12/02/18 Sunday Supp: Keto Sweeteners: Monk Fruit vs Swerve

Today's Sunday Supp question comes from Nichole who wants to know if it's OK to make the switch from Swerve to Monk Fruit.

Eric shares his own sweetener journey.

Why Eric landed on monk fruit.

It's not just sweet! (There are some great anti-oxidant benefits as well)

And why the important thing is just getting away from sugar.

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Chad: 00:00 Yeah, so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday Supps. every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So today our question comes from Nicole and she asks, can I substitute monkfruit for swerve. So that's just a simple question, yes or no, but you can give us a little bit of, of background as to why she's asking this question.

Eric: 00:37 Well, yeah, I was a, I'm a, I started out on Keto. I would start out with Xylitol actually back in the day three years ago as a sweetener. And then I didn't like the taste of it. I didn't like the um, the way it just tasted. And obviously with animals it wasn't safe to have around with pets. So I thought well we'll get rid of that because it'll kill your dog. Um, so I switched to erythritol and didn't really like that too much because he gets that cooling effect and then swerve came along and that's basically erythritol too. But I actually liked it better, uh, the way it was a processed. And so I'm, I'm from the swerve, non-gmo, et Cetera, that, that I went into obviously the confectionary type of swerve for baking and making things out of. Then they have the brown, like brown sugar, a also know that they have. And then monk came around him awhile back and I switched over to monk fruit. So I actually only use monk fruit now, mainly because monk fruit's got, I liked the history of monk fruit all the way from China and how much it's an antioxidant. And so it's very powerful action and there's a lot of big nutritional benefits to monk fruit. besides being sweet. And I didn't get, obviously it's made with some erythritol, but it's a monk fruit extract. Um, and I don't get that coolness, uh, from like straight erythritol, you know, in fact now what I do, I have monk fruit liquid, the extract, so you can get it with just no flavor, but they also have vanilla. And so, like in my soda drinks, carbonated water, I would just mix in the vanilla straight up monk fruit extract as my sweetener and I really like it and we do all our baking, all our, our treat making with monk fruit and you know, in a lot of it, a lot of the history of it, I mean, longevity, cancer, it, and you know, fights, obesity, you can go, you know, everything results from the antioxidants obviously, which is, you know, that's a major source of inflammation in all diseases that are being caused by.

Eric: 02:57 The best thing is you're getting away from sugar. So that's the exciting part about these sweeteners. It's a healthy way to just get rid of sugar out of your body. We all know the poisons of sugar they don't have to go into. But um, you know, even stevie has some antioxidant compounds in it too. And it's, you know, still, you know, a good that way. But I think the, uh, the monk fruit, is it stronger? Yes. Yeah.

Chad: 03:25 So the kind of the simplified answer would be, of course you can substitute the monkfruit for swerve, but I'm monk fruit has some additional properties that are some antioxidants and that kind of stuff, which are really beneficial.

Eric: 03:38 Yes. Better actually. You Bet. Do it. Make the switch.

Chad: 03:42 Cool. Well, thanks for talking with us today and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram that handles @biofit_coaching. And until next time, stay keto.