E22 What Does Keto Do For Your Sex Drive?

Let's talk about sex baby! And really, who doesn't want to listen to two dudes discuss sex drive right? Chad uses this episode to make his case that a ketogenic lifestyle will improve your sex life with 5 key points. The guys are having way too much fun with this one! Especially Chad, as he pushes Eric to step outside his comfort zone. 

How does ketogenics affect the hormones that are related to our sex drive?

The importance of cholesterol in the production of sex hormones.

How can a ketosis state help you get in the mood?

The effect of stress and cortisol on sexual desire.

What keto can do about low T problems.

Improve your body composition, improve your sex life!

Don't forget the biomarkers!

Mental Clarity + More Energy = Better Sex

And a bonus fun fact: How many calories are YOU burning during sex?

Sex and Ketosis, does it get any better than that? Tune in to today's episode to learn yet another way the keto lifestyle is making people (and endings) happy.

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Chad: 00:00 I have, I have an idea. We can have a theme song for this episode. What is it? Let's talk about sex baby. Let's talk about you and me. What do you think? It's up to you up to you. I have no voice in it. You just want to get through it. Let's have fun with it. They say a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Chad: 00:38 My name is Chad and I am your test subject. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness. I hoped would help me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call him eric. I hope you'll join me on a path of leads, you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives in ketosis. This is the life and Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance here.

Chad: 01:11 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is episode 22 of my quest to achieving optimal body performance with the man that can get me there. The biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bishop. Every episode, I'll be sharing my actual results, both successes and failures as Eric teaches me how to apply the principles of ketogenics genetics and functional movement to look and feel fantastic. Just as a quick reminder, the first five episodes of this podcast or our foundational episodes, that's where you'll get the foundation of the principles that we talk about in ketogenics and functional movement and, uh, will bring you up to speed with what we're talking about today. So if you haven't listened to those, we encourage you to hit pause now, go back, listen to those and then join us back here. And, uh, we're going to have a good discussion today, right eric? I think so.

Eric: 02:00 I really don't want to be here today. It's not my idea. This is your podcast.

Chad: 02:06 This was my, this was absolutely my idea a today, reluctantly, but on Eric's part excitedly on my part, we're going to talk about sex will make you know. No, I think this is a, I think this is a valuable topic to talk about. I think, uh, it's, it's a big part of most people's lives and as you consider these sort of things, you want to know how it's going to affect it. If it does it all right. Um, and so that's really what we're talking. What we're doing is we're attacking every aspect of a ketogenic lifestyle and this is part of it now.

Eric: 02:43 And you're filming this on this subject the first time, not the first time. Well, my face show red or not, I can now also, for those of you who are listening, talking about hormones, you're not sad.

Chad: 02:58 I'm going to tie it in a little bit to go too deep, but yeah, it makes it easier on me. For those of you that are listening, just so you know, we're now publishing all of our podcasts on youtube where you can kind of see a behind the scenes look at our podcast recordings and with this episode particularly, you can see eric turn red. So no, no questions beforehand. This is why he wants. We're going freestyle here. Yeah. I'm like, no, we're, we're, we're inviting Eric to lean on all of his knowledge instead of one overstudy John, that there was a time and we're going to unlock it all right here in this, in this conversation about sex. So you can look us up on Youtube, Biofit coaching on Youtube, and you can watch our, our, um, podcast episodes if you so want to and hang out with us for a little while.

Chad: 03:53 So anyway, let's start. Let's and, and I'll, I'll kind of, um, uh, this is a selfish topic for me. I guess. I mean, this is, I, I'm going to make the case during this podcast that the ketogenic lifestyle can actually improve your sex life. OK? That's the case. I'm going to make. OK. And you can either back me up or you can battle me on it, right?

Eric: 04:18 You're speaking from experience. Absolutely. Absolutely. I'm too old. I can't speak today. I'm just going to look at the data.

Chad: 04:29 So we're going to watch her numbers drop significantly because nobody wants to sit around, listen to two dudes. Talk about sex. Your old dude, but we are going to talk about some science. Um, and we're going to talk about a few different angles and ways to look at this. So, um, first thing I want to talk about, you already brought it up. Hormones, sex hormones or hormones in general that affect our sex drive. What, what are we looking at or what are we talking about when we talk about keto genomics affecting our hormones?

Eric: 04:59 Well, we gotta get back to the basics of mean sex is due to a hormonal response. OK? That's, that's our baseline again. And we get in keto, OK? Hopefully, you know from ketosis were going to improve upon some of the biomarkers that will help us in that area. Have better hormone production. OK Man. Remember, you know, we got to get back to that basic of, of how hormones are produced. We have our sex hormones are steroid hormones, OK? Today we're dealing with this subject. Go sex. So when we dealing with testosterone and estrogen, OK, but remember how we talked about in another podcast, how that's made, and we got to go back to cholesterol. OK? Cholesterol is a precursor without cholesterol, you know, we always hear against cholesterol, but we need cholesterol to go ahead and make those steroid, our sex hormones, so without customers, we have nothing. Your sex drive and sexual activity is no

Chad: 06:05 cholesterol has gotten a bad name obviously, and we talked a little bit about that in an earlier podcast, but it has gotten a bad name and kind of been painted as all negative, but it's not know it

Eric: 06:20 for life or your cellular membrane. The flexibility, fluidity of the membrane communication, I mean biogenesis of that membrane and you've got to have it, but beyond that, it's a precursor and that's what steroids are made from. Remember how we talked about it, comes to the sale, the cytoplasm and the ldl receptor brings in that cholesterol. Intracellular real quick jumps to the transport, to the Mitochondria. Outer Membrane, then transport to the inner membrane, then cholesterol makes pregnenolone, and progesterone comes from that. Then the AA, then testosterone and estrogen so that the, the way

Chad: 07:04 flows and how does, how ketosis improve that process?

Eric: 07:09 All right, we're back into the Mitochondria. OK, imagine that. Yeah. How do we get there? Yeah.

Chad: 07:17 If only I was going to say something about this. This whole podcast is just full of puns, but I was just going to say, if only we could have sex in the Mitochondria.

Chad: 07:28 The energy for their movement is medicine. How do Create Movement. We have to make ATP.

Eric: 07:38 If you don't have an effective functioning mitochondria producing that ATP, last free radicals, less reactive oxygen species, the less inflammation and it's all derivatives there. OK? So really a good sex life. OK, has to be reliant upon very good functioning Mitochondria. Without that, then we have all the diseases and everything else and you know what happens when you have diseases and next thing you know your, your other hormones are messed up and then your sexual desire or appetite or whatever you wanna call it. The Libido is diminished.

Chad: 08:12 So this brings me to my first. I'm seeing all of these. All of these are set ups, right? I'm setting you up to give me evidence of my point before actually bring it out. So here's my point to this one. In jumping into hormone as companies getting into the mood, right? Yeah, uh, these, these hormones, these sex hormones play a big part in our sex drive or getting into the mood to have sex, right? So point number one for me, it helps you get into the mood Ketosis, right? Because it improves that process of hormone production and, uh, and it's going to help us get into the mood

Eric: 08:48 and you feel good. OK. Remember, everything is, you know, in our life were either in a stressful situation, OK, or we're not OK. And that's, you know, you know that fight or flight, OK. Or we're in a sympathetic or parasympathetic situation and everything has to come together to make it work. OK? And it's not, you know, like, yeah, if you're stress free, you know, your kids are great, your wife's great, your job is great, or you're, you're, you've been exercising your body composition, you feel really good, you have a lot of energy, you're getting your sleep. How these factors start to come in to optimize what you're getting in the mood for or what you know, your, your testosterone levels, your estrogen levels, both female and male. It all plays a big role because if you're in that stressful mode, what's that hormone we've talked about that will take you out of it is cortisol. All right, and so you gotta get your adrenals, which I can go into that, but there's a lot of things we can go into and the science of it. But bottom line is you, you, you've got to feel good. The symptoms have to be there to make you feel good.

Chad: 10:06 You're good. And if you are just listening to this, you've got to go watch the video because you've got to see the way Eric squirms every time I or he says the word sex until I'm at that stage where

Eric: 10:20 you know when you, when you're younger, it's all your thoughts are, you know, how they say always about sex. But now I'm kind of moving on to all my thoughts about food. So I'm, I'm kind of moved on.

Chad: 10:32 So another sub to my point of getting into the mood or it helps you get into the mood is you already brought it up. Stress. We all know when we're in stressful situations in life, this sex drive or getting in the mood, quote unquote, is one thing that goes out the window, right? Because you're just not in that place. Where does Ketosis, how does it help us with our stress levels and you know that stuff and that's what ketosis is about.

Eric: 11:00 It. It's, it's functioning better. Your body is going to function better without cortisol. OK? One of the big drivers of Cortisol, a stressful moment is we got insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, we have hypertension. All right? We have pre diabetes, type two diabetes. We have these other factors that are going to take you out. You know, basically they throw you in some cortisol, some issues where you're in a stressful environment, your adrenals are not operating real function. Your thyroid may be off, which could be a derivative causing your cholesterol is to be off, and then your cholesterol is or aren't producing. Then guess what? You're not producing your sex steroids, OK? Those hormones, testosterone, estrogen. You need those levels for women to, you know, menu need testosterone for women is basically the big kicker for sexual desire. And obviously for men it's like if you abstain their studies showing if you abstain for three weeks, OK, you're actually going to increase your testosterone.

Chad: 12:06 OK, I've never experienced. That just doesn't work for me. Just getting. Sorry, I didn't mean to sidetrack to.

Eric: 12:16 No, you're good. You're good. But, but that's where it comes down to. We've got to, we've got to set the stage to have that good hormone, hormonal balance because without it you're just going through the motions or you're going to find something else to do. OK? And I deal with a lot of clients that come to me and I look at their bio markers and they're saying, man, I'm really low on, on t. and you hear that constantly, especially with men more than women because it's more talking about low t, low t commercials and everything else. And so then I start piecing it together. Why do you have low t? And a lot of it is it comes back to stress, OK, poor eating, insulin resistance, carbs, sugar is so critical to to knock you out of that.

Eric: 13:00 All right? And I can go into details about sugar and then again with dealing with insulin spiking and everything. So it all plays a big role. Yeah. And I can go really deep into each one individually. But overall that's. You've got to put kind of everything together.

Chad: 13:17 So you, you evaluate my point one chemically in our bodies with our hormones and reactions to ketosis. Point number one, is it valid or not? Does help your sex drive

Eric: 13:29 and you can get on the Internet and you're going to find 50 percent and say no. You know, my, my especially man, nobody talked about their testosterone. I'm really dropped. Then I'll find I can show your studies were both ways, you know, it comes to, you know, and, and what made the change ketogenics? OK Show you did a dietary changes and nutritional change. So maybe some nutrients you were not getting when you were a Vegan.

Eric: 13:53 Now you switched over to meet. Maybe you're getting things that you never had before and all of a sudden that started putting things better for you in hormonal balance and your stress and everything else, so you have to figure out. It may not it, it's the dietary change nutrition or is that the mineral content of vitamins. There's a lot to it and you know, and you can find either way out there. Some say it's dropped, some say it's better. Yeah, I can go back and forth on one study. OK. Fifty 50 only if it works for you and works for me and others that I've talked to. OK. That's what counts. <Unk> I don't, I don't really believe. And there's a placebo effect from keto to make you either have the desire or your libido or is there or are we ready to move onto my next? My next point? It depends on. You're going.

Chad: 14:51 My next point is body composition. Um, when your body composition improves, right? And, and improvement is something different. That's it. It's something different for everybody, right? We all have our own idea of what body composition improvement could, should their emotional be. Right now I can only speak from my personal experience because I've only lived inside my own body and mind, but I know when I feel good about my body, my sex drive goes up. Right, right. And it's pretty much, I mean, results show Kenogenic the ketogenic lifestyle improves your body composition. Absolutely. So, so my next, my, my, my point number two is the way that ketogenic improves your sex life is by improving your body composition. Right? And oftentimes that also improves your significant other's sex drive.

Eric: 15:50 That's true. But it's, um, it, it's amazing. And those, that I coach and the Bio fitters that have body composition issues, OK, which let's be honest, a lot of us do. All right. And even when you correct that body composition, you, you look good, you still have that emotional and mental attachment thinking it's not good enough. And I guess I can talk about my wife. She's not here, I guess she said she was, she was, she just be punching me. She's one of those that had body composition issues where you know it's either lights on or lights off and I don't mean to be, but it's like lights off because she doesn't feel comfortable about herself. She judges yourself so harshly and she's been keto for over a year, drop 25 pounds. I think it looks fantastic even though I keep telling her how good she looks still hasn't sunk in Italy and in her mind and women out there and man, I think you all can relate to that and that as a coach, that's one of the things and you'll have to overcome that to, as you coach with getting them to realize that the beauty within and how they really look and not how they see themselves as. It's hard. It's a hard. Yeah, and that affects everyone. Sex Life in a certain way.

Chad: 17:12 Absolutely. But I would say overall, the majority of the people that I've worked with that I've now started to be able to coach that kind of stuff. There are very happy with the direction.

Eric: 17:23 Guys are bad, guys are always in love with themselves. I mean, once they get that, once they started, we had been up. It's like peacocks. Yeah, I mean in a good way. And there are no bad guys. They're just that they're ready. I mean they look, they feel really good about themselves and they reward themselves and their, and their, their testosterone levels of libido picks up and a lot of it's to do not with just that body composition, but with getting all your other markers in order page. Good. Your blood lipids are good. Your, your, um, cortisol you're in. Some of these guys have stressful jobs, really stress, but they're still in, in homeostasis. The, they're the gun.

Chad: 18:07 Yeah. All right. You ready for point number three? I guess mental clarity. So we obviously have talked lots and lots on this podcast about mental clarity and inflammation in the brain. When we're on a ketogenic lifestyle, we're really taking care of. We're starting to work on that inflammation in the brain. In fact, when we're burning ketones in the brain, inflammation can't exist really anywhere.

Eric: 18:31 It really reduces it because that's the power that Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule is, isn't in the neurons. It, it's there, I mean, you got to get to that. Mitochondria reduced that reactive oxygen species, reduce those free radicals, really cut down on inflammation and, and that's, that's key. I mean the NLP or three, the NF Kappa b, all these pathways are, are reduced because of the Beta hydroxy butyrate molecule, interleukin one [inaudible]. These things are all causing inflammation through joints. Do Cardio. Vascular plays a big role in, in, in sex. I mean, let's be honest. So it, it all starts there for me,

Chad: 19:14 and this is again my personal experience, but how this relates to the sex drive is for me, if I'm distracted, which is a lot of, a lot of times that's how my fogginess shows up is like distraction can't concentrate, can't let things go. There's that foggy that, that, that lingering without that I can lead a lot of my daily tasks, my occupational tasks and all that kind of stuff. I can be clear about putting those aside and just being in the moment, which is a big part of having a good experience and a good sex drive, right. Um, is just being there and not thinking about that and the chapter's gone. I mean he was really able to really have just cognitive function. Yeah. And that's the neat part is just not placebo because you don't even realize it until afterwards. I grow. I was in the zone.

Eric: 20:09 That's what. And I just have some biofitters that last week and this, uh, this week and did a three day, four day fast and I've been working in coaching them through it. And it is every time I know it's coming, the communication is going to come to me and says, Hey, I feel awesome. Can I go longer? I, I'm all about adaptation. Get your body adapted to it. And OK, we got a top taking place and a lot of different things on your body. It's a stressor then, but every one of them will literally just say, oh my gosh, I am not hungry. My cognitive, I felt fantastic. I had energy. I never believed and that's

Eric: 20:48 fast and you have no energy substrates coming in at all except you're fast, you're burning ketones. OK, your energy stores, and even when I was on that five day water fast and I had all remember had all my markers biomarkers done and they one testosterone from the first day to the last day, that morning to that morning I did my cortisol's and I did my testosterone cortisol, we're fine. Which normally it's a stressor. OK, and you're going to raise your cortisol, but they. They were fine. And then that testosterone from the the day before the day after doubled. So for me, doubling your testosterone, that's pretty good. I mean it goes to show that. Yeah, it's strange how your body works. It really is

Eric: 21:34 what happened to their sex drive or they were just. I didn't ask. That is not a standard question. You're always. My coach is a perv or something. No, I can't. I get clients to come to me and then that subject. I'm just like, Hey, I'm going to take you down. Let's talk about food. All right, let's talk about your meals, that this topic is just as important that you get a lot of questions. I get a lot of questions about it. Most

Eric: 22:00 people suffering from, you know, low libido, low sex drive, and you gotta, you gotTa. Figure out those hormones and if it begins in all began what we would call the HP g access hypothetic hype, hypothalamus and pituitary, down to the adrenals, the Gonadal, and of course you have thyroid access to. So there's three actresses. All right, so especially in this one, we got to get to, you know, we're going to deal with your luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone that's communicating to your gonads, to your [inaudible], to your ovaries, and to your adrenals, OK? To say, Hey, let's make testosterone. Let's make estrogen all right. Like me at my age, you know, my test isn't probably aren't doing so much testosterone production. It's coming from my adrenals now. And so that's what we got to test your biomarkers. If you come to me with low t, I'm going to say, all right, let's check your sex hormone binding globulin because that's what bounce your free testosterone.

Eric: 22:57 OK? So I think I remember in, that's made by the liver. So you're concerned with and male and female is that testosterone and the estrogen is free. OK? So what happens on the sex hormone binding Globulin? It actually binds up at least eighty percent of your testosterone if I'm talking to you, your testosterone. So it's not free, it's bound. Then another 19 percent is our boo-man is attached to it. So you have about one percent of free tea. That's what does hits the address. Androgen receptors goes into the cell, into the nucleus, starts at cascade of desire or sexual, et cetera. So there's a lot of things we've got to test that. Sex Hormone binding Globulin, we've got to test that. There's a lot of things we've got to look at biomarker wise, cause there's a reason if you're not have, if you have low free t4 that there's a reason to get to it. That's cool. So that's, that's my, that's my, uh, w, what are we on for? I think that was three

Eric: 23:59 trying to get you into hormone. Terry. Let's get back to that. My next one.

Chad: 24:07 Number four. More energy across the board all the way across. All the way. There is no getting. There's no bones about how the amount of energy that we, I mean the, in the excess of energy that we experience once we go to keto, if you've got more energy, it better, better maybe

Eric: 24:29 movement is medicine. How do you get more movement, more ATP and that's what Ketosis and you know, that's what I'm about. I'm really into the energy aspect of Beta hydroxy butyrate molecule, how it can increase your atp production in the Mitochondria and that's, you know, that's one of my favorite subjects that I studied really deep. And if you want to increase sex drive and you say, what is that? A hundred and 50 calories per 25 minutes for a second

Chad: 24:57 because that's what it is, that people will go to five minutes. It's not a calorie burner for me. So I'm like, Hey, you're doing better than me, but you're producing ATP in keto, gives you more

Eric: 25:19 ATP per molecule. All right, so you're actually gonna be a higher producers, so I'm not going there.

Chad: 25:30 It's a good thing. So you're, so you're on board with  energy. Energy is awesome and uh, and definitely helps you with sex drive

Eric: 25:39 and your spouse and you know, if you guys are low on energy and you're fatigued and you know your adrenals are quarters, all everything is out of whack or you're in pain with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Ah, these things come into play. And so let's just start piecing these out and try to get you back because there's those that I have no sex drive at all. And, and, and they're feeling so much more energy being in Ketosis and I tell them it's going to roll over into your libido sooner or later. But we got to work on some hormone homeostasis first. It's not an instant Kira, I'm not gonna say that to anybody, but it's a start. Things going well that leads.

Chad: 26:24 That's a perfect segue into my last point.  My last point is inflammation of the body. We talked about inflammation in the brain, inflammation in the body. If you've got aches, pains, sores, you know, whatever that's going to play into your desire within

Chad: 26:44 your sex structure, right? And every other same, same sort of thing. When you talk about movement, those, those ailments, whether their disease, whether they're temporary, whatever it is are going to affect your sex drive. Definitely, and what happens when we're in a ketogenic lifestyle with our inflammation, our aches and our pains and all that kind of stuff.

Eric: 27:07 You either have acute inflammation, which is something you got to take care of right away. A cod or whatever, and immune system just starts doing its job, which is a good thing. We have those pathogens. It's got to go after we got viruses and bacteria. That's a good thing. Inflammation is a good thing, but when it steps over into chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and those kinds of things, when it goes chronic, that's when your body just starts to really become inflamed and it starts out like silent inflammation. You don't even know it. It. It's a killer and you don't even know it. All right? So the neatest part about Kido is it's so anti inflammatory. It's got to get into the Mitochondria to start the reduction in that reactive oxygen species. Those free radicals and free radicals aren't all bad. There's good cause they're an oxidant. I won't go into detail, but they actually turn good pathways on. OK. Then you have anti-oxidants that will counter the bag. Free radicals. Right? So it's all about inflammation. I every disease, Alzheimer's, even depression, Parkinson's, diabetes, cancer. Everything's inflammatory. Evolved.

Chad: 28:19 So how did I do? Did I convince you?

Eric: 28:23 Yeah, you convinced me. Yeah, but I didn't need a lot of companies. Now you're speaking from experience. I know. Like asked my wife, not me  older, but now you might do to my lifestyle and keto and working out and staying active and trying to keep the stress down a piece. My hormones balance. It really does move a lot. I do a lot.

Chad: 28:50 You do a lot of moving now. Working. I work out. We'll move medicine. medicine. That's my medicine. You don't have to talk in a, in, in secret. You know, so.

Chad: 29:08 All right, well thanks for biohacking with us today, Eric. Thanks a and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out bio fit, coaching Com and biofit coaching on facebook. Also, if we've entertained you or helped you are educated you in any way, we'd like to encourage you to go onto itunes or wherever you get your podcast. Leave us a five-star review are a five star rating rather in a review that helps us reach more people. And it also gives people a good idea of what the podcast is, a of what the podcast is about and how it will benefit them. And finally, once again, if we've added any value to your life, the greatest compliment that you can give us is telling your friends and family about the podcast. Anybody who could use this information, um, please share it and, uh, and get the word out for us. And we thank you so much. We hope everybody's doing it

Chad: 30:02 fantastic. And until next time, stay keto.