Sunday Supp: Ketone Supplements Pros and Cons & High Dose Statins

On this week's Sunday Supp the guys tackle a question that came in via an iTunes review. The question is two parts and revolves around exogenous ketones and a keto diet while taking high-dose statins. Eric wants to take the opportunity to clarify his position on exogenous ketones, as well as offer his opinion on what keto can do for those taking statins. 

The pros and cons of taking exogenous ketones (via ketone supplements)

The benefits of creating your own ketones naturally

The supplementary role exogenous ketones can play effectively

What to look for in a ketone supplement

Can ketosis help those taking statins for cholesterol?

How statins DON'T have to be a life-long prescription

With ketone supplements being all the rage, a lot of manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, that often means rushing to market with subpar products. If you are wanting to take exogenous ketones in a supplementary manner, be sure to listen in to educate yourself first.

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Chad: 00:06 so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our mid week mini series called Sunday subs. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from actually an itunes review and uh, this one's an interesting one and we really wanted to address it. Um, I'm just pulling it up here now, but basically they have a question about taking high-dose statins and exogenous ketones and how they, how they go together. And the final part of their question says if exogenous ketones will put me into ketosis while taking high dose statins, why is that bad? OK. And so this Sunday supp is a little bit more, we're going to answer the question and, or you're going to answer the question. Let me use that term we freely, we're going to answer the question, but also we want to make a very clear statement or clarify our position or your position, Eric, on exogenous ketones. Um, so let's start there. Let's talk about exogenous really quick. Let's clarify what your feelings are on exogenous ketones because what I've heard you say in the past, and you can clarify for me if I'm wrong, but what I've heard you saying in the past is there's nothing wrong with exogenous ketones and you're not against them. They have their place, but if you can produce something naturally in your body, why take it in a supplement? Is that kind of summarize your feelings towards them and you can expound on that. I,

Eric: 01:40 I'm a fan of exogenous ketones actually. I mean I've been looking at one-three butane dial all the way to ketone esters and ketone salts. There's different ones coming out all the time. It's kind of hitting the market really hard and so maybe I have a little fear of what science is behind that esther or that salt that you're taking in your body. That's all. I mean, there's a lot of companies jumping on it and there's great ones out there. Dr Augustino and and Richard Veech and those guys have really done their homework. I mean, they really have. And I've taken exogenous ketones. I train with it, I race with it. OK, but it's a purpose. I'm looking for the edge to be quicker, to get more ATP, to get more energy in last longer. OK? But when I'm dealing as a coach with those who most have body composition issues, they need to drop body fat.

Eric: 02:35 All right? So what I'm saying is I'm going to get you to produce your endogenous ketones, OK? Because I want that coming from those fatty acids that you've stored for those number of years and didn't utilize that energy. So I don't want to compete with an exogenous ketone that's coming in Beta hydroxy butyrate molecule with what I'm trying to get you to make endogenously. All right? So same with dietary fat. I don't want to make you eaten too much dietary fat to compete with your making your Beta hydroxybutyrate out of it. So we want to get that homeostasis. All right? So I have nothing against it, but if you're trying to get rid of insulin resistance and you're a diabetic and different issues that you have, then I'm saying, Hey, exogenous is OK, but what happens when you do exogenous? Some people that I've coached are tempted to eat too many carbs with it because they're getting the Beta, but they're also saying, well I can have some carbs and they're not monitoring that insulin spike anymore cause they're getting ketones anyway. So got both, have both worlds and it's too tempting. All right. Because they're in a body composition situation because of the temptation of carbs. OK. And they've been used to eating that and your brain has been focusing on that and I'm saying, Hey, I'm trying to get your brain away from glucose. OK? So those cravings and everything else are gone, but you keep tempting it with carbs and you got paid to come in and say, Hey, I got both worlds. But I'm just saying it's, it's not a great pathway for that body composition. Right.

Chad: 04:09 Well I hope that clarifies your position on exogenous ketones for, for people. And I really, really, really appreciate this review and this topic being brought up because we want to make sure that there's clarity around some of this stuff and, and we probably haven't been as clear as clear as we could have been and that's, that's the purpose of this stuff. Let's move to the second part and get through it as quickly as we can. He mentions high dose statins and getting into Ketosis while taking high dose statins. Is it possible and you know, what's, what, what's your take or what's your sense?

Eric: 04:41 I ain't man I, I'm coaching those there on statins. And why are they a high dose statins? Mainly because we have some issues going on with your ldl cholesterol particles. All right. They're staying in your bloodstream too long. They're circulating too long. They're not coming out of your blood. Let's figure it out. How do we get it out of your blood? We need that liver, those ldl receptors. OK. They said, hey, I'm going to take that cluster out of your blood, your ldl receptor activity as well. So you take a stab. And I said, hey, tell liver, don't produce any more cholesterol, because if I can't, I'm going to say, hey, ldl receptors, reach out. Let's get that cluster out of the blood. That's that ldl particle that keeps circulating. You need to get out of the blood because sooner or later it's going to oxidize.

Eric: 05:28 It gets smaller and smaller when it goes through its motions and it's going to plant on us on a arterial wall sale and that the illegal sale and then calls in the inflammation macrophage is I'll come in and you got a phone sale going on. Then you've got plaque. OK, so that's issue. So look, w what I do with my clients, and you do man number, we'll say, let's, let's look at all the issues that could be causing that high cholesterol, ldl receptor activity, not functioning that well. Well, what can be causing. Let's go the next step. Let's look at insulin. Let's look at thyroid inflammation, because those all have issues to do with cholesterol and ketones. Yeah, you can take. Ketones can reduce the charge to get that anti-inflammatory effect if that's part of the issues that's causing cholesterol, your adrenals, your thyroid, your out.

Eric: 06:17 You got to start piecing it all together. OK, and if you have cholesterol, if you know, some people have have high status and have cholesterol issues. Also have metabolic syndrome. They may have a type two diabetic or pre-diabetic. They may be overweight and some obesity, their hypertension, so I'm just saying let's change that body composition. If that's an issue I can actually. You can actually bring down your, your, your, your cholesterol by changing your, your fatty all right. And your triglycerides and your hcl goes up, your triglycerides come down. Those ldl particles get less and use. You can get off your status and I'm not saying don't take these ketones. Yeah, no, I like to work with. I love working with people that are on stands, stands, have a purpose out there, but they also can get off stems. Yeah. I have clients that have been, have gotten off their status along with their insulin and all their other markers that don't help them.

Chad: 07:25 So all around it's an and or, and, and the, you know, w we can include all of these things. We can have this conversation. It's not black or white statins or exogenous or in endogenous or know

Eric: 07:38 know we've been working on our own exogenous, ketone, OK. And we're not, it's a part of a big experimental process that I'm experimenting with and it's out there. It's, it's hitting it. So we're just trying to be very careful in, in, in how we teach it. And that's it because I, I, you know, I do take an exogenous ketone and when I'm training and I like what I'm taking and I liked the science behind it.

Chad: 08:06 It's what I've learned from you and have put into practice in my own life and helped my clients that I'm coaching through ketosis understand is that any supplement that we take, I mean, you talk about it even with fish oils or Krill oil that we've talked about. There's fillers and there's crap out there and there's impure supplements. And so it's, it's not about, you can't make a statement and say fish oil or Krill oil is good or bad. You have to say fish oil or Krill oil can be good if it's pure, if it's, you know, if it doesn't have filler, if you know all that kinda stuff or it can be bad, and so we're just saying, educate yourself on the exogenous ketones that you're taking and make sure it's right for your situation.

Eric: 08:53 If it's new and it's exciting, you do have that really good stuff out there about the sciences behind it. There's like three patents that maybe there's another patent out there now for it. I'll just ketones and I researched them, but everybody started jumping on that bandwagon because then it becomes a money, you know, a prophet, you know, type of revenue, a business, and that's when things get kind of out of whack. You gotta to be careful. That's all I'm saying. Just be careful.

Chad: 09:20 This is awesome. Thanks for biohacking with us today and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out or biofit coaching on facebook.

Chad: 09:20 Until next time, stay keto