Sunday Supp: Keeping Keto Sustainable: How and When to Scale Out

In this Sunday Supp we answer a question from BioFitter Jake who asks "What is scaling out [of ketosis] and how is it done?" Great question Jake, especially around the holidays. Eric tackles this one and provides some quick tips on quick keto breaks.

Eric calls scaling out "Keeping it Sustainable"

What most people say after a day of scaling out.

How often does Eric recommend scaling out?

How soon on your keto diet is too soon to begin scaling out?

Chad shares his own experience with scaling out and getting back into ketosis.

Our emotional ties to food are often much stronger than our physical ties.

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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our mid week mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So this week Eric, our question comes from Jake who asks, what do you mean when you say scaling out and how has it done?

Eric: 00:28 That's a good question, Jake. I'm scaling out. Um, we might as well just call it keeping it sustainable when I'm coaching. The hardest thing is everybody, the temptations, OK. The brain cravings have not. So you know, very, you know of, we've talked about how fast or you say shame, how we need to replace those glucose cravings that you've trained your brain on for all those years, every two hours or whatever. It's very glucose dependent. Your brain show we call it, I got to keep it sustainable. And so scaling out, it's just basically I like to, to coach it this way where it's one day you scale out for the day, so you're basically going to break your keto. OK, you're going to get knocked out of Ketosis for the day. I only recommend just one day to scale out. OK, one day a month or one.

Eric: 01:27 How often it. When I'm coaching, it's kind of independent because if I think you're just hanging by a thread. Chad. Yeah. I'm going to say, all right this Sunday or Saturday, whatever you like. Have a good day. Just eat what you think you want to eat or what you think you want. It changes. These people think, oh, I'm going to olive garden and I'm going to just feast it out. I'm going to pasta or bread and the exciting part I like about it is every time they do this they come back to me and say, I felt like crap. I didn't even enjoy it. Like I thought I, I five doughnuts and I felt so sick afterwards and I'm like, well good. You know, why don't you just eat fruit? And I've had other clients who say I just was craving some fruits and so they had fruit and I always push just eli protein if you want it when I scale out.

Eric: 02:19 That's, that's how I scale out. OK? But I once a month is what I usually say, hey, let's, if you can make it once a month, Saturday, a month, then then scale out. But don't, don't overdo it because you don't want to bring those brain cravings back. You want. Cause remember we're teaching you to become more insulin sensitive. All right? So when you do scale out and you're becoming very insulin sensitive, you're going to utilize those cars very quickly and efficiently. Alright? So eventually if you want to scale out for a month or whatever down the road, you can do that. Keep your cards down, bring down some of your fat because you're not keeping your carbs 15, you may go a hundred and 20 or a hundred and bring it down. Bring your protein to good level. You're not going to be in Ketosis, but you're not going to be hurting, you know, cause any insulin resistance or any issues because you become very insulin sensitive and you can utilize those, those carbs. And I have no problem with that.

Chad: 03:10 Yeah, I mean I recommend sometimes I can speak to this personally, you know, after six weeks of me being keto and being coached by you, I went into a time period of my life that was really, really stressful. Um, so just the stress of making, you know, my meal planning and all that kind of stuff added onto the life stress I was experiencing. You coached me and he said, hey, just go out. Just go. I'm so we readjusted my macros and I went out for a couple of weeks. That's the time that I needed to feel like I had a good grip on everything. Um, and, and was ready to dive back and you will write back into Beta like that. And I was like, wow, that's impressive. And that was two weeks of scaling out. But to me it's sounding like a scaling out to you is just that, that, that headlock that you have on your clients because you get to show them how crappy life is outside of ketosis.

Eric: 04:01 Tell us they come crawling back. It always works and now it's kind of funny. They actually have this emotional tie to that food, whatever, don't answer or cookies or whatever it is, whatever it is, big pasta meal. My wife, I'll give her an example. Shoe cheese, Italian, which I'm not. She loves pasta. OK. And she was craving olive gardens so bad. So when she scaled out, we went to olive garden. She just down a big pasta dish and she goes, you know what? I feel bad because I used to just love pasta. Nah, I don't really. I don't even know. I like it so much. She almost felt guilty like part of her. Her heritage. I also like pasta. Yeah, those emotional ties, emotional tech. Those emotional ties are stronger sometimes even enjoy it, but they, they still have that connection and that's why I don't like scaling out too early in the game until you become so keto adapted then then that brain cravings aren't really there anymore and you can get through that day and said, hey, I'm good to go back keto, you know, cause the brain cognitive and everything. The energy level is all back. You get it right back. Sustainability. I have to, I got to go there.

Chad: 05:15 It's been awesome. Thanks Eric for taking a minute to answer questions. And by the way, when are you scaling out next? Turkey Day, right? Uh, yeah, thanksgiving.

Eric: 05:24 I have to say I've uh, I've coached and most of my clients to get them through the holidays. They're scaling out.

Chad: 05:32 Yeah, and that was on last weeks episode, but if you didn't catch last week, Sunday supp, that's a great. A great little trailer for what we talked about last week, but we've talked about surviving the holidays in Ketosis and Eric has a couple of different solutions for that, so if you missed it, go back and listen to it

Eric: 05:49 then maybe we should do a podcast on this, on a full podcast, on scaling out maybe some, some, some hacks for it

Chad: 05:57 in and understanding the biology of it and all of that. That would be awesome. I think this should be. This should be a full episode. So anyway, thank you so much for joining us on this quest to optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out or biofit coaching on facebook. Hope you guys have a great week.

Speaker 4: 06:18 Until next time.