05/29/19 E90 Costco and Keto

Costco! A fantastic resource for anyone living the ketogenic lifestyle. Today Eric and Chad bring Laura on to discuss the best ways to use Costco with your keto meal prep. Laura is the chef and recipe creator behind the Cooking in Ketosis kitchen and is a fantastic resource for all things food and keto.

Why are we talking about Costco?

Beware of the stated macros in most recipes...

Eric gets personal...shares some news about a new grandson

Healthy and wholesome AND quick and easy.

What does Laura never leave Costco without?

The best way to manage Costco's portions.

Of Hibiscus tea, Lily's Chocolate and Farmer's Markets

Eric shares his sordid past with Snackwells.

Being cautious of quote/unquote Keto products.

And why keeping keto sustainable is the goal.

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Eric: 00:00 Laura, even in Grammar, I mean sixth grades or whatever, parents would buy donuts. Obviously she gets three, I get three. So I would end up eating hers and she finally got smart and so she would tell me or she did, she would lick her donuts and put them in the fridge. So I would know that kind of semester she liked him. So she protected her sweets by licking them. So, um, he, I know say a journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread.

Chad: 00:36 My name is Chad and I'm a seeker. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness who I hoped would help me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call him Eric. I hope you'll join me in a path that leads you and I to optimal fitness, the body and the mind as we live our life in ketosis. This is the life in Ketosis podcast, uh, biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 01:09 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving the healthy state of being with a man that can get me there. My mentor and cohost, he is a science to my regular guide, the extreme testing to my, I'll take your word for it, the biohacker himself, Mr. Eric Bischof. Somewhere along this journey of ours, I realize that feeling better is really one part physical and one part mental and both are needed to achieve the optimal state of being what I call keto, happiness or ketosiness. And today we have a special episode for you. Two of my favorite things on this episode. One is Eric's twin sister Laura. How are you Laura?

Laura: 01:46 I'm good, Chad, how are you?

Chad: 01:49 I'm so good. I'm so happy to have you here. My second favorite thing is Costco. I mean, I just have to say it. I love Costco. I get a little bit of endorphins in my, uh, in my bloodstream when I walk into Costco. I don't know why I just like it here. It's a fun place. And Costco. I know, right? It's so fun to walk in and, and, and you know, how like, see what they have new and what's on the new displays. I don't know. It's consumerism to its best, but we are going to talk about how Costco helps our Keto journey, how we can utilize it and the reason that we're talking about Costco for the book artists because one, because it's, it is so helpful for the Keto Diet, uh, for the keto lifestyle, um, because they have so many options and good options and they're getting even better options. Um, but the other reason that we're talking about Costco is it's obviously nationwide. So if you're in the United States, you're listening to us. I can't talk about it outside of the United States, but pretty much anywhere I've traveled, I've traveled pretty much the entire United States and yes, I have visited Costco's almost everywhere we've gone that I'm, that you about it. Uh, and, and it doesn't change that much. Um, we can find for the most part, we can find all the things in Costco, uh, around the country that we can in our home, Costco here that we live. Actually a block and a half away from. So, um, that's why we're going to talk about Costco. We're gonna give some hints, tricks, uh, all of that kind of stuff. So that's why Costco, but why Laura? Laura, if, if you've listened to our podcast for while, uh, you know that she runs our cooking in ketosis kitchen where basically she is a food scientist experiments. Um, she, uh, you know, tests, she does things over and over again. She, uh, also calculates macros accurately. So a lot of what Laura does is grabbing keto recipes online or even coming up with them on her own and making them over and over and over again until they taste perfect. Then her and her husband, Jim, do the, are mathematicians as well, and they do the math on the macros and then we release those recipes with accurate macros. A lot of people don't know, um, that a lot of these recipes that you're getting online are, the macros are way out of whack, right, Laura?

Laura: 04:21 They are, and you have to just be cautious and careful to make sure your macros are right. And one thing just to throw in there with that is it depends on what ingredients you're using. If you're not using the same type of sour cream. So cream cheese dip the macros, and you just have to be conscious cost conscientious of that. And so,

Chad: 04:47 yeah, so that's, that's, I mean watching. So if an ae, if a recipe says this brand of ingredient, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to use that brand, but you do need to look and see how it compares on the Macros to that brand. Right. Cause that's gonna be, that's gonna change it a bit. Um, and some are throwing, we're going to get into this, but some of them are throwing preservatives, some of them are throwing a little bit of sugar, uh, you know, all of that kind of stuff. And you want to be really careful with that. Not all sour creams or our yogurt stores. Yeah. Uh, almond flours are created equal. So, um, some companies do some crazy things. So an Eric, we haven't even talked to you yet. I guess it's good. How are you?

Eric: 05:34 Good. This is fine. I, I'm doing pretty good. I'm doing good. Doing good, right? Yeah. A brand new grand baby that came into the world last night. Yeah. We've uh, haven't slept since, uh, I've been a couple of days since I slept. Um, yeah, we had, um, uh, his name is Tristan and he came last night around two am and it was, it was pretty, uh, pretty scary because he is only 20, uh, uh, five weeks. Um, and he's came weighing one pound two ounces. So they really tried to get the baby to get to 28 weeks, but the heart rate was really dropping in. The Placenta was shutting down, so they had, they had to bring him in and so it was, it's been pretty scary. I last few days a week actually. We can a half has been pretty, pretty scary. But uh, so far I got home this morning and um, I checked back in. I'll be heading back up. Um, he's doing, doing good. Uh, the breathing tube is of course, took the breathing tube and that's what the biggest worry is. But anyway, I won't get on too long. But by the, we got some nervous days ahead. So anyway, um, uh, are good. How good for now.

Chad: 06:52 Yeah. So listeners keep little Tristan and his family in your hearts and yeah, appreciate it. Appreciate it. Yeah, absolutely. And uh, look at the dedication. Eric, I'm here recording this podcast. after no sleep, I love it.

Eric: 07:06 That's lots of lots of caffeine in me guys. So if I, you're not going to hear me sleeping. You gonna hit me probably getting chatty maybe. But since Laura is here, Laura takeover,

Chad: 07:18 I was gonna say if Eric starts rambling and realize he's not making any sense, you know, you know what's going on.

Eric: 07:24 Yeah, it's good because this isn't one of my topics. So this is, this is perfect timing. It really is. Perfect timing.

Chad: 07:31 So, Laura, I'm gonna if you don't mind, I'm going to start out just having you kind of explain, uh, cooking and t ketosis kitchen and what your goals are with it. I already kind of explained what it is, so I don't think we need to do that again, but more what are your goals? Why did, why do you run the cooking and ketosis kitchen?

Laura: 07:49 Well, we all know we need to eat and of course the goal is to eat as healthy as we can and going keto. It's fun to get in there and create recipes and enjoy what we're eating. There's a lot of, um, variables there and a lot of opportunity of different foods to, to bring in to eat. And so creating some recipes and redoing old recipes and it makes it fun to come out with some, some good foods to eat. And so that's what, you know, we play around in the kitchen and trying to create good, healthy and wholesome Keto foods. And yeah, there we try to do quick and easy ones too for those who are crunched for time and um, and try to come up with some that are, are healthy, considering making them as quick and easy as we can. And so that's kind of what we're looking at is trying to do the healthy, wholesome, but also create some quick and easy, um, that can still be on a little bit on the healthy side as well.

Chad: 09:02 Yeah. And I love that. I love that you guys are committed to creating resources for people. I mean these are, these are rough. Just so people know, these are recipes that go out for free on Instagram and Facebook and email. These aren't, you know, a lot of people ask, uh, you know, we were at the keto conference a couple of weeks ago and people were asking, well, where can I buy these recipes? Or do you have a cookbook or, you know, and, and we just tell them, no, it's, it's, it's for free. And we put it out on Instagram, put it on Facebook and email. And I just love that. Whenever I've talked with you, both of you about this, you've both expressed to me. No, it's just to help people. It's a, you know, this, this journey can be a challenging one for many reasons. And a good food shouldn't be one of them.

Laura: 09:45 Exactly. And you know, we are out there to help each other and if we can do that by sharing recipes and things and then we're all a team, we're all in it together. And so it makes it makes it worthwhile.

Chad: 09:58 Yup. Absolutely. Eric, did you have something you were gonna add?

Eric: 10:01 Yeah, I was just going to add that, you know, we got a lot of feedback on a lot of our, a lot of our meals, but when Laura did those prepackaged, how many did you make? 50. 60. How many the pre frozen.

Laura: 10:12 It was more than that.

Eric: 10:13 Oh yeah. I mean we had pictures and stuff on Instagram, but we've got a lot of feedback on those and for the recipes and everything because I mean, it is Laura's trying, we're trying to make it sustainable and make it easier basically. And so anyway, they were freezer meals, not pre prepackaged the freezer meals. Yeah. Yeah. And so it did just, you know, it's exciting to try to figure it out basically. So she's trying, she's trying

Chad: 10:43 and it's fun to hear the feedback. Right. And people saying, man, this has changed my journey. This is so helpful. Yeah. That's great. So, um, we're gonna get into some of the Costco Staples, uh, that Lara uses in the kitchen. Uh, the ketosis kitchen. We're going to get to into that for just in just a second. Um, but I want to talk really quick about a recipe that you guys just put out on Instagram. I think it was maybe a day or two ago, and it's an, an entirely Costco meal. Laura, do you want to talk about what that meal is?

Laura: 11:16 It was the um, cauliflower bake and ingredients. We of course got from Costco and it's kind of a, a mix between the cheesy potatoes and a Mac and cheese recipe that love to eat in the past, but it's Keto now so you can enjoy it on the Keto Diet. And from what I hear, the others that have eaten it have really enjoyed it. We enjoyed it as a family and so it's out there for, for those to enjoy it's cry, put it together with their memorial day things. But

Chad: 11:57 yeah, so you can find a either biofit coaching or Eric on a biofit coaching on Facebook or Eric on instagram @keto.biohacker. And that's where you can grab those, those recipes. Um, so let's talk about, Laura, let's jump into some of your staples. Are Your favorites at Costco? What are the things that you never leave Costco without

Laura: 12:18 I never leave Costco without my rotisserie chicken. Um, that is absolutely one of my very favorites because one that has no hormones are added antibiotics in it. And, and of course Costco sells it for a very cheap price. And so I love buying that and bring it home and Deboning it and getting the chicken off. And I, I use the chicken for other Keto recipes, but then I, I cook the carcass for my bone broth and, um, slow cook that, and that's one of my very favorites because I can use it in so many different ways and drink my bone broth daily and I use my bone broth and my cooking as well. Um, but I also never leave without my Kerry gold butter that's there and their Eggs are good price that you can get that are, you know, cage free and free range. And, um, they're nuts and cheeses and you know, they're heavy cream. They're sour cream, there's Spanish, their lettuce. And there's so many things there. And there's one thing that I do like there, besides many other things. So Eric, close your ears, but there's a bread there that I really like and um, it's very clean and um, it's thin slice. So one slice of bread is eight net carbs and my husband just can't quite give up the bread yet. And so he works, that into his daily Macros and um, and he enjoys that and I enjoy a slice of it once in a while too. And so for eight net carbs, not too bad for a slice of bread that's really healthy with no preservatives or fillers in it. It's the Dave's killer power seed bread thin sliced. Um, but of course I always buy their baking ingredients that are there.

Laura: 14:10 The almond flour there, monk fruit sweetener, they now carry the Lakanto brand and of course the coconut oil, avocado oil and vanilla and some of their very seasonings or are good that they have there. And they also have a really good sour kraut that's in the refrigerator section. Um, that tastes like fresh, sour Kraut and it's clean. There is nothing in it that's, that's bad for you. It's very good for manage sauerkraut. And so I don't know a lot of things that it's, it's hard to put it all down. I, I mean I have papers of spinach. Oh I did say spinach and yeah, my, maybe I'm, I'm, I'm listening. I really am. And their lettuce, I buy my lettuce and produce their that they have. And of course I go other places too for produce. But um, cause they don't carry, you know, all of the different varieties of produce. But um, and their almond butter in their peanut butter is organic. And I buy it there because the prices are good and the, and the, the butters are clean.

Chad: 15:23 And so, yeah. So let's talk, I want to echo some of those, cause a lot of those staples are our staples there as well. And that we can talk a little bit detail in each of them or not each of them, but, but some of them, um, I love the chicken and idea. The chicken idea is such a great idea in so specific to keto because of the broth. Right. So many of us use bone broth in our diet to get the sodium and Eric, you can, you could go off on the science of the bone broth, but we're not gonna do that. This podcast where we're taking a science break this episode. Yeah. But, uh, yeah, I love that idea because could you have a more keto, uh, focused item that you could buy where you could, you know, shred the chicken, use that in meals for a week, and then also be able to make the bone broth. And I love that. That's something we're going to adopt from, from you. Laura's is using that, um, chicken more wholly. I think that's a, that's a fantastic idea. We use the heavy whipping cream. The dairy gold had a heavy whipping cream like crazy. Uh, that's my coffee additive every single morning. I probably add a little too much. Uh, but it's so good and it's so tasty. Um, also I'll echo the spinach, the big bags of spinach. Um, we will, you know, we love to put spinach in our smoothies. Obviously we cook with it, added to our, um, t like some chicken dishes that we do and all that kind of stuff. So it's really nice to have that. The produce that they have there too. Um, some of it's hit and miss for us on the produce side. We haven't really had very much luck with their Avocados.

Laura: 17:04 I think a lot of people struggle with the avocado.

Chad: 17:06 Yeah. Yeah. In fact, we've found the best source for Avocados for us has been trader Joe's and seem to be really on top of their avocado game.

Laura: 17:15 We've found that too. We've got quite a few of our Avocados from trader Joe's as well. And back on that, when you mentioned the heavy cream, I don't know if you're aware of this Chad, but one of the new things that Costco has a new find that I saw the other day is they have a keto creamer. Um, Ooh. And it's one tablespoon. It equals two carbs, excuse me, but it's got clean ingredients and those that might be dairy intolerant, it's done with coconut milk powder and um, he has coconut oil in it and MCT oil. And, uh, grass fed butter vanilla and a himalayan pink salt. And so some of your listeners might be interested in that to check it out. It's because some of your other creamers have a lot of uh, not so clean things in it. And um, so anyhow, I just saw that there, this Keto creamer. So it's something that people might want to check out.

Chad: 18:15 So, so many, obviously so many staples that we can get at Costco. I want to talk a little bit, Laura. I know you have a lot of tips and tricks and so do I, and I'm sure everybody that shops at Costco hopefully does, but one, one struggle there can be with shopping at Costco is obviously quantity. You are, uh, somewhat forced into buying a large amount of whatever it is that you're going to purchase at Costco. That's the whole thing of Costco. So what are some of the things that you do to make sure you can utilize all of it without it going bad?

Laura: 18:49 Well, one of them is create your freezer meals by buying as much as you buy, sometimes in the book that you received from Costco. Take a day and create your freezer meals and then you'll utilize just about everything that you've purchased. But the other option is to share, um, I know Eric and his wife, you know, we'll share, we'll you know, hey, I bought this big thing and I'll give them some and I'll take some or vice versa. But you can always find people that you can kind of share with their, go in with on some of the more items that give you more food for your back. And um, and so, and then freezing of course is another great option of, you know, dividing your meets up and freezing them in freezer rap and putting them in the freezer, your cheeses, you can grade them. And I prefer that better than buying the already shredded cheeses because if you don't pay attention, you'll get a little extra carb in those shredded cheeses because of them adding potato starch to help this, uh, the cheese stay separated. And, um, so if you buy your block cheeses, then just great it all up and freeze it. But before you freeze it, spread your shredded cheese out on a, on a cookie sheet and then flash freeze it and then put it in your, your, your Ziploc baggies and put it in your freezer and then they won't clump together. And so those are just some, some ideas that people can do and, and utilizing what they do by not letting it go to waste.

Chad: 20:31 Yeah, that was a, that was actually a huge shock to me was the additives that are in that shredded cheese to keep it looking, quote unquote nice or, or fluffy or not sticking to each other, whatever, not clumpy. Um, and uh, so once we figured that we started shredding all of our own cheese, so we buy the big block of sharp Cheddar at Costco and we just have a shredding party and then we, and then we'd, like you said, Laura, we just freeze it. Um, and then we'll have good shredded cheese for a while without any of that added starch or any of that kind of garbage going on.

Laura: 21:06 And sometimes with the, the shredded cheese, uh, if you'll, if you buy the mixed ones that have, you know, Monterey Jack in it and the cheddar cheese in it and oh, I don't know a couple of other, it's kind of a Mexican blend cheese that they, I know Costco carries that has the lowest carbs of all if you're buying shredded cheese. And so, you know, just kind of look on the back. If you run a buy the shredded cheese, I'm not saying it's a bad thing to do, but just that look on the back, read your labels. It's, it's huge. And helping you eat healthy and stay keto is just Read your labels cause you never, ever realize that they throw in such hidden ingredients sometimes. And you'll be shocked at some of the things you'll see.

Chad: 21:58 Yeah. W another, another staple that I'll add to listen, I know this is probably clumped into your meat items, but the Bacon, the bacon is a great price. There's a good thick slice Kirkland, uh, at least at our local Costco that it always just has a great flavor cooks well. Um, and uh, and we've really enjoyed getting the bacon from Costco

Laura: 22:20 and it's a good price. It is a good price. Yeah. They only thing they have to be a little careful with that bacon is just be aware that it does have some nitrates in it. And so if you're sensitive to that, you might want to watch that a little bit.

Chad: 22:35 Yeah. And is that something that's listed? What is a nitrate and what is that?

Laura: 22:40 The sodium nitrates and night night nitrites anyhow, out there.

Eric: 22:45 Yeah. It converts into that. Yeah. We can get into the science of it, but yeah, that's something you gotta be careful. Uh, always, always look out for your, your nitrates. It's preservative, you know, they use it and so does wreak a little havoc on you. But just, you know, be careful. Yeah. That's what I always say, especially in processed meats and you know, all the garbage meats that you can buy, they always, you know, now I'm coming, now I treat free. So always watch for that for sure.

Chad: 23:13 Yeah. You know, and what we started doing, Laura, I don't know if you've probably already done this, you've probably found this out long, long time ago, but we started baking our bacon instead of frying it on stove top. So we basically take a cookie sheet and line it with parchment paper and then we put cookie warmer racks on top of the baking sheet and then are, and then lay our, bake it out on top of those racks and then bake it for 20 minutes. And it just gives it like this great tastes like this crunch and um, and then it doesn't make your house completely wreak of Bacon. It still smells, but it's not as bad as as frying it on the stove top. Have you used that technique before?

Laura: 23:56 Yes, I do. I have. I've faked my, my bacon, but I don't put it up on a rack. I let it just bake and that fat and sizzle and just, man, it makes up very, very, very good. And you can do, we'll do that and do large quantities and then we'll keep some of it in the fridge so we can just put it on salads and whatever else we want. And so it makes it go faster. And if you're, you know, wanting to cook up a lot, then you're not having that grease all over your stove or your counters. It just doesn't splatter everywhere. And so it's a very nice technique. I'm glad your family enjoys doing that.

Chad: 24:34 Yeah, we, uh, we do the bulk thing too. Now. We do, uh, we usually do one bacon cooking session on Sunday and then the rest of the rest of the week, our bacon, we just pull it out of the fridge and then I'll go in, I mean cold, it'll go into the lettuce wraps. Awesome. We do a cheese, bacon, lettuce wrap. Um, and that's, that's delicious. Um, or we can just really quickly warm it up, you know, flash fry it on the frying pan when we're broken up cooking up our eggs in the morning and it kind of reduces that grease, that grease mess and smell throughout the week.

Laura: 25:09 Yeah, it's, it's great to do that. She can use it. So many things. It's awesome. I Love Bacon. Right. We do love the smell of it too.

Chad: 25:20 That's right. That's right. So, um, so great. So talk to me a little bit about, or talk to us a little bit about maybe some things that you don't find at Costco or, or places the other places that you go for certain things. And I'll start out produce for me when, when this time of year hits, when summer, spring, summer and fall is in, I really love to go to our local farmer's market to get our produce. I just, there's nothing that tastes any better to me and, and it's supporting local farmers and, and it just seems, I mean that's a lot of times that stuff was picked off the vine or the plant or whatever, or dug up the day before they came to the farmer's market. So that's one thing that I really, that's where I diverse from a Costco in the summer and spring and summertime. Are there any other things like that for you that you have to go other places for?

Laura: 26:14 Yeah, there are a few. Um, of course produce, like you said, I enjoy farm fresh as well and I think everybody does. And so it's exciting with summer coming ticket, those farm fresh veggies. But I drank a lot of hibiscus herbal tea and I know Eric does too. And um, or other herbal teas and those you can't find they're at Costco. And so I buy that elsewhere. And just a tip on the hibiscus tea. I found it, I can get it cheaper on Amazon. And so I've been ordering off Amazon, um, but some of their supplements, I mean, Costco's doing better and getting some more supplements in. Um, but I'll go elsewhere to get supplements and of course, always our order, my bioStak and um, and Lily's chocolates. I become a fan of Lilly's chocolate and they've come out with more things. Now they have peanut butter cups, they have chocolate covered almonds and peanuts and such. And so I have to go find that elsewhere. Um, my sweetener monkfruit I used to always have to find elsewhere, but now Costco's carrying it. So I hope they continue to carry it. And, um, we'll bring in more of the Lakanto products. Um, and seasonings. There's, there's some seasonings that I will go elsewhere to get that I can get more cleaner cause some of the seasonings there have, um, they'll have cornstarch in and as well as, um, corn syrup and sugar and things. And so again, it just goes back reading your labels and, and be careful and go where you can to find things. But for the majority, most of the stuff I can get from Costco and they're doing great in bringing in more healthy options and um, more wholesome foods and their meats, they're doing better on, you know, of course bringing more in. And I buy, um, some of my meats there. We usually, we purchase a cow and that's grass fed and everything. So we don't buy a lot of beef there at Costco, but um, but some of their meats are good, but I will buy some elsewhere too. So

Chad: 28:31 yeah, they have some really good and clean meats for sure. They do do need to spend a little bit more, don't go for the cheap stuff. When you're buying steaks people, it's, that's no good. But they, but if you're, if you're going to spend the money, they have great meat, a great cuts of meat.

Laura: 28:50 Another thing that they do have in their frozen section is, um, they do carry wild caught a halibut and Mahi Mahi and cod, I believe, which is some good options to get that or wild caught versus farm fresh and our farm raised and, um, and their prices, you know, it's a little spendy, but it's cheaper than then buying it other places. And so that's just something that I appreciate. I've, you know, I will buy some of my fish. They're in the frozen section. That's wild caught.

Chad: 29:25 Yeah. That's great. So you, you mentioned supplements. Um, Eric, I'd love to hear, um, you kind of your experience with Costco supplements and obviously Laura, you also mentioned biostak. If it, for our listeners, if you're listening for the first time, um, bioStak is, is a supplement stack that Eric created over years and years of experimentation, um, and study and it's five organic ingredients that work synergistically. You can check it out at biostak.com um, obviously that is going to cover a lot of bases. And really if you're living a Keto lifestyle, you should be taking bioStak. What else is it? Costco, Eric, Supplement wise. And how is their sub, how are there supplements? You know, it's can be scary because they can use a lot of things to cut it or filler and all that kind of stuff. Can you talk a little bit about what you can get at Costco supplement wise and if, what if, what the quality is?

Eric: 30:23 Well yeah, they're, they're doing a lot better on their supplement as far as vitamin and minerals and everything, uh, before, no, but Laura that she, you know, if I, if you looked at my photo library and I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures from Costco, cause when she goes, she's always taking pictures of the back of the nutrient labels say, what about this? What about this? Look at this. And so I have a big library of Costco pictures. It's, yeah, she's always sending me on steps. Krill oil, fish oil, magnesium, sodium, all of them. The B complex, everything. So I have a pretty good idea in the end they are coming around, they were, they are getting better and, and you know it, you know, if you're not eating good, you know, nutrient dense foods to get most of your, your, your vitamins and your minerals than obviously you need to supplement. And you know, when we get into the full eight and some of the other supplements and the B vitamins and get real critical then, then I'll probably go send people like I do when I coached to Amazon, there's a certain brands that um, that I'm a fan of. I'm not affiliated with anybody, but there's certain ones that are really clean and really pure. But yeah, I, for your magnesium, your sodium, potassium, even the Krill oil, they've come around them. Similarly, a better brands of Krill and fish oils, they're doing better. You just have to really be careful, uh, because there is some of the cheaper stuff, um, in there too that it's not good at all. And she sent me pictures of those. So one of these days I'll have to sit down and just do a big supplement list from Costco that's pretty safe. Um, but they are, they are getting better. And even with their, you know, like Laura, you know, constantly sends me pictures of their Keto foods are just increasing. I mean, like I, you know, I was looking at whole foods and they had their 2019 prediction and I usually look to see what's going on in the food industry and they predict it obviously for 2019 that they're bringing in lots of fatty foods, healthy fatty foods for the Keto, that markets that it's, well, we all know how big it is now.

Eric: 32:34 It's everywhere. And Costco obviously isn't going to pass this market up. No, no, no, no. They ain't no dummies. It's like Laura can't even keep up with the pictures. It's like anytime she's going to Costco, I know that the pictures are coming. I'm like, oh, then then we see all these tempting foods that are coming into the scene. So anyway, there's a lot, a lot of things happening. So, yeah.

Chad: 33:00 That's great. Well, I, and I think those are, you know, those supplements that you mentioned, there are good options. Um, yeah. But you know, coupled with biostak to get that, uh, asked Xantham in it so you can actually absorb and utilize the supplements that you're spending your money on at Costco and

Eric: 33:17 they have them individually. But that's why I created this stack, but never enough, right? I mean, no, no, it's not in the right synergy because you're going to have like five, six bottles up in your, in your cabinet and you got to take him and mix them anyway, you know, and you have the milligram issue, what's working together, you know, obviously in synergy on top of what the s is anthem and everything else together. So that's, you know, and it's pure, it's organic. All you know is very rare. You see any of these organic, you just don't, it's too costly and it's not as profitable. And that's obviously why bioStak is definitely all organic. So anyway, yeah.

Chad: 33:56 Different topic for a different day. Right? Yes. Um, so yeah, and you, Eric, you kind of mentioned these foods that are being produced, um, for keto. Right. And some of them, some of them are good. Um, some of them you use this term snack well era and um, I never had heard this snack while or I know you, I knew immediately when you said that I knew what you were talking about. Um, but uh, but you want to talk a little bit about that, how those two are connected, some of these foods that are being produced directly and marketed towards keto and also what happened in the snackwell era.

Eric: 34:37 Yeah. So I, I'm a recipient of fat is bad era 50 years ago, you know, and um, so obviously the snackwell came in and said, you can't eat fat anymore, so let's load all this, um, uh, foods, cookies, pastries, treats, treats, whatever's going to, you know, answer your cravings with sugar and carbs. And so the snackwell industry took off. So everybody was

Chad: 35:02 than just 50 years ago though. Just so you understand, because I grew up with the same sort of, right. This was just a long time.

Eric: 35:10 80, 90 just went crazy with it. And, and that's when everything took off. And so anyway, I was a big snackwell eater. I had all the snackwell vanilla cookies for my favorite, just constantly everywhere. Then a little green wrappers wear everywhere. And so anyway, I jumped on that bandwagon thinking I was eating good, now I'm pounding sugar and raising my insulin and spiking it and all sorts of issues. Obviously we can, you know, that's you. Well why we have obesity. But anyway, so I see this error coming back a little bit because you know, the Costco or the keto is to keep us sustainable. Obviously there's a big market and keeping, you know, the cravings and keeping the sweets and you know, and nothing wrong with it, but it, it just makes it really harder to control sometimes because again, are we going down that dopamine pathway of reward, but we're just healthy, you know, healthier sweets basically.

Eric: 36:07 Um, so it's, it's that constant reminder of, of a reward. So, you know, everybody has their opinion of this and I'm definitely trying to, to, to get away from some of that because I'm a big snacker, always been a good big, big emotional eater. Uh, things to put me in a good mood. And so, you know, even at that show, and you know, we did the, the low carb conference and we were set up there and what did we see of all the, the booths there, all the exhibitors. What, what was there Chad?

Chad: 36:40 Yeah, I would say it was probably 90% sweets and the rest of it was something that was, yeah, I mean

Eric: 36:46 spices that yes, spices or ketchup and things like that. But the rest were where candy, cookies, ice cream, everything. Cupcakes and it, and people were just, and we even offered without, we'll give everybody one of the lawyers, um, no big drop cookies, which are fantastic after 11 recipes are so that she tweaked. And that was one of the biggest hits, wasn't a chat and we just gave them what, we just had him out there and people were like, are you selling these? Are you selling these? Here we are just adding to it. But anyway, and it's, it's very profitable obviously, so we have to be really, really careful on, on all these. I mean, I constantly get requests to try this bar, that bar, this shake and whatever and it's, it's like it's gone crazy. I'm just amazed at it. And Laura does really well and making, you know, share the ingredients when, you know, when we test them, what's in there. But I've found bars that are a lot of hidden Maltodextrin, cane sugar and a lot of different things are in there. So we just have to be careful. We really do. It's, it's, it's a big market right now. It's huge. So yeah. Anyway,

Laura: 37:59 Costco's come out with a new one, Eric, that I told you about that people need to just watch and be aware of the hidden ingredients. And it says it's only five carbs, net carbs, but there's a lot of hidden ingredients that you just need to be cautious with and yeah.

Eric: 38:15 Yeah. And it's, you know, and, and I'm all about keeping, you know, Cato sustainable until if we do need that, that snack. Um, just have to keep it within bounds a little bit. Cause I know I got really into the fat bombs what, three years ago? Oh my gosh. Cookie dough. And Ah, I was just, I was gone crazy with all that stuff and then all of a sudden he just like, oh, what am I, what am I doing here? Now let's try to change this a little bit.

Laura: 38:43 So anyway, this goes back to balance find. Yep. Got It. For each person, because snacks are good. I'm a snacker and I'm not going to give up my snacks, but, but I find that balance, I find that it's good.

Eric: 38:57 In fact, she protected her snacks so much, and maybe I mentioned this before, but as a kid, I am a doughnut. Everybody knows I love my donuts. Right? Well, anyway, Laura, even out in grammar, I mean sixth grades or whatever, parents will buy donuts. Obviously she gets three, I get three. So I would end up eating hers and she finally got smart. And so she would tell me or she did, she would lick her donuts and put them in the fridge. So I would know that kind of semester she left. So she protected her sweets by licking them. So I know. So anyway, no control there. But I did have a friend named Dave that said, I don't care if she like, I'll eat them with or, anyway, I thought that was cool. Okay,

Chad: 39:48 that's great. Well, we don't wanna we don't want to create a sibling squabble here between wheats and snacking. So we'll uh, we'll end it here. I think this has been really, really helpful in understanding how we can utilize key, uh, Costco in our keto or journey. Well, thank you so much. This has been so good. I think this is a great tool for people to use know how to utilize Costco and they're Keto journey. Thank you Laura for all of your tips and your tricks and all of the help that you give in, but also more than that, just for all the work that you get in, you give to the, the cooking and ketosis kitchen. I know I've seen firsthand all of the comments and the thank you as in the private messages to Eric and the team and the bio team about how grateful they are for the recipes that you've been creating and really making sure that they're clean and good macro. So thank you. Thank you for everything that you do.

Laura: 40:41 Oh, you're welcome. Are All in it together.

Eric: 40:44 Yeah. I like to add to that real quick Laura that you know, I really appreciate the work you do because let me tell you, it might be a the OCD that runs in our family, but she literally is like nonstop. Making sure that it's tweaked to where it really, really tastes good because I'm constantly saying, this is good, this is good, we're done. And she's like, no, not yet. No. I've got to now make another bet. I, I gotta make another batch. I got to tweak it again. And again, even my wife Lisa, she's like, oh my gosh, it tastes really good. How could it, I mean, or wants to get it just right. And so anyway, I appreciate your hard work and I think people out there do to because they do taste really good. Whatever you're, whatever you're creating, let's keep it going.

Chad: 41:26 Yup, absolutely. Well, thanks so much for biohacking with us today, guys.

Eric: 41:30 All right. Thank you. Thank you, Laura. Thank you, bet.

Chad: 41:34 And I want to thank all of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofitcoaching on Instagram that handles @keto.biohacker. Also, if this podcast has helped you in any way or entertained you, we encourage you to go to iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts and leave us a five star rating and a glowing review. Finally, the greatest compliment that you can give us is sharing this podcast with your friends and family, those who you love, those who are looking for a different way of living, and until next time, stay keto.