Sunday Supp: Keto Hack! MCT Oil.

Today's Sunday Supp question comes from listener Derek, who asked: What is MCT oil and what can it do for me? Eric has mentioned MCT oil quite a bit, so today he and Chad will take a minute to explain what it is.

How MCT oil is key to successful ketogenics.

What kind of MCT oil to buy and where to find it.

Wondered about the taste of MCT oil? Wonder no more...

How Eric self-experimented with a LOT of MCT oil.

And the science behind the energy boost that comes from it.

If you haven't already added MCT oil into your diet, this Sunday Supp episode will convince you too! It's one more thing to give you the edge on your way to optimal fitness.


Chad: 00:05 so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered with our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Derek and he asks, what is MCT oil and what does it do? I've heard you guys talk about it a couple of times. So what do you want to. What do you want to tell us about MCT oil?

Eric: 00:34 MCT oil, my favorite. I'm a big fan of MCT oil,

Chad: 00:36 so I'll start out this one and just, and just kind of give the basics of what [inaudible] is. Um, when I started coaching with you, Eric, I'm empty. It was one of the essentials you had me look for. Um, you gave me some specifics that I think you're going to talk about on what I should be looking for in the MCT oil. But basically I went to sprouts. It's our local health food store here. Found a bottle of it that gave me the exact specifications that you talked about. I know you get yours on Amazon. I wanted to get it quickly because we were starting quickly, so I just went to the local health food store, bought it there. It's a bottle. I think it's about a 12 ounce bottle. I take a, a, a tablespoon every morning, uh, of it and it's just, it's an oily liquid that is, I pretty much flavorles in, in my, in my experience.

Chad: 01:32 The one that I bought is pretty much flavorless it, it has an oily texture, so when I drink it I feel kind of oil in my mouth so it's not the most pleasant. I chase it with my coffee. Um, most people that I've taught to put it in their coffee. Um, but that's hot coffee drinkers mostly for me. I'm, I drink cold coffee and so it coagulates and it's just not that pleasant, but I've actually gotten really used to just throwing down a tablespoon of it before I drink my coffee and it's not a big deal anymore, but I do feel the benefits. So I'm eric, give us some more information on set. Um, multi-age changed.

Eric: 02:11 Yeah. Triglycerides. multi, mid chain. Yes, what that is, it's obviously a knit chain triglyceride. Alright. Obviously talking about in fatty acids, we have certain amount of carbons in length. All right. We're talking about it and may change basically is what we call a carbon carbonate carbon [inaudible] carbon 12 is what they try to sneak by. All right. We're getting this from coconut oil. OK, so what happens when you take the mid chain? Fifteen percent of coconut oil is nay chain triglyceride mission. All right? So the rest of it is like is mainly it's lauric acid. All right? So what we're doing, and I'm a big fan of it because what am I fan of those? Make sure you get the right. A MIT chain, triglyceride oil, [inaudible] oil is what you want to go for is carbon eight is what we'd call a caprylic. All right? Then there's creek, which is carbon [inaudible].

Eric: 03:19 Then there's [inaudible], which is lauric acid. They try to push all that into your [inaudible] bottle that you buy, but the Lord, the [inaudible] acts more like a long chain fatty acid. It's really not like a short chain, a medium chain. And so what happens with, with the, the, uh, could probably [inaudible] and the [inaudible] OK, is when we need, you drink the oil is what's neat about it. It goes instantly your digestive system straight to the portal vein, straight to the liver, straight to be in the Mitochondria, OK? Straight to being converted to Ketone Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule. It's that fast. And when it hits into the blood, insulin can't touch it. Remember, we always say when you have fat, the insulin says, hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. I gotta get this out of the way. OK? It just runs right through insulin, OK? Straight to your Mitochondria.

Eric: 04:17 There it is. Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule for energy. It's, it's fantastic energy and it's almost instant energy because any part about [inaudible], if you have a gallbladder issues or you're not getting bile in your stomach to emulsify the fats MCT oil bypasses, that does need a pancreatic enzyme to get through, OK? But it doesn't have to have bile. OK? So if you're, if you're in that situation, enjoy your [inaudible] oil. But for energy, I use it when I race, I used in the Ironman, I took MCT oil every half an hour and you got to adapt to it. OK. So I always do two tablespoons in the morning. Some people start with one tablespoon or one teaspoon be, you know, before your workout or whatever. I literally would get to the point where I was. I was. I went up to four to five straight ounces of [inaudible], see what to do to me, I got a stomach ache, but I really test it, see how I could be adapted to a higher amount.

Eric: 05:18 But that wasn't the key. It was short skirts. Every mile is what I did in, in, in every half an hour in the ironman and I really lord, hardly any calories at all coming from a carb. I have a 70 calories per hour from, from a Carb, from the glucose source. The rest was fat and I was no stomach issues. No g stress from glucose is MCT oil. I adapted to it. I trained with it. And everything in your life, you have to adapt to it. I don't care what kind of run training you do, if you're running in Sam, you adapt your muscles to it, you adapt your stomach to it, you adapt everything to what you're using and mc too. Big Fan, big fan, but go with carbonate because that's more peer. That's a smaller of the, of the three as far as carbon length. And I used strictly carbonate. And you, if you buy it in the health food store, they'll try to shove 12 in there. lauric acid and they call it an [inaudible] chain. You're not getting big bang for your buck. Stay with eight if you can find, you know, there's places on Amazon sell it. So I would, I would stick with eight. It goes 10 to. I'm with [inaudible] Creek. Uh, but I stick with eight, but good, excellent choice. If you're going to go and I recommend it to everybody. I coach every day is. I have some MCT too.

Chad: 06:42 Yeah. And I've MCT oil for me is one of the things that I have loved on the ketogenic lifestyle because I take it in the morning and take it with my coffee and it is just that extra like good solid boost in the morning. There's sometimes in the afternoon when I'm like, oh, I could, I could really pound another tablespoon or two.

Eric: 07:04 It's not gonna hurt you, it's going to go, you know, the funny part about you can drink that whole bottle and there's nothing going to be stored. You cannot store. A midchain triglyceride. OK, you can't store it. You are going to excrete it and you, you will excrete it pretty quick if we don't get that whole bottle. And one, one more tip. I trained with it, I raced with it. And the biggest problem I had my wife guts and I actually do my laundry, but she said, why are you buying all these tank tops and running shirts? I didn't realize it. When I'm running, you'd take that oil squirt what's on your lips? It, I don't like the feeling of it. So I wipe it off with my shirt. Next thing I know, they're all oil stains, so I'm just saying run shirtless if the line very well. So what I do now, I actually wear a wristband, like in basketball, I wear one of those on each arm and that's what I wipe my lips with when I'm. When I'm training and racing. So that's just a tip. Say Save Your money, you know?

Chad: 07:57 Yeah. So get the right stuff. You can't take too much. Enjoy it, but use it in.

Eric: 08:03 Some people get stomach aches when they first got all that stuff. Got My stomach. I said, OK, let's just work your way up into it and just get better at it.

Chad: 08:12 OK, great. Thank you. Yeah, that's a great question. It's something we'd get. We throw around a lot in the ketosis world, but probably don't ever take the opportunity to really break it down and talk about what it is. So that's great. I want to thank Eric for biohacking with us today and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out or biofti coaching on facebook. We'd also love to get more of your questions. We love interacting with our, with our listeners, understanding where they're at and ketosis and what their questions are so you can also find us on all the major social media outlets, Instagram,, a facebook biofit coaching, all of those things. Please submit your questions to us so that we can answer them and have more great discussions on these Sunday supp episodes. So anyway, until next time stay keto.

Speaker 4: 09:06 until next time. Stay put.