05/12/19 Sunday Supp: Curcumin Absorption

Eric and Chad discuss the importance of curcumin in today's Sunday Supp! Don't forget this vital micro-nutrient as part of a keto lifestyle.

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Chad: 00:04 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Instagram and her handle is summer set backs 84 and here's her question Eric. She says, someone just told me that curcumin in powder form doesn't get fully absorbed in the body. Something to do, something to do with it having a hard time dissolving. So not all of it absorbs. I'd love to know your thoughts on this please. So our question basically powder curcumin or how to pronounce it, you just got to take it so that you're good, you're good. Yeah. So is there any, it sounds like somebody telling her this, is there any validity to that?

Eric: 00:59 Yes, for sure. For sure. Um, that's the big question of a lot of nutrients, not just curcumin but in curcumin particularly we're talking about on this one, um, the bioavailability is something that's always been a big concern. Okay. Cause your about your body metabolizes it very quickly and of course in the stomach and the liver and you're not getting very much of it in your blood. Okay. So it's not getting through. So, so the Bio availabilities was always a question. Even back when I started working on my stack years ago, even before the stack three, three and a half, whatever years ago I was working with new tropics and I think you remember that and I was really stacking new tropics and you know that the Parata towns and new tech, new pep and all these different ones. And I discovered then that, uh, to make those more bio available, uh, you needed to add something, what we call bio Permian or a pepper green. Okay. Um, which is an extract from black pepper. So that made a new tropics, you know, working in the brain, making it more bio available. And then in discovering pepper green, we call it bio pro purine. That's the trademark name in, I discovered that alone as a nutrient had so many benefits by itself. Okay. Then you include it with what Dan was, new tropics, which made it way more bio available. And then of course, curcumin has always has been used with peppery and for many, many years, um, uh, to make it more bio available. So you do come down to that question of what's going to make curcumin more bile available, which means you, hopefully you're going to get more bioactivity out of it. So I started looking at other formulations back then. Then when I started my stack I said, well, let me see about pepper mean and what are the formulations are out there.

Eric: 02:55 And there is other formulations. Um, there's the curcumin, there is a light bulb, zonal, uh, curcumin, which is basically surrounded by a lot, uh, licensed zone, which that reason being there's other formulations is because good old curcumin is, is basically lipophyllic or you want to say hydrophobic. It does well in fact, okay, so it likes fat. It doesn't like water. So part of it is like, Hey, if you're, you know, like we always tell people with a stack, eat fat with it because it, you know, fatty emulsifies it. And it's also a carrier. Okay. So that, so there is those forums. I think they're even adding some tumeric oil coded Curcumin, that's another one there. But I went with Pepperdine because Heparin, uh, has a lot of nutrient benefits just like curcumin. Okay. So now it's got their therapeutic value but also makes it bio available.

Eric: 03:57 And there's, I've got all the studies I stack them on, on, on Pepperdine, um, up to, you know, 2000% more bio available. So there's always going to be the question of what makes it more bioavailable, what methods, what formulations. But remember curcumin's been around for what, 60,000 years and it was very therapeutic and that's it. It's been used in Hindu and lots of traditions in India and it's always been a traditional medicine. So they didn't have a Lipos Elmo and they didn't have all nanoparticle and all these different formulations and they had access to peppermint because black peppers is spice. And so you know, it, it's so anti inflammatory, antioxidant, you know, they weren't even talking about peppering in some of the benefits of pepper in that. That really excited me back then. Besides the enhancement of nutrient absorption. So we do have that. That's, that's the main thrust of it, cause it makes not just curcumin, but I have five nutrients working together in that stack.

Eric: 05:00 And I say I need something to make all of them more absorbable and more bio available and with bio activity, not just one being carried for curcumin. So that's why it was exciting for me to put peppermint in it because it enhanced all of it. And in black, I mean, peppermint comes with, I mean it helps gut bacteria. I mean, even if you've got GI inflammation, um, actually it even promotes, uh, cognition and, and different things, even neurotransmission of Serotonin and dopamine. Um, uh, so there's a lot of benefits that come along, even improving your metabolism through thermogenesis and actually increases your metabolism a little bit. Um, so it really, this peppermint by itself has a lot of, um, even antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, um, uh, uh, benefit. So I thought, well, let's put pepper in, in with this stack and try to enhance it even stronger.

Eric: 06:04 So it's there, it's more bioavailable with with pepper him. I would not take it without it because you're, you're, you're, you're not going to get the bioavailability of, of curcumin. You have to have something to help make it bio available. And the question comes down, if you increase way the dose or increase way more bio Ville, uh, of the availability, does it actually increase the bioactivity of it? So there's still lots of studies, but remember there's over 9,000 studies on curcumin and I mean, every just in the last few years has been an additional over a thousand studies. And so it's, it's exciting. Yeah, it's a very good question. So I'm, I have the Bio parrain uh, we have five milligrams in there to make sure that you are absorbing it.

Chad: 06:55 Yeah, that's interesting. So all obviously the, the whole reason you need a stack is to make sure everything's getting absorbed as much as possible, but also bio active as well. Yes, yes. That's interesting. So yes, alone cure cumin, uh, no, it's not very effective as in a powder form. But if with Pepperdine that allows it to be used as used in the body, right?

Eric: 07:17 Yeah. And one of the big players is because Pepperdine really helps stimulate your digestive and science and one of those is the pancreatic lipase and that helps emulsify your fats. So you know, when you're getting more of these secretions, it's Emily from Pepperdine by itself. Okay. Is actually enhancing it. So you know, um, in, in the end, even peppery and seems to balance your enzymes in your stomach, even with bacteria, the good bacteria. And it just goes on and on. I mean, I could do a whole podcast on it, but it, yeah, I'm excited about it. Peppermints there it is going to get absorbed. Okay. Sorry.

Speaker 2: 07:55 Cool. Very, very cool. Well, if you wanna, if you wanna check out that stack, go to biostak.com um, and you can learn more about all of that, that stuff, the way they work synergistically. Grab a bottle for yourself. So thanks so much for biohacking with us today or I appreciate, and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on Instagram that handles @keto.biohacker and until next time, stay keto.