Sunday Supp: Surviving the Holidays on Keto!

We are getting a lot of questions from listeners on how to effectively live a life in ketosis, so we are starting a new mid-week series where Eric will tackle one of YOUR questions. Our new Sunday Supp episodes are bite-size quickies to give you tips and answers as you progress on your journey.

Today's question is how to survive the holidays on a keto diet.

Eric talks about the pros and cons of scaling out and who he recommends it for.

What you should scale out on.

How to quickly get back in ketosis after a scale out day.

PLUS a link to a FREE Keto Dessert Recipe book that has lots of delicious recipes that taste amazing while keeping you in ketosis!


Chad: 00:05 so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. So we're starting a new mid week mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we'll give you a quick supplement episodes where we answer your questions on all things. Keto and Eric, it's that time of year. We're celebrating special occasions by eating copious amounts of food. So our question today comes from Stephanie, who asks, what advice do you have for staying Keto during the holidays?

Eric: 00:35 Stay inside. Don't go out, don't go to anybody's house shall holidays. Ah, I used to love holidays until I began coaching many years ago. Holidays are, are very frustrating, especially when it comes to nutrition, dieting, a lowering your calorie intake and especially on, on keto. Ah, it's tough. And when I coach people, it's hard for me to get them through the holidays. I don't like holidays because I have a lot of setbacks with my clients because they're just saying, hey, come on, you know, but what's exciting is when you really get keto and there's so many satiating desserts that you make, we call him fat bombs, right? You get the book where we have, um, it's amazing the stuff that you can make and take with you if you're going to someone else's house. The problem is everybody makes all this other stuff and you're just sitting there easy for you to grab and you feel like you're being left out.

Chad: 01:43 So you and I have discussed this a lot actually as it can this as a pro protest in October, you and I had a lot of in-depth conversations about how do we help people through the holidays because it can be this time where it's, it's painful and blah, blah blah. But it can also. You can switch that to be something that either you stay in keto or you have another solution that we're going to talk about as well. Right? But W for staying in keto, we are trying to. We are working, not trying. We're working and we are, we're, we're lightening the burden for people in a lot of different ways. One of the ways that I'll plug here is our new dessert recipe book, which is going to be awesome. We did a whole cooking day last week and we tried every single desert, the ones that we hadn't cooked for ourselves at home and they're, I mean our table was full of delicious desserts and none of us fell out of ketosis because it was all keto, so that will be available for everybody. In fact, if they're interested in that, that can go to forward slash holidays and that is available for them as a free download. Is that dessert book, another tool for people to stay in Ketosis through the holidays. But you have another solution as well. Can you talk about that one first?

Eric: 02:59 Those desserts were Awesome.  They were like, I'm going to have him, but anyway, the hard part is I have clients that are really frustrated and they're not. They're just really dealing with the holidays and w and I and some of my back. She said, OK, let's scale you out for thanksgiving. OK. Cause scaling out isn't a bad thing or you know, once a month, once you're really in Ketosis, you can. I scale out like one Saturday a month. But it's amazing because the scaling out you think I do, my wife still says what you're scaling out your eating eggs and bacon. I'm like, yeah, I like eggs and Bacon. But some ice skating was just like something that I haven't had, like blueberries and fruit and different things. OK. It gets metal bar but, but yeah, once in a while. But I always deplete my glycogen first so I can just suck that right back on my liver and didn't hurt me at all.

Eric: 03:47 But anyway. Um, so what I do is say, hey look, if you're gonna scale out, go ahead on Thanksgiving. But what? I push his skill out on the protein as much as you can, OK, cause you don't want to Overdo your fat because you are not going to be OK. So scale it on your protein, eat a lot of meat because you remember you're not eating a lot of protein. OK? And Turkey and, and Christmas there is lots of Turkey and different meats and ham. So push that level, enjoy one good treat that needs this pumpkin pie or apple or whatever it is, you enjoy a little bit of that, but in keep your salads up and keep your veggies up and try not to eat too much fat and just kind of enjoy the day and some people have to do that to make it sustainable you, you kind of have to have a scale on that day. And I'm not a big advocate but, but I do actually had to come, you know, to that side and say, OK, let's, let's keep it sustainable.

Chad: 04:45 And that's the, that's the ultimately we've talked about this over and over again. We're in it for longevity. Yes, we want this long-term. If it's not sustainable for you, then there's no point in doing it and it's not gonna hurt you.

Eric: 04:57 But what I'm trying to do is when you're new in it, I don't want those break cravings coming back to that reward center, that dope. When that hit you get. I don't want that to come back. It might tell you download bit, you know, but as you further get deeper in Ketosis, you know, for six months to a year, it doesn't bother you.

Chad: 05:18 So our message for you is don't fall out completely. Don't leave us right now and come back January 1, there are solutions and there is help. Our book will help you with the desert sort of thing I'm telling you, you will not be able to tell the difference with these desserts

Eric: 05:34 and real quick you will get back in after you do that. I recommend fasting from that night to the next day at 5:00. Just do a fast, OK, and then by the next day you should be back in ketosis.

Chad: 05:44 So good. Twenty four hour fast after you scale out.

Eric: 05:47 And it's really good for you to do that. So those are your two options are or solutions we have for you is not a punishment. It's just gets you back in. Yes, absolutely.

Chad: 05:58 Download the desert book and enjoy some keto desserts and stay in Ketosis or scale out and do a good fast afterwards and jump right back in and stick with us anyway. So thanks so much, Eric, thanks for biohacking with us today and I want to thank all of you for joining us for our Sunday supps and my quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching on facebook and we'll see you there. And in the meantime, stay keto.