4/8/18 Sunday Supp: How Much Protein Can I Eat on Keto?

Today's question comes from Jen who asks about protein on keto. Specifically, she wants to know if too much protein can knock you out of ketosis?

Eric's self-experimentation with protein (highs and lows).

What amino acids can convert?

Eric's rule of thumb with protein consumption.

Need more protein in your diet? Eric's got the skinny on bulking up in this Sunday Supp.

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our mid week mini series called Sunday Supps. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episodes where we answer your questions on all things keto, and today our question comes from Jen and Eric. She asks, what about protein limits? Is there too much in? Can it knocked me out of Ketosis?

Eric: 00:30 That's a good question. That that is really a good question because it's becoming a big concern right now, especially because ketosis is getting so, so popular and we've always had the fear a sense, the Atkins Diet. Then if you overdo your protein, OK, then we're going to have that process known as gluconeogenesis take place in the liver to convert that extra protein that's not being utilized. These are amino acids now, so it's going to convert that to glucose. OK? Then obviously that has to be done with OK and now could of course, what we're all about, ketosis is controlling your insulin. OK, so, so the issue is you don't want to overdo your protein because you're fearful of that glucose being converted to glucose to raise your insulin and knock you out of Ketosis. All right? So basically, ah, we, we need not to worry so much about protein on it.

Eric: 01:29 There is a limit, but gradually, and I've been self testing myself because you remember I've talked about before, I was on a 45 gram per day protein. All right? And I wanted to see as far as muscle tissue, lean body mass if I could build. And I, you know, I had that, that challenge from another power lifter and he was doing 200 grams of protein a day and I stayed on 45 and we went 12 weeks dating, you know, muscle on 45 grand so my body can, can probably go less on protein, but I've been testing this and raising up my protein up to a hundred and 50 grams. And you know about this, I'm not into protein because I'm the older guy that doesn't want to initiate that mtor pathway we've talked about that would initiate growth. And if I had cancer and I'm in that camp where I really don't need growth so much right now, I need to repair, but I don't need growth.

Eric: 02:28 But anyway, in testing it, the thing you have to worry about is insulin, OK? And the higher the protein that I went up, remember my carbs are down so my insulin is down, OK? And now when we eat that protein, of course we're bringing in another hormone called Glucagon. And remember our pancreas produces two hormones. We got the Alpha sales pushing out the Glucagon, and we have the Beta cells pushing out the insulin. And these cells are all right next by each other. All right? So we eat fat. We bring in Glucagon, which is strictly fab. If you eat protein, you're going to pay you in Glucagon. And if you eat carbs, a question bring in insight. So we're trying to control us to hormones. And in doing so we find, and I found and studies have shown long as your carbs are down because you brought your insulin down and your glucose is down, you can bring in that extra protein.

Eric: 03:22 And it does not raise your insulin. So this is why we're in Ketosis, is to control our insulin, which is the root of all these inflammatory and other disease. It's so. So basically if your carbs are low, here, you're in. Some is down because you're in ketosis. You can raise your protein up without the fear of raising your insulin exhaust, knocking you out of Ketosis. So you know, the average like you, like I've talked to you about it is you, you should go one to two grams of protein per kilogram. OK? So like myself, I'm 65, about 65 grams a day cause I'm a hundred and 45 pounds. And so I, if I did one gram, that'd be like 65 grams a day of protein. So I boosted up to over two. And I had no, I checked my blood markers, I had no issue. So if you need a little more protein because you want to build or you're in that protein synthesis where you need it for recovery, uh, yeah, you can raise your protein. And one quick thing, remember, it's all about the amino acids.

Eric: 04:37 When you're like, if you're doing the BCA age, like leucine and lysine and, and, um, Luis l, a lysine and, and valium, but amino acids that really will not convert to is leucine and lysine a mineral acids very easily, but as long as you can, it's like Argentine and Eleni. Those are the ones that can go glucose, but if you're low carb you don't have to worry about it if your blood sugars are low. So basically, you know, I hope I answered the question that you can bring your protein up, glucose and your insulin down. You're going to be working with that Glucagon and insulin ratios all the time.

Chad: 05:24 That's great. Well, thanks for biohacking with us today.

Eric: 05:24 I appreciate it

Chad: 05:27 And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or Biofit coaching on facebook. And until next time, stay keto!