10/17/18 E59 Keto & Bulletproof Coffee Review (and some substitutes)

Do you start your morning with bulletproof? If you've been around the keto community long, you've probably heard of bulletproof coffee. Today though, the guys want to dive a bit deeper into it and try to separate the brand from the beverage. They also talk about some alternatives to getting that morning fat boost.

The episode starts with an exciting new announcement...

So what exactly is bulletproof coffee?

What is it about coffee that is so appealing?

Don't forget those mid-chain triglycerides!

How good is the Bulletproof brand MCT oil?

Talking butter: Eric gives his recommendation.

What the Ghrelin?

Chad shares some keto/mindfulness hacks.

And Eric reveals his preferred coffee substitute: Crio Bru

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Eric: 00:00 How attractive would you be to coffee if there was no caffeine ever in the bean? I mean, would you be saying, oh, I want some polyphenols?

Chad: 00:08 That's a good question. I think I would. I think I'd still be okay. However, I've never drank a decaf that I liked. They say a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread. My name is Chad and I'm your test subject. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness. Well, I hoped it helped me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call them parent. I hope you'll join me on a path that leads you and I to optimal fitness as we live our lives and ketosis. This is the life and Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 00:57 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is my quest for achieving optimal body performance with the man that can get me there. The biohacker himself. Mr Eric Bischof. It's going to be sitting next to Mr Eric again in person this time, a remote for so long. Every episode, Eric gives us his crazy intense sciencey knowledge and I break it down with my regular non crazy guy take as we explore the principles of Ketogenics and kpr performance training, whether you're just looking for a way to feel better or if you're an elite athlete looking for that edge. We're here to help and today we're talking about bulletproof coffee, but before we get there, we have some business to take care of. I'm excited to have this conversation with Eric. As most of you know, if you've been listening for awhile, I've been on the road. I'm now back in Salt Lake area with Eric and we're sitting across the table from each other and we get to look into each others eyes as we talk about bulletproof coffee.

Eric: 01:52 Now I know what. You know what? I don't have to envy you anymore. I would describe to me you're in the back of your bus, which is all decked out with a nice office you have and you're on a lake or you've got waterfalls back there, and I'm like, I used to. I mean I was jealous. I mean, different trail run every morning. It's good in the pictures you had were fantastic and now I don't envy you so much.

Chad: 02:20 Well that's great. I'm excited to be back. Um, I'm also excited because we have a new fasted state session coming up. Um, we're in November, so specifically dates were our deadline for the signup is November fifth were prep. We start the prep work. I don't know if any of, if you remember last time we did a fasted state, but basically we take you through a whole week of preparation through, through email, so you get a video from Eric and he helps you kind of prepare for the three day fast. And then the actual fast is the 14th, 15th and 16th of November. If you more information you can go to biofitcoaching.com/fast. That's also where you can sign up for this session of fasted state. The other cool thing, and I'm going to play some audio from this here just a moment, is we have some testimonials from the last session, so enjoy that audio. It's only about a minute and a half.

Biofitters: 03:17 I just finished doing a three day fast with Eric's guidance and I was initially a little worried about fasting. Yeah. I had previously done 40 hour fasts but had always felt very weak and hungry. This is my first time I did a three day fast. I was worried that I was going to be foggy in my brain and I wouldn't be able to speak intelligently to my clients and do the work that I needed to do. Had some really high energy levels that was very surprising and last the solid five pounds I feel really good about that. Um, I felt really sharp and was able to get a lot of work done. I will gladly trade, um, the hunger pains of day one for the mental clarity that I felt in date two months. So I really didn't experience any energy loss or a loss and cognitive functioning. There was no food cravings. I was able to get workouts in three days that I fasted and on the last day I will tell you, I did a throw down and I tore it up. Coach Eric helped me know what kind of supplements and everything else to be taking and watch, help watch my numbers. Luckily I had a coach who walk me through it, which was very important. I felt very supported from the get it has great effects on your health and uh, I'm looking forward to maybe doing it again here in a couple months. So I'm looking forward to doing another one. Actually probably work it in a regular basis to do three, three day fasting. They're a little bit addictive. I kind of want to do one all the time now just because how good you feel.

Chad: 04:55 So you just heard from some people from our last session, which was, was pretty cool. I want to make sure people understand what fastest state is, is basically we are, we're taking you through the fast, the three day fast. So we have live discussions every single day throughout the fast. We answer questions live and we just make sure that it's a successful and a good experience for everybody or it is the experience that everybody is. I want to mention really quick and then we're gonna move on. This is limited to 20 people. That's it. It feels fast and we have a waiting list that will be going, you know, emails. We're going to be going out to that waiting list as well again, so if you want more information or you want to sign up for that fasted state in November, starting November 14th. Again, the deadline is November fifth and go to biofitcoaching.com/fast. Okay, now let's jump into it. So bulletproof coffee, I'm assuming most people that listen to this podcast have heard of bulletproof coffee, but I also know in my conversations day to day there's a lot of confusion as to what bulletproof coffee is. A lot of people ask me, is that a brand? Is that, do I have to order it from a special company? Is there some sort of, you know that. So we're going to get into all of that and we're going to talk about that. But before we do, Erica, I'd love to. How are you doing?

Eric: 06:16 Good. Good. It's good to see that you are back. Yeah, I don't know how long, but neither do I never do school. Schooly bus is parked, right? Yeah, it is. Yep. It's actually for sale right now. Try. You're going to go shorter version now. We are. I try to keep it easy. Go 25, 30 miles an hour over the blues and the mountains.

Chad: 06:38 Yeah, exactly. It's about 20 miles per hour. Yeah, exactly. I needed a lot more bulletproof coffee after those drivers park kit with your jeep behind it. That is a lot of footage. There was a long, long. It was too much. It was way, way too much. But uh, yeah. So talk to me about bulletproof coffee. What are we actually talking about here? What is bulletproof coffee?

Eric: 07:04 Bulletproof coffee got started a few years ago, right? I think he's a pretty smart guy. Dave asprey and yeah, he, he's basically, they had a company, a software company that he sold for a lot of money, but he's always been kind of a big biohacker and so it started with him and it is a brand. It's his brand bulletproof. He's got lots of different supplements. Of course, mct oils and coffee and everything else, but a silicone valley of course, those who worked 24 to 48 hours straight, you know, we're jumping into a new tropics and all sorts of stuff to try to stay alert, try to stay awake and, you know, I'm a different things just to have the energy to keep going. All right. And uh, Modafinil was really popular. Uh, you know, that movie called limited. Um, so there was a lot of things going on for brain enhancement and so that led him into something that could start your morning with some cognitive, some energy. So He created this bulletproof coffee, which is basically coffee. I'll we got grass fed butter and mct oil. Alright. And so, and that's how it got started and it took off. It was big and it still is, but there are so many different ways to modify it.

Chad: 08:27 So yeah. So to be clear, a bulletproof coffee, um, there was a company that who kind of created this mixture. And so we now call it by that name. I mean, it's kind of become a universal name for the, for the drink, right. But, but there is an actual company that sells it.

Eric: 08:45 And he pushes his coffee really hard. No, there's no mold. There's no toxins or mycotoxins. And that's something that he, he's pushed real hard, other coffee producers, which kind of, I have a little bit of pushback from them as well because we were pretty careful with our coffees and, and I in and I've never really got into all the studies of it because I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I think a lot of coffee producers in bean producers really watched for that microtoxins and it really carefully because it's in grains and nuts and everything else. It's a mold and it's coming off the mold and part in the washing process. But anyway, uh, I think there's a lot of great coffees out there.

Chad: 09:29 Yeah. So he doesn't have, he doesn't necessarily have a corner on something that, that can't be produced other ways. And so we've taken that, but we've taken that name and we've applied it. A lot of, a lot of people are just making it with their own coffee at home. They're not using the bulletproof brand, but they're making a similar, a mixture of this coffee, butter and mct. Um, and, and calling it bulletproof coffee, right? Yes. And I use the name because this is kind of a term, you know, when I'm coaching, you know, I, I recommend it to some clients and recommended some people that liked that morning. I'm a little bit of boost there. Uh, I'm not a coffee drinker a, so I've made my bulletproof bullion on bulletproof crio and so I've adapted it to other substances that I liked to drink.

Eric: 10:22 And we're going to talk about some substitutions towards the end. Right. So if you are a crazy person like eric and don't actually like to drink coffee, there are some substitution, right? Mo usually. Yeah. I actually have hot coffee today because I was so cold driving in today. I mean as the weather changes, I, I'll go hot and then once it's cold again, I'm back to cold because I've never tasted it. I've acclimated to the cold, but ice coffees is my favorite by far. My problem is with ice. Coffee is you can't, you can't really have bulletproof coffee because then everything, just everything. Your butter hardens, it wouldn't blend too well. No, no. It doesn't blend those chunks of butter. So, uh, yeah. So that's been one difficult thing for me when, when drinking bulletproof coffee, but I gotta hand it to him. Um, you know, the name is very catchy. It's very marketable and it's very universal. So I think that's why it kind of caught on. Plus it seems as though he was the first market to kind of push this.

Eric: 11:26 It was his idea and when I first heard of like what, who's putting all oil, mct oil, which, you know, a lot of people just call it coconut, but it is, but it's a lot different. It's no different forum we'll talk about and then butter, you know, in a coffee and blend it.

Chad: 11:42 Yeah. You know, and that's uh, according to, to bulletproof the band brand, the blending of it is a big part of, of creating it. I know some people who are just kind of putting that stuff in, give it a little shake and then, and then drink it, but there they pushed the frothiness of the blend in the bulletproof coffee.

Eric: 12:01 So I don't hear about it as much, like as day. Yeah. You know, when I talk to clients in those, you know, that I'm meeting with and just general, I don't hear a lot about it as much as when it first took off, it really took off because it was so unique and it

Chad: 12:16 was different. Now everybody's like, okay, bulletproof coffee. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So let's talk about some of these. Let's talk about the three ingredients, um, and, and just some of why these were included in this, this idea of bulletproof coffee, why it's connected so well to keto, um, and, and all of that kind of stuff. So let's start with coffee. What are, what are some of the properties of coffee? Why is it a good beverage? Especially a good morning beverage for somebody who's, who's keto?

Eric: 12:46 Without getting too deep, it's got your polyphenols in it. Okay. And very healthy. I mean it's, it's good. All right. And a lot of people want to make sure that people don't drink coffee for that. Lot of people drink coffee for the caffeine. All right. And I don't know if you, how attractive would you beat a coffee if there was no caffeine ever in the bean? I mean, would you be saying, oh I want those polyphenols?

Chad: 13:11 That's a good question. I think I would. I think I'd still be okay. However, I've never drank a decaf that I liked.

Eric: 13:17 Right. So is there any other like Crio. Alright. Which we'll talk about. Crio doesn't have caffeine. All right, but would you be attracted to that?

Chad: 13:26 I don't like the taste. Oh, you don't know. It tastes like a bitter nutshell or something like that.

Eric: 13:32 And there's a lot of different flavors though, but I like the chocolatey flavor a little bit so that it does have kind of a dark chocolate does. It does. But I don't know. When I hear people talk about coffee, they're always talking about I gotta get my caffeine, we got to get on my caffeine. Nothing wrong with that, but I've tried black coffee that first time I ever had coffee. It was when I was a kid, you know, trying it and it just, that tastes stayed with me forever. And my wife drinks coffee, but she likes, she loads it up with, you know, a little bit whipping cream, a little vanilla, sugar free, sweet and whatever that stuff, creamer and things like that. She can't drink it black now you're black? You drink it black.

Chad: 14:16 I am black yet until I started keto and started putting heavy cream in it. Now I'm now I'm heavy cream, so there's still no sweeteners but. But having. No, nope, not at all. I don't enjoy any sweetener in it at all. Wow. So, okay, so coffee. That's, those are kind of the benefits of coffee, um, or without getting too deep into some of the nutrients that we can look to towards there. And then obviously caffeine and we can't look over caffeine. People are using caffeine for energy for, you know, all of that kind of stuff. And then it's a great, a great source for natural caffeine, cognitive and it's just central nervous system type of, you know, enhancer course, that's where you're getting it from. And I'm not, I'm, I like caffeine and I just don't get it from coffee, you know, a lot of people are getting a lot more caffeine through like a pre workout or something like that then than they are through a cup of coffee.

Eric: 15:13 And it seems that way with a lot of preworkouts, which we've been working on a pre workout for a couple of years and it's more and more when I studied the other brands, not just coffee, but it seems like people are picking up their caffeine milligrams per serving, raising it to get more of a pop. So in a lot of people, you know, they say, oh, I got this pre workout and oh my gosh. And I say, how many milligrams of caffeine in there? I don't know. Now regularly used to be 150 200, now I'm seeing 300, 350. That's a good pop for work. It's a lot of caffeine. I've taken.

Chad: 15:54 So mct oil, we've talked, we've had a couple of podcasts on mct oil so we can go back if you want more depth of MCTs, can go back and listen to some of those, but let's multi chain triglycerides. It's a mid chain triglyceride mid chain. Yep. I always multi chain,

Eric: 16:12 This is the big determination of of your, we call it bulletproof coffee. Have your coffee in the morning. That's why you got to be besides butter grass fed butter, but the MCT is you've got to pick your mct oil wisely and I'll give bulletproof is what I use their mct oil, Sherry, he talks out period is and everything else. But the reason being is we have different fatty acids. We got short chain, medium chain and long chain. Okay. So obviously those out there that are in Ketosis are drinking obviously mct oil to enhance the ketone production. Okay. There's people who are not in Ketosis but they like the enhancement of mct oil and butter. Nothing wrong with that. But what we're trying to do is obviously we're staying with the mid chain triglyceride and that's anywhere from carbon six to 12. All right, and that means that's the carbons on the chain of the fatty acid. We have short change a short chain fatty acid below that and we have long chain 13 and above. Okay. So obviously the mid chain. What's so good about that? Uh, the mct is you're in the mid chain, so obviously it's going to produce ketones faster Beta. All right? It's going to, the conversion is quicker and six. The shorter the chain, the faster, a little more. You're going to get more bang for your buck as far as Beta. But six is really, I've tried it, it's brutal on the stomach and he, he just can't. You have digestive issues for sure. Yeah. Okay. And the taste is a lot rougher, but then you get to eight. Eight is caprylic and that's the um, that's what you want right? There is carbon eight because that's the most effective as far as member. It goes from the stomach straight portal vein, straight to the liver and converted to eight hydroxy bitter at molecule. And what's exciting about mct oil in that mid chain range is there is no in insulin issues with it. Alright, so if I have a bunch of carbs with my mct oil number, the insulin prevents the fat. So what happens? It doesn't compete with the Carb, so it's still going to go straight to the liver, converted to Ketones, out to the blood, straight to the source of where are you going to use the energy. So you actually can. He actually works with carbs, with coast. Okay. So um, and that's a good point on it. So what I do stay with the carbon eight because a, that's going to work a lot better than they have carbon 10. That's Jane. They use that a lot. It's not as effective. Not as efficient, but it also is cheaper because there's more of it in coconut oil is we're all coming from coconut oil or palm oil. Alright. So they usually use 10 to try to mix it up a little bit to make it a little cheaper than the next one is lauric acid, carbon 12. And that's basically what they classify as a mid chain triglyceride. But really it acts more like a long chain triglyceride, which we've talked about before. And you know, there's even, you can actually probably maybe store carbon 12 if you eat a lot of it as an in the adipose tissue maybe. Uh, but remember mct oil, you drink the whole bottle, you're not going to store those fatty acids are going to excrete it very quickly if you do. And I, and I had really adapted through my ironman training to where I could have it, tablespoons of it in my training. I mean when I'm running the 20 mile runs and training the big bike rides, I was taking an empty to every half an hour. What can you. And it's a very quick fuel. It's very efficient. It moves quick. And that's why I am a big fan of mct oil.

Chad: 19:56 Yeah, I mean I was gonna I compare it to a little bit too, like when we eat our food and our keto food and our fats that, that can be stored. And that can be, you know, it's a little bit of like, it's this, it's, it's, it's, it has a little bit of a lag to energy, right. We're not, that's not going directly into our energy system right away. So I kind of compare that to like a gas vehicle compared to an electric vehicle where mct is that electricity, it's that instantaneous energy that, that instantaneous response. Um, and it's, it's pretty fantastic.

Eric: 20:31 You felt it cognitive wise because remember when you're a fat adapted and also Beta adapted, the brain loves it all right? And the, and the mct moves quick and it's there and that's why I use it in my racing. I use it, my training, uh, I'm a big fan of it because you know, and I have to get adapted to it. There's people now that I started on mct oil and they are stomach really affected. My wife took her a while to get adapted to it. Normal bulletproof. They're trying to give you two tablespoons in a survey and in two tablespoons of butter. And I always tell people, start out with a teaspoon or a little bit more work your you and you can work up to a tablespoon workup to and, and I think it's a great, great way to start if, if you include that in your morning. Okay. I do it at noon because I intermittent fast and I'm, I don't want anything in the morning. It's just how I train.

Chad: 21:24 Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, and that was going to be one of my questions to you is where should people start? What's pretty normal? So it sounds like start with a tablespoon or even a teaspoon and just kind of work your way up so that you don't irritate your stomach.

Eric: 21:37 Especially carbon aid is so much better. Okay. And it's, it, it, it's a lot easier on the stomach. And so that's why I always push carbonate to everybody. I'm on bulletproof. I'll say he's got a good one. That's what I use. It's called the brain octane. And, and I liked it and I stayed with it ever since. And I've done some cheaper brands and I've actually felt the stomach issues because they're sneaking in 10, they'll sneak in 12 to. But they'll say, hey, mct oil, 100 percent coconut oil, blah, blah blah. But it's so much because I think uh, yeah, lower caste is like 40 something percent of coconut oil, so it's a lot cheaper just to throw that in there. So just look at your label and make sure that you're getting. I, I'm a fan of carbon eight. Okay.

Chad: 22:22 Yeah, that's great. Okay, so let's move onto butter. Now. We're not just talking any off the shelf. Salted butter, right? What are we talking about? Grass Fed. Why?

Eric: 22:34 Because we don't want the grain fed butter. All right. And even you look at the color of it, it's different. It's very different. You definitely don't have the same nutritional value that you're going to get from grass fed butter, grass fed butter. I think about your, you are going to get some omega three fatty acids in there because you know, it's part of it. When, when, when you're looking at these fatty acids, every fatty acids, they all have a purpose and they all have a pathway. All right? So some the longer chain at your saturated fats. Alright. And, and your Omega fats. Alright, so those are the Omega three, Omega six, Omega nine and those have a purpose. So then you have your mid chains that have a purpose of your short change in, in um, even in butter you have short chain fatty acids but always go with grass fed. And the cleaner the better because you're going to get your vitamin A, you're going to get your, your d, You're going to get your k, you're going to get some. He, uh, so it's a, a lot of nutritional value on butter and plus the taste. The taste is great. I love the taste of butter.

Chad: 23:42 I was talking with somebody the other day and they said something interesting that I hadn't, I hadn't detected. I still don't detect it, but I'm wondering if this is a more. She said, we were talking about butters and we were talking about the kerrygold butter, which I think is just, I've got a that's like a treat to me. And um, she said that she felt like she could taste beef in the butter, like almost tastes that taste of cow and I didn't know. I didn't know if that was a common thing. Have you ever heard anybody say something like that?

Eric: 24:14 I do the salted. Uh, I don't why anyone does the unsalted. I always do that even in my drinks I do the salted, but between that, you know, is very satiating. And of course the fat and that's really key. And in, and you're fat adapted, you're going to get energy from it just like the mct oil. But a big thing about it is it's so affective and you're grelin, okay, that's your hunger hormone and your stomach. So, you know, what did you say? What is the Grelin Grelin grelin. Yeah. That's a hunger hormone.

Chad: 24:43 So that's just sounds like it would be the hunger hormone.

Eric: 24:48 That's how I remember it because you just growling and that's, that's your hunger hormone. So it really suppresses that mct oil, it's their studies on it that really brings down the Grelin. Okay? And, and that's, that's a great thing because then you don't have that hunger. Those cravings and appetite control, again, you feel good about yourself, you have the energy. And then also it also works on it, what we call it, hormone, CCK, and that, um, the satiated, um, hormone that makes you feel full. So it increases that. And so it, it, it just vent that. That's why I'm a fan of mixing those two together and because of the appetite control, and that's the big key. A lot of the bioStak feedback we've been getting is people are saying it suppresses their hunger. What is it in the bioStak? That's it. Just a combination of those nutrients mean and it, it just, it actually, when I first started the stacks, I would say, why? Where's my appetite? You know, because I don't understand since I've been in keto so long, I don't have an appetite. And, and, and I don't, I don't know why because I'm fat adapted and I've got mct oil, I got all these nutrients that I take in the stack and I, I've lost, you know, my, my real appetite, like I'm doing that, that tests this week, that self experiment for seven days of testing out, you know, the uh, uh, blood sugar, a Beta, a cortisol and lactate and try and do the correlation of those in a fasted state. But I'm forcing my self to eat in the morning because it's something new for me because I want to keep a steady, you know, uh, nutrients through the day to make my, I'm eating the same thing every day, same time and I've never, I don't eat in the morning. I was fast at intermittent fasting and I am forcing myself to eat this, my, my three eggs and bacon. It literally, no hunger whatsoever. I'm like, oh, how do people eat in the morning it's such a, it's such a relief not to have that hunger and that appetite that cravings.

Chad: 26:59 The two other places I wanted to go in this conversation is the benefits. And we've already kinda really kinda covered that through each individual ingredient, but, but I do want it. There's a couple I want to talk about overall. Um, and then we're going to talk about alternatives just so people know where we're going with this and then we'll wrap things up. So, so benefits obviously one of the biggest benefits for me, um, I have had a difficult time getting my fats in, in a day. Yeah. Sometimes I'm doing things at the end of the, towards the end of the day that to get fats in that, uh, that probably are not the point of eating Keto. But um, what I've found is having a bulletproof coffee in the morning has really given me a great jump on my fats. Yeah, it does. Um, that's 50 grams right there. Yeah. So that's, that's pretty significant. Um, and then it kind of keeps the rest of my day in balance. That's. So that, that's been a huge benefit for me. So that having that fat bomb in the morning, that feels, satiating, it feels, uh, it feels like a day starting ritual because that's really what coffee is for me. It's like a, it's a day. Start Your Day. Yeah. And you look forward to it. Absolutely. They really. Are you kidding? Not a coffee drinker. I absolutely look forward to

Eric: 28:15 now my wife, if she treats her diet coke just like you do coffee, her day will not start without her diet coke. I mean she'll walk 10 miles to get her diet coke if she has to know it just, it's just the law and I'm like, try something different, you know, try to like, no, she's Keto for a couple of years, but she likes her diet coke in the morning and it has to be a Soda Fountain drink. Yeah. Not a can the rest of the day can, has to be, soda fountain. You guys better install a soda. I'm picking her up every morning after my trail run. Trust me, Eric. I got to go and they all think I'm drinking it, you know, I'm laughing.

Chad: 28:58 The second major one is energy and you already touched on that and why we're getting such a good burst of energy.

Eric: 29:06 Yeah, both ways from the fat saturated fat. Okay. What's your fat adapted which utilize then or store wrap yo utilize it most of the time in that morning time you're converting that to ketones and to Beta. And if not, fatty acids are a great heart, loves at your muscles, loved straight fatty acids, uh, if not, if you're going to convert them, but the MCT oil, again, straight energy source, deliver straight Beta hydroxy butyrate to the muscle cell or to the brain. That's where you're going to pick up that cognitive in the morning and you've always talked about how cognitive you are, you know, after your morning bulletproof.

Chad: 29:42 Oh yeah, absolutely. And then the third one is, is ritualistic for me, which is funny, but uh, or may sound funny, but basically what I do is I attach for, for mindfulness and meditation, which has been a big part of my keto journey, is I attach certain questions or thoughts to an event throughout the day that I know I'm going to have that event every single day. So what it, what it does is it, it puts me in a meditative state when any, anytime that thing happens, which happens to be every day. So my coffee is a, is a meditative moment. So those first, every time I drink coffee, those first couple of sips, I try to be at a place where I can just contemplate on the day, meditate a little bit, clear my mind, all of that kind of stuff. I do the same thing with, uh, with sunrise and sunset. So I try to see as many sunrises as I can. Um, and I have two questions that I attached to a sunrise or a sunset that it kind of puts me into a meditative state and allows me to clear my head. And, and kind of look at the day and how it, how it's going, how I want it to go and how it did go and all that kind of stuff. So that's the other thing that just having some of these staples as kind of a ritual for each day to Kinda, you know, get ourselves centered and get ourselves cleared and all of that kind of stuff. So it's that for me as well. So let's talk about alternatives. For those who don't drink coffee, don't like coffee for whatever reason or just want to mix it up so people know if they haven't heard of this, it's a little bit awkward to find. It's, it's spelled c, R I o, b r u, right? But they spelled Bru Bru you have a package in front of you here. And it's good stuff. It's really quality

Eric: 31:28 Take a flavor was all sorts there is. But I leaned toward the most chocolaty flavor because I like it. I actually liked, but I put sweetener in it though I do, but I make it just like bulletproof. Same thing. And, and uh, I actually like the taste of it. I do and I recommend it and I did a keto tip on it and I don't have it every day I have to rotate with my green drinks and my bullion. So anyway. But you should give, you should probably try it as a bullet proof see if you like it.

Chad: 32:04 So are there any other alternatives or substitutes that you've run across that people are doing? I know for me like sometimes instead of the butter, yeah, I'll do a heavy whip, a heavy whipping cream in the coffee, which I actually, I really, really love. Yeah. I love,

Eric: 32:22 I use whipping cream in all and all of it. But a lot of people don't, you know, and I, I tell them to give it a try and you can add other nutrients to it if you want, you can put your creatine in there. Glycine in there. I've added all that stuff to my, to my drinks. If I'm behind I just start popping off. So there isn't really one nutrient supplements that go into bulletproof. Yeah. I say, yeah, you're drinking. Might as well take advantage of it and get as much as you can in there and if it doesn't affect the taste, I mean put a little whiskey in there I guess. Now. Do you drink the same type of coffee on? My wife does too. So just the same, same brand, same flavor or whatever

Chad: 33:07 For the most part, unless I'm out buying it and I don't buy coffee very often as far as like brewed coffee. Yeah. You know, but if I'm out and about and need to buy,

Eric: 33:16 I bought my wife's a bulletproof coffee and it's spendier, but you know, it's kind of like, oh the mycotoxins. You've got to watch out for that to mold and everyone else has got that. I, I didn't know. No, but she said I didn't taste any different to her. It didn't know. She just buys a decent brand and it feels totally safe with it.

Chad: 33:38 Well this has been great. I think this is a lot of good information. I know people have heard about bulletproof coffee out there but maybe don't know the details of it or how, how to actually interact with it. And what it does for them. So thanks so much for biohacking with us.

Eric: 33:51 One thing I do do when I don't drink any of it, I owe it. I take my tablespoons Mct just straight and I'm absolutely. Yup. I haven't got the point of doing the same. All right. Eat a couple of tablespoons of butter yet. I don't know if I'll ever get there for that, but

Chad: 34:05 I don't know what that would feel like going down. That's a weird, weird idea.

Eric: 34:09 Oh, if I needed to do it for some, some reason like, you know, I needed it, but I would. But my wife, she's, she still struggles a little bit just taking straight mct oil if it's mixed in there in a coffee, it's okay. But just. And I had these squeeze bottles that I carry when I run, so I'm just squeezing them. Mct Oil in my mouth on my training. So I've gotten really adapted to it.

Chad: 34:31 That's great. Good pointer. Um, and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram that handles @biofit_coaching. Also, if this, if this podcast has helped you in any way entertained you, we encourage you to go to itunes or wherever you get your podcasts and leave us a five star rating and a glowing review so that we can continue to grow our community here. And finally, the greatest compliment that you can give us is sharing this podcast with those you love, those who are looking for a different way of living. And until next time, stay keto.