03/31/19 Sunday Supp: Should You Use Caffeine?

Caffeine on keto? That's one question Eric gets from a TON of people, even still. So today he's talking about his love/hate relationship with this magic drug.

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From self-testing to caffeine overdoses to the emergency room...

Genetic mutations and caffeine sensitivity.

How much caffeine is OK?

And how to get an extra pop on race day!

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things keto. So today our question comes from a lot of people and a, actually Eric, before I jump into the question, I'm going to pull an audible on you just really quick because we have something coming up that I want to plug. We don't usually do this on our Sunday supps because I realized the purpose is to get something quick and digestible, but I, I don't want people to miss this and uh, and we want to meet you in person. So we have a, we're going to be at the new Salt Lake keto conference that the actual name of the conferences, low carb slash keto Salt Lake conference and it's the dates or Friday, April 26th and 27th yours truly, both of us will be there meeting and greeting and doing pushups and talking bioStak in throwing high fives at our booth, at the Salt Lake keto conference. Again, those dates are April 26th, April 27th for we want to meet you, so come see us and we'll have a good time, I promise. So put those dates down. The website that you can register for the conference is ketoSalt lake.com. They have a lot of great speakers. Eric could tell you more about those and uh, and it's just going to be a great time. Very educational and will be, there will be a little controversial and a we'll be the purest and we'll do some pushups. So how does that sound?

Eric: 01:40 Good. Yeah, I've been to these conferences and one's in a low carb in Denver. They're getting big. Uh, there's a lot in these low carb conferences. They're just growing around the country. Then message is getting out there about Keto and low carb and the speakers are great. They're going to cover everything from obesity, diabetes, uh, and flammatory. Heart diseases are a lot of therapeutic and different things about cholesterol is and everything. They're very interesting. Good speakers. I've heard them all. Uh, and I, I wouldn't pass this up. I, if you really want to learn more, uh, come to conferences, especially come meet us cause we, we would love to meet you.

Chad: 02:19 Absolutely as you've, if you've listened for a while, you know, one of the, one of the hardest things for us about this podcast is that we feel like we don't get enough time actually listening and meeting our listeners. And uh, also, hey, this is a Sunday supp where we answer your thing, your questions on all things. keto, what a great time to deliver your question to us. Right, right there at the booth. Um, we would love you to bring your questions. We'll take it to the podcast and uh, and it'll be great to have a face to a name when we do that.

Chad: 02:52 So visit keto, Salt lake.com. Come visit US April 26th and 27th. So like I said, the question for this episode is a question that comes from too many people to name. And really what they're asking is, hey Eric, are you ingesting caffeine or not? And if you are, how do you do it? How do you interact with it? And, you know, I'm, I'm surprised that this is a common question Eric. It cause you've actually talked a lot about this on the podcast, but that's okay. We'll talk about it again. So, um, you know, tell us about your addiction to caffeine.

Eric: 03:28 Well, you know, I have a probably the strongest love, hate relationship with caffeine. Then most anybody out there.

Chad: 03:37 And your tolerance to caffeine is something that I admire.

Eric: 03:41 it put me in the hospital, but I tolerated it, let's put it that way. Right. When you o d on something by accident and it makes you very sick. Uh, yeah. I, I did Od on caffeine by accident. I thought it was my BCAA's at four o'clock in the morning. I think I said this before, pulling into a gym. I was on the phone to my wife at four 15 and I was in a hurry. I school, I have all these, cause during that time I was testing for bioStak. I remember I had over 50 different supplements that I was testing and one of them, I had bags sitting on the passenger seat and I have been there. You were a, you were a dealer and so I had these big bags and I had BCAA's and I don't know what happened. The scooper got into the caffeine bag there, same size bag, the large bag of caffeine. I ended up taking a whole scoop and I downed, it was a fluid right away and it tastes it. Oh my gosh, those bcAAs tasted so bad. And Anyway, I ended up 5,000 milligrams of caffeine. And so anyway, long story short, I was pretty sick. I was in the hospital, but due to the genetic makeup I think is what saved me. There is a gene that's called the CypA12 and that's what that is. That's part of the p four 50 family of proteins, which when your liver you want to break down and metabolize nutrients and drugs and this one is well known and it makes, the genetic mutation I have makes me very fast metabolizer. So that means I can really metabolize caffeine very quickly. Okay. So it doesn't give me the big hit that if you're a slow metabolizer of this gene, you have a bigger hit off of drugs and everything else. It's just going to last longer. So I am a very fast metabolizer, but in the caffeine world, I, and I, you know, I'm very healthy but I do use caffeine.

Eric: 05:40 Uh, it's kind of something that even my workouts, I just to give me that extra, that extra hit basically. Um, I mean I actually can take, I could take 300 milligrams of caffeine and I use powder caffeine. I make my own pills and I can fall asleep right afterwards at night. It, it just goes right through me. And it's not because I take so much of it, but I do, you know, caffeine if, if you know, the normal, the, uh, the, the drinks, now that they're coming out with a preworkouts and all of those, um, Bang is a new one and a bunch of the rockstars and everything and he sees a, they're running about 300 milligrams, some of them now. And I've seen 400 milligrams. And when I was younger, you know, years ago when I tested caffeine on my, on my heart and my blood pressure, my performance, why did, uh, a four day tests, the highest I went and was 800 milligrams to test my, my, my, my heart and my blood pressure and doing, you know, laying there in bed with it and it had no effect on my heart rate at all and maybe maybe two to three beats. So I tested myself out pretty strong on it to make sure I could handle it. And I had no idea then that I had this genetic mutation to make me a fast metabolizer. So I, I'm usually a 200 milligram guy. Um, if I'm going to, um, have a really, really hard workout and I just take powder, I make my own capsules. I have a hundred, I have 200, I have 300, and I have some 400 said I don't use. Um, but you know, it just, you know, I like it. Maybe it's a placebo effect on me now because sometimes I don't feel, you know, it's not energy you're getting, it's, it's more nervous system. Uh, working in your CNS a little bit to give you that mental clarity and mental push basically. Um, do you use caffeine? I mean, do you do or you know,

Chad: 07:35 uh, my coffee in the morning coffee. That is, yeah. Unless I'm like driving a long distance or something, I might grab a sugar free red bull. But um, other than that, yeah, it's my coffee with, with heavy cream in the morning, no sweetener.

Eric: 07:49 That was it. Now how many milligrams? Do you know what your coffees giving? You have to know? About 90. Oh, that's not much. That's not, I mean, I mean I, I I can take for a 300 and I don't feel, uh, uh, a definite pop. I really don't. And I think it

Chad: 08:06 I would be a jittery mess in 300 milligrams of caffeine

Eric: 08:10 now at 5,000 milligrams. I was a jittery, it was almost like your body felt like it was coming inside out. If, I don't know why people have that experience. It, it, it had me in a fetal position on the floor. It hurts so bad. But anyway, it's just one of those stupid mistakes that people make and only imagine. Yeah. But no. Yeah, that's a good question. I wish I could say no, I don't use caffeine. I don't use it every day. But if I am doing race prep, I will take two weeks off of caffeine completely to get my body away from it. And then when I even on that race morning is the first time I'll, I'll take caffeine and it and I could really feel it. So, you know, cause you know, you get acclimated to anything. I'm sure you just, you know, people do the five, I don't see those much anymore, but I know people will do one in the morning and one afternoon. Yeah, I'm surprised. And, and those are 200 milligrams. Those are 200 milligrams each. So, you know, I, I think caffeine and um, it's, it's my friend, uh, when I need it. Absolutely.

Chad: 09:14 Well, thanks so much for biohacking with us today, Eric, in order to take the rest of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness, if you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life, in ketosis be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com and biofit coaching on Instagram. That handle is @keto.biohacker again, that's @keto.biohacker go check it out. Lots of great stuff there. And until next time, stay keto.