Sunday Supp: Feeling Ketosis vs Testing your Ketones

Merry Christmas! Today's Sunday Supp may have nothing to do with Christmas, but it has everything to do with feeling Merry about your ketone levels. A question that has come up a lot is: Why do I feel the benefits of ketosis, but when I test I am getting inconsistent results? Eric has an answer that will prevent you from feeling discouraged anytime that "Lo" appears on your tester screen.

What range lets you know if you are testing in ketosis?

How a reading is a current snapshot of your blood in that moment.

The time of day Eric ALWAYS gets a Lo reading.

What does stress have to do with your numbers?

Besides testing, how else can you tell when you're in beta?

Eric's next crazy (and painful) self-experimentation.

Don't get discouraged! The numbers on the tester don't always tell the whole story. 

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Chad: 00:05 so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered with our mid week mini series called Sunday subs. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things keto. So our question today comes from everybody or close to it. There's a lot of people asking or saying that they're noticing the benefits of being in Ketosis, but when they test their blood, their tests either testing low or inconsistent. So I've actually noticed this myself when I use the keto Mojo blood tester. I'm just different readings coming in or being inconsistent with where I thought I should be, whether it's post workout or in the morning or at night, that sort of stuff. So, um, what do you have to say about hope? Our hope our minds be at ease. Because I know. Here's the thing is I know so many of us plug that ketosis that ketones testing, strip in, prick ourselves, put the blood through and everything, all of our hard work for that week or for that couple days. Whatever it is, is our testing consistency. A lot of it rides on seeing that number and it, and I know that that's a little bit of a mental game and there's a lot of factors really quickly. How, how can you answer this question for us?

Eric: 01:24 It's  something that I hate because, let's be honest, I'm the coach. All right? I'm the one that's coaching and trying to get them to a level. OK? And then all of a sudden their fitness pal, I go over, everything looks perfect, macros are perfect, and all of a sudden I get this picture of their test and it says l, O, and they're, they're discouraged, OK? Or .2, we know a point five to three millimole you're in ketosis. OK? So as a coach, I'm always dreading these, these snapshots that are coming in saying, what the heck are, you know, I'm discouraged or I'm not in Ketosis. And gotta remember, this is just a snapshot of your blood at that moment. OK? So I myself, I test in the morning, I am never in. I'm l o Lo, uh, especially on the ketone Mojo. And then I'm .2 or .3. I'm just never in.

Eric: 02:18 I'm not showing that Beta in the morning and some people will show up in the morning. Some people are different, but throughout the day you're taking that snapshot and sometimes everybody has to find that like a sweet spot in. My wife will only test between two and 4:00 or 3:30 because she knows different times of the day. She's been testing so much. She's not going to show as much milimole. All right, so it's a snapshot. A, you may be having a lot of dietary fat. If you've eaten a good meal, you got diet, dietary fat in your blood, competing with a. You may have some of that. Carbohydrate is still there that it's the insolence down, but it may be their burn off a lot of your Beta hydroxybutyrate and I do that right after a heart intense workout. It's l o every time I'm utilizing it, so it could be some efficiency during the day that you're using it, but another thing that can knock you out is stress.

Eric: 03:13 And like I've said before, I've literally, my wife, she's been doing her fasting or it's that solid meal with some fat and protein, no carbs. She was like three days, she was showing point two and it's impossible. Your macros are there and you're like, why am I, I don't, I'm not showing any Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule w what's going on my Beta. And so her cortisol and she's doing some like through stress. So there's times and I've told you I'll, I'll just text her at the moment. I know she's in a stressful moment and I'll use her as my test subject. I say let's test right now. And Boom, she's, she's, she's not in because that cortisol will obviously push the liver to give some glucose into the body. So there's different times during the day. Don't take it personally. It's a snapshot or maybe three hours later you could be totally. So w we go by, you know,  um, other ways to see if you're in Beta.

Chad: 04:09 So there are some other ways to tell, obviously in, in. I kind of worked it into the question or a lot of people have worked in the question, but there's obviously other ways to tell you're in Beta. What are some of those things that we should be looking for?

Eric: 04:22 Brain cognitive is great, OK, you have a lot of energy or you're very attentive or clarity's really good. Obviously you're getting ketones. Obviously you're there, you're getting into the brain. You're not hungry. You're, you're, you're satiated. You're not feeling any cravings whatsoever. Like you say, till 2:30 year in Beta, you're a macros are spot on and you look at your finish. Now you're doing everything just right. You have energy to spare in Ketosis. All right? Just because that little snapshot and you know, there's times you may have something on your finger if you're not an alcohol swap, even in testing your glucose, you can have a misreading. And so he always makes sure your hands are clean. And I always, always tell people to take away, um, alcohol. Little a wipe and make sure that you have no particular tone on your fingers whatsoever, but you know, and, and if you're eating properly you, you know, you're in Ketosis and even if you go for a walk, sometimes people can get knocked out just just through exertion and everyone's different and I try to get to know all those that are coaching and get their patterns going.

Eric: 05:27 So don't be desperate, you know, it's not like looking at a scale and you just gained five pounds or something like that. Don't go down that path.

Chad: 05:34 For me personally, um, the way that I deal with those individual readings is actually not look at them as individual readings. I average my readings over a week or two weeks and take a look. You know, what my readings been the last two weeks on average. And then that usually always makes me feel really good about that. And I think it's a more realistic look at how I'm living my life, right? Because that's ultimately, that's ultimately why I'm doing this is to be healthy. I feel good. I'm not doing this to get a number on a meter and so I think so, so many people get so lost in that number in that moment and forget that this is a much bigger picture. If you're feeling good, if you're eating good, if you're working out and you've. I mean everything's there for you

Eric: 06:25 and I, I liked the monitoring because I want to make sure you're in Ketosis, but it's too easy. If he say he started kind of slipping a little bit and they still feel pretty good, but guess what, you're losing out on that Beta hydroxy better molecule and some of those fatty acids are going to be converted to, you know what I mean, just more fat storage. So you really have to be careful and that's, I kind of use it just to keep you accountable and keep you engaged and you can't, you can't live by it. But like I, they like the symptoms we talked about just taking an average, you know, and, and just Kinda just keep tracking your macros as I do. You know, if you're not being coached by me, we really want just watch your macros, especially with the carbs.

Chad: 07:04 Yeah. So you have a test coming up that we're going to document. That sounds pretty cool. Do you want to tease that a little bit? I mean, it's going to leave you with some pretty bloody fingerprint.

Eric: 07:13 Yeah. That's, uh, it's gonna hurt. I'm actually getting ready. I have the strips and everything. What I want to do is show everyone, especially those who are coaching and those who are out there in ketosis world is. I'm going to start at 9:00 in the morning. All right. I'm going to prick myself. I'm going to fast from the night before, so I'll be in key. Obviously I'm in Ketosis, but I want to make sure there is no dietary faster. Anything to compete with my, my Beta. All right, I'm going to start at 9:00. I'm going to prick my finger every 15 minutes and I'm going to film each test and I'm going to go for 50 tests. OK? So you're going to see the fluctuation throughout the day. You guys say, oh my gosh. At 2:00 he's low, but look, he's point six, you know, so obviously share that. So I actually, I got three products per finger that's 30 and then I find places to go for blood. Only got to go do for pricks for, for the finger.

Chad: 08:09 So toes are going to be involved.

Eric: 08:13 No, no, but I definitely have alcohol wipes. Why should, I don't want any infections or anything like that, but I've got so many of my clients and people asking those questions and I need to see for myself like, Hey, what happens? I can't wear a continuous Beta Tester, like a glucose monitor. You can see maybe some day they'll have that. We can wear a continuous monitor your beta. That would be really cool. I would love that. Of course

Chad: 08:37 decided if not just to see the pain that you go through it while you do.

Eric: 08:41 I know, but I'm going to. I actually, I'm going to plan a day where I'm just going to study, just laid, just keep logic so I'm not exerting, I'm not using any Betas energy. I'm going to just keep it as strict as possible. OK. It'd a good test, right? But yeah, I'm

Chad: 08:56 excited too. I think people appreciate it. I'm excited. I'm excited to watch it and get it out to people that can kind of see how this works. So yeah, that'd be awesome. So thanks so much for biohacking with us today. Um, and, and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out or biofit coaching on facebook and until next time, stay keto.