10/14/18 Sunday Supp: Super Starch

In this Sunday Supp, Eric answers a listners question about Super starch. Specifically The Generation UCAN Super Starch. He talks about what a super starch is and if it should be included in ketogenic nutrition.

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Chad: 00:00 Yeah, so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto, so our question today comes from Andrew and he asks, and you're going to have to give me a little bit of explanation on this question. I don't follow it that closely, but what is it? What is your experience or opinion of the endurance training racing product Generation Ucan? It is sold as a super starch that metabolizes like a fat, so it is supposed to be good for keto or low carb long course athlete. So I think this is you've a couple of times when I've been over here, we've tried some of these super starch products and you have a giant bottle of Ucan, Generation Ucan right here in front of you. Isn't that funny that anybody that asked any question about a product, you have it . And I use it. and you've tried it, so talk to me. What are we talking about?

Eric: 01:07 Yeah, I'm a big fan of Ucan, I think they've done a great job. I've raced with it, trained with it. Um, I, I love it because what it's doing, it's actually going to give you some glycogen storage. Okay. So the night before, even those I coach those that are racing, I have them do, Ucan the night before to top off your glycogen in your liver. Okay. So what it does, basically it's, it's, it's glucose, but it's, it's a superstarch so it's not going to raise your blood sugar at all. It comes in real steady and so there's not an issue of spiking your insulin at all. And so basically what I like because we're on Ketones, I'm using Beta as, as my energy source, push lactate, etc. But what's so neat about it is I can actually top off my glycogen storage in the liver and if it sounds like it gets to the muscle glycogen and during the race and I'm not going to exhaust all my glycogen it. And I actually use it during like an ironman. I actually have it during the race just to keep my glycogen you know, pretty steady at different times. Um, so now you've got the power of your, your, your Beta, the ketones. You also have your fatty acids is your power and now you have a little extra boost from, from the glycogen, from, from Ucan. And that's why I like it because if you carb up, like if you're in a race and you all have a sudden spike up, guess what, your peak, your ketone production is going to stop. So this isn't going to prevent the fatty acids getting to your liver to produce your beta for, for power and energy. uh, and it's not going to do anything with insulIn. I, I like it. Yeah, I've trained in it so I, I kind of have a history with it last year and a half or two. So it's been around awhile and I liked the bars. They actually make a bar, but I had to stop buying them because he had this peanut butter one that I just want to eat it, like candy. It's like a snickers to me and they're not that cheap. So this is a powder, I'm assuming you're looking powder in it's really fine and it's starch. okay. And I think it's about 22 grams of carb per serving, but it, it's not going to have the effect that regular carbs.

Chad: 03:22 How do you usually take it?

Eric: 03:23 I do flavorless. All right. Okay. Uh, nothing wrong the other, but I like to keep just no flavor. It's just the way I am a and mix it in water and I put it in my water bottle on the bike or on my run. But usually I just do it the night before the top off because you know, we need that glycogen reserve. then in the morning before the race I'll top off it was a little more and then if it's a long race I'll have someone on the course. Okay. But, but between that and if you know there's some people out there using exogenous ketones, you're gonna get in a race. He had done that in a race with exogenous ketones. So between the two and your regular endogenous lot of power from it it, it works. Cool.

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Eric: 05:20 I'm excited about this fast. I eat, everybody knows I love fasting, I love a tough autophagy, and I think it's fantastic for yourself. So let's get to the cells, the mitochondria.

Chad: 05:31 That's great, and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fit optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram that handles @biofit _coaching. And until next time, stay keto.