06/30/19 Sunday Supp: Keto Sweets

What to do about those keto sweets? Today's Sunday Supp tackles a question Eric gets a lot: should you or shouldn't you eat the sweet stuff on keto?

How your human psyche plays a role.

How much are you thinking about it?

Are you salty or sweet? (Your genetics tell the tale).

And, how to do keto that works for YOU.

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Speaker 1: 00:00

Chad: 00:05 we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek any series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things keto. So our question today are comes from actually a lot of different people. It's a question we've been getting very often lately or you've been getting very often and it's around sweets. And the essence of the question is, you know, you talk a lot about the sweets or the snacks, all of that kind of stuff. And um, people just want to know Eric, should they or should they be eating keto sweets, these fat bombs, all of this kind of stuff. And I know, I know that before people turn this off, like I know we've talked a bit about it in the past and you've shared an opinion, but we wanted to address it in just one single nicely packaged five minutes Sunday supp what your opinion is on all of the keto sweets and um, and even little bit deeper than that, the psychological element of eating sweets in keto.

Eric: 01:11 Got It. You know, that's a good question. And it comes at me a lot because, you know, on different Instagram and different things a I'll be touting some new chocolate or touting some new, you know, sweet things, keto, sweet thing. And sometimes, you know, it's products that people ask us to just try and, you know, give them a shout out. Doesn't mean I'm eating it or you know, I'll try it. Um, you know, that's a really, really good question. Now if I could like look at your genes at your dopamine genes and see what kind of reward system, you know, mutations you have, good or bad, then I'd probably tell you, all right, let's, let's be careful here. So it does come back, like you said, psychologically what the question you have to ask yourself, what got you. If you're in Ketosis for, you know, a fat composition, you know, um, body weight, if you're obese or whatever, just eating disorder, you know, um, emotional eating, reward eating.

Eric: 02:10 You have to ask yourself and you got to know what got you to where you are. Are you just a big meal eater or are you actually snacking on sweets and, and those kinds of things that got you, you know, addicted basically. Cause remember dopamine, I don't care if it's fruit or sugar, you get a hit and that dopamine reward pathway, a fruits more obviously, but sugar is still there. And so if you find yourself thinking about that Keto sweet, like, oh, I'm going to have that keto ice cream tonight, or that keto cake or whatever, you're back in that same scenario that got you, you know, into, if you're a, you know, overweight and obese and you know, you have blood sugar and diabetes and et Cetera, you're back in that thought pattern again. So the more I coach, the more I deal with myself, uh, and my dopamine reward pathway, the more I'm getting toward in some of my clients, they won't even have any keto sweets.

Eric: 03:15 Um, they been away from them, knock them out and have no desire like Dan out of California. He's amazing. He's probably had one piece of bread or roll in the last six months. Nothing, no sweets and has no desire. He was, he lost 80 pounds on Keto. So it's amazing that a lot of the people that I'm dealing with with the depression and inflammation and different things, it's back to that issue. Why, why, why are you doing it? Okay. And you deal with these clients to a Chad, you're, you're more of the, that, that type of coach and, and I guess you deal with it too, when people actually are using it as a reward system, right?

Chad: 04:01 Yeah. Yeah. I mean definitely I don't deal with it with my clients much in the eating realm because that's just not really my specialty. But yeah, with other things. I mean, definitely when we have a compulsive behavior around something, uh, it's always healthy to try to keep that in check. And a, and sweets definitely trigger that for a lot of people that impulsive, uh, eating being and, and you know, and eating outside of, of windows of time that we want to be eating or, um, just, just having that reliance I think is one thing that you just want to pay close attention to. I don't think, I would never say you should or shouldn't do them. I just, it's, it's individual for each person and it's really, we know, you know, self betrayal is something that we recognize and we recognize that when we start doing something, but then it fades over time. Um, and so if you don't want to be doing that or if you feel like it's not right for you and you keep doing it, then it's just going to become part of your routine and it's more difficult to get rid of.

Eric: 05:07 And sometimes it'll lead you back into the original substance. Okay, so you're eating Keto cake or Keto donuts or whatever. Sooner or later it just going to trigger, you know, some of the memetic or whatever, an addiction issue that you had for that real sugar doughnut or sugar cake. And lucky for me, genetically, I'm salty, you know, and everybody has that gene, you prefer salty or sweet and people ask, why do you eat popcorn almost every night? It's because it's salty and it's something that genetically it says I'm attracted to it and I would much rather have that than a Keto fat bomb or a Keto cake or Keto, whatever. I'd much rather have a salty or are you sweet or salty? So you Gemma in Australia, salty. And I love when I'm dealing with clients, I look and say ah, salty and almost 90% when I asked them and you eat without them knowing you prefer salty or sweet, but 85 90% [inaudible] right on with.

Eric: 06:17 Yeah. So it's, and a lot to times with these genes, I, you know, I always ask first before I let them know what they are and then I learned from that too. So if you're salty or sweet, if you're salty, you know, uh, you're a lot better off, I think. Maybe not. I mean, you're still in ketosis. I mean, it just depends what reward pattern you're going after. So I guess I'm no better than you if you just want to keto cupcakes all the time.

Chad: 06:43 It depends on how Meta you want to be about it and what your goals are in life, I think. Yeah. And Sustainability. Here we go. Here we go. Back to that again.

Eric: 06:51 But no, it's a good question. It's going to keep coming at me because you know, I get in trouble sometimes when I do the Keto sweets, like, you know, I thought you didn't eat that stuff. And so anyway, it's a good question. Good, good thing to talk about. No guilt though. We don't want any guilt.

New Speaker: 07:08 We don't want no guilt or shame, just information, that's for sure. So thanks so much for biohacking with us today Eric. All right, thanks. And I think the rest of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness, if you ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on Instagram that handle's @keto.biohacker and until next time, stay keto.