3/11/18 Sunday Supp: The Benefits of Supplemental Creatine

Today's Sunday Supp is all about one of Eric's preferred biohacking secrets for getting that edge: supplemental creatine. That's right, that buzzy substance that was the staple of high school gyms 20 years ago, has made a swift (and drastically improved) comeback. Listen in for Eric's take!

Creatine's purpose: additional power and energy.

Where most of the body's creatine is stored.

From ATP to ADP, what's going on in your muscles?

What foods do we get creatine from naturally?

The fear of creatine: weight-gain. Is it for real?

The amount of creatine Eric recommends getting every day.

What are the best formats for supplemental creatine?

So if you're looking for an extra pop of strength and energy, it may be time to give creatine a try. 

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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our mid week mini series called Sunday subs. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Mateo and he asks, what are your thoughts on Creatine? Eric and Eric, before we dive in, I just have to say I'm sick today, so I'm sure. I'm sure my voice is not very recognizable and this probably sounds like it just rolled out of bed, but, uh, I apologize for that. So anyway, let's jump in. Materials asking about creatine. I've actually never used creatine so I'm super interested as well. So what, what are some of your thoughts on creatine?

Eric: 00:47 OK, I'm sorry you're not feeling good. Stay back from it a little bit. My immune system is pretty good, but there's a lot of flu going around here. So any way. Yeah, a creatine. I am a big fan of creatine a, as you know, I'm constantly trying to biohack, um, my energy sources and those pathways that we've talked about, you know, we had that Phospho creatine pathway, Phospho creatine, and now we have the anaerobic glycolysis and then that's our lactate. Um, then we go into our oxidative phosphorylation, which we are into the Mitochondria. OK. So right now with the creatine, why I like it so much is because a team is what's going to give us that additional power, that additional energy. Uh, it's basically, you know, from an animal, a amino acid, our body creates it and makes it OK, and because it's so important, why is because we're dealing with about 90, 95 percent of the body's creatine is stored in the muscles.

Chad: 02:00 Interesting. Yeah, that's what I've always heard is it's a, it's a muscle building molecule. Basically.

Eric: 02:07 That's how we know it. We say, well in sports performance and muscle building, et cetera. That's where the creatine gets, um, it's used from. And why is because when we jump into the side as all. All right, we're going into that Phospho creatine. All right. In that side is all what creating does we have in there already stored atp. All right, it's ready to be used as the energy. If you're just moving it, if you're sedentary or you're getting ready to get explosive or high intensity the ATPS, they're all right, so we're going to use that ATP to contract the muscle. All right, so what happens? The ATP, all right gives you the contraction and that ATP drops off a phosphate to make ADP. Right now we got say, hey, how do we get that? A t a d, p back to a TP. All right, so we have to grab a phosphate from creatine, so surrounding that ATP and your side is all that's.

Eric: 03:11 That's energy. You have about four to five times of creatine more than the ATP, so it's real close by to give you that speed as far as really generating that adp back to atp to make that muscle contraction. So we're looking at speed, we're looking at efficiency and we're looking at that recycling of that ADP to make atp, to keep giving you the muscle contractions. Does that make a lot of science? I know it's confusing, but basically it's rebuilding after it's broken down so that A. Yeah, once you use that ATP makeup contraction, I don't care if you're just picking up a pencil or blinking your eyes or or breathing or whatever or in a sprint or you're throwing down. All right. Soon as that age, it pitches that prospect and now it's ADP and it's saying, hey, ADP said, hey, it's either. It's either same yelling for a phosphate because you're in high tense or just asking for a phosphate from the creative team so the creatine drops off that I'm phosphate.

Eric: 04:29 Gives it right there. It's right next to it, and so you can have that contraction again. So I'm trying to always biohack for power and creating. What we do is we saturate the cell was creating to make sure you have enough [inaudible]. You make your own, but if you have more, they're available to keep recycling that adp to give you the ATP energy. More power, more strength. So it's basically an energy enhancer. Alright, it can build muscle. Why? Because you get more energy. It gives you more power because it gives you more. That's interesting.

Chad: 05:05 So how do we take creatine? I mean obviously the supplements we can take a, maybe you can give us an idea of also dietary foods that we get creatine.

Eric: 05:17 Yes. OK. So basically the food you get creatine from his meat and fish, those are your big givers. Created a team, a unit about an extra. I go without five grams a day. So if you eat one to two pounds of meat, you're going to get your creatine from those sources. Um, but uh, it's kind of hard to one to two pounds of meat a day. So most of us are looking for more creative teams to saturate, saturate that style. We're looking for an additional creating than what your body makes. OK? And so, um, once you to saturate it, and that's part of the issue is when you do take creatine, you're going to saturate that cell with, with water. And then that has to do with ionic strength that I won't go into. But that's why a lot of people fear creating because you do get bigger because your sales are saturated with water, but you need that there with the creatine because that's something that I just mentioned that ionic strength, but about five grams a day, uh, you, you don't need to, you probably heard of, of, of loading factor. I don't think that's necessary. Uh, you can do that within three, four weeks with five grams a day, but a lot of women fear because of the water weight, it will subside and it will balance out. You just got to get through that initial phase of getting your yourselves used to the creating.

Chad: 06:49 Interesting. Well this is awesome. Thanks so much, Eric.

Eric: 06:53 A, you bet. And then anything else? I mean, I, I use, uh, make sure the type of creatine you're using is Creapure. Um, and that's good. Creatine. There's powders. I go with the powder and some people have it in your pre workout, but if it's in there too long, a day or two, you start to lose the bio availability of it. It's just not as. The strength isn't there. So I strictly stay with what we call a mono hydrate creatine. It's got the most clinical tests out there on mono hydrate. There is a hydrochloride, there's an HCI, there's a nitrate type of creating. The studies just aren't there for that time. So I go with creatine monohydrate and get about five grams a day mixed in water. I mixed it in. Stevia drops. It's a great drink. It's going to give you that extra atp, that extra power.

Chad: 07:45 Those are some great tips. So everybody now knows exactly what they need for their intake. That's awesome.

Eric: 07:52 Just remember you're there to create more ATP, which is your energy source. The faster you can recycle that, creatine, the more power you're going to get. We're just looking to biohack a little bit of edge and it's been. I think that's preaching has been tested more than any supplement practically out there. Very safe, a very harmless.

Chad: 08:17 Awesome. That's great. Well, I want to thank you for biohacking with us today.

Eric: 08:21 I appreciate it.

Chad: 08:24 And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com biofit coaching on facebook.

Chad: 08:24 Until next time, Stay Keto