3/21/18 E30 Every Day Ketogenics: Gettin’ Real with Guests 2 Keto Dudes

Chad's journey may have begun with one less piece of bread, but what about a journey that begins with the danger of one less toe? On today's episode, Chad and Eric welcome two amazing guests that are both celebrities in the keto realm, Carl and Richard from the 2 Keto Dudes podcast. They share their history and perspective on the ketogenic lifestyle, as well as some very cool projects they have in the works (check out all the links below).

Why did Carl and Richard start the 2 Keto Dudes podcast?

From diabetes to cancer, how keto is giving life back.

How the LOW-fat diet is the real short-term fad, whereas keto is as old as man.

Combatting the misinformation that surrounds ketogenics.

Keto is simply replacing the sugar and starch in your diet with healthy fat.

Richard and Carl prove you can be foodies AND stay keto.

Removing the addictive drive of carbohydrates.

What is Keto Fest? And why you'll want to be there!

Imagine going out to any restaurant and having multiple ketogenic options on the menu...

From pork beef jazz to 5-day fasts, the 2 Dudes, Biohacker and Test Subject talk all things life and keto. An episode you won't want to miss!

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Carl: 00:00 Skip down a 14 years later, I've got type two diabetes and, uh, I have no idea what to do and I'm getting fatter and all this stuff, and I had seen Richard on facebook flaunting his weight loss,

Richard: 00:00 Oh yeah

Carl: 00:20 rubbing it in the nose of the Australian Diabetes Association, which had told him to do exactly the opposite of what he did. And I said, you know what? This guy's a genius. I want to get me some of that.

Chad: 00:34 They say a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Chad: 00:43 My name is Chad and I am your test subjects. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness. I hoped it helped me feel better. Call him the biohacker, but I call him parent. I hope you'll join me on a path of leads, you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives in ketosis. This is the life in Ketosis podcast of biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 01:17 Hello everyone and welcome to my quest of achieving optimal body performance with Amanda can get me there. The biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bischof. Every episode, I'll be sharing my actual results, both successes and failures as Eric teaches me how to apply the principles of [inaudible] genetics and functional movement to look and feel fantastic. Just as a reminder, the first five episodes of this podcast are foundational episodes, so if you haven't listened to those, we encourage you to push pause now, go back, listen to the first five episodes of this podcast to get your foundational knowledge on Chemo, genetics and functional movement, and then come back and join us today. Because today is a great podcast. We have a couple of awesome guests joining us from all over the world. Uh, one is joining us at 2:00 AM. So, uh, we gotta make this one great to make it worth it.

Chad: 02:08 But I, it's my pleasure to introduce you to the two Keto dudes. Now. If you're anywhere in the ketogenic life, a society, a networks, forums, any of that, all that kind of stuff, you have probably already heard about the two Keto dudes. And, uh, we are so excited to have them on the life in Ketosis podcast. A because they're going to bring a ton of value to you today, but they're also just super fun guys. Um, they're, they're entertaining to listen to their both foodies, so they give incredible recipes, food ideas, all of that kind of stuff. And they're both just super knowledgeable and helpful. So I want to welcome both Carl and Richard to the life in Ketosis podcast. Hey guys. Hey. Yeah, good to be here. I love having the good day in there. Get it.

Carl: 03:02 So like, make a guess where it's two in the morning. You got it.

Chad: 03:09 You have a little bit too much energy, Richard, for two in the morning.

Richard: 03:13 Yeah, well this is, I guess lighting my evening. Uh, I, I'm, I have weed getting patents. So, uh, yeah, who knows what my head's doing. I'm feeling good. That let's go with it. Might be. Caffeine is actually, I'm actually, I'm actually 36 years. This is green tea. Yeah. Thirty six hours into the fast. I'm about to fly to Denver, Colorado in about another 36 hours by the time I arrive I'll be five days faster.

Eric: 03:48 So are you on a water Only fast?

Richard: 03:52 a green tea, um, and I'll have an espresso in the morning. That's about it. OK. With buck. Any butter or any that, you know, fat.

Eric: 04:02 I've been there. Done that. It's good. And I know you guys have kids I love fascinating,

Carl: 04:08 but we're heading out to a low carb. Breckenridge, Colorado will be there for a few days. Is that an event that you guys were attending? We're not, I'm not familiar with the low carb. Breckenridge. Just an event. A couple of days of speaking and what we do Richard Tonight as we get our friends together for, you know, from the podcast and in our community we rented an airbnb house, so we're cooking and uh, collaborating because commiserating and all that stuff.

Eric: 04:43 So do you have a special meal to end that five day fast with the first meal?

Richard: 04:49 I think the first meal is a pork rind waffles. Regular. Fast out. We're doing some stuff. We're doing some, uh, we're to be doing, we're going to be doing a lot of port port, but a lot of cabbage soup. Eat Salmon. And I'm also doing this recipe that involves meat, glue, raw shrimp and getting out to temperature and you basically extruded out and you make pastor at a pure approaching. And uh, so that's a shrimp pastor. Yeah, I've made it. I made it at cals place. Sounds interesting. Sounds like a lot of work though, pastor. Yeah. Got To have it. I know I wasn't invited, but I'll be there just as you guys were talking. I booked my embraca. That's beautiful. Beautiful. Yeah. I was tempted to go into [inaudible], but other things came up, so I'm familiar with it.

Carl: 05:58 It's a good thing you got to be used to not being able to breathe very high. Oddly. Sell cans of oxygen at Wal-mart for like a dollar and we were on daily.

Chad: 06:12 That's great. So let's jump in to Keto. Dude. Podcasts. Let's talk a little bit about that. Why did you guys. Why don't we. Why don't we start with you Carl? Why did you guys start the two Keto dudes podcast?

Carl: 06:24 Oh, OK. Yeah. I will tell you that story. There's two parts of it. There's the diabetes story, which is sort of drives the content and then there's a podcast part. I've actually been a podcast or since August 2002 really good. The history of podcasting. It really didn't start until 2004, 2005. So I basically was an NPR junkie and love this sort of edutainment, um, format, you know, I loved Saturday afternoons listening, Saturday mornings listening to all those great shows, card stock and all that.

Carl: 06:59 So I'm a software development was what I was really working on and Microsoft had come out with this new platform called.net just about that time. And I, there was so much to know and so many people knew a lot of stuff and so many people didn't that I just decided to start talking to them in [inaudible] and put it on a, uh, on an MP3 and let people download it. I had a training company so I had a pretty good following and a website before that in the nineties. So I had 30,000 people on my mailing list or so, and they just started downloading these things and listening to them. And one thing led to another podcast and came around, I'm a software developer, so I was able to make an rss feed myself right from my data and um, you know, skip down a 14 years later I've got type two diabetes and uh, I have no idea what to do and I'm getting fatter and all this stuff.

Carl: 07:56 And I had seen Richard on facebook flaunting his weight loss, new hallway, rubbing it in the nose of the Australian, a diabetes association, which had told him to do exactly the opposite of what he did. And I said, you know what, this guy's a genius. I want to get me some of that. And so a mutual friend of ours got a prostate cancer actually in his wife also wanted to lose weight. So they both went on the ketogenic diet being inspired by Richard. And I said, you know what, you're doing it. I'm doing it. I'm the cancer story is interesting. He turned out to have beaten it and he used a ketogenic diet and a hyperbaric chamber. And he did it without radiation or chemotherapy. Um, by the time they got there, it was completely self contained. They took it out and he's been cancer free ever year and a half, two years. So I guess. So I just decided, you know, what, I'll make a podcast about this and if you don't mind talking to me, Richard Little, a document, sort of my progress. So I had lost maybe about 15 pounds when we started and I progressed all the way down to the end of that year where I had lost eighty pounds,

Richard: 09:18 lucky or second week. So we actually captured, if you go back to the first episode of the Keto Dude, you'll actually capture somebody just starting out unsure themselves and they've done like two weeks worth of it. So from your perspective, Richard, why did you guys start the itunes podcast? So for us it was really a commitment device for Carl. I mean I had already lost eighty pounds a, my hp1c and see, which is a measure of how much glucose exposure your blood has over a three month period had gone from 11 point two to five point two. So that's a significant injury that, that, that's reversal of diabetes. And so, ah, as Carl said, I was telling everybody about this huge on, on facebook because th, th, the thing is that, uh, it's a very simple treatment for diabetic, for type two diabetic. It is very simple treatment that, that, that pretty much guarantees that they're going to get very close to, to, to glucose status within two or three months.

Richard: 10:25 And um, you've got to realize that for a diabetic, um, there are a lot of horrible complications. What got me started in this sort of two years before I started the podcast with car was, um, my doctor sat me down and said, you know, that ingrown toenail, it's not healing on your right big toe. That time may have to come off. And when you have that conversation, that's a, that's, that's, that's, that'll set you back on your bum that, that compensation. And I knew that, you know, a decade earlier, I'd gone on a low-carb Diet. I'd done that, continue to help me lose weight. And I said to the doctor, I'll make you a wager. I'll do whatever you want me to do. Um, cut bits off, put me on each learn. Um, put me on this genevier dragged that he wanted to put me on. Um, I'll do whatever you want if I can't control my glucose, but give me three months of diet, a chance to try diet.

Richard: 11:27 And I knew that at conduction worked for me and I've, I've been seeing this stuff about Tim Noakes had just been a um, a new, uh, new, about two notes in and he'd just gotten into ketogenic diets or banting as he called it. And I was just starting the difference, just starting to filter into my consciousness. And I say, so I said to the doctor, give me three months. I've, I went away. I came back and I'd lost in the first three months, I'd lost probably 15, 20 pounds. And he said, what are you doing? And I said, I'd rather not tell you right now and see where we stand. And he says, what have you done? You've reversed your diabetes. And I said, OK, well what I'm doing is I'm not eating any sugar or starch and I'm not worrying about fat and I'm getting all my energy from fat and all of it seemed.

Richard: 12:22 A lot of it seems to be coming from my body, but I'm eating a lot of fat on my plate as well and I'm not putting on weight. And he said, well, I, I can't, uh, I can't tell you that that's a good, good way to go, but the results speak for themselves. So anyway, long story short, uh, I managed to reverse my diabetes on a ketogenic diet, a, my friend Carl wanted to try this. And as a commitment device, we thought we'll do a podcast. He's a professional podcaster. If he doesn't stick to the Diet, it will be obvious and he'll be embarrassed and humiliated and that'll make them stick to the dot ability on steroids. Right? Exactly. And we thought we'd have like 100 listeners, maybe two or 300 maximum. I said, uh, I'll, I'll, I'll do, I'll do 12 episodes to start off with. We'll see how we go. And then at the end of 12 episodes I was enjoying myself, so I said, I'll give you a year. And by this stage we had thousands of people who are listening to us and most downloadable, most downloaded episodes, got over 100,000 downloads. So you know, it's, we've got a. we've been going for now for over two years. We've, we've run a festival in Connecticut, which I'll probably let carl talk about because that's his hometown. And we've gone from strength to strength. We interviewed Tim Noakes, we interviewed Gary Taubes fit key earthy.

Eric: 13:59 Hey, you know what, that impressed me with Tim noakes. All right. You know a Richard, I needed you in the nineties where were, you know, because I needed the lure of running me hooked on carbohydrates. OK. Carbo-Loading stacking every glucose and all my races. And then it was just awesome to know, you know, I followed him notes in. It was just great that he, he was man enough to make a change in miss. He made a mistake. OK, in science, he went with science if awesome guy. But I do also some carbohydrates to him. He's our hero, he's great. One of them.

Chad: 14:43 So we've had. We talked a lot about the therapeutic side of Ketogenic, especially coming from type two  diabetes, losing all the weight that you've, that you've lost and changing your life in. In that perspective. I was on. It's interesting, I was on a. I get this all the time, but this is just a perfect example. Last weekend I was on a guys trip and we went and we hate some narrows in southern Utah and it inevitably comes up. I'm not, I'm not a preacher of Keto at all except for on this podcast in my personal life. I'm really not a p a preacher, but it just comes up. I mean it's just, it kind of encompasses your entire life when you're living it and you're experiencing the benefits, right? I mean you're the energy benefits, the weight benefits that. All of those things that you guys have already been talking about, but it came, it came up in this, in this setting of just a couple of dudes in the desert, walk them through some narrows, you know, some strange things come up and lots of conversation and one of the reasons I love doing it, but it was interesting to me as I was talking, I got some pushback from a couple of the guys and they said, hey, ah, the, you know what, this is just another one of those fads that comes off five years and uh, you know, just, just give me two years and you'll be preaching about some other diet.

Chad: 16:05 Um, what do you guys, I'll, I'll start with you. Richard W, what do you say when somebody says that to you? Hey, this is, this is just another one of those fads. Another one will come up soon. I'm not going to follow that. I'm just going to live my life.

Richard: 16:20 Well, you know, they, uh, the evidence is that this is a ketogenic diet, is how we have evolved and we've certainly, uh, we wouldn't be able to survive periods before the invention of agriculture, uh, on a high carbohydrate diet because that kind of food only exists in a narrow band around the equator and humans exist from greenland to Tasmania. So you know that, that they wouldn't be able to do it on a high carbohydrate diet. So, so the evidence is fairly clear that I'm a Paleolithic humans pre, uh, the invention of agriculture certainly lived on a ketogenic diet. So it's barely, hardly a fad, in fact. Exactly. They exactly know that the heart cut the high carb diet. Um, the, the, certainly that the low fat diet has only been around since the, uh, since 1980. And you know, it's been a spectacular failure in being able to prevent obesity. You know, the, the, and it's funny because all of the dietetic organizations as a peak bodies all say, oh, you got lower saturated fat because it'll cause heart disease. You've got to lower total fat because that'll make you. Because it's highly caloric and you need to increase carbohydrates because you need fiber and fiber comes from carbohydrates. These will tropes that are incorrect. And Diane,  the peanut and the fad diet that we've been eating since 1980, which has been, which has made us all sick and diabetic. So. So, uh, yeah, I would say that the fad diet is low fat diet and uh, the evidence is that we've been that ketogenic for at least 300,000 years to flip it on its head. Sorry, go ahead Carl.

Carl: 18:12 What I like to tell people is I'm go, go right ahead. Do you know each year all brand and your whatever you're going to eat in your shakes and slurries and frank and food and you know, right on with your bad self and you know when you're diabetic and you're going to lose toes. Just look up the ketogenic Diet. I'll see you in 10 years.

Chad: 18:37 I love it. I love both the answers. You guys have flipped it right on its head. Eric, you, you talked a lot about this idea of the evolution of the human, of humankind. And, and we literally are evolved through this high-fat diet for survival, for purpose and for high functioning. Is there anything else you want to add to some of these thoughts that, that both Richard and Carl have brought up?

Eric: 19:00 Yeah. Well, I always go back to the clinical studies, the scientific research, which you guys know as well as I know that you've interviewed some of them that is just too much evidence coming out now that's backing. You know, you've got your lipitor, you've got your cardiologists, you got your other scientists that are actually backing that high fat, you know, a higher fat, a low glucose is the way to go, you know. And so we're getting too many really educated, smart people getting behind it. And that's great proof

Carl: 19:36 is not to mention all the thousands of people that are, you know, from a ketogenic forums and who listened to our show and send us mail on a regular basis. Never seen one piece of mail that says, you know, I tried Keto and my diabetes got worse. And then guys like Dr Westman who's treated, you know, four or 5,000 patients over the last 10 years using only a ketogenic diet as the first line of defense and has had nothing but success with it.

Eric: 20:11 Yeah. It is pretty exciting with virta health at a San Francisco. I mean I've spent a lot of money. They got some great researchers and doctors everything behind it. So that's exciting. I see. If any of the godfather of the Ketogenic Diet. Yeah.

Chad: 20:29 Yeah. I mean it's pretty interesting as you, as you study some of the other fads, the other dieting fads that, that only held for a couple years. A lot of them don't have a mass amount of medical and Dr backing and result backing. Honestly, there might be some initial weight loss, but there's, there's these periphery side effects that start happening and we just don't have that. I mean the popularity of Keto is getting. It's getting a lot of traction. There's a lot of buzz around it right now, but it's not new. I mean it's, it's as old as this earth is really. I mean, as, as old as the hew as humankind is and, and so that's uh, that's very interesting. I love your guys answers and your take on that one thing.

Carl: 21:12 So there is a lot of misinformation and you just start googling things. You're going to find every kind of flavor of what people consider to be ketogenic and uh, yeah, you know, when in reality it's as simple as replace all the sugar and starch and your diet with healthy fat. Yeah,

Chad: 21:30 we, you know, that's, that's a big part of our mission and our crusade is to clear some of that, that, that junk that's out there about ketogenetic diet and try to provide as much legitimate information as we can. Um, I would say that kind of encompasses our mission as, as life in Ketosis podcast

Eric: 21:51 know we have that battle from aesthetics all the way to therapeutic. OK. And so of course just statics is fantastic body composition that that's where it all starts. OK. But the therapeutic value of the Beta hydroxy buturate molecule, which I talk about a lot is it's just fabulous. I mean, it's endless and it's great that you guys took it therapeutic in the beginning and look what you guys have created

Richard: 22:22 For me it was all about saving my toes. Didn't worry too much about body composition, you know, I can now I can fast for five days and they go hop on my bike and ride around the lake in the middle of campus three times. It's roughly a hundred clones a faster. I don't have to worry about it feeling it. I don't know. Energy, energy off. I'll get off that bike and I'll have a fade. I'm ready, you know, but I'll have a giant steak. But it's, um, it's, that's remarkable. I mean, who would've thought somebody just going into this whole thing to save their toes could do something. I mean, I would consider that superhuman hearing about that from another person, from an athlete and I'm, I'm out there doing it. It's ridiculous. It really is. Awesome.

Chad: 23:14 That's great. Well, you both, uh, one thing that strikes me as I've, as I've heard the podcast, read some of the information on the website and different things that you guys are doing. One thing I love is that you're both seem to be foodies or maybe to my detriment, but, uh, that's the way it goes, you know? Yeah. Well, I want to talk to you a little bit about that, to love to cook and eat before I wanted to talk to you a little bit about that and I'm sorry to you there, but one thing that we get a lot, especially people that are new to Keto information is, isn't it hard to eat? Keto is difficult. I don't want to have to, you know, I don't want to have to complicate my eating life. Um, and one thing that strikes me about you guys that I love is that you have fun with it. It seems right, but it seems from a distance that you have a lot of fun with it. Um, and that you've created a functional way of eating in, in Ketosis. I want to talk a little bit about that. Uh, maybe, um, maybe Carla, we can start with you. Where was, where was kind of this, uh, affinity for food borne and, and how do you apply it to your Keto lifestyle.

Carl: 24:36 My affinity for food was born with me in 19 life I think. Oh, maybe genetic, maybe environmental, but uh, you know, and make sense  stuff where a big part of my growing up. But I've, I've, I've been cooking, like loving to cook since I was in my late teens. Yeah,

Richard: 25:00 I came to it a lot later. I started cooking when I was like in my mid forties. So, uh, w Calvin, I came up with this idea that, that, that cooking is the way to inoculate you, kill your kids from obesity, teach kids how to cook, teach them what makes up food, how you put together ingredients to make meals. Those are, those are things that I certainly boys, Mr Adam, I mean when I was growing up, you know, you got from your mother cooking your meals to finding a wife to cook two meals and you don't learn to cook. And, and I'm a staff there because cooking is awesome. Uh, I really enjoy. I've, I've, I've developed a passion for it and make forties and um, you know, that so and, and now I just love posting food porn on instagram. They're cooked and pay, you know, it's, it's a lot of fun,

Richard: 25:56 a lot of fun. That's interesting.

Carl: 26:00 I gotta say I used to cook a lot more and a lot more diverse things when I started keto because I was so afraid that it was going to miss, you know, crunchy crackers and so I was making cheese grits everyday and I was so afraid I was going to miss a sweet thing. So I was making chocolate moose all the time with Xylitol or whatever. Those things were fun. But after a while you just don't need any of that stuff and you just start eating because of the simple pleasure that it gives you and the sustenance that gives you, like your body says I want more pork. But with a really fatty g sauce over it with the drippings, you know, for the last two, for two weeks in a row,  that's all I eat. No, like, seriously, that's it. And I'm completely happy with that. I don't, I don't feel like I'm missing.

Chad: 26:56 This is an idea that eric teaches all the time, is you start looking at your food as fuel instead of pleasure. Now that doesn't mean that we don't have pleasure in cooking or preparing or eating or any of that kind of stuff. I still really enjoy my food, but it also has this, this stronger backbone behind it. This is fueling my body in a way that it's meant to be fueled. Anything to add to that, Eric? I mean, I know we've beat that dead horse on this podcast, but man, it's such a good principle.

Eric: 27:25 Well, I think I need to learn to be more of a Foodie, but I'm one of those guys. It's pretty repetitious and in my macros and my aminos and my fat and all that, I probably need to enjoy life a little more, but it's nothing about preparation because I, I love to prepare my physic, but with Keto it's been so simple, you know, intermittent fast and I get two meals a day and night. I love my cruciferous vegetables. Big Sounds. That's just me. I mean if you like pork, but I love a big and not because I'm saying that's healthier and better. OK. But it just something that I enjoy, you know, a lot of people think I'm not enjoying those salads, but now I think it's great, you know, to really push the. And I love your menus and I think it was great fun.

Carl: 28:10 Actually. What's weird is that people, when they, when they were approaching the ketogenic diet, I know I was certainly like this. I can't imagine yourself like, you know, you hear us talking about pork butt for two weeks or a salad every day, you know, like, I can't imagine myself liking that, you know who, but I think what you're not imagining is the removal of the addictive a drive that you have for carbohydrates so you don't even realize you're addicted to. And it is more like a drug reaction, a dopamine reaction then than a hunger signal. And so you can't imagine yourself if you have poison ivy, can't imagine yourself not being able to scratch it. But can you imagine yourself without poison ivy? That's the goal, right?

Chad: 29:00 I like that. So as you guys, you guys come up with a lot of new recipes or, or maybe tweaked recipes or that kind of stuff as you approach a new meal, how, I mean, what's the basis for your thought patterns or how are you, like, what are you, what are you basing it all on? And then kind of riffing, if that makes sense. And either of you are welcome to jump in on this.

Carl: 29:22 How can I use pork?

Richard: 29:24 Like that pork recipes that I did at Keto Fest was I took a slow cooker and I took a big bowl, a roast, which is a, it's a, it's a, it's a part of chuck roast. Yeah. And I previously roasted, because at keto fest we do cooking demonstrations and there's a 30 minute demonstration. I don't have much time to be able to do, to do a meal. Um, so. So what I was, I put the book, I put this, um, this uh, Bola roast on the night before, so he had 12 hours in the slow cooker and so it was just like, it had been stewing in its own juices for 12 hours, maybe bay leaf, a bit of salt and pepper and a bit of stock and that was it. So, so what I did was, uh, in front of this audience, I, I got two forks and I sweated the whole thing up and all the juices that it was in all went into those fibers. And that became basically pulled beef. So there I've got a recipe, I've got a big, big old pot of pool beef.

Richard: 30:27 I'm doing a 30 minute demonstration and I decided, OK, I'm going to do six different recipes, six different meals, and we had an audience of like 60 people and I'm going to give, I'm going to make 60 portions of six different meals in the remaining 23 minutes from my presentation and nuts. They also taught us that. So it's, it's very simple that we've got an epilogue and we've got a video of it on youtube of the entire process. But essentially what you do is you, you, you, you, you take this four kilogram roaster, you shred it all up and you put it in plastic bags, 200 grams a bag and you roll them up and you put them in the freezer and you forget about them. And when you're ready to make a meal, you pull it out of the freezer, you throw in the microwave, you give it two minutes in the microwave, you throw it in a frying pan, and then you start putting in flavors.

Richard: 31:26 And we did a thai, we did a curry, we did a philly cheese steak. I'm, I, I'm forgetting. Oh, our Taco, taco meat. Uh, we did a Hungarian goulash style meal. Um, that's five. There is one more so, but the, the, the, the, the trickiest that F in this case is to, is to make your food in bulk. So you, you spend, you know, you, you said you may meet off the [inaudible] as looking after itself. You didn't shred it, you put it in the bags and you bag it all up and the portions in your freezer and I'll have an entire tray of my freezer full of bates and another one for pulled pork and yeah, I'll just grab one of those that and all my Camille as I go and then I'll maybe check together a fennel salad or something like that or might be spinach and cheese or whatever

Carl: 32:17 and all day Sunday, once a week, sort of grabbing all these little things that are going to make up the ingredients for your, for your meals later in the week, and then you just have to focus on the flavors and the fresh flavors, which you know you're fresh herbs and salads and things like that.

Richard: 32:35 My freezer, it looks like a preface nightmare. Yes.

Chad: 32:40 I love that. So, so just did to boil that down is creative base, which in this case you're, you're presenting a meat, maybe a pulled pork or pulled beef and then just go off your variations after that. Take a portion of that and create a variation of it. Maybe think of a theme, a culture, a part of the world go off of that creates some fresh flavors. I love that. That's awesome.

Richard: 33:16 It's like pulled pork jazz guys and yet at that point you're just riffing on it. Although that is. I didn't have to top that for keto fest this year because we've got keto fest coming up on July 20, 21 weekend and I'm going to have to go bigger. I'm going to have to go. It's going to have to be like a meals and this.

Chad: 33:42 Well, we'll try and get some sleep before that one. I don't. Well that's, that's fantastic. I love, I, you knew where I was going next. I want to, I just want to briefly talk about Keto fast or give you guys an opportunity to talk about Keto fest a. It sounds like Carl, you're the one that you're the one that do that, but tell us what keto fest is. I'm a little bit about the philosophy behind it and uh, and how people can find more information.

Carl: 34:08 Well, it's a festival. It's not a conference. Conferences are for people. I'm sorry. Conferences are for professionals. Festivals are for people, so I wanted to do something different. I was actually at a software development conference. I think Richard wasn't, I just had this idea because some of my favorite software conferences are when there's extra curricular activities that are more social, like they have a band, they have, you know, people showing how to do raspberry Pi stuff with kids or you know, there's like stuff to do that's not just sitting in a lecture hall going, yes, OK, that's a hostile in some stale hotel room somewhere. So I had this idea that we're going to have food and we're gonna have bands and we're going to have a lessons and walking tours of the town and fitness lessons and, and on top of all that, but maybe a pig roast, which is sort of the thing that turns out that we did a pig roast.

Carl: 35:05 And uh, and then on top of that, having another day, that's your typical conference where you have lectures and you have the doctors and the scientists and stuff getting up there and actually doing talks. Um, so, so it was a dual thing. So that's the philosophy that we wanted a day, a social Saturday, and we also wanted to involve the town, so like I said, walking tours, segway tours, but also involved the restaurants. We educated about eight or nine chefs in these restaurants and came up with stuff they could serve on their menu. That was key to Janet and then we put those dishes in the program and people coupons to go to the restaurants to spend them. How we convinced them that we weren't just trying to scam, you know, coupons. They all got on board. I'll except for one which would probably get on board this year. And uh, it just worked out. It worked out great.

Richard: 36:02 And this is in Carl's hometown in Connecticut. It's sort of halfway between Boston and New York on the train. So it's really easy for people to get their, the secret sauce. The reason why we were able to do this is that cat cow is actually a counselor, not just a Ketogenic Guru. He's not just a software guru, he's also famous musician. And in my town, in any way you sign tap, tap, tap conference matters. Right? Exactly, you walk in the front door of any of the joints in new London and whoever is the band who is on duty at the moment, somebody will get on the microphone and say Carl Franklin, the house, they actually as you walk into the door, so he's quite famous so everybody knew who he was and so when he went to people, he already has an established relationship with them and so we were able to get this all up, but they're the biggest thing for people who came to the, to the event with the restaurants.

Richard: 37:03 I mean everyone had gone to conferences where they get to see Eric Westman or a Jeffrey Gerber or Ivan Cummins speak, and I mean that is great and most people have seen cooking recipes, cooking demos and that was great too, but the biggest effect for people was going out at night on a Saturday to restaurant where the wait staff knew about ketogenic food that the owner of the bar had just gone Kenogenic in the past month himself, up every. Everybody else, every other table in the restaurant was full of people eating ketogenic. We had people coming up to us in tears saying, I'm used to being the one weird person in town that does this stuff and now I'm in a room and everybody's doing it. It was, it was quite Cathartic for people. Yeah. To. To, to, to just not have to worry, not have to worry.

Chad: 37:59 That's so fun. I think that's a, that's every Keto person's dream, right, is just to be able to walk into a restaurant and look at a few items on the menu and not worry if it's going to or not. Have to make modifications with the waiter. Exactly. Do you know if I asked for butter, am I going to get Oleo margarine and all these little details, you know, sugar in the rub on those ribs? Yeah. We don't have to be those Weirdos anymore. Ask those questions. Right? That sounds fun.

Richard: 38:29 Got To do a restaurant that's willing to sell you a pint of Bacon pint glass full of bacon,

Carl: 38:37 a pint glass. I love that.

Chad: 38:41 I can eat a pound of bacon any day. That's great. I'm eating one right now. That's fun. Well, this has been awesome. You guys, as we wrap up, is there anything else that we did not cover or I mean, I'm sure there's tons that we did not cover, but anything you want to make sure our audience knows about Keto fest 2 Keto dudes or Carl and Richard in enroll? What, what do you, what do you want to leave our audience with this?

Carl: 39:08 So we have several resources. Um, first is our podcast to Keto dudes, which you can find on your favorite podcast player. We also have a website for that, 2ketodudes.com and that's the number two Keto dudes. Um, we also started a forum and we didn't talk about the origin of the forum, but it was a facebook group that we started and we grew very fast and there was like 14,000 people on there.

Carl: 39:33 And um, I don't know if you guys have your own facebook group, but after awhile it becomes like kindergarten and people are very immature and a lot of the reason is that the data, this posts don't persist so the information isn't searchable. Um, we, we've tested that theory. You can't search for something that somebody wrote a just a couple of days ago, you won't find it so that it's this constant stream of consciousness and people we, we felt we were answering the same questions over and over and over again. And then people are just naturally without us. And yes, like whack-a-mole. So we gave it a viking funeral and started a forum with a software called discourse which was written by some brilliant people who were trying to address this problem, particularly around facebook and around, uh, um, you know, these problems of dealing with people. So it's a self policing sort of self sustaining forum and that forum to Keto.

Carl: 40:30 It's completely free. We've now got about 16,000 members and there's very, very few things that we have to police. Every once in a while someone will jump in there and try to sell something that's bull crap, you know, the class and show them the door. But for the most part it's. And you can search for anything and find it doesn't matter when it was written. So there's the forum, oh, it's a great resource. The other thing is a keto fest if you're interested in that, go to ketofest.com that will take you to wherever the latest information or kickstarter is about that. And then we've got some other things that we've got a video channel video, a youtube.twoKeto.com where you can see sort of our podcasts, uh, you know, and uh, other videos that we've made, there's a, another one science.2keto.com where Richard and I called together our favorite studies and the most critical studies that you need to show your doctor. Um, and just a few of them

Carl: 41:35 that's in the video series that we did two at, fixed.2keto.com which is the two Keto dudes fix diabetes.

Chad: 41:44 I love, I love that you mentioned, um, people educating their doctors because that's really what's happening right now is people are educating their physicians rather than the reverse. And I like to say if you can't change, your doctor changed your doctor. That's great. Eric, anything else you want to make sure we leave our audience with after this conversation with two Keto dudes

Eric: 42:15 I think it went great. I got nothing to add. I usually do, but I think these guys are great. You guys are so fun.

Carl: 42:20 We think you guys are great to keep doing what you're doing.

Chad: 42:26 That's right. The more, the more good information we can get out there, the better grade and maybe I'll be out at the Keto fest, will come out and see if it will be so much fun. It be great. I'd love that. All right, well I want to thank Carl, Richard and Eric for biohacking with us today and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on facebook and until next time, Stay Keto