E25 Valentines Day in Ketosis: 3 Course Keto Lovers Meal

Happy Keto Valentines! We dropped this podcast a day earlier than normal because have a special V-day gift for all our listeners! We have tasked Laura from Cooking in Ketosis to create a 3-Course Keto Valentines meal, and did she ever deliver! We have invited her on today's episode to talk about what goes into the meal, as well as discuss some tips for going out on Valentines Day, and everything you need to enjoy the day while staying in ketosis.

Your FREE gift of the complete recipe for this Valentine's meal is at www.biofitcoaching.com/bemine.

Eric has been sampling Laura's creative cooking for 62 years!

Some of the dangers of "winging it" on a keto nutrition plan.

Of course, you can scale out for Valentines Day, but with food like this, you don't need too!

Appetizer: Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms

Fun fact: Green onions have fewer carbs than red or yellow onions.

Laura shares some shopping tips when looking for seafood.

Main Course: Keto Surf 'n Turf

Why does asparagus make your pee smell terrible?

Chad and Eric's conversions from vegan and vegetarianism.

Dessert: Cream Cheese Cookie Cakes

Some tips and tricks for eating out on Valentines Day.

NO SHAME! As with any holiday, if you do scale out you can always scale right back in!

We loved having Laura on the show today to share this incredible meal! And remember cooking keto does NOT need to be hard! In fact, it is actually quite simple. All it takes is a change of your mindset and then a whole world of possibilities open up. Have fun with it!

If you want to SEE this delicious food, be sure to check out our behind the scenes peek at https://youtu.be/4HfAQJyFArg

If you have any questions on this episode (or any questions in general) don't hesitate to reach out to us at bioteam@biofitcoaching.com.

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Chad: 00:00 Sorry, we can't help you with what happens after dinner.

Eric: 00:03 You're going to have to go there because you're 62 years old. Yeah.

Chad: 00:15 The journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Eric: 00:22 Yeah.

Chad: 00:25 My name is Chad and I. I'm your test subject. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness would help me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call him parent. I hope you'll join me on a path that leads you to optimal fitness as we live our lives in ketosis. This is the life in Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 00:59 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is episode 25 of my quest to achieving optimal body performance with the man that can get me there, the biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bischof every episode. I'll be sharing my actual results, both successes and failures as Eric teaches me how to apply the principles of Quito, genetics and functional movement to look and feel fantastic. And just as a reminder, the first five episodes of this podcast are foundational episodes. That's where you get your foundational knowledge for all of the things that we talk and talk about in the later episodes. So if you haven't listened to those, we encourage you to push pause here now, go back, listen to those and then join us back here when you're done. That will give you a good foundation. Today is a very special podcast for a couple of reasons. One, we're in Laura's kitchen. Or do you want to introduce Laura?

Eric: 01:49 This isn't my sweetheart. This is actually my sister. This is my twin sister. All right. So I'm excited to be here and have her with us because she is the, uh, cooking ketosis and it's been fantastic and excited to have you on the podcast. Laura, I'm excited to be here. It'd be fun. Great. Just so a little background. Laura is an incredible cook. She doesn't like when I say easy. She's a good. She's cooked for me. I made her. She volunteered cooked for me because I'm not a good cook, but how many years? How many years are you counting? Both in the womb to shared meals in there? Yeah. I had to kick him out. He came out first. I was like, I'm done with your feet first, and kicked him out. My food was taking all the food, so she's always been bigger than he was. Always. Yeah, the smaller one. Well,

Chad: 03:00 this is fun. It's really fun to introduce you, Laura, because you've been doing so much behind the scenes for us with all of our recipes and our, uh, in our cookbooks that we've been releasing all of these tools that we've been providing for people with food. You have been behind all of it. So this is our first chance to introduce you, which brings me to our topic for today, food and not only food, food and Valentine's Day food

Eric: 03:27 and how important food is. And that's why I had to bring her in. We had to bring her in because she's so good at this food preparation and meals and planning and recipes and macros and taste. And I had to get you in the kitchen part. And so today's episode is going to be a little bit different. It's going to be a little bit interesting.

Chad: 03:54 We're trying something new here just like we did a couple of weeks ago with Eric on the bike. We tried something new and it actually worked out really well. People have said they loved it, so I hope this will be the same thing. So, um, we've actually been a laura and Laura has been slaving away in the, in the kitchen to make us some dishes for Valentine's Day. And if, if you haven't heard, wake up tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so if you haven't done anything for Valentine's Day is tomorrow. We're releasing this podcast a day early so that you can prep and we're actually going to talk about staying in Keto on Valentine's Day. Right? And we're going to share some meals with you in the, in the description of this podcast will be linked. All of the recipes. It's um, if you can't find the link is just a biofitcoaching.com/bemine, right?

Chad: 04:48 Right. Like be my Valentine, right? So be mine. So biofitcoaching.com forward slash be mine. If you want to get the recipes for the food that we're going to talk about this episode, I'm Laura's going to give us the the description of how to cook it and how to, you know, how to, how to make a good meal for Valentine's Day. Eric's going to give us some of the nutritional facts, what some of these things are doing for our body, our bodies, and I'm going to sit here and act like I know what I'm doing. I'm just gonna. Watch and taste. The food. Yeah.

Laura: 05:18 Description and things as well. When they go for the recipes, it will have the macros.

Chad: 05:23 All of this food will have the macros so that you'll know exactly how to. How to track it. We're big on tracking our macros on a daily basis.

Chad: 05:32 I have so many people that tell me, you know, I'm just gonna. I'm just gonna wing it. I'm just going to eat what I. I'll know I'll do good and I always tell them it's dangerous. It's a dangerous thing to do that unless you are so routine and you've tracked for a few months and then you know, because you end up eating more carbs than you think and uh, and that's dangerous ride, especially when we're eating all the high fats. So I'm to dive in, we're going to talk about the dishes that we have in front of us. If you're listening, listening to this, you don't get the viewing pleasure that we have or those who are watching on youtube have. And you could probably hear her doggies. Laura's dog is in the background because we're in our kitchen. And uh, we couldn't kick him out. She was like, nope, no good food.

Chad: 06:19 That's right. That's right. So we have a three course meal in front of us, so we're going to talk about this meal and then we're going to also, I know a lot of people like to go out to eat for Valentine's Day and we want to make sure that this is functional, right? So we don't want you to have to sacrifice going out to eat just because you're in ketosis. And thirdly, I will mention this stuff is awesome and this is what I'm going to be doing for Valentine's Day, is making my wife dinner, um, with some of these recipes. Yeah, that's what I'm going to be doing, but it's not for everybody to stay in Ketosis. And one thing that we're really big on is making life functional, right? Or talk about scaling out really, really quick.

Eric: 07:00 This is for those that can see the male. You do not need to scale out. There's no reason to. There's nothing that you're missing, you know, that you're not getting here. There's th, that's a fantastic meal. And that's what's neat and exciting about, about Keto is because with Laura's help or trying to do is provide these kinds of meals to where you don't think or, or be motivated to scale out like, oh yeah, I can't eat a big dinner in a nice dinner because, oh, I'm Quito. That's not true. OK? And more and more when you're in Ketosis and those that are out there in Ketosis, you realize that like, uh, what's the big deal? I don't need to scale because I can eat exactly as good food or better that cheesecake. I mean it's like the real thing. What am I looking for? If I need to scale up, scale out, I'm Thanksgiving or certain times if you have a big social event, like you said, where, where we're not big on being strict, strict, strict because you know, we live in a social world so we've still got to go out with our friends and our families and their kids, birthday parties and things like that.

Eric: 08:08 You still want to be a part of, like we talked about before, that guy that I let him go and eat his food, you know? Yeah. Yeah. But it's not like the old days you'd go there just eating little, you know, he'd been in the corner here some nights, fat food until really good tasting stuff. So give it a social.

Laura: 08:27 One thing I wanna add is this isn't hard.  This is a very quick, actually a quick easy meal two to put together and it's not labor intensive and so. And that's the way I cook. I do not like spending lots of time in the kitchen, I don't like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so I try to find things that are good and move along quickly and this is not really labor-intensive.

Chad: 08:53 Yeah. One thing I will say is if your significant other is in Ketosis or is eating Kido and you go and cook this meal for them on w, how cool is that? Like that's a big deal. That's very thoughtful. So I hope that, that this is a tool for people. Um, so we're going to talk about what we have in front of us. We're going to try a couple of bites and we're going to talk about going out to dinner and then. Sorry, we can't help you with what happens after dinner. You're going to happen.

Chad: 09:21 Oh, their Valentine's Day. Yeah.

Eric: 09:26 Last year. Sixty two years old.

Eric: 09:27 Yeah, we're training. Probably train, need

Chad: 09:36 any help my wife out to treat if you need any help there. A couple of weeks ago we did sex in Quito. So games that why she didn't bring your wife in, that podcast has, you know. OK, well let's dive in. So we have an appetizer or do you want to tell us what the appetizer as Laura?

Laura: 09:54 That appetizer is stuffed crab mushrooms with Jesus. You crab and mushrooms, you have cheese, you have cream cheese that are grabbing their cheese. Mozzarella and mushrooms are good for mushrooms, have great carbs, but you'll be green onions.

Chad: 10:25 Yes. Laura was telling me earlier as we were cooking these things that actually green onions have less carbs in yellow, yellow, red. Red is the most resonant. Awesome. Cool. So should we try, um, yeah, let's do this. I have been waiting for this. You don't really need to make these.

Chad: 10:45 Actually you can just take our word for us. Take our. Take our word for it of how delicious they are going for the. Absolutely. Have to go for the onions. Really good pictures here because this is my sweetheart's dinner right here in the winter. All reading your husband's dinner. Valentine's Day fresh. This is each of those users show good craft beer. I love fish. I mean I love all of it, but I'm not a guy that orders cram. Yeah. Yeah. And that's why I told Laura earlier, I said, you're really gonna have to convince me because I am not a crab gut, but this is incredible.

Eric: 11:24 This is like your appetizer. I mean I think it tastes really good.

Laura: 11:30 So you have a three course meal. Turn on the music with some Ginger Ale.

Chad: 11:46 When you, when you're looking at ingredients for this, do you just buy whatever's available in the supermarket or what are you looking for when you go purchasing ingredients? Just some of the things that you're looking for, like the mushrooms are the onions or the crab, that sort of stuff.

Laura: 11:53 I try to get  as fresh as I can so I know different, uh, grocery stores that seem to carry a variety of, of produce. And so I'll draw towards those and I'm in fish wise, I crab any kind of fish, I try to stick with markets that I know will buy the fresher fish because nothing's worse than getting a shrimper something that you want her to right

Laura: 12:25 yet, you know, cause it's, it's hard to get good. It's hard to get good fish as a rule of thumb. I always try and get wild caught and um, and sometimes that's hard to come by,

Chad: 12:35 especially when you're landlocked like us right now. Today I would just splurge. He just fine. Pick your poison on it.

Laura: 12:49 Do you remember too is you're not eating shrimp for every male or scallops and so you get a little bit of that mercury, you're gonna be OK, your processes, keep everything else good that help process it through.

Chad: 13:01 Yeah, for sure. So remember, uh, for these recipes, instructions, pictures, all of that kind of stuff biofitcoaching.com/bemine is where you can get all the information for this food. Let's move on to the main course. It did describe the main course to us.

Laura: 13:15 All right. This is our surf and turf, um, rib eye steak and um, we have shrimp and scallops and Sauteed asparagus. And the rib eye steak is on top, has some garlic butter with herbs in it that helped just melt and get those flavors around the, the steak and cooking. That was a fun different way. And um, it was you get a black iron skillet and put it in your oven and set it for 500 degrees in there and do it for five minutes, pull it out and then put the steak on and you sear it for, um, two minutes on each side. But this was a thinner stake. Sows a minute on each side and it's sales those juices in and makes it just moist and juicy. And then you put back into the black skillet, it goes back in the oven at 500 degrees, what the stakes. And um, then you cook it for another 20 seconds if you're, if you're [inaudible] is on a thinner level, if it's a little thicker than you only do it for about 45 seconds on each side and then pull it out. And then you have a medium rare juicy steak.

Chad: 14:36 It looks incredible for those of you that are listening and you probably can't see it all that well from the camera either. It looks so delicious. And since you've sat it down on the table, I can't wait. I can't wait to try. Especially the asparagus. Very. This is my favorite, so I'm really, really excited for that. So, um, so we have asparagus, we have scallops, we have shrimp and scallops as well.

Chad: 15:02 Butter, the butter, straight butter season, salt, salt, pepper. And uh, what was the other one? Group sees? Good. Let's try. Go that shrimp first. I love shrimp. I'll try it. Scouts were OK with fingers here. Is that OK? I'll come around for some shrimp. Scallops. Very much about those are really good. All right, eat your favorite there. Chad on the asparagus scout.

Chad: 15:44 Apparently some of this is just to be us, but we didn't think through that very well. May Be Click. Don't.

Eric: 15:55 Show was really good and I love the space. Good man. You got your phytonutrients area. It's really a complete meal and healthy too. And it doesn't. If you show that to somebody who's not Keto maybe like. Yeah, that's what you need for Keto. They won't really say you're on a diet. We don't call it a day.

Chad: 16:18 So here's my questionnaire. Yeah, this is your test. OK, science-y. Boy, why does asparagus make your piece and Arrow? But I don't know.

Eric: 16:30 I'm tired of my kids coming to me all my life saying, oh, what was that? That they sugar pass. Hey gonna, smell their my pee smells just jumps like asparagus.

Chad: 16:44 Pee would come up in our Valentine's episode. Did you know? That's awesome. Anybody gonna try the steak sandwich side.

Eric: 16:55 Yeah, just cut off a piece there to get fat piece over here with a little piece of fat on.  

Laura: 17:01 One thing  really crossed that one thing really nice about the rib eye steaks are they have a great marble and in fat it, which brings a lot of great flavor and fat we're going for. Yeah.

Chad: 17:15 And everybody knows I get to ask the dumb questions. Right? So does the fat and in stake now translate to us? I mean like translate as the fat that we consume.

Eric: 17:29 It's a saturated fat. Obviously going to go on your stomach, obviously break breakdown as it triglyceride into it's fatty acids, ended up going through the regular process that Kyla microns, carrying that fat through your triglyceride. Just go right. You know, right through the, uh, uh, the bloodstream  getting used by your muscle tissues or start is fine if you're not careful, but I like it. I, I trim off some sometimes, but I like to taste the fat so

Chad: 18:01 I'm just barely starting to come around really, really picky about people still cut their fat off. But my wife looks at me and I just don't know if we talked about this on the podcast before, but I actually was vegetarian for nine years. Remember we mentioned A.

Eric: 18:17 Yeah, I was Vegan for two nights. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, and then started eating meat again.

Chad: 18:23 So it's been a gradual process to get back into me and I think that fat is kind of one of those things where you're going to work until this year. There's big chunks of fat like that now, but it gives you the flavor and that's why you like fatty meats because that marbling effect gives you all the tastes.

Chad: 18:40 And that's one thing I didn't know. This is one thing I learned recently actually is that marbling, your steak is usually going to be better tasting, more tender. And you know, all that kind of stuff with a marbled fat in it. And uh, I always thought you were going for like the police you can find. Yeah. That's the stuff that tastes like Jerky when you bought it.

Eric: 19:04 That's why I love elk and venison, but it's, it's almost barely, you know, and you don't get the fat in there to really get the taste. But I still, I love the taste of meat, but I'm not getting a lot of fat from. Not at all.

Chad: 19:15 Well, should we move on to What I think will probably be the biggest hit of the meal, which is the dessert. It looks incredible. If you are listening to this on a podcast venue, I really encourage you to go on Youtube, take a look at what this thing looks like because it's incredible. There'll also be some pictures when the recipes, the recipes, but tell us about the desert.

Laura: 19:40 All right. This is a cheese cake cookie crust cookie, a desert with a cookie crust and a cream cheese filling with some melted dark chocolate. Drizzle it over and of course we garnish with a little bit of berries on the flour or coconut flour. It's done with um, some almond flour and some coconut flour. Coconut flour helps bind it together with the almond flour.

Chad: 20:09 So do you cook with both coconut and Almond?

Laura: 20:14 A Lot, like never cook much by myself. Are quick to just flour, coconut flour, but I do a lot with almond flour and then some coconut and then I mix them.

Chad: 20:27 It's one thing to be aware of that we found in our kitchen is the coconut flour will add a little bit of a taste to stuff where, you know, we're supposed to be kind of transparent and just go for consistency and it's going to add a little bit of a desert.

Laura: 20:41 I don't notice it. I don't notice any difference for like flower, but we use coconut flour.

Eric: 20:48 I use a lot of, um, a lot.

Chad: 20:51 And so this looks amazing. Can we try it? Absolutely. Let's do it. Taste the coconut because it's,

Eric: 20:59 I like coconut oil and I think it would go great with original, like coconut that she shows him other stuff. She can't taste the coconut, you can't pay for it when it's mixed with other times with other things in

Laura: 21:10 a lot of times it's just like half of almond flour to like maybe two tablespoons of coconut flour, so it's not really good. Good. I'm glad you like them and this is something you made up this. I mean a lot of the stuff, obviously you didn't make a mistake, you made up the butter that goes on it, that kind of stuff, but this is just came from your own kitchen. That's awesome. That's really. That's really. Those are so good.

Laura: 21:38 It's really good. Have the cookie recipe. It's a cream cheese cookie. When you call, we did cream cheese Cookie cakes, cookies, cakes.

Eric: 21:50 That's what we're calling it as a really good. People are going to love those who are missing nothing with this meal. Like, I mean Eric, you already said it, but you are absolutely missing nothing there. There's nothing missing here and that's what's so exciting about ketogenix and those that are out there that aren't Keto. There's so much good food and more and more and that's why we brought her on cooking and ketosis because we're going to show people you know, how good you can eat, really tweaked the meals for the taste of it because everybody says, Oh Daddy, dad, but when you actually see somebody make it and tweak it and really get the macros measured out because there's like we've talked about, there's a lot of recipes out there that are great, but there's errors in the macros because when we start weighing out like she does and and the rest of the team will start weighing out all the macros to get it just perfect on macro.

Eric: 22:43 So we're not making any mistakes. You don't want to get knocked out of ketosis without knowing why. I mean, oh my gosh, what am I going to knock down? Some macros were wrong,

Laura: 22:52 but the one thing though, it's hard to be consistent. I mean there is some. Oh, there's very, very little though.

Eric: 22:59 There's nothing to be perfect, but we get it as close as we do. We you do really well and the other team is incredible stuff. Home and make it. This is going to be so I want to hear she's not even.

Chad: 23:16 I'm not even going to tell her it's a Keto meal. I'm just going to say I made Valentine's Day. Can serve that. Nobody's going to know that.

Laura: 23:28 That was made with erythitrol, which I can make my way. Doesn't like seafood. Darn it. But I'll make something up. That was what the asparagus is turf there. I got plenty of something there is do cauliflower it up with cheese and some sour cream and you kind of how I can do kind

Chad: 23:46 of like a bag of potato, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's interesting. One thing, Eric, you said earlier you mentioned, you know, make this dinner, put some music on, that sort of thing. I was actually going to, I'm going to share with you mine and my wife's tradition that we actually started last year and it's been awesome and we're going to do it again this year is basically. So what we did is we created a shared playlist and each of us added 10 songs to the playlist that remind us of that person. So over the years we'll keep that same playlist, but we'll add more songs every year and I don't know if we've loved it. So now throughout the year we listened to that playlist and I'm thinking about or when we're, you know, when I'm out and listened to that playlist or whatever.

Chad: 24:33 Yeah. But always had play was like either like every song on this record or not. We. Yeah.

Chad: 24:50 Great. So let's talk really quick about going out to eat. What are some of the survival, I don't want to call it survival. What do, how do we thrive when we go out and we eat at restaurants? What are we looking for?

Eric: 25:03 This, this is what you can order in a restaurant right there. You've got your shrimp or scallops and your and your veggie. OK, that's, that's a dinner, I mean in a salad to go with it or you know, there's my, I'm sure they have mushrooms with, with some type of appetizer. You can be really creative when you go out. If you're going out to steak houses, of course you're going to have these options.

Chad: 25:27 One thing I would say, one thing that I suggest, and this is something that I do anytime I go out, if I'm ordering like seafood, I always ask because they're breaded.

Chad: 25:36 It's not always, it's not always clear, especially if you're going live with like a like a lot of times I'll get fish tacos and take them out of the tortilla and just eat the fish and all the fixings that come with it, so you've got to make sure that it's not breaded, right? A breaded and fried checkup on

Eric: 25:52 my wife gets really embarrassed when we go out and she's like, ah, you're not going to ask all those questions again, are any sugar and you have that sweet and let me go check and I go, anyway.

Chad: 26:03 You haven't got the list yet. Olive oil, why

Eric: 26:06 are you sneaking in some canola oil mega six fat, so we put a little canola oil. I forget that. She's like, OK, we're done.

Chad: 26:23 Right? And there's just a few things. The other thing I really pay attention to is a lot of times your sides aren't listed like what sites come with it, so ask what your sides are because a lot of times they're going to be rice, they're going to be potatoes, they're going to be that sort of stuff, so you can ask ahead of time and what if they. If it's something that you don't want, you can ask, oh, is there a Veggie? They always, they

Eric: 26:44 always have some kind of vegetable oil up on it.

Laura: 26:47 If it says two sides, you can have two servings of veggies, so they're there. Usually you just have to talk to them. They're really pretty accommodating

Eric: 26:55 and I, I noticed more waitresses and waiters, they're, they're, they're getting more people coming into the restaurant and they have the answers right now for you. It's getting big,

Chad: 27:06 especially with a lot of stuff that comes with Brad now, burger or styles where everybody's got a lettuce wrap.

Eric: 27:16 That's exciting and it makes it easier if you're on the go and you're out of town traveling every time we have a biofitter ask us, well man, I'm going out of town. I have somebody down in Texas for the next four days. I have a another couple biofitters in South Carolina for the next four days. I got a lot of travel. Yeah, travel and I said, heck no. It's one of the easiest things to do. You always have breakfast. You always have eggs. You always have on. You always have vegetable omelets. Easiest thing, you always have a meat, you have bacon, you know? Then you have your lunches like this and you're right. It's really not that hard. Not at all. Not all.

Chad: 27:49 I mean we've said it a million times on this podcast, but what do we tell people when they slip up and they beat themselves up?

Eric: 27:59 Shame. My call and I'm done were really anti shame. We will get you back in. You and I, we'll, we'll, we'll get them back in and don't feel guilty if you're going to slip up a little bit, you know, enjoy the moment and let's just get you back in. Know there's no reason to beat yourself.

Chad: 28:20 Spiraling happens from guilt spiral. Wouldn't be guilt ourselves or when we are, when we, um, make it a bigger deal than it actually is if you add some chocolates over Valentine's Day.

Eric: 28:31 Yeah, that's what it is and don't get obsessive. OK. And, and I'm wanting to speak about. Yeah, sorry. She's helped me over the years. Really helped my own issues. So yeah. What am I talking about? But no, I, I've learned is my wife has really helped me to just ease up a little bit, you know, don't, you know, I got some carbs in my mouth, you know, tomorrow's a new day.

Chad: 29:06 Yeah. It's not a big deal. And just get back in. So this has been awesome. This food is delicious. Thank you so much. Is there anything else you want to make sure people know about cooking keto?

Laura: 29:22 I do. I'm cooking Keto  is not as hard as they think. It's our mindset that makes us think, oh, it's too overwhelming and I can't do it. It's too hard. It's, and it's not really. It's very, really quite easy because like I said before, I'm not a gourmet cook and I, you know, cooking is not my favorite but I clicked because we need to eat of course and I want it to taste good. And so doing Keto hasn't been a huge transition in changing the recipes because just about any recipe that you have, you can turn it into Keto. Very, very easy.  

Chad: 29:57 And we're on a mission to make it easier for people.  Right? I mean you're, you're inventing things in your kitchen, but those things now go out to the world to hopefully make it easier, better for people.

Eric: 30:08 I'm very repetitious in my, my food. That's why I don't even put it on myfitnesspal anymore because it's the same thing saved my and my liver and she is really creative and so anytime she's making meals or she's telling me about it, I'm trying all these new meal. So she's actually motivated me to say, Hey, don't be so lazy, get creative because I love, I do like to cook and I'll make myself a big meal, but I need to branch out and I've learned a lot from her. So that's why she's here. She's here. Yeah, I mean really that's all we learn from each other. So it'll be wonderful Keto friends share their feelings, comments and their recipes to have something. I'd be more than happy to convert it for them. Or were you already know, man,

Chad: 30:53 absolutely. Whatever we can do to help people out. And the other thing is, is if you're listening to this or watching this, whatever, and you try these recipes and you tweak them a little bit or you do something with them and you like what you share with us. We're not saying this is the best way they could be. I mean they're incredible. But if you can make them better,

Eric: 31:11 tell us about.

Laura: 31:13 It's all about sharing. Sharing is caring.

Eric: 31:17 Filler. Food is food. You know, anybody can go out and eat finger food and that's part of the problem that we have. Obesity, because you eating a lot of filler for not in good taste, in food with Keto because you're bringing in the fat, you're getting the taste and you're getting the satiation from it to where you're not hungry afterwards, you feel associated, and that's key for losing body composition and making a change. You want to feel satiated. You want that brain to say, hey, I got ketones. beta hydroxybutyrate molecule. It's there. It's coming. I don't need to give you cravings. That was plenty of food.

Chad: 31:53 Yeah, well thanks for biohacking with say or you bet. Thanks for being with us today.

Laura: 31:58 I'm glad to be apart.

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