Sunday Supp: When and How to Test for Ketosis with Urine Strips

On this Sunday Supp a question came in from Instagram (biofit_coaching) about testing for ketosis with urine strips vs testing via blood. There is a lot of confusion about the proper way to use the urine testing and what it is actually reading. So today, the guys want to set the record straight!

What do urine strips actually read?

Don't get discouraged if you're seeing the "wrong" color.

Hold to your macros!

The proper way to test with a ketone urine strip.

When to start testing with urine strips AND when to STOP testing with urine strips!

This question is important because the misunderstandings associated with urine testing have led to a lot of discouragement among those just starting out with keto nutrition. Learn the right way to use urine strips and, more importantly, when to switch to the blood testers. 

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Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our mid week mini series called Sunday Sups. Every Sunday we'll have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto, and this week's question comes from somebody on instagram. I don't have their handle, their, their instagram handle available right now, but they're asking about ketone strips and testing ketones through Keto strips. What their question was, um, they saw one of your, a Keto tips. It's not one of your Keto tips on instagram about testing with a blood test. And uh, they said, you know, I've just been using the urine strips, been in for like three weeks or something like that. Um, and are not having success with those strips, not creating the color that they want. So I know this is a big point of confusion within the keto world.

Chad: 01:00 How do you test you test urine, test blood. How long do you test? You learn. Some people don't even know that there's a timeframe and what you should graduate from the urine strips to the blood testing. So can we just talk a little bit about this, what, first off, what are the urine strips reading and how should they be used when you,

Eric: 01:18 When you first go into ketosis? Obviously you know the like the first day, maybe the second day what we do, we go ahead and get you some keto sticks or ketone strips. Okay. Those are the urine ph. Ph strips. Okay. You can get them at walgreens or Walmart and all of the pharmaceutical pharmacies have them. So basically what that is testing to say now your body is going into production of ketones. Okay? Because you're in calorie restriction. All right? You brought your carbs down so your body has to to stay alive.

Eric: 01:48 And this is our ancestral mechanism that we're all born with DNA. You're going to convert fatty acids to a key talent because you remember you just dropped your glucose. Your brain is not going to live unless it gets survive, unless it gets ketones. Okay? Yeah, I mean it's going to break down amino acids and everything else to keep you alive. But if you can't do that, you understand to live very long. So we're genetically to make ketones. So the first thing, what happens when those fatty acids go deliver, you start producing one of the ketones called Acetolacetate. Those pee strips are testing tape that's in obviously urine. So your body's going to excrete it because like, oh my gosh, we're getting so many ketones because it's an asset, you know, ketoacidosis. It's always going to try to protect you. It doesn't know how to utilize him yet, alright?

Eric: 02:39 Or convert them. So basically you're going to be paying them out. Also dehydrate, you know, you're getting rid of a lot of fluid. All right? That's what you're testing for the last eight, not Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule. It's not testing that. That's a first thing you're going to produce is a acytlacetate. And that happens at the very beginning. But everybody tests different when you know you've been on him, he has a color chart so you got trace and so I was like a real fleshy color and then it ends up almost doing like a purple. And everybody out there, don't worry, everybody tests different. You know, my wife jumped right into the dark color, me never just above trace, never got any color at all and I thought well this sucks and this was two years ago, I can't produce, this isn't gonna work and I'm not working. As soon as I went to the Ketone, to the actual blood test or the Beta hydroxy molecule I was in. So don't, don't get worried about if you're only tracing above or your dark color, it's everybody's different.

Chad: 03:42 Don't worry so much about the scale or you're making some color,

Eric: 03:46 some color, and you are holding to your macros. Okay? Cause you know, if you're not showing anything, you might say, well wait a minute, do I have too many carbs because that's going to change the picture.

Chad: 04:00 I mean how long, what's the duration that we can use them and what's the proper way to use them?

Eric: 04:05 I start people on, you know that the second day you start testing, so if you've got some color because you are getting ketones because you, you're getting rid of it, you know, your first day or so. First Day you got a lot of glycogen. So you're not gonna be producing until the glycogen leaves the liver. Okay? Now the fatty acids are going to hit delivery and produce ketones. If you've got glycogen to glucose, so you gotta you gotTa, get rid of the glycogen which you do that through restriction. All right? So what happens? And the secondary or third day, you know, take, take the piece to usually in the afternoon and obviously you collect urine in your bladder, you know, sometimes you have a lot or sometimes you don't. So during while your peeing, during mid stream, not at the beginning, okay, about midway through.

Eric: 04:52 Go ahead and just whack under the stream and then just wait 15 seconds and then match it to your color.

Chad: 04:59 This trip ready in your hand, you're not trying to grab, reach for the Strip while peeing on the toilet.

Eric: 05:09 That wasn't really good at it in the beginning.

Chad: 05:13 Should we do like a technique video of this?

Eric: 05:15 I think guys, when you sit down to pee a lot easier, sit down to pee, just man up and do it.

Chad: 05:23 I'm thinking we're going to shoot an instructional video with Eric. Hey, he's going to show you the proper way to use the urine strips.

Eric: 05:31 I just hate to say this when you get old like me and it takes forever to pee. You sit down to pee. Oh yeah, big time. Oh yeah. My wife will say, why are you sitting down? I'm not standing up. It's 2:00 in the morning. I sit in the dark.

Chad: 05:49 That's funny. Well, anything else you think we should talk about?

Eric: 05:53 Once you get this, say seven days or so, the color starts to reduce. Okay. That means you're making some conversion to Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule. Now we move over into the blood ketone tester. Now we're testing for Beta hydroxy butyrate molecule. That's where we're at. That's your ketosis. That's what you're going for is the molecule that we've talked about a ton.

Chad: 06:17 Awesome. So we'll do another Sunday sup on the proper usage of blood. You the Beta High Beta tester. So yeah. Anything else you want people to know about the urine testing.

Eric: 06:29 Nope, they're cheap. You're probably only going to go through 10, 15 and you'll waste a bottle of 50 and that's what happened. Everybody's got extra and then they don't last that long, so yeah, I wish they would just sell 14. That's really. Oh, and once or twice a day if you want, or just once a day, once a day.

Chad: 06:43 I really wish I really wish more information was out there about these and that people knew this because I see people freaking out all the time like we follow all these keto journeys on instagram and stuff and people going crazy because after a week and a half, two weeks, they're not showing color anymore and they're like, what am I doing wrong? Not Working. I'm still losing weight. I still feel great, but I'm not producing ketones. And, and it's it. They don't understand what that urine test is actually is actually touching.

Eric: 07:10 The other thing is acetone and it's usually at that, secrete it through your breath. Not everybody experiences a little bit in that odor coming out of their breath. Yeah, nobody does. So you know, you've got ketones from your breath, ketones from your.

Chad: 07:24 Just just, just, just ask your significant other if you're producing ketones apparently, and then we're closed. Really? When you get sweaty, then they have this special order to them minded before. Anyway. All right. Anyway. Right. Well, this has been awesome. Thanks so much for talking with us today, Eric, either. Um, and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you are ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to come on over and check out or biofitcoaching on Facebook.

Speaker 3: 07:51 Until next time, Stay keto!