10/21/18 Sunday Supp: Keto Peeps, Eat Your Liver!

Eat your liver! If you're from Eric's generation, that's likely something you heard many times growing up. Well, it turns out mom was right! Today the guys take a question from Omad who wants to know if liver is good keto complement. 

Liver glycogen vs muscle glycogen.

Any carbs to worry about in liver?

Why is Eric such a liver pusher? What nutrients does it have?

Some of the leading vitamin deficiencies Eric sees in his clients.

Does freezing liver affect it's vitamin content?

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Oman and Oman asks is liver good on keto. I know it's high in healthy fat nutrients, but I worry I worry because it's the glycogen storage organ. This is a good question, Eric, you. You've talked a lot about liver and you're a regular liver eater. So all the time I'm liver liver, liver, liver pusher. Talk to me what? What's. What is Oman? Obviously he recognizes that it's a healthy fat and a healthy fat organ, meat, fat and nutrients. But I'm wondering, you know about it being the glycogen storage storage organ and it,

Eric: 01:05 I mean muscle glycogen, liver glycogen course, liver glycogen is more amount of glycogen storage because that's what we need for Gluconeogenesis and everything else to keep the brain operating in and in. livers always there, you know, tapping off its glycogen reserve. First thing always used to be as, as a protection for the rest of the body as far as glucose. Of course, we have muscle glycogen always there for storage just for that muscle in itself. It doesn't share it, but it'll use it for that muscle. So glycogens there, but you know, in, in butchery, uh, probably I would assume, and I think they're there, all the animals are usually butchered in a fasted state. Uh, for one thing that's a, obviously glycogen depleted and then I am pretty sure in rigor mortis when you, um, upon death when your muscles go into contraction mode, because that takes atp and after you know, a few hours of that, you're going to be exhausted from ATP obviously because your oxygen is gone. Mitochondria can't operate to produce any ATP. You're done with glycolysis basically, so your muscles can't be released. So they stay in a contracted mode and that's a rigor mortis. So, um, that'll use up some ATP. So basically there's, there's no carbohydrates, there's no glucose, there's no glycogen to worry about in your liver. So, um, and, and liver is, you know, Oman, I pushed the liver because liver, besides, like you said, is it is probably the most nutrient dense food out there. And in all the, uh, the gene, a consultation I do when it comes to liver, oh my God, it's just amazing. Uh, how many issues have with this fatty liver disease that I gave a podcast on and it's so important to get the liver nutrients because it's so powerful and vitamin A, your, your, your b complex is which you riboflavin folate, uh, and uh, your vitamin of course b12, iron coleen and so in, in what I was saying in regard to genetic, over 50 percent of those that I've consulted our add a deficiency of vitamin A, a conversion from the carotinoids, which are your, your colorful vegetables to convert that to retinol, which is vitamin a. So a lot of my clients, I'd say probably 40 percent, 50 artists, 65 percent deficiency in making that conversion to get vitamin a from their plant sources. Carotinoids your Beta carotene. So what happens with that genetic mutation? It's called the BCO one. Uh, it doesn't allow that conversion efficiency, so most of over 50 percent, like I said, her at a 50 percent, rate us a 65 percent deficiency on that conversion. So you get your get your vitamin a from your animal sources. That's retinal. There's no conversion needed, but liver just gives you an abundance of vitamin A. and so, and again, the other deficiency I find with a lot of my clients is colon deficiency. So that's your PMT, your PNL, la three, a genetic mutation. And um, it's amazing. I'd say probably 70, 70 percent of my clients have a deficiency in colon and you need cooling, which you get from liver.

Eric: 04:40 Remember Coleen is converted to fossil tittle Coleen, which also is a synthesis to get the fat triglycerides out of your liver and they will go with your Vldl, lipo proteins. So I'm very important for your liver to get coleen. And so that's a couple of the big things for liver and that's why I pushed liver so, so, so much to, to, uh, obviously my, my clients and to everyone else.

Chad: 05:09 That's great. So when you prepare your liver, how do you, where do you source your liver and how do you usually prepare it?

Eric: 05:16 I, I do beef liver obviously because it's the easiest to get and I love lamb liver. Uh, when I get that. But remember on frozen liver, you, it all comes frozen basically because you don't get it fresh anymore unless you go to a butcher directly. Uh, don't worry about vitamin a because vitamin A, even when you freeze liver it's not going to affect the vitamin a like vegetables. When you freeze vegetables, your vitamin A is affected. So, um, of course I cook it with onions. I like it with onions and I actually use a sugar free ketchup or barbecue sauce to put on top. And, and I actually, I liked the taste, um, as I've said, my wife doesn't like it when I Cook it because she doesn't like the smell or the taste and, and, and you don't like liver either. Do you Chad?

Chad: 06:05 No I, I've, I haven't experimented enough with it and that's actually why I asked how you prepare it because I'd like to try it a little, a couple of different ways, but I just haven't, hadn't, I haven't taken time to really experiment with it.

Eric: 06:19 I had it as a kid. We had to have it once a week and then obviously they made a change because that's when they said, oh, cholesterol is bad, bad, bad until liver is higher cholesterol. So my, my mother stopped cooking it for us, but I had it every week for, since I was probably up to junior high. And uh, I think I really pushed liver because of the nutrients it has and especially with the vitamin A in the coleen, uh, since I see so many people's genetic snips that are very cause a deficiency in that area. So very important to get. Very, very important to get liver.

Chad: 06:58 You preach liver all the time. And so make no mistake. Eric is a big believer in liver

Eric: 07:04 and I've converted, you know, organ meat is, is fantastic and I've actually converted a lot of people that and that never tried liver or did not like liver, but now they realize how valuable it is for nutrients. So. Good question. Good question.

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