06/23/19 Sunday Supp: Eat Your Liver

On today's Sunday Supp Eric gets a question he couldn't be happier about! Brett wants to know why he talks about liver so much. And what about those toxins...

Muscle meat vs organ meat.

Nothing compares to you...

Who is really the Vitamin C champ?

Can you overdose on liver?

What's the deal with the toxins?

And why you should really just give liver a try.

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Speaker 1: 00:00

Chad: 00:05 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things keto. So our question today comes from Brett and Brett asks, you always talk about how good liver is, why, what's the story on liver and isn't it full of toxins? Great question. Brett.

Eric: 00:31 Liver, liver, liver. Yeah. I guess I didn't talk about liver loss. That's what I'll, that's what I'll add to is yeah, we get a lot of people feedback on, on my liver and I, there's a reason I, I rant about it. Um, because it's, uh, you know, there's two types of meats we can eat. Obviously you can eat muscle meat, which we all eat muscle meat. Uh, basically it's a members. Pretty much the same amino acids coming from all muscle meat are, we can get organ meat. All right. And so the organ made of course that, that I own, you know, I eat heart and I don't eat kidneys. I tried it, I didn't like it. But anyway, as far as nutrient density uh, liver, there is nothing I am repeating. There is nothing out there that can compare or even come close to the nutrients that we're talking. Micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Yeah, I mean we're going to get protein, get a really good protein, obviously from don't get a lot of fat. I mean probably 25, you know, it's less fat than regular meats, so you're not getting a lot of fats. But as far as nutrients, you know, everybody talks about fruits and veggies, you know, always, you know, being the, uh, the foods with all the vitamins and the minerals.

Eric: 01:53 Um, but as far as, even with meats, regular meats, we're talking about muscle meat, you know, steaks and everything. Beef, uh, veggies and fruit don't even compare to regular needs. But as far as liver, not even close. And so that's the big, you know, I of course veggies and you know, have their phytonutrients, antioxidants and those and polyphenols and things like that that are, that are really good. I'm not, I'm not discrediting that. But as far as when you're going to go, you know, apples for apples as far as uh, vitamins and minerals, liver is, is the bomb. There's nothing that come close. Just think about it. And you can take an apple, compare it to liver. Okay. Let's, I don't care. Three ounces or whatever. Alright. What you think the apple is gonna crush liver and Chad, you have any idea, any guess at all?

Chad: 02:46 I don't, I mean maybe iron or, I don't know. I thought you say vitamin C, maybe not even close. Not even close. Okay. So w w if there's not one thing an apple can beat liver and I'm talking calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A, all your fat soluble vitamins. All your bs. One, two, five, six, nine, 12 not even close. Not even close. Okay. I don't care if you take other veggies. Um, the only thing I think that red meat, I mean red meat, beats, apple, it not in vitamin C though. Okay. Um, cause that's the issue you have with, with me to obviously is vitamin C, but liver has vitamin C. It has everything. Okay. I think it's, zinc is the only thing that I think red meat has a little more zinc, but everything else, think about the vitamin B12 you get over 3000% of what you're, your B12 needs are vitamin A a thousand percent we're talking way over what the recommend. Daily allowances. Okay. B, two B, two riboflavin, couple a hundred percent a full eight that we talked about. Methylation. You could almost get almost all your folate, maybe 65 70% folate just from three ounces of liver iron. Almost all of it. You know, women don't get as much as men do. A copper weigh more than a thousand percent Coleen just about enough of your day. There's just everything it has. You're going to, it's just, there's not enough, they say about liver. Okay. It's, you know, and that's why I'm eating one and a half ounces every day now on my new Omad. And so I'm having, I'm getting these nutrients on a daily basis. Normally I eat liver twice a week cause you can o d or You can overdose on liver. You don't want to eat it every day because you're getting so much vitamin A, so much B12 you don't, you don't want to overdo the fat soluble vitamins because remember they store, okay, they store in your liver.

Eric: 04:45 All right? So you don't want to OD on, you know, and, and, and I won't go into all the upper limits and all that. But anyway, um, with, with all the vitamin, that's why I'm doing on a daily basis to see how I feel for the 30 days. I get in my fish, my chicken, my beef, everything on a daily basis as nutrients, but there's just nothing could compare to live. And, and I apologize, I push it a lot. I know it doesn't taste the chad. I haven't convinced you eight, eight yet. I can't convince my wife to eat it. And I cook it with Bacon. I saute it, you know, with baking grease, I, I, I, um, put a pork rind, I dip it in pork rinds in and coat it with that. And I do a lot of different things in barbecue sauce and there's ways you can mask the flavor. And Trust me, I've got a lot of bio fitters and people up coach finally eating liver and really just take a uh, you know, a couple ounces and you can wolf down a couple of ounces, right? Uh,

Chad: 05:48 yeah, I could if I put my mind to it.

Eric: 05:51 But you all, as far as the toxins, all right. That's always, you know, that's, that's been an issue. A lot of people have that question and no, no, remember you. Oh, you delivers there obviously to counter any toxins that we partake of, you know, even drugs, everything. Okay. So the toxins are eliminated through the liver and we call that the, the p the cytochrome p four 50. You've got a phase one metabolism, obviously tries to get rid of it. May just makes it more hydrophilic, more water. Let me so you can excrete it through your kidneys. Then there's a phase two that that doesn't work. It's going to add a polar group to it. And I won't go into the science of the, the, the p four 50. But that is your system to get rid of and detoxify and get it out and get it [inaudible], you know, through the kidney. So it's not storing toxins. All right? They're going out. All right. So there is no toxins to worry about. There's no cholesterol to worry about when I can go down that path. But there's nothing there to worry about. So there is no extra toxins in liver. Okay. Uh, so, but just, you know, I just give it a try. I mean, I mean there's a lot of amazing benefits that you will feel, you know, um, but by you know, getting your Choline and your folate from methylation and vitamin A, you know, we all know that vision of course, immune function and Uhm, and heart and everything else.

Eric: 07:20 Iron of course you want that oxygen and carried around the body. Copper, um, you know, the enzymes that it does for energy in your electric transport chain. So I'll stop there. I stopped.

Chad: 07:32 No, this is great. I think it's great for people to understand what the options and what the benefits are of liver. So thanks so much. You Bet. I don't want to take all of you for bio heck, let's try that again. Alright, thanks so much for biohacking with us today, Eric. You Bet. Got It. And I want to thank, I don't want to thank all of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on Instagram that handles @keto.biohacker and until next time, stay keto.