12/16/18 Sunday Supp: Intermittent vs 3-Day Fasts

Today's question comes from Ashley who wants to know the difference between intermittent fasting and a full 3-day fast.

Eric talks the benefits of the intermittent fast.

Is an intermittent fast enough to kick you into autophagy?

How autophagy is the body's clean out mechanism.

And finally, how to use both in your regular routine!

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday Supps, so every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Ashley and she says, I saw you just completed around a fasted state. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend this one, but I'm on the waiting list for the next one. I regularly intermittent fast, but my question is what difference will I see in fasting for three days versus just intermittent fasting?

Eric: 00:34 Good question. What you will see. Okay. Um, you won't see the autophagy. You may feel it, I hope, but in the long run, intermittent fasting is great. I mean, I do it. I, I really like it. A couple of reasons obviously is simplicity of my meals. Um, I enjoy eating two meals a day or even one. Sometimes it depends on my mood, but intermittent fasting when you do it is calorie restriction. Unless you're eating all your calories at one meal or two, but that's fine. But anytime you take a break from cellular respiration, which is keeping your electric transport chain busy by eating, creating energy, you're going to give yourself a little break as far as, you know, reactive oxygen species, et Cetera. But as far as autophagy, there is, science is still out saying, do you really, you know, and that at 16 hour window, do you reap the benefits of some cellular regeneration and cleanup. Science is still out. I'm, I'm with the science and get a little bit maybe, but not very much. So when we extend the fast and extend the calorie deprivation completely. All right, uh, you obviously are going to really go into autophagy. And that's the whole, you know, key reason, you know, the fasting teachers, you discipline teaches you a lot of things, you know, that you know, confidence and you know, relying upon your own energy sources like ketones or you don't have to be so food dependent. You lose cravings and a lot of physical things during a fast. But cellular wise, it's the autophagy that we're after and it's a good three days is what's needed to really make the autophagy effective. So we really want to get rid of those unfolded proteins, you know, from the DNA, the RNA transcription, that just doesn't quite make it right.

Eric: 02:35 You know, we all have genetic snips or mutations in different issues, you know, from environment that caused a problems with our protein synthesis, you know, from the amino acids to the protein. So clean them up and that's what autophagy does and you know, DNA, cellular member, everything, you know, proteins and stuff. So that's the perk there is, is the autophagy. And then you go five days, you go seven days, what's, we're going to have a chad and we'll get her for the five day too. So that, that's exciting. And a five day one coming in is going to be really exciting to hear people's experiences because we had such a phenomenal, you know, overall the experience who were fantastic on this last three day fast with those in the fasted state. So I'm excited about the five day fast, but no, just keep doing the intermittent fasting there. There is. There's some benefits there.

Chad: 03:26 Yeah. And they, I would really say, just to recap your, your answer, they just serve two different purposes there. Got It. Really not compared at all. I mean they've, obviously they're both fasting but they serve two different purposes and Eric just kind of outlined those. So thanks for biohacking with this Eric. You Bet. Appreciate it. Anybody else that's interested in fasted state, if you haven't heard fasted state is a, is a fasting session. We've done three days up to this point where we're expanding that to longer fasts for those who graduate from the three day, but right now if you're new to it, three day would be your jam and you can go to biofitcoaching.com/fast. That's f a s t as in Tom, a biofit biofit. Sorry, biofitcoaching.com/fast. And uh, you can get on the waiting list for the next session when we launched that. It'll probably be after the holidays. Um, and, uh, and get on that list, you'll be the first one to find out. You can jump in. We only allow 20 people in each session, so it's really important for you to get on that waiting list and we send out an email to those on the waiting list very first before we open up open enrollment. So, uh, go ahead and check that out. And, uh, I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out by Biofitcoaching.com or biofitcoaching on instagram. That handle is @biofit_coaching. And until next time, stay keto.