Sunday Supp: What Does Eric Eat on the Keto Diet?

Have you wondered what Eric's diet looks like? Be forewarned, his eating is certainly NOT the flashiest! But, he loves it and it keeps him in ketosis! So check out today's Sunday Supp to get some ideas for your own keto plan.

Chicken broth, broccoli sprouts, and organ meat...oh my!

What supplements does Eric include in his daily diet?

Treat yo' self: what does Eric consider his treat?

AND Eric even gets some bread in, find out how!

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our mid week mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So here's our question for today. It comes from Chantelle. She says, I would love to know what an everyday diet looks like for Eric. I would love to know this as well. So a jealous. I mean sir, start from startup.

Eric: 00:34 Let me tell you Chantelle I've had comments from a lot of people like coach and they follow me on fitness pal, my fitness pal, and they say I'm being your boring. Yeah, so sometimes I don't even put stuff in every day because I'm very repetitious and I'm very happy about that. I'm very content with what I eat. It's also ease of tracking that it's proven. We basically have five different foods. Most of us eat your favorite or whatever your nutrition program is. You think about how you don't go to 10 different types of foods. You really don't. You're. You're pretty basic when you really analyze all the foods that you eat, but I typical day for me, is that what you take us with you in a day of food? I intermittent fast, so I wake up in the morning and every day you can see my fitness pal usually have chicken broth and mct oil

Eric: 01:30 Oil and my butter. OK. I start with some, some good fat and basically kind of gets to the fat burning going, you know, it's like a catalyst for sodium sodium. Right? Exactly. And sometimes I put one and a half teaspoons abroad sometimes to maybe want to have some things to do. Events. OK. Uh, how much sodium I think I need, but that gets me through the morning and some mornings if I'm talking about everything I consume, I'm, I have low caffeine. It depends on my training day and I usually just, I don't take a up. I take straight caffeine powder. OK. I buy it in the bowl. I mean, I take it in bulk, but I buy it in the bulk and that that starts my morning and then I had, I usually break my fast around noon, 1:00, sometimes 2:00, pens, how busy I am, but I do appreciate a intermittent fasting calorie restriction mainly because of my age and I want to promote longevity through calorie restriction.

Eric: 02:29 That's a good science behind it, but then I get to launch. What do I eat for lunch every day? I always either lunch or dinner. I have a huge cruciferous salad. Spinach is my favorite. It's my go to to put two cups in or more actually, but I build a big salad and I recommend it to everybody. I coach. Get your cruciferous, your green leafy vegetables in a. Then I add, I had my blue cheese is one of my favorite crumbled blue cheese and mushrooms, cucumbers, cabbage. I go through all the. The really the non, you know, carb type vegetables, cucumbers, Mushrooms are free base. There's no carbs to it. I build that up. Then I choose a four to six ounces of meat. It could be. It could be tuna, it could be chicken, it could be elk or whatever. I have cut up steak or whatever.

Eric: 03:25 I always get my protein based in that. And then I usually use the, uh, a male, but not with canola or soybean. It's avocado mail and it's good stuff. I mean, you don't have to worry about an Omega sixes in that or, or even make my own mayo. OK? But I build up a, it's a big salad and it's very filling and that's usually what I eat that every day and most important thing I put on it is Broccoli sprouts. And when I talked about Sulforaphane, that's what I'm getting into. And one of these days we will have that podcast on that. But I will never miss my, in my daily. I will never miss my Broccoli sprouts ever. And those are ones I wake up middle of the night. I'll eat them a thing at the end of the day. But then of course I'm drinking fluids throughout the day. All right?

Eric: 04:10 And then, um, I'm a big egg eater, choline, a, your vitamins, your vitamin K, all your, uh, even some fat soluble vitamins in there. It's um, big bang for your buck and a eggs. I'll usually have four eggs. I'll have some bacon sometimes every. Um, and I have a lot of eggs. I in all fry him boil and mile. I'll do a lot of different things with them. Um, and not. And I, I do like Bacon. I actually enjoy my bacon. It's all good. Grass weight. Everything I eat is, is real healthy. No antibiotics in any steroids or anything like that. I'm very healthy. Meats, vegetables, organic, everything. Um, and then I always make sure I'm chantelle. Once a week I always have fish, salmon. And once a week I always have liver and my wife hates it because it stinks up the house. But I can't say enough about organ meat.

Eric: 05:08 You're really going to get all your fat soluble vitamins in your b complex vitamins straight from that organ meat. And I recommend it to everyone of my clients. And so far I'm, I'm zero. Nobody takes you up. Nobody takes me up on it, but I am the old school my mom used affects me liver once a week and I'm grateful to her for it and now sort of got away from, Oh, it's too much cholesterol and all that kind of stuff. And now, nope. It's very good. And then for dinner I usually, that's my meal, my, my big launch or my dinner with eggs. I'll have a meeting, I'll have Broccoli, I have a vegetable, I'll have another salad. I always mix up between my meats if chicken and I eat a lot of elk. I had, I made in Elk heart a couple of weeks ago, which was fantastic and I mixed up all my meats and um, I'm always conscious of my vegetables, green beans and a lots of leafy vegetables.

Eric: 06:04 That's where I get most of my carbs. I really try to. And I that we try to build up your carbs from your polyphenols. OK. Those nutrients that you've got to have your antioxidants and everything else and all your other nutrients and lots of vitamins there. So I'm pretty easy. I, I'm really repetitious. And my wife says, oh, you eat, you're so boring, you know, and I do have Sara Lee bread, I have one or one or two pieces of that 45 calorie, low carb bread, I'll make a sandwich out of it. Um, and a grilled cheese sandwich sometimes. I'm of course I have a lot of butter during the day and I do have some hemp seed oil, you know, at different times during the day. I'm not a real exciting eater, you know, my yoga, my fitness pal, you say, wow, you are pretty boring. I'm easy peasy.

Eric: 06:49 Yeah, that's great. And that's all healthy stuff. I, I'm real conscious of that.

Chad: 06:54 And then daily supplements as well.

Eric: 06:57 Uh, every night, like I said, I always have my krill oil. OK. I always make sure that. And I do take a cocuten and then I take a multivitamin just kind of out of habit. I take that. Um, and those are basically the, the only subsidy I actually, I actually take her the Krill oil is of course number one. And then of course my Broccoli sprouts for sulforaphane number two. And I do have a stack that I take every day. Um, it's a supplement stack that I created over two years ago and it's a very anti oxidant it actually what I call it actually turns on your nerve to, um, which we're actually gonna go to production with it.

Chad: 07:39 We're going to have that available to people soon right?

Eric: 07:43 I live by that supp and I've been on it for so long and I've tested it out and it's rare that I will not miss, you know.

Eric: 07:48 And, and I take that every morning actually.

Chad: 07:51 Is there a certain time of the day that you're done eating?

Eric: 07:55 No, no. It depends on my schedule. I try to be done like 7:00 at night. It'd be, I don't like going because I go to bed, get up at 2:30 [inaudible] I get to teach and coach. And so I'm trying to get to bed by 8:30 9:00. And so the latest at 7:00 and I do. As far as my treat, I meant to mention I do, I do have skinny popcorn with a good tablespoon of butter melted over it. That's kind of my go-to. If I'm craving anything, I'll have skinny pop that's, that's my go to actually if I want anything that's my go to right there

Chad: 08:29 Any other occasional treats or or staples?

Eric: 08:31 that are so my carbs for a half a cup of blueberries because I love blueberries and when I make a smoothie sometimes and sometimes I don't put it in my fitness pal, but I'll make spinach, almond milk, a Stevia leaf and a little half a cup of blueberries. My 12, 12 carbs that I save up and I blend it and it's just. I, I, I've been on that for years and years and it was hard for me when I went keto to give up all my blueberries and I'm a big tall and a terror. Still been those your antioxidant stuff that's in blueberries, big bang for your buck as far as antioxidants. Should I still miss my blueberries?

Chad: 09:07 Yeah, but I still have. That's great. And then I've, I've been over to your house a couple of times. You've had some keto cookie dough was just some other little things here and there that are fat bombs, but they're all that.

Eric: 09:21 Yes, I make the cookie dough and the almond cookies are my go to. And of course I do eat cheese. I have a lot. I do have my cheese during the day, my cheese slices and uh, and I used to make cheese cake and different fat bombs. Um, but more and more I'm, I'm more, my wife has a big cookie dough so she's always making cookie dough and I just grab a tablespoon or two that do not satisfy my, if I do have something craving sweets, but there's, there's a lot of bars now that I'm testing that are superstarch bars and different things that are going to be coming out with that I think can help people on their path to make it easier. You know, I'm always looking for ways to preserve your glycogen and increase your beta molecules. Sneak that in there. I sneak that in. That's great. One way or another.

Eric: 10:05 Well, thanks so much for back by six kinda boring. Chantel, I wish I, I'm not wandering, gone though  in the, in the kitchen and just make my wife didn't make a fantastic Taco casserole the other day and it was unreal. We need to get that recipe up there. She makes a lot of that stuff. I'm just pretty easy.

Chad: 10:24 Yeah, yeah. Very simple, very repetitive, that sort of thing. That's great. Well, thanks so much with, for bio hacking with us today and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out at or biofitcoaching on facebook. There's a lot of good discussions, tips, tricks, and on. They're often giving video tips, tricks, and hacks, so you can see those there. Anyway. Uh, thank you so much for a biohacker with us today. And until next time, stay.