3/18/18 Sunday Supp: Sticking To Your Fat Intake Macros

In this episode Stephanie asks, "How imprortant is it to stick to your fat intake macros.

Eric and Chad discuss the ins and outs of fat intake, the importants of staying within a macro range.

Chad talks about his journey from not liking fats, to really trying to keep his fat intake withn the goal macros.

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Chad: 00:06 so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered on our midweek mini series called Sunday Supps. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Stephanie and she asks with fat intake, how close do I need to be to my macro goal? That's a good question. It is a good question and I've heard a few different things and then you. We've danced a little bit of raw, you know, around a little bit on, on different episodes, but it is great to have a concrete answer to, to understand like we have that macro goal of how many, you know, how much fat we're trying to get an a day, how close do we need to be to that and how important is it that we are.

Eric: 00:50 It's really a tough macro. And when I am coaching, I give a course to men and women and I really like, um, it's easier to give the fat macros to man because women still have this ingrained in them mentality of that eating fat is not good, OK? And, and I really believe a lot of it is a placebo effect because they're so stay away from fat, especially saturated fat, OK? Begun. And in meats and dairy, stay away from him. And so sometimes they'll just eat it and they're like, ah, I don't feel so good. And I really believe in a lot of it's placebo. I really do. So what I do with men and women, women, I started out a little lower on their fat, fat grams because out of all the Macros, you've got your carbs, you've got your protein. You can play with the fat, OK?

Eric: 01:47 Because that's not an insulin raising macro. The carbs, of course you can't play unless I tweak it and I work with you to start raising your carbs. If you're really insulin sensitive and you're dumping that glucose, carbs, protein, we've got to be careful gluconeogenesis. If it's going to take those tomatoes and make it into glucose and raise your insulin and stop your ketones, but fat we can play with that so I can actually raise, you know, some people's fat up to where they, they enjoy a hundred 50, hundred and eighty 200 grams of fat and they're there in key ketosis. Cause that's, that's the accountability that I know that you're OK with that much fat if you feel fine. OK. Now of course, genetically, you know, when I do the 23 and me, I look at the mutations, the variance to say, hey, you're not a good handler of saturated fat too, or people or whatever variants I look at.

Eric: 02:40 So then I can say, all right, let's bring down your saturated fat a little bit so I can always adjust their fats. You know, it's there, you know, homozygous or heterozygous under their various. OK. But most guys I can, I can play with their, you know, their Fafsa. Hey you're, you're good. How do you feel? You know, a hundred and 1500, 1600 whatever grabs the women. A lot of times they want us to be right at a hundred and 20 or a hundred and 30 I. that's the one you can have the variable, you can play with it and some days they may go up, but as long as your ketones are there and you're getting healthy fats, not all just one fat, you're getting your, your, your diversity of mono unsaturated fat, you're healthy pufas your Omega three and your saturated fat. You dairy products and animal fats and getting those things and yeah, I'm very workable.

Eric: 03:29 At lease. That's one. One macro. If you go over, you know, they constantly, you know, when I look at people's house finished I. It doesn't concern me as long as their ketones are good and they feel good and fat. Fatty acids are great, great energy source, great, great for how membranes. It's a nutrient. Cool. That's great. I hope that answers some of the question, but I know a lot of women out there. There is that issue of, of that fat is essential. Yeah. I've had a few of them say, Hey, I love my fat. I mean, they love it and they're putting down some good amount on saturated in some saturated fats that are really good.

Chad: 04:09 I got there. I, I, when I first started out, I was. I was pretty sensitive to the fat in as we had made my goal for, but after a while it was hard for me to keep it under.

Eric: 04:23 You think in a diet, not a traditional diet. Well, the less calories I take, the more beneficial it's going to be in calorie out, not happen. Same thing. Well, I'm going to skimp on the fat because now I'm going to lose more weight. No, no, no. We need that fat. We need to make ketones from it, not just your adipose tissue and you need that fat as energy source in your heart and your muscle tissue and everywhere else. Just a fatty acid alone. Well, that's great. Thanks for the information Eric. Great. Thanks for biohacking with us today and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on facebook.

Speaker 3: 04:23 Until next time, stay keto