04/14/19 Salt Lake Keto Conference

Chad is flying solo today, but he wants to issue a challenge to all listeners! He is recruiting someone (anyone) to come and do more push-ups than Eric...

Check out ketosaltlake.com to find out details about meeting Eric and Chad in person (April 26th and 27th)

And come beat Eric to win a prize!

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Chad: 00:06 Hello everybody. This is Chad. Eric's not with me on this Sunday. I'm going to tell you a little bit more about that in just a minute, but I'm going to take this Sunday supp opportunity and instead of answer a question about keto cause we all know that I couldn't do that without Eric. I'm going to tell you about low carb keto, Salt Lake, as you probably have already heard me say, I'm so excited for this opportunity because not often do we get to meet our listeners in person. We get to, you know, get messages and comments and reviews and all of that kind of stuff. But we never get to meet people in person. So I'm super excited about this opportunity. It's low carb keto, Salt Lake. The dates are April 26th and 27th we're going to have a booth there and we're going to have tons of things going on. We'll have bio stack there that you can come and purchase and try out if you haven't already ordered years.

Chad: 00:54 We're also gonna have keto cookies from the cooking and ketosis kitchen, which is made by a is run by Eric's Sister, twin sister Laura. She's a phenomenal cook. So you'll be able to try some of those cookies. And finally, the reason Eric's not with me today is he's training because we're going to have a pushup competition. I'm just getting, he's not training, he's actually supporting one of the Bio fitters in Las Vegas who is running a triathlon anyway. But we are going to have a pushup competition and anybody that can beat Eric in pushups, in the number of pushups that he does, anybody that can be him is going to get a very special prize. So if you think you can beat Eric in a pushup competition, I want to see you at low carb keto, Salt Lake, April 26th and 27th I really want to see him get beat.

Chad: 01:43 That's my goal. So No, I'm just kidding. I would love anybody to do their very best and even if that's Eric, then so be it. I will not be part of the competition because well, it's, it's me anyway. There's so many other great things going on other than just our booth. The speaker lineup is phenomenal. Like Dr Bickman and Dave Feldman and so many other popular names in the keto world. You can go to keto, Salt lake.com and register. Now. Again, the dates are April 26th and 27th if you're anywhere around the Salt Lake area or can get to the salt lake area, please come meet us. We would love to talk to you. We can't wait to meet you all and remember, stay keto.