07/07/19 Sunday Supp: Summer Holiday Cheating

How should you approach the keto "diet" during the Summer? That's the question Eric tackles in this Sunday Supp, and has what you might consider good news...

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things keto. So our question today is another popular question, Eric, that we get from multiple people. So we're just going to kind of lump them all into one. Usually it's from a specific person, but what happens Eric, whenever the holidays start to come around, it's a reason to scale out. That's right when, whenever it's so it's usually December and it's usually July that we start getting a lot of these questions cause people's minds are on holidays and what comes with holidays, food and what kind of food comes with holidays, treats and things that are not included in the keto lifestyle. And so, um, it's very, very common for us to get questions around, hey, w how do I best, I'm going to eat these things, these, these are their traditions. I enjoy them. Um, and I'm going to eat them for the special occasions. How do I best do that to minimize damage and, uh, you know, and get back on track as quickly as possible afterwards. So I realized that this Sunday stuff is coming out just a couple days after the 4th of July here in the United States. Um, you know, and, and uh, Canada Day, uh, was just a couple of days before that. So we're, we're past, we're already past a few big holidays, so I apologize, this is just a little bit late, but Eric, um, just in light of all the questions we're getting around this, I think it'd be great just to give a couple of quick tips on, um, cheating or scaling out, whatever you want to call it, and helping people get right back on track as fast as possible. So are you scaling out on the fourth? Of course.

Eric: 02:05 Okay. Well, you know, I've been asking, I they all, if I'm scaling out on the fourth and I, you know, I've been kinda not scaling out, but I'll tell you what, I've been on weeks of living every day on the same meal, liver, fish, chicken and beef and the same food every day. I'm up here in my RV camping and I have liver in fish and everything and in the fridge and it's like, ah. So I'm definitely scaling out. I hate to say it. I am going to scale out and looking so forward. So I am scaling out.

Chad: 02:42 Well, I'll tell you, my wife makes the best pies I have ever in my life. And so there's just, and 4th of July is one of those times that she makes them, I'm just not going to miss out on it. So I'm not going to do though. How do I get back in as quickly as possible with the least amount of damage?

Eric: 03:00 Uh, you just keep your skin, your scale out short. Okay. Um, obviously one day if you can, if you drag it into the weekend. And that's the hardest part. And, and, and I know, you know, my family members that are keto and my wife, you know, you go, well, I'm out on Thursday, I'm out. Um, I will go Friday and then you might, ah, I might have to go to the weekend and start fresh on Monday. Everything is always that Monday, you know, I'll start Monday. So you end up with a four day scale out. And I personally, I think that's just dangerous. Okay. I really do, uh, mentally, physically, uh, keto wise. Um, it just gets your brain thinking back in and insulin motivation, glucose. Okay. Um, so I, you know, and on my scale out, I am not, I am not craving any sweets at all. Chad. I am craving bacon. It, I'm not being, I'm just being serious. I eat bacon every day with eggs, so I'm really just, I'm really craving bacon. And so, um, so I, I'm really not craving anything really sweet, but I'll, I'll definitely, if I scale out, I'll probably have something else with it. So I would keep it short as possible. Don't get caught into that. Well, I'm already out of Ketosis. I'm, I was ago one other day. Don't get caught into that. It just makes it harder to get back in. I mean, you harder to get back in ketosis but harder to get back in brain-wise mentally because your brain's going to get back to it. So, you know, if you're really overdoing the glucose, uh, it's going to get back into that mode a little bit and not much. Some people are really strong at getting back in, but you know, I've coached a lot of clients and they always say, I wish I never scaled out.

Eric: 04:45 You know, at that length of time, you know, they always say, I wish it didn't go that long. And some of them I couldn't, they're not scaling out. They just, you know, it's not worth it, uh, for them to feel that way, so they just avoid it. I usually avoid it, so that's great.

Chad: 05:02 I would, I would add to it from my experience, fasting. Oh yeah. I'm sorry. I should, yeah, good, good tip there. Yeah. That's how I usually get back in is I fast. So 24 hour fast can do amazing things once you're on the backside of a, of a Carbo load or a glucose load and uh, just to, to jet you right back into ketone production, feeling better, feeling cleansed is where it shows up for me. Like I just feel like, ah, I can, I feel a little bit cleaner again and it's no problem jumping back into the Keto lifestyle.

Eric: 05:37 cause you dropped that insulin, you, you know, from fasting, obviously you're going to drop the insulin kicking some glucagon. All right. You'd get your ketones back going, all right. You just fire it back up a lot faster. Asked her, I'll do, I'll go two day fast sometimes. A lot of the times if I do a scale-out, you know, I just feel good after one day, so I'd just go another, you know, a two day fast. So yeah, they're very important. That's it. That's an easy way to get back in. And everybody feels better when they do usually coming back in through a fast. Uh, they always feel really good.

Chad: 06:09 Yup. Well Great. I think these are, I think these are great tips. Just don't overdo it. Make it short and fast to get back as possible. Awesome.

Eric: 06:18 All right, well everybody have a great fourth AOL. It'll be, you already passed it, but we hope you had a great fourth. and an amazing summer with lots of holidays and things coming up, so for sure. Awesome. Well, I want to thank you so much for biohacking with us today, Eric. Thanks. And I want to thank the rest of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on Instagram, the handles @keto.biohacker and until next time, stay keto.