07/10/19 E96 Keto Is [BLANK]

Time to fill in the blank! How do you complete the statement Keto is _______. Today Eric and Chad have a light (i.e. minimal deep science) convo around the perceptions andrealities of the keto lifestyle. Keto is...

Is keto hard to do?

When it comes to meal choices, are you more of an Eric or a Chad?

Keto is bad for your heart, right?

Look at the science, not the headlines!

How getting overwhelmed is rooted in shame.

Keto is much more than weight loss.

Being more vocal about the silent killer (inflammation!)

And, changing our perspective on what food should cost.

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Eric: 00:00 What makes it really hard is summer makes it really hard and I get that in the summer from my clients because of the barbecues, the parties, the holiday, Amen. Social corn on the cob right now, you know, everything's in abundance. The things that in a lot of fruit and corn on the cob, those things, and in the social you got it right there.

Chad: 00:20 They say a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread. My name is Chad and I'm a seeker. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness who I hoped would help me feel well better. They call them the biohacker, but I call him Eric. I hope you'll join me in a path that leads you and I to optimal fitness, the body and the mind as we live our life in ketosis. This is the life in Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 01:03 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving the healthy state of being with the man that can get me there. My mentor and cohost, he is the science to my regular guy, the extreme testing to my, I'll take your word for it, the biohacker himself, Mr Eric Bischof. Somewhere along this journey of ours, I realized that feeling better is really one part physical and one part mental and both are needed to achieve the optimal state of being what I call keto, happiness or ketosiness. And today we're talking about misconceptions and conceptions about keto. So, uh, so Eric, you and I, we've gathered, well first off, how are you doing Eric?

Eric: 01:40 Good. Good. Not too bad. How about you?

Chad: 01:45 I'm doing great. Yeah, I'm, I'm really doing good. Yeah, I, uh, I I, I was telling you just earlier before we hit record, I started a new boxing workout and I've never boxed before and it's, it's pretty fun. It's really fun to put the wraps on and the gloves on and um, just really take my aggression out on a bag for hour every day. Um, so that's been great.

Eric: 02:09 I like it cause you said it was like it's hit, it's three minutes on, 30 seconds off, right?

Chad: 02:14 Exactly, yeah. For a half hour, three minutes on, 30 seconds off. Cool. Yep. I'm excited about it. I just started this last week and I am sore. I am working muscles that I haven't felt in a long time. And uh, and I like it. It's good.

Eric: 02:28 And you, I can just tell you, you get so much energy. Yeah. Mitochondria. You're, you're producing. That's right. It's no wonder you're so happy. See.

Chad: 02:40 Well, we did a, we did a little searching and a little, uh, looking into the backlog of our conversations with your clients and listeners of the podcast and we took a bunch of statements, um, that people make that have been pretty popular that we've seen people make about keto and we're going to either, um, deem them a misconception or a pretty good conception of keto and just talk a little bit about them. Does that sound all right? That sounds good. Cool. So what I'll do is I'll, I'll read off a statement, Eric, and then I want to get your first reaction on everything. Um, and then we can kind of talk a little bit about them, but we're going to move through them pretty quick cause . Okay. I heard all the times. Will you help me? Yeah, you help the, the bio team helped me compile this list. So these are all coming from your clients or Facebook comments or you know, all of that kind of stuff. But I think it's fun to get like your knee jerk and then we can, and then I can ask some follow up questions or we can talk a little bit about each of them. But we are, this is going to be fun. This is going to be a high energy one cause we're gonna move through them quickly. We've got a good list here. So, um, yeah, so, so we'll uh, give a couple of thoughts on each one and then we'll move on. How does that sound? Sounds good. I'll go, I'll make it quick. Okay, cool. All right, so the first one, and I, and I made this one first on purpose. keto is hard.

Eric: 04:11 Keep my first I. Okay. Let I just have to, which part is hard. That's how I cut to the chase with people is which part is hard. Okay. Then you have to tell they have to tell me which part is hard and it's, it's, if I, you know, from all the clients I've coached, if the, the number, you know, the number one, uh, mostly, you know, stated back to me is giving up the sweets, you know, pasta, bread, fruit, the carbs, it's giving up the, nobody cries about giving up vegetables cause you can still have all your veggies and all, all the good carbs. But it's the stuff that, you know, if they're seeking it for weight loss or whatever, it's those things that put them in that situation that that's the first thing that comes to mind is when, when I'm dealing with, with clients and talking to people, it's, there's a lot of other stuff too, but it's giving up those carbs that got him in trouble in the first place.

Chad: 05:13 Okay. So I don't even go there, which is don't, maybe I've been on it long enough now where that's not even a thing for me. You know where I go when I hear keto is hard, I go straight to a grocery shopping. Oh, okay and meal prep. That's, that is the most, like it just takes some planning. And if I don't plan then I get super ruddy. Like I get into this rut where I'm just eating the same thing every day because it's easier to not to not plan and I know you, you're okay with that. I don't do well with that. Like good day and I'm eating it and I'm like, I don't want to eat another piece of this Salami over cheese. Dammit. I got to start planning again.

Chad: 06:04 But you know what, if you go one meal a day, then your meal prep is, your meal choices are really easy. Uh, yeah. I, I remind me, I know that was one of your things and it is, you know, people do have, um, you know, an issue with meal prep and the shopping and, and I, you know, me, I find it the easiest part, especially with one meal a day, but I know some people plain is that is what makes it really hard is summer makes it really hard. And I get that in the summer from my clients because of the barbecues, the parties, the holiday, social corn on the cob. Well I know, you know, everything's in abundance. The things that in a lot of fruit and corn on the cob, those things and that in the social, you got it right there. They say that makes it really hard. It seems like winter with all my clients. Winter is a lot easier for my, except for Christmas and you know, New Year's Day, but, and Thanksgiving I guess, but not my train. Winter people just tuck in and there's not so many temptations.

Chad: 07:11 And you know, for me even going to these social things or having people over to our house, it's the, it's not tempting for me. It's not difficult for me to not eat the stuff. What's difficult for me is always being the center of the conversation of why, why aren't you eating this? Oh, you're not eating this. Oh yeah, I forgot you're that. Like that's the, that's the part that's hard for me and in all of these social situations.

Eric: 07:43 Uh, okay. But I thought you didn't like, what's hard for you was the blood testing after awhile. Yeah. Checking your blood markers. Did you get tired of that?

Chad: 07:53 I don't like that, I don't test anything. I go by how I feel.

Eric: 08:02 I know. And it seems like in the Keto World I see more of that taking place. Even with some of my clients, they're like, oh, I didn't test today. But you know, and you get into it where you, you know, and you know how you feel when you're in. And I still test, you know, every day I, couple of times, I, I don't know why. It's probably something just to keep me accountable and curiosity, I guess. And now Lisa, no, she tests every three days maybe, you know, especially if you're on one meal a day, you know, you're in ketosis basically. So I'll say my money, you know, I know I'm in, so I'm not going to waste her strips though. But anyway, I remember you that, that was kind of a hard part after awhile.

Chad: 08:51 Yeah. Yeah. Just a monotonous, almost felt pointless to me. But for a lot of people that keeps them accountable at, uh, yeah, satiates that curiosity. Um, and it, uh, also satisfies a little bit of the OCD, right, Eric?

Eric: 09:07 Yep. That's for me. That's my wife.

Chad: 09:12 Alright, so the next one is next one is a keto is bad for your heart. Oh, that would have to come up. You know that the last one, your knee jerk was to laugh and this one, your knee jerk was to groan.

Eric: 09:29 I mean it's getting to the point where, yeah, the um, nat hypothesis, um, basically has been put to rest. They really has, you know, the answer keys, you know, the Diet heart hypothesis is bang, you know, and more cardiologists and more doctors and it's amazing, you know, the, the articles and the research papers coming out proving that, you know, the fatty acids aren't, you know, the issue of atherosclerotic diseases. Um, you know, and basically everybody's just, you know, the fear of saturated fat of course, which saturated fat is, you know, has very, very many health benefits as far as structural in the cell to keep the fluidity of your cellular membranes. It's a great energy source. Uh, it can't be oxidize it, you know, for Lipid peroxidation it's, there's no double bonds. It's flat. Um, there's so many things you can talk, you know, the beneficial aspects of saturated fat, which I won't go into. But as far as you remember, fatty acids are a great energy source. The heart loves it as an energy source. Fatty acids. Um, you know, and that's that the clogging up the pipes and everything else, um, is, is really, I'm excited because I don't hear much about it anymore. Um, because it's, you know, becoming pretty well known that the saturated fat and the cholesterol hypothesis is basically put, put the rest are still doctors claiming, you know, you know, Ketos bad because of all the fat and it's almost embarrassing. Well you know, when I hear that with cholesterol issues and things like that, so I won't go into too much science of it, but um, it, that common is, is, is getting less. So I'm grateful that cause I always was the first start of it. And, and I think people still try to go back to it to scare people cause you can put a headline out said, oh, keto, uh, you know, is bad for your heart, you know, new study. And then you go in and look at, it's an observation study, which is ridiculous and it's just the headlines that scare people. And that's the sad part about the media. It's the headlines. Yep. Yeah. We're a headline reading culture. Yup. Instead of doing our own research and actually looking at the actual science, we want to just read headlines and then get all ballistic about it. Yeah. I used to get articles sent to me all the time. Say, Eric, what about this Eric, what about this? And I'm like, ah, I, to answer this again, I just read the article, go all the way through it and you can see where they're going with it. Yeah. Yep.

Chad: 12:01 Okay, great. keto is life changing?

Eric: 12:05 Yeah. Aesthetic or therapeutic or both?

Chad: 12:12 General statement. I think you've seen some lives change, haven't you?

Eric: 12:15 Big Time. You know, the aesthetic, you know, with fat loss and body composition and just feeling better, you know, it just aesthetically about yourself is exciting. Um, but then what's really exciting is when people change that, you know, the aesthetic and then you get into actually therapeutically the benefits and feeling it. That's when, when I really get excited about, about people and that is life changing. You know, when they're diabetes, no more insulin, no more metformin, you know, the blood pressure's down, you know, their waist is down, their clothes feel good. They have energy. You know, it's, that's, that's the amazing part of, you know, Keto changing. Anybody can lose weight, but you got to know how you feel when you lose that weight, you know, and all diets you can starve. You're saying any diet you can actually lose weight on. But the problem is what have you done to your, you know, your metabolism, you know, what you've done to your thyroid, what have you done to the other things that are going to come across therapeutically for yourself and nothing comes as close as keto nothing.

Chad: 13:15 Yeah. I think, um, you and I have talked about this a bit and you know, obviously this coming from my perspective and, um, you know, my field of work, which is mindset is weight loss. Yes. Weight loss can be life changing. Um, but it, it's, it's not just weight loss in and of itself is not necessarily life changing. Um, you can still feel pretty crappy and lose a lot of weight. Yeah. I know people that you know, starve themselves or, you know, do band surgery or whatever and yes, it does. Uh, it's life changing to me as a holistic thing. Right. And so yes, keto helps you can help you lose a ton of weight, um, but it can also make you feel really great, um, as far as endorphin production, [inaudible] and energy and all of that kind of stuff. So, um, I would definitely.

Eric: 14:16 purpose, I mean a lot of times is, you know, if you lose weight for an event that we've talked about, soon as that event happens and the accolades are dawn and everybody's noticed you, how great you look mentally, it just starts coming back. You know, you go back to the old habit, the food is your reward, you're emotional and depression or whatever you have it. It just comes right back. And that's the sad part. You know, that roller coasters. The sad part. Yeah. That's why I like Keto cause it seems like people just because of the, the benefits therapeutically, you mentally and you know, like you said, energy or they just stay with it longer. They feel it.

Chad: 14:54 Yeah. Alright. keto is overwhelming.

Eric: 15:00 Yeah. I guess you could say that Tom could, you know, it's, it's what you make it. Um, I have clients where the change is, is overwhelming just to make the change. It's, it's hard, you know, to change your lifestyle. And I don't think it's overwhelming, but cause I've been around it so long, you know, and coaching it, I'm really excited about it. Um, but I think, yeah, most people owhat's up for you when you first started was a little overwhelming. Maybe I was pushing pretty hard too could,

Chad: 15:35 in my opinion, anything that you do that is new or different can be overwhelming depending on how much weight you put on it. Right. So, um, and how much usually what, when people, in my experience, when people talk about overwhelm, there's a lot of shame, right? So I, so those are synonymous for me. So what I mean by that is if you're overwhelmed by something that means you're afraid or you're shameful of not doing it correctly or doing it all the way or you're not, there's a lot of shame around your performance in it. And I just didn't have that. I, you know, I messed up a couple of times or I wanted a treat a cup sometimes or whatever, and I just didn't put a lot of weight on that and so it didn't overwhelm me. Um, but when we, but when we put a lot of shame on that, like if we, if we make a mistake or we, you know, uh, eat a treat or miss a workout or something like that, and we put a lot of shame on ourselves for that saying, you know, our internal dialogue starts to look like, well, you're so stupid. Or You could, of course you couldn't do this or you, you know, you always mess these things up and that's when things become overwhelming. Yeah. Um, but when we are a comfort or comfortable in our own skin, when we're confident in our performance and when we're looking to be just present in the moment, okay, well, yes that happened, but now I can do this or this is what I'm doing now. You think about that in any context. Like I experience overwhelm a lot in work and I realized that when I'm experiencing that overwhelm, it's because I'm shaming myself for not getting more done or not having the right conversations or you know, and you can apply that to any aspect of your life, career, marriage, relationships, uh, diet, lifestyle, that kind of stuff. And, uh, and that overwhelm usually comes from some, some sort of root in shame. [inaudible] yes, I agree. So I, I really think it's how you apply it to yourself and it takes practice. Yeah. Different for everybody. Yeah. Yeah. Um, keto is all about weight loss.

Eric: 17:54 Yeah. I think that's a lot of it in the beginning for most people. I mean that, right? That's the , that's the interaction. Yeah. I haven't had too many people, but I've had athletes come to me, you know, that are in super great shape, competitive that won it for the therapeutic benefit of energy production and, you know, racing and podiums and, you know, performance. Uh, the other end of the spectrum is the first, you know, it's always, usually not always, I'd say 80%, you know, would be due to the motivation for, for weight loss. Yeah, for sure. Great Mode. Hey, I mean, you know, when we have 60, 70% obesity, so it, it definitely has to be out there and everybody, most people want to lose weight. And so it, it is a great motivator for sure.

Chad: 18:46 Yeah. And I'm, I'm glad that it's what brings people to it, you know? I mean, they could, they could be going a lot of other directions that are just not healthy and just not good for the mentally and stuff. So I'm glad that it's, I'm glad that that's a byproduct, but I do see it as a bright product, especially when you start reading, studying and hearing about how it's helping people, kids with seizures and you know, all of these, the epilepsy and the, those benefits, the heart benefits, the men, the mental health benefits. So I'm, I'm glad that's there to like lure people in, but then there's so much more to be had. Yeah. And there's no other diet that can change, you know, your Mitochondria, your inflammation, your cytokines, and your antioxidants and energy and output. And, you know, there's nothing besides adding different new, you know, nutrient foods. Okay. Um, like Vegan and different, you know, things like that. It's, you know, you're actually creating, you know, the Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule being in Ketosis, which does way more than anything else out there that can, can offer. It's a, it's amazing actually

Chad: 19:56 So keto is a fad.

Eric: 20:02 Yeah. Yeah. I get that question. I mean, people have asked me this, just going to be a fad. Um, you know, Paleo, I don't call that a fad. Um, you know, we have other diets, carnivores coming in pretty strong. You know, we have a lot of, there's people that are Keto that have switched over to carnivore to try it. Um, you know, I think, and I really believe this, that it, keto, with all the science and the research and everything that's been put behind it and the conferences and the doctors that are getting on board, I, I just, I don't see it as a, uh, a passing fad. I think people will go in it, come out of it, go back in it, come out of it, you know, that type of thing. Uh, but I think as far as, you know, like, you know, started with Atkins, you know, back in the day and you know, that book was a bestseller for what a few years actually. Um, but it just had the protein a little too high. So this has been around a long time, you know, and Ketosis, it's been around a long time. So it's not a, not a fad. Uh, it just depends if, you know, people are going to adopt, you know, the, the lifestyle of it. And, and I think there's enough negativity that's been pushed out there cause, you know, it's threatened, you know, a lot of supplement industry, billions of dollars, you know, threatens a lot of other, you know, uh, diets and product lines when you go into Ketosis, you know, I'm sure they agree. Industry's threatened by it, you know, but you see a lot of, you look at the industry and you're big on this. You see where they're going with Keto, you know, the keto foods, it's Costco and whole foods and all the stores are, are bringing it in. So yeah.

Chad: 21:46 Yup, that's right. I mean, when we talk about a fad, we have to understand what, what is a fad. And, and you know, that's, it's usually something that doesn't have long lasting benefits or results. Um, and also it's usually something that's not very sustainable. So in order to make ketones not a fad, and I think, you know, we look to society and we look to, you know, media and all that kind of stuff to kind of set our course for us. And I say, what if, what if we don't let them designed decide whether it's a fat or not? What if we don't let them decide whether we continue to create, um, ketones and live in Ketosis just because the media stopped talking about it. And really that's what's going to define whether it's a fad or a lifestyle. The next day statement I have is keto is a lifestyle. Tell me your thoughts on that.

Eric: 22:45 It definitely is. I mean, I, you know, it's it, you know, the clients that I coach and I, I see them change their lifestyle and that's the exciting part about it to, you know, some people, you know, they might say it wasn't the greatest in their social lifestyle cause it makes changes there too. But as far as the healthy and that kind of lifestyle, it is a lifestyle and, and, and the more people are getting comfortable with it, the more you're not out of other people's lifestyle, if you understand what I mean. You know, when I family, it's accepted. They're not talking about it anymore. I don't hear it. You know, they, they see the food that I bring that's, it's keto, you know, friendly food. It's just accepted. I think nowadays when you've been go to other places and parties, there's other people that, there's keto. This is, you hear this word at a time, this, this is Keto over here and this isn't keto over here. So you're starting to see that there's Keto foods that had parties that you didn't even think that there was other keto people showing up. So that's right. I think it's an interesting, you know, how it's starting to, you know, merge together, you know, with everybody, cause you used to have that with vegans. Remember when vegans was really, you know, there are certain people in the families and parties that are just, there are strictly vegans. And so, you know, they,

Chad: 24:18 you know what's interesting too, you know what's interesting too to me is like gluten free. So, um, gluten has become quite a hot topic and everywhere we go now with social parties and restaurants and stuff, and then it's like, would you like the gluten free bun or the, you know, that sort of thing. And, and because, um, gluten is tied closely to gut issues, um, you know, people are making it a lifestyle because they don't want the gut pain. Right. But if, if inflammation was always felt like gut pain was, we would just make keto a lifestyle. If you're right, you're right. You know what I mean? But like, but inflammation is a silent killer. Meaning, you know, it's, it's pretty silent and you don't feel it until you really feel it and tell your chronic. Yeah. Chronic pain or feeling your heart or whatever. Um, but yeah, I think if if the symptoms of inflammation were more prevalent, like gut pain is our gut issues, we would just make it a lifestyle.

Eric: 25:24 They would, I mean acute inflammation we feel and we see the redness, the heat, whatever infection, but it's the chronic silent killer and that's the inflammation that just slowly creeps up on it and then all of a sudden you've gotten metabolic syndrome, you got diabetes, you have heart, heart issues and different things. It just creep up on you. You're right, a big, that would be nice if you could, you know, we have the inflammatory markers we look at, but most people don't get blood work done and don't pay attention to a lot of those inflammation markers. Right. Pain is a better marker for, for most everything.

Chad: 26:00 Well, inflammation is always a good segue for us to talk about bioStak really quick and I'm going to do that. We're almost, we're a little more than halfway through our list now. This has been fun, but I want to take a quick break and just talk about bioStak just as we do every episode. Go to biostak.com check it out. It's five synergistic ingredients that promote cellular health, reduce inflammation, all kinds of goodness that's happening behind the curtain, behind the scenes that you don't know. Um, but it's, but it's really essential to, uh, your Keto lifestyle. And even if you're not keto, it's, it's, it's an essential stack. Is there anything that you want to say in addition to that about bioStak today?

Eric: 26:38 Just so we know, we're talking about inflammation and that's the whole key, you know, behind the stack and just ingredient Astaxanthin is amazing because, you know, we have that nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which is liver inflammation and acids. Astaxanthin is a direct hit on, on liver, of course, for in inflammatory issues, even for a stomach lining, for inflammation issues, Astaxanthin it, it, it actually modulates the immune response. And so your lymphocyte function and everything else. So it's really an antibody protection, uh, and it's a great for the immune system. And that's one of the ingredients is Astaxanthin. So anyway, we're talking about,

Chad: 27:18 we haven't talked much about the immune system in relation to, um, I'll stack. That's awesome.

Eric: 27:23 Inflammatory, all of it. It's so an inflammation, we know derivative of, of reactive oxygen species. So we, we can we, we just add it. So anyway. Cool.

Chad: 27:35 Yeah. We'll go to biostak.com. Check it out, see how good you can feel. Yes, sure. So the next one, keto is time consuming.

Eric: 27:46 Yeah. Is it a not for, not for Omad. Uh, you know, and that's one thing I intermittent fasting is, uh, you know, that came about because a keto, all right. Um, it's, you don't have to be cute on, you can intermittent fast, um, which, which great, but you know, the last meal prep the most, you know, shopping for meals, less thinking about it, I think it's, you know, it's very time, you know, you can save so much time and I enjoy having time for everything else and not having to spend time in the kitchen prepping all the time. I don't know how people can make breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's amazing when you're, omad you've been through this intermittent fasting. I am amazed at seeing how I eat three meals a day for people, just three full meals. Just, I don't know how they do it. I've, I've gotten some, I don't know how it's done and I have, oh, go ahead. I have friends that go out for breakfast and they go out for lunch and they go out for dinner. I'm like, how do you do that?

Chad: 28:54 Well, I'm going to go a little bit the opposite direction of you. I'm going to say just for me, from my observations, I think we've gotten way too obsessed with time efficiency in this world. Like everything is about how do we do things quicker, faster, more productive, and we've lost a lot of the art of enjoying something. And so my one thing, one added benefit for me, the keto in any type of, um, exploration of food that has done for me is allowed me to be more mindful and present with my food. And I think that's a really big deal. And I think you know this, hurry, hurry up. This a convenience time-saving. This is has driven us to fast food. This is what has driven us to put being willing to put garbage in our bodies for the, for the sake of time. And um, you know, what are we really doing with that time? Like what are we actually creating something then an opportunity to be mindful about what we're putting into our body, enjoying it and appreciating it. And that's something that we're really working on as a family right now is um, when we sit down to eat, actually acknowledging where the food came from, who worked hard to bring it to our table, what animal gave its life for us to be able to enjoy it and have sustenance and you know, all of those sorts of things. And so, um, for me it's been much more of a practice of being present and mindful and enjoying what we have rather than how do I get something in me as fast as possible so I can keep being productive.

Eric: 30:38 That's true. I do make my dinners nice cause that's my one meal. So I am laughs like who cooks a five course meal for themselves? You know, I do. I always have. I always, you know, I'm not that great of a cook either, but, but I do enjoy cooking. You know, I do have a nice, a nice dinner and I feel cheated if I have to eat when I'm on the run or something like that one meal a day. But no, I agree. That's a good point. You know, cause a lot of times we're, we're always looking for the quick way and we don't appreciate the, you know, the food that we do have.

Chad: 31:13 Yeah. I mean I think it's like people, people want to do everything so fast so that they can like spend more time scrolling through their Instagram feed or something. I don't know. I don't know what it is that everybody's saving time for, but um, yeah, but the, but they're doing it and, uh, and I think it results a lot in more screen time and more disconnection and more, uh, work. Just working our lives away so, and,

Eric: 31:38 and you're making it a family affair, so that's really good idea. You know, the kid, you, you're in the kitchen, whatever, making your meals. Everybody's participating that, that's good. It's good idea. Yeah.

Chad: 31:49 Yeah. Okay. Can't say that we're perfect at it by any means, but we're trying,

Eric: 31:53 but you wait, you get ready. The keto restaurant or keto, quick places to eat are going to be popping up. So yeah. Oh, you drive in through to grab your Keto premade meals. It's coming. It's coming.

Chad: 32:07 Well, I saw a funny thing on Facebook the other day and I think I have already mentioned this on the on the podcast, but I saw somebody who is keto or at least low carb post something on Facebook. That was really funny that, uh, they went to burger king and they asked for their burger without a bun. And uh, Burger King charged them $2 for low carb.

New Speaker: 32:32 Are you kidding?

Chad: 32:35 So it was, it was a burger low and then additional line item was low carb, just meaning no bun. And they charged them $2 for it. I thought it was pretty $2. I think if they took $2 off there, it would be a free burger. So that's got me pretty close.

Eric: 32:55 I mean, but if it's protein style, everybody knows it. You know, when you go to any place you say protein style and that's kinda nice. It, that's kind of Nice where you don't have to explain, you know what I mean? People talk about Keto friendly foods at restaurants now on it. It's, it's getting bigger and it's, you know, getting to the point where it's easier to go out and eat by far.

Chad: 33:17 So that low carb charge, uh, brings us nicely into our next one. keto is expensive.

Eric: 33:25 Do you think so?

Chad: 33:27 Uh, I, I think this again is a relative perspective thing. So we've gotten so used to buying garbage for nothing. Yeah. Um, and, uh, and I think that's the problem. I think our, our conception of what food should cost, especially when we're eating fast food or garbage or whatever. I see. It's like, it's crazy to me. You can pull up to Wendy's and they're like 30 burgers for $5 or something stupid like that. And it's like, no we this is, this can't be, there's no way this is doing us any good. And yes. So I think that is, um, I do think that is killing our perspective on what food should cost.

Eric: 34:14 Yeah. Cause you know, you're getting into the grass fed meats, organic vegetables, which they are if you have a whole family. And yes, it is, it mean you are getting to to the more expensive foods. Um, yes. You know, and it's not the cheap carbs and you know, pasta and breads and all that kind of stuff you can fill up or fill up your kids on. So it is, you know, I guess my problem is I'm always, you know, when you're down to one meal a day, it really saves you money.

Chad: 34:44 Like with, with us for like, uh, w we can go to the grocery store and we could buy an 18 flat, uh, yeah, an 18 flat of eggs for like $3, but we go for the dozen. That's like seven from vital farms or from our local farm here because it's just, it's to me, to me, I'm buying, I'm paying, trying to pay attention to what I'm actually buying, not just food as food. Right, exactly. Does that make sense? And so flat. That's jading our perspective of what foods should cost.

Eric: 35:20 Yeah, I agree. I agree. Yeah. So expensive. Yes. Relatively. Yeah. Relative. I W I'll go with that. Plus we family and you know, two or three meals a day. Yeah. It's good. She's a little more, alright.

Chad: 35:33 So keto is how our bodies were meant to be fueled.

Eric: 35:37 for sure. You know, me fat is your fuel fatty acids is how we existed. So, you know, and it just, I love it because I see people turning back to the fuel, you know, the energy substrates that we we're built to incorporate into our Mitochondria. Yeah. Fatty acids and also with a conversion to Beta. It's just amazing to see people in and how they feel on the energy level and, and you know, just for the ATP production and, and how clean a burn it is basically. Um, that's it. You know, and, and more and more people are, are catching onto it. You know, it first the athletes caught onto it, the endurance athletes and everyone, you know, years ago or we're catching on to it because you know, it just helps so much more for fueling. But now just everybody's realized in what kind of energy you can get from, from ketosis.

Chad: 36:33 Yeah. Okay. Our final one, keto is or is not the right choice for me is slash is not. So the idea here is some people are saying Ketos right. For me and other people are saying keto is not right for me. How do you feel about that, Eric? Do you feel like Keto is right for everybody?

Eric: 36:52 No. You know, at first years, yeah, yeah. I got really oh, overzealous about it. My passion and then I realized it's people have to make the choice. They have to find what's right for them. Sure. It could be, you know, least path of resistance is the choice for them. I wouldn't say it's the right choice, but it's their choice. And if you want to do Vegan and carnivore, you know, just the standard American diet. All I hope for is you clean up your foods, you know, get rid of the processed crap, get rid of the garbage carbs and things like that and clean up your nutrition. And then, then I say that's, that's your choice, you know, you know, it's always their choice. And um, I know sometimes I get a little pushy about it, but even with my kids and my grandkids, I've learned to just shut up.

Chad: 37:44 So I've all, I'm going to push back a little bit. So maybe, um, maybe mentally or you know, where people are at in their life or whatever, might not be the right choice for them. But do you believe biologically keto is the right choice for everybody?

Eric: 37:59 Yes. Unless you have some mutations with fatty acid consumption. Depends on what we call the p Pars and some other things like that. You might have mutations, then I would definitely adjust, you know, model and saturated, polyunsaturated or saturated fats, I would adjust. Other than that, I, I think it's for everybody. I really do. Yeah.

Chad: 38:24 Well this has been fun. I like this. Yeah.

Eric: 38:28 Yeah. I didn't have any notes. It's kind of fun.

Chad: 38:33 You couldn't, you couldn't take any notes cause they come [inaudible] yeah, actually, yeah, the list goes on and on. We only had time for a few of them unfortunately. But this is really fun and a, I really appreciate your, your input in your coaching on this Eric. Thanks for biohacking with us today. I appreciate it and I want to thank the rest of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on Instagram that handles @keto.biohacker lots of cool keto tips and tricks and encouragement there. Eric shares recipes and all sorts of good stuff that, uh, to help some of these misconceptions, uh, help you overcome some of them. Also, if you like this podcast, if it's entertaining you at all or helped you at all, we encourage you to go to iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Leave us a five star rating and a glowing review. Finally, the greatest compliment that you can give us is sharing the podcast with your friends or family, those who are looking for a different way of living, and until next time, stay keto.