Sunday Supp: Gene Testing And Ketosis

On this episode of our Sunday Supp the question is asked by Tim "I've heard you guys talk about 23andMe (genetic testing), what is that all about and how can it help me on my keto journey?" This is a great question that leads into the benefits of looking at your body on a molecular and genetic level, ESPECIALLY when starting your journey to optimal fitness!

You don't know what you don't know...until you look!

What are SNIPS?

How lifestyle can change your gene expression.

How starting keto without understanding your biomarkers is like getting your teeth drilled...

Knowing is half the battle! (actually much more...). Understanding your biomarkers and genes is absolutely essential when undertaking keto and starting a journey to improve your life. It's on the molecular level that you can really hone in your diet and fitness to optimize your results. 

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Chad: 00:05 so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday subs every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Tim and he asks, I've heard about this 23andme thing, what is it and how can it help my life? So I just quick point of clarity and then you can talk about what this is a 23 and me is basically our genetics testing. It's, that's actually the company name. Um, it's as far as I know, it's the only company doing. It's, yeah, there's others I think out there, but 23 and me dominated. So 23andme has kind of become synonymous with genetic testing. So what's good for them, right? Um, but, but anyway, so that's really what we're talking about is genetic testing.

Chad: 01:00 Um, and tim wants to know how, how, how having his genes tested helps him in the Keto journey.

Eric: 01:08 You Bet. Yeah, it's, it's, it's a big help, especially as far as coaching, like what you and I do because you know, we're big on blood markers, OK? Um, we love to biohack and I love getting people's blood markers to get a baseline because I don't know your issues, so you don't even know your issue is. Most people don't until we go from the blood lip is when we go to the thyroid, then we go to the adrenals, tested Australia, whatever we need to do then your minerals and so to, to really put together somebody puzzle on their life. OK, we need, we need blood markers. But to go a little deeper, to really get to the root of it, we, we want your genes tested, OK?

Eric: 01:50 And that's good for you, OK? Because you're eventually going to have yours done. But what it does, obviously you're going to get your set of chromosomes from your parents, mom and dad. So your genes from one genes from another. OK? So what we're looking for, what they test for is what we call snips, single nucleotide polymorphisms, which are snaps. So those are OK, they're illegals. You're going to get one from your mom, one from your dad. OK, so we're looking for is any work on variants or mutations that you might, as your blueprint is telling you what you have? OK? So let's say you, you may have a mutation that says, hey, I can't handle saturated fat, or even like we talked about html or the mother effer gene, we talk about the empty Hfr Gene, OK? There's a lot. There's shutting like caffeine and different things that I have.

Eric: 02:40 OK? A cardiac risk and pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, all these different things. Alzheimer's, you know, April eighth or three, whatever we're going to get to really know you, OK? Your blueprint, right? And member. And I've always said that it doesn't mean that's what you're to express, you know, for sure. It's through lifestyle and environment. We can change your gene expression, OK? So that's what's exciting about it. So let's, let's get to the root of it and know what we're up against because I would feel safer as coaching somebody if I knew you had the mutation and there's, you can get one. OK? The good from both parents and you can get the bag from both parents or you can just get one. OK. So homozygous is if you've got both the Mutans one from mom and dad, which is not good. Heterozygous, you get one from [inaudible] and the good from the other or you get both good.

Eric: 03:37 OK. So, so we get to see that and I got some and I my genes done and, and I, I wasn't happy with a lot of it. I'm 33 times cardiac risk. Oh yeah, pancreatic cancer. I got some issues there and I'm like so but now, but now you can live a lifestyle that, that caters to that. Exactly. And I can. And my lifestyle that my nutrition, my exercise, my program, everything we can find in your blood markers, we start putting that puzzle together and it's, it's a lot of work for us as coaches because there are certain ones we look for and there's a baseline. Then we downloaded into other sites that are actually really break it down for, for you and, and different things. I've found some good things, but it, I'm a big fan of it. Big Fan, big fan of that expensive either.

Chad: 04:25 There's an analogy that I've used with some of my biofitters some of the people that I'm coaching. Maybe this resonates with you or not, but it's like, I mean, without getting our blood markers done, jumping into a ketogenic diet without understanding our blood markers is like going to the dentist telling them you have a tooth ache and saying just start drilling. Right? And eventually we'll find the problem. Right? Right. Or eventually we'll, we'll, we'll do something that cures the pain. That's crazy it. Right. Um, so ultimately what happens, you go to the dentist, you have to think, you telling me how to take. They take an x ray, they investigate, they understand the, the, the, the biology and the anatomy of your tooth before they take a drill to it. Right? And that's exactly what blood markers are that we all have our biofitters uh, when they, when they come into the program, they get all their blood markers test.

Chad: 05:19 This genetic testing is just one step further, making sure we understand the makeup of the body and the genes in the body in which we're coaching and changing completely the the, the dietary atmosphere for because

Eric: 05:34 it really makes us do our homework. It really does. As a coach, you have to do your homework. It's like you can be a hyper responder to, to fat, right, but I don't know that you don't know that person. Your parents didn't know that I'm boosting your saturated fat up and your other fats to a pretty good level if you're going to keto. So some of the things we'd like to know, but it would show up in your blood markers, you know, and those issues if hyper responder to find different things and so. But it just gives us a true baseline to work with. Yeah. Very important. Yeah, that's great.

Chad: 06:09 Super Fascinating is another podcast, but the science and technology that is available to us, in fact that got important today from one of our ball fitters and I'm going to spend some hours tomorrow going through her senior so it makes me nervous because she, she's been Keto for a few months with us but, but she's good, but I just want to see how, how new is this technology been a few years. Quite a bit. Yeah. And, and they got really good. They were good with their reports at first, but then there were some issues that they're trying to be really careful what they say is other sites from ets in South Dakota. There's some other sites out there it will download their, um, their report to and get a better report. And then we go through each one and say, hey, this is when you go to watch and see and see what we're up against. It's good thing. Yeah. Well that's great. Thanks so much for talking with us today and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey. And live your life in Ketosis. Be sure to check out or BioFit coaching on facebook. And until next time.