I'm getting old, but yes. Yes, you can. Of course, you can remember in muscle mass. It's anabolic. We're talking now, not catabolic. OK, so we're building and a lot of people depends, you know, you've got to tweak your macros because I assume you're in good ketosis. All right? And so as we've talked before, there's a lot of fear out there in, in the keto world that if you're going to take in too much protein, you're gonna knock yourself out of ketosis being that gluconeogenesis. All right? You think you know it's protein that we're talking to amino acids. All right?

Eric: 01:48 So the fear is you're going to turn some of those amino acids into glucose, which is going to raise your blood sugar. You're gonna. Raise your insulin, knock you out of Ketosis. All right, well that's, that's really not the case. Remember, we're talking about protein and amino acids and I think I said in a quick setup is you have certain amino acids that are our Glucogenic, Ketogenic or certain amino acid, more ketogenic, and there are certain Aminos that are glucogenesis in two of those are Alanine. Arginine, OK? They like to be converted to glucose. OK, so we're talking now protein synthesis. All right, you want to build muscle so you're going to need to take in a certain amount of protein to do that. Right, and I, I actually did that when I mentioned it before that I did a 45, 50 gram per day protein and prove that I can actually gain muscle mass.

Eric: 02:47 And I did. So everybody's different. Everybody's different, but you need to get enough. But what I would do a Jesse is get your protein because remember now we're talking about those two insulins that we've talked about before. You Got Insulin to hormones. I mean, and you have glucagon and of course with protein you're calling in a glucagon. And so we're in a building mode now. So out of all your amino acids, the one you're looking for that's going to do protein synthesis for muscle building. You talk about, you know, their branch chain amino acids, OK? Which is um, leucine, baline and lots of leucine. All right? So what we're talking about is leucine, OK? Leucine is your protein synthesizer. That's your big amino acid that's going to build muscle. So you gotta figure out a good time that you want to take it because it doesn't, it has a short half half-life.

Eric: 03:49 All right, you want to take it before you work out. I would recommend and, and take a drain, you know, through your workout and maybe a little after if you really about building muscle because you want to activate, we call the mtor pathway and the igf one factor, those are your antibiotic. Those are the pathways to build muscle. And, and you know, and you can put on a lot of muscle, whatever, whatever you're going after, you'll gain that muscle wage a, you don't have to eat 200 grams of protein or 300. You can, you can maintain 100, 250 grams of protein and build muscle. I, I, for myself and I've mentioned before, Jesse, that I'm not trying to push my mtor pathway cause if I have anything else like cancer and everything else at my age, I really don't want to have that be a catalyst for that.

Chad: 04:41 You don't want to encourage the growth.

Eric: 04:42 I don't want that. And there's, there's different camps out there about the mtor pathway, but I'm a believer in that kind of break it down. But I am. I've, I've actually put on muscle this year was just, you know, I'll keep my, my protein about hundred 20 grams a day. Um, but I'm not into leucine one, branch chain amino acids, but I'm not sure how old you are, but you definitely can build some muscle. All the muscle you want, just get the right program. But remember, you can eat all the leucine you want, you can push him to our pathway all you want, but if you don't get in the gym and do the work down muscle tissue to give it something to repair and recover and regenerate, then you're not going to have any muscle fiber there. You gotta get a good workout.

Eric: 04:42 Um,

Chad: 05:26 and a good recovery

Eric: 05:27 and good recovery. I'm big on recovery and I've been down where I used. I used to be a bodybuilder in the early, in the seventies or the eighties. So I went down that pathway of all, all really pushing the protein synthesis to get to get bigger. And now it is not that, it's just I am what I am today. So I hope I answered your question.

Chad: 05:49 That's some great information I really appreciate

Eric: 05:51 and there's a lot of stuff real quick that you can get at Gnc and all the health nutritious, but be careful with that stuff because there's a lot of different chemicals in those filler and filler. And, and I've been down that path with clients and I am telling you their stuff that does come from China that actually has real, the real deal and it real testosterone, so they put it in the product and to get great results and people will buy it and talk about it and FDA doesn't regulate that stuff.

Eric: 06:24 So you gotta be really careful about all those ones behind the locked cabinet. And then the health food stores just really do your homework on it. Yeah. And I recommend just, just, just be careful with that stuff. I like just eating your good foods, your leucine and your good protein, good amino acids, and, and get your protein synthesis that way. It helped.

Chad: 06:48 Thanks for biohacking with us today. And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com and BioFit Coaching on facebook. And until next time, stay keto.