Sunday Supp: Chad’s Struggles With The Keto Lifestyle

On today's Sunday Supp the guys tackle a question directed to Chad about his personal journey with keto nutrition. Cindy wants to know if Chad still has any struggles with his diet. Short answer: yes. But, the longer(ish) answer is much more interesting.

Chad's sentimental food revealed.

How your body becomes insulin sensitive over time with ketogenics.

The importance of having a plan while living in ketosis.

Bite vs binge.

Don't let guilt spiral you: advice for ALL aspects of your journey.

Surprise! Chad is human too! The key takeaway from this quick Sunday Supp is that no matter where you are in your quest for optimal fitness, occasional struggles are part of the process. So don't sweat it, and keep on it!

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Chad: 00:05 so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our mid week mini series called Sunday sops. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episodes where we answer your questions on all things keto. So our question today comes from Cindy and this question is unique compared to the ones we've done in the past because this is actually a question for me. So I'm stealing the limelight here. Are you OK with that? No, I'm just kidding that I'll answer the question but we still want your input on, uh, on solutions and all that kind of stuff.

Eric: 00:05 Send Chad more questions. Yeah.

Chad: 00:42 So, so our question today comes from Cindy. She asks, I've been listening to you guys for awhile and following along with your progression, Chad. So my question is, do you still struggle with the Diet at all?

Chad: 00:54 Has your body adapted or do you still have ups and downs? So this one was quite an easy one for me to, to think of the answer or come up with the answer. I'm absolutely there still some struggles and I think the struggles for me are definitely much more mental than they are physical. Right? So I've talked over and over on this podcast about not being hungry, which is awesome. Having more clarity, which is incredible. Having more focus when I'm working, which is a big deal for me. I'm easily distracted. I, these are all benefits that I've noticed and I don't really struggle with anything on that. What I really struggle with Eric, is those moments when tradition comes in or when should know what I mean by that is. So here's a good example. Um, my wife's mom, my mother in law makes the most amazing homemade shortbread and in the holiday she makes tons of it.

Chad: 01:58 So we're in the middle of December right now and we came home from a road trip the other night and guess what's all over the counter? Homemade, fresh, beautiful, yummy, short breath smell good. Yeah. And, and so mentally I'm thinking, well, this is a tradition, this is something that we eat every year and it's delicious. And so I naturally want to eat some. My body is saying, no, I don't need that. Right. It's not a big deal for on that end, but, but mentally it has some sentimental value to me. It has some, some, uh, traditional draw, that kind of stuff. So I eat it, you know, I take a bite, I take a bite or two or three or four or five cause I think I want it right. And then the struggle doesn't stop there. What, what really happens at that point, you know, the struggle becomes real at that point when even with one bite I'll get a sugar headache.

Chad: 02:57 Yeah. Almost immediately. That is pretty overpowering. And so to answer your questions in a yes, my body has adapted, for better or for worse in this, in this particular incident, my body has adapted to where if I do slip up in my diet, my body will let me know almost immediately. Um, and it's been pretty incredible to watch that happen. Um, and then, um, I kind of wish I had that stop you from the next fight. Next bar. Cookie. Yeah. And so it does actually binge. It does in many incidents, but, but in other, in other moments when I just want to be a part of the family or the tradition or whatever, um, you know, I'll, I'll, I'll do that. One thing I will say is that, um, I don't know if this is, if this is common for, for most people, but I know everybody's body's different, but I seem to for some reason have the ability to jump back into ketosis fairly quickly and fairly strong.

Chad: 04:04 They, um, and in fact even we did a little experiment when I, when I scaled out and ate a bunch of crap and carbs and sugar and, you know, just everything. I went back to basically in the old diet and then went back into ketosis first day back on a ketogenic diet. You and I tested my blood. I was 1.8.

Eric: 04:30 I know that and don't interrupt you because you become very insulin sensitive. OK? The more you're in Ketosis Ketogenic, the longer you go. He become where you can actually incorporate some carbs and not get knocked out of ketosis. And there's, there's, there's a coach that I've raised their carbs up, you know, they're up to 65 70 and they're still in ketosis because they become very insulin sensitive. It, their Mitochondria, that glucose right in deposits, it uses it or your liver takes it right up, you know, as far as glycogen storage, it doesn't affect your insulin and your ketones.

Chad: 05:07 Yeah. And that's, that's a good problem to have, especially if you want to indulge a little bit. Yeah. So that's, that's the first problem or struggle that candle mine. The second struggle that came to mind as I read the question was, when I don't do, when I don't plan well, if I don't plan well, I'm see I'm the only one in our household who is on a ketogenic diet. And um, and so if I don't plan well or if I don't communicate well with Katie, my wife about what kinds of foods I need in the fridge readily available. That's the other struggle that I have. And she's awesome to get me what I need and make sure, you know, try to make sure that I have what I know she came. She made. Yeah. Yeah. That was unbelievable. It was incredible. I couldn't believe how good that'll

Chad: 05:58 get up my ice cream make that has become a staple. I have ice cream twice a day that. Oh my gosh. I been working with. We had a meeting the other day where we all sat down. We just. keto ice cream is delicious. Right.

Chad: 06:13 So, so that's the other thing is when I don't plan well or don't communicate well with Katie who's, who's doing most of our grocery shopping, it becomes a real struggle. And if I need to eat and there's nothing there available, that's, that's within the parameters. That's a, that's another time that I coach

Eric: 06:31 a lot and I tell him, make sure you have some of those little fat loan, Jello snacks and nuts and different things. You know, for some reason why I'm attracted and like my wife says there's something wrong with me because what I snack on, she thinks I just go make another salad. And she goes, ah, that's to her. She's keto. She's like, that's the last thing I want to eat as a snack, but me, it satisfies me and it don't get me wrong. There were those [inaudible] on thanksgiving. I wish I was like you. I had one, then two and three. I didn't get a headache. I feel fine. I feel where there's no repercussion. I like to say, hey guys, I got really sick and I felt like I was going to puke and I ate the whole tray. I'm just being honest, but I stopped it like five or so. So I'm going to scale back in. I'll make a recommendation.

Chad: 07:15 Both of my struggles. The first one is if there's those traditions are those times of year or those things that you is tradition in the family or whatever, just go for it and don't feel the guilt, but then jump right back in and go, you know, one, two bites. Get that, have fun with people,

Eric: 07:35 have a cookie, have a treat and eat a little bit of roles. And because it's, it's the holiday season and I can't take people out of their social life. I don't want my clients to be that person. Everybody wants to avoid. Yeah, exactly. People, you're still avoiding me all the time, but I had to change that little spiral. No, don't get that.

Chad: 07:56 There's no guilt attached to it at all.

Chad: 07:59 This is you. You're just participating in this something that you love and it's recreation. And then jump right back here.

Speaker 3: 08:05 Bite or binge. Just hit a few bites in. Don't binge because trust me, I have to get people back in, in Ketosis when they binge and they feel so bad. But in June and then I've got to get them back in. They're like, why did I do that? Y feel the guilt enjoying if you're gonna eat it. Enjoy it.

Chad: 08:27 Yeah, absolutely. And then, uh, my second recommendation is have a preparation day once a week. It just so helps. It helps me. It just so happens. Mine is on the weekend, Sunday, I can have a food prep day where I get, like you said, a couple fat bombs, a couple of treats. Like that's the best is having a couple of treats in the fridge that I can go to at any moment that are still um, but I can just, you know, they're available for me that, that food prep day is a huge one for me as well.

Speaker 3: 08:59 Stuff is easy to make. It just takes a little planning. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So I think I appreciate you being honest. Yeah, I know a lot of the ones I coach as I asked, you know, of course I know if they're out of ketosis because I have their, that they have take pictures of your, your Beta and send them to me so I know you're out, you know, so I know this high level of accountability data, although too much I go OK, this would be honest because I know it's my client. They're all honest. They tell the truth and it and I make sure I tell them, you know, the same about me if I scale out and scale out.

Chad: 09:37 Yeah. Well thanks for biohacking with us today, Eric, and thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out or BioFit coaching on facebook and rate us on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts. A five star rating and recommendation from you. Our listeners goes a long way and until next time, stay keto.